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Perchance To Dream

Perchance To Dream

by Closetfan


Rated:  G

Summary:  Strange dreams keep Murdock awake - Hannibal to the rescue!

Warnings:  None.

Disclaimer:  The usual.




He reached for the phone and quickly dialed a number.  In the near darkness of his room, streetlights caused shadows to flee across the walls.  He reminded himself to try to breathe normally, to avoid hyperventilating, and paced, wrapping the cord around his hand.  It seemed like forever before the other end of the line picked up....




When the phone rang at two in the morning, he knew who would be on the other end of the line.  After all, BA and Face were accounted for.




"Colonel," the younger man's voice leapt across the phone lines, the anxiety evident.  "Colonel, are you okay?" 


Hannibal Smith rolled over to sit on the side of his bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.  Late night phone calls from the captain were not unusual, and he'd come to accept them over the years.  It could be for any of a number of reasons - loneliness, nightmares, too much, or not enough, medication - and those were just the typical ones. 


"I'm fine, Murdock.  What's up?" he asked, stifling a yawn.


"Nothin', nothin'.  Just wanted to check on you, that's all."


"Do you know what time it is?" Hannibal inquired, trying to keep to himself the slight annoyance at having a good night's sleep interrupted.   




"Two o'clock, Murdock.  A.M."


"Oh."  The chagrin in his voice was as obvious as the panic had been a moment before. 


"Is everything all right?  Stuff okay at the hospital?"


"Yeah...." Murdock's voice trailed off. 


Hannibal's mild aggravation softened at the faintly child-like tone the other man's voice took on in his embarrassment. 


"It's just - I had this, this dream, Hannibal...."


Smith sighed.  Sometimes dreams plagued Murdock.  The really bad ones occurred less frequently now than they had when they'd first found him at the VA after their escape, but Hannibal suspected that the infrequency increased their effect on Murdock's sometimes fragile psyche.


"See, we - we were on base in Hawaii."


"Hawaii?  Nice.  Wish we had been."


Murdock ignored the comment and continued to describe the dream.  "And BA, he was a fighter.  At least, they wanted him to be a fighter.  But he didn't want to, see, cause he'd killed a guy in the ring."




Against his own better judgment, Hannibal had become intrigued.  Getting interested in Murdock's flights of fancy could keep him awake for hours, either talking it out with him, or spending hours afterwards trying to figure out the symbolism.  At any rate, he always tried to take the other man seriously, and perhaps that's why Murdock chose to call him most often when it was late. 


"And you were in a fight with this big, mean, sergeant.  It was -"  Murdock paused, his voice thick with emotion.  "He had a knife, Hannibal.  Said he'd get you in the brig."  The Colonel heard the long, shuddering sigh that escaped Murdock after the last part of that statement..


"Everything's okay, Murdock.  Nothing like that ever happened.  We were never even stationed in Hawaii.  I'm fine."


"But it seemed so real, Hannibal, but kind of surreal, too.  I can't explain it."


"What else happened in the dream, Murdock?"


"Well....."  There was a pause as he collected his thoughts.  "Face.  That's right.  Well, that wasn't really a weird part.  He was havin' this, well, affair.  It was with some blond, an officer's wife."


Tiny bells started ringing in the Colonel's head, and a smile played across is lips.  "A blond, huh?  Did they have a date off base, by any chance?"


"Yeah, they did.  It was, uh....a beach.  Yeah, a beach." 


"A beach.  Do you remember any bombs, by any chance?"


"Yeah!  There were planes dropping bombs...I couldn't get back to the base in time."


"Did you watch anything on TV tonight before bed, Captain?"


"A movie, but I fell asleep halfway through."


"By any chance, was it 'From Here to Eternity'?"


"Ummm - oh."  Murdock sounded even more embarrassed.  "Actually, yeah.  That's it."  His voice then brightened.  "Hey!  That's why you were all in black and white!  I feel better now, Colonel."


Hannibal grinned to himself.  "Think you can go back to sleep now, Captain?"


"Oh, yeah.  Thanks Colonel.  Sorry I called you so late.  G'night."


"No problem, Murdock.  'Night."


Hannibal replaced the receiver on the cradle and crawled back under his covers, snuggling into his pillow with a sigh.  Thank God Murdock hadn't been watching 'Dracula.'  Though an Aquamanic picture would have been okay....






Perchance To Dream by Closetfan



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