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Five For Fighting

Five For Fighting

By: Slingblade


Rated: PG-13

Summary: Time setting during the Stockwell era. Team is captured and left for dead. Help comes from an unexpected source.  Story will include some favorite characters Amy.. Mrs Baracus.. and some past clients.

Warnings: Not too many yet... it is mostly safe …injury free violence

Would love reviews… this story is in the works and could go any direction

Disclaimer: The guys aren't mine... couldn't handle them if they were




Chapter 1

Approaching Thunder



Lightning crackles across the dark sky and is followed by an uneasy rumbling of thunder in the distance. A storm is fast approaching.




Moist foliage whispers against camouflaged legs.

Mud-caked boots glide soundlessly across the jungle floor.

Humid puffs of breath escape a masked intruder.



Crouching on the dirt floor of the cell, Hannibal grimaced as the cramps wracked the muscles of his stomach.


Murdock knelt beside him, using a tattered rag to dry perspiration from the older man's forehead. His fever was getting worse. "You OK Colonel?"


Smith groaned out a wise crack, "Feels like I've been drinking some of BA's poisoned milk again." He waved off the worried pilot. "I'm ok Murdock. How's Face?"


Murdock stood stretching his long frame, mindful of his battered ribs. "He's holding up Colonel. I think he finally stopped pukin'."


The two weeks they had spent in the Columbian prison camp had weighed heavily on the team. The physical toll taken from the daily abuses was evident. Tattered remnants of fatigues clung to their ever-thinning frames. Bruises and welts decorated their skin. But their most immediate concern was not the battle being waged against them by the camp guards, but rather the battle being fought at a cellular level.




That unlikely assassin had claimed more lives in Vietnam prison camps than all of the Vietcong guards combined. Face and Hannibal were currently getting their asses kicked by what Murdock had diagnosed as Montezuma's Revenge. For several days the men had suffered from severe abdominal cramps and diarrhea. As of late, those symptoms had been accompanied by a hellish fever and vomiting. This was a potentially lethal combination when one considered the oppressive jungle heat and lack of water. Death from dehydration was threatening to become a real possibility.


"Now don't worry guys," Murdock coached, "my fluid filtration and retention system will come through for us." He gazed proudly at the flight jacket tacked up above their heads. Turned inside out and funneling down into a single sleeve where it empted into a small dent metal cup.


Face slid open one eye, observing Murdock's latest invention. He wondered how much filtering a 20-year-old flight jacket was actually capable of accomplishing. Not really wanting to begin the conversation he finally sighed and cleared his throat. "Ahem… Murdock, when did you last have that jacket cleaned?"


"Remember, BA cleaned it for me. He threw me into that tank at the fish hatchery. Fish oils are great for leather." Murdock patted the old jacket. "Except… it makes me crave tuna every time I wear it now."


Face groaned, "I knew I would be sorry I asked."


Murdock gazed skyward. All they needed now was a little cooperation. He grinned at the lightning streaking across the heavens. "Any time Big Guy.. Just turn that old knob….whenever You are ready.. A little fresh H-2-0 right from the ole' spigot." The Captain's smile stayed plastered on as he talked through his teeth, "I hope he isn't holding a grudge about that time you dressed up as a priest Faceman."


Thunder boomed.


"Me?! Let me remind you Murdock you've dressed up like a nun before." He smiled at the memory of Murdock in the black frock. The brilliant smile turned quickly to a wince as a booming retort came from above.


Murdock jabbed his finger at the con man, "You talked me into it!" He looked sincerely to the sky. "Honest, he did. Besides," he shrugged… "I'm crazy. God protects all the little children and crazy people" Murdock stated this as if it was an accepted matter of clerical fact.


As if on cue, the heavens opened and rain pattered against the worn leather. The droplets collected together and began a meandering course down the sleeve.


Hannibal grinned, "Nice, Murdock, nice. "


Murdock tilted his head back catching some of the life giving water on his parched tongue. He squinted up through the bamboo bars wishing he could catch a glimpse of the moon. It was impossible to judge the time, but it felt like BA had been gone for hours.


Movement from the guard tower caught his attention. "Colonel, I think you should take a look at this."





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