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Frankie Santana walked into the living room where Hannibal Smith sat reading his paper and Templeton Peck laid reading a book


By Jullian Gray


Rating: PG

Summary: Some people are just really dense Frankie gets Hannibal and Face's relationship spelled out for him. Takes place after "Without Reservations".

Warning: Slash, nothing graphic (Not even a kiss).

Disclaimer: The usual.

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Special thanks to Sherry for correcting my horrible grammar and terrible spelling.





Frankie Santana walked into the living room where Hannibal Smith sat reading his paper and Templeton Peck lay reading a book. Frankie smiled at Face as he looked up at him. It was nice to see him out of the bed even if it was just for a few hours each day.


Hannibal had made it clear to all of them that Face had to rest and was to stay in bed. Though he couldn't blame Hannibal too much for confining Face to his bed. After all, he had quite a few complications after being shot.


The floor where he had been laid in the restaurant hadn't been the cleanest and had led to a pretty nasty infection that he knew the lieutenant was still fighting. Frankie had seen all of Face's medications on his dresser and thought it was no wonder he didn't eat much after taking all the pills. There couldn't have been much room left in his stomach for anything else.


"How you doing, Face?"


"Doing good, Frankie." Face smiled.


Hannibal looked down at Face. He was doing better, but Hannibal wasn't fooled by his lieutenant's greeting to the younger man. He could still see the dark smudges under Face's eyes and the paleness in his face; not to mention his stamina was completely gone. If  Face was up and moving about for more than a few hours he would be completely exhausted for the rest of the day.


"Sorry to bother you, Face. I just came in to see if Johnny might want to go see a movie tonight. I hear the 'Crabman Who Ate New England' is playing downtown."


Hannibal looked up from his lieutenant and glanced over at the young man standing in the doorway.


"Sorry, Frankie, I've already got plans tonight."


Frankie looked over at Hannibal, who was sitting on the couch with his feet propped up on the coffee table, and the lieutenant's head resting on a pillow propped up on his thigh.


"Kind of late to go out on a date isn't it? I mean, if you're going to take a girl out, isn't 9:30 a little late to be leaving?" Frankie asked as he looked at his watch.


Hannibal put down his paper and lit a cigar, as he looked the younger man up and down.  Face closed his book and looked up at the silver haired man watching him closely. 'This could get very interesting,' he thought, as he watched his lovers blue eyes light up.


"I didn't say I was going out. I said I had plans. Plans that include me sitting here on this couch and reading my paper, smoking a cigar or two, then helping Face off to bed."


Hannibal looked down at Face and smiled brightly as he stroked the stray blonde hair from his forehead.


"Once he's tucked in for the night I might even read him a bedtime story if he doesn't give me too much trouble."


Hannibal laughed as Face swatted his arm weakly with his book.


"That doesn't sound like much fun. Come on, BA can take care of Face. It's not like he'll be all alone. I mean, you could go a few hours without Hannibal here, can't you Face?"


"Yeah, I could."


 "Come on, Johnny, we're talking the Crabman here. Only second to the Aquamaniac."


"Hannibal, if you want to go, then go. I'll be alright." Face smiled up at Hannibal though the colonel noted that it didn't reach his eyes.  Hannibal looked down at his lover very closely. When Face looked away, he knew something was wrong. And he noted the slight tremble in Face's hands.


He knew it wasn't jealously. Face had nothing to worry about when it came to Santana, or anyone else, for that matter. It had taken him quite a few years to get it through the young blonde's head that he loved him, and only him. But it had finally stuck, so he knew that jealously wasn't the problem. So that could only leave one thing.


"You hurting, kid?" Hannibal reached out and took one of Face's hands.


"I'll be alright."


"That's not what I asked."


Gently Hannibal put his hand on Face's forehead and cheeks. Feeling the slight warmth he decided the night for Face had come to an end.


"All right, Tem, bed time."


"Hannibal, I'll be…"


Before Face could protest any further, Hannibal stood and scooped him up into his arms carrying him out of the living room and upstairs to his bedroom.


Frankie sighed as he went into the kitchen and slumped down at the table across from BA.


"I don't get it."


BA looked up from his sandwich and glass of milk.


"Don't get what?"


"Johnny's been cooped up in this house for over a week and I give him a chance to go out for the night and he would rather stay here with Face. I mean, you could watch him till we get back, couldn't you?"


"I could and I would if Hannibal asks me to."


"Would you go up and see if he'll let you watch Face so we can go to the movies?"




"Why not?"


"Because if Hannibal wants to go out he'll let me know."


"Come on, BA, how can he not be bored! I mean, you've at least gotten out and worked on the van. He hasn't even left Face's side for more than ten minutes."


BA shoved his plate away and looked at the young man in front of him. 'How could someone be so damn dense?' he thought.


"Have you ever stopped to think that Hannibal might like staying here with Face?"


"Come on, what could be so exciting about watching him sleep?"


"Frankie, in all the time you've been with us, how often have you seen Face and Hannibal apart?"


"They split up when we go on a mission."


"Now hold that thought. How long are they apart?"


"A couple of hours."


"When we get back from a mission, what normally happens?"


"Johnny makes his report to Stockwell, then he goes and meets Face so they can go over what happened."


BA rubbed his temple. "Yep, some people are just dense. One last try.' he thought.


"When we don't do things as a team, what happens?"


"Normally you go work on the van, I'll go to the movies, and Johnny and Face will do something together..." Frankie stopped and looked at BA.


'My god, I think he's got it!' BA thought, as he watch the wheels in Frankie's mind turn.


"Man, you'd really think Hannibal would want to go out tonight just to get away from Face for a while. I mean, they must spend every waking minute together. That's got to be boring as hell, spending all your time with one person."


BA couldn't stand it anymore. How could anyone be this damn dense?


"They're lovers you dumb fool! They have been since Nam!" BA stood and smacked the younger man in the back of the head as he went out of the kitchen. "Stupid fool!"


A shocked Frankie stood and followed BA out of the kitchen.


"Lovers? No way! Come on, were talking about John Hannibal Smith here, BA. Not some faggot–"


BA spun around on the smaller man and slammed him, none too gently, against the wall.


"I don't ever want to hear that word come from your mouth. You got me sucker!" BA growled in Frankie's face. "They love each other and they take care of each other and that's what counts. So help me, if you ever say one word to hurt either of them, I'll mess you up so bad your own daddy won't be able to recognize you! You got me sucker!"


Frankie could only nodded his head yes as BA glared down at him.


"Now I'm going up to bed. I suggest you do the same." BA released his grip and walked away, knowing there would be no argument.


"S-s-sure." Frankie rubbed his throat, waiting for the tremors to stop and thought over BA's words about Face and Hannibal.


Once upstairs, Frankie noted the light was on in Hannibal's room. He stopped and knocked softly on the door before opening it just a crack.




"Come on in, but keep your voice down. I just got Face to sleep."


Frankie looked over at the bed where the colonel sat reading a book. The lieutenant was asleep beside him, his head lying on a pillow in Hannibal's lap, one hand resting on the colonel's bare stomach. Hannibal, he noticed, was rubbing Face's bare back and shoulders.


"I just wanted to say good night."


"Good night, Frankie. And if you can wait a few weeks for Face to get on his feet a little more, we'll all go see the movie."


"Sure, that would be great."


Frankie closed the bedroom door and went down the hall to his own room. Lovers? He couldn't believe it. Never in a million years had he seen the signs. 'Man, Frankie, you must be dense!' he thought, shaking his head and wondering what else he'd missed.



The End


Dense by Jullian Gray



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