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"I think we lost one of your socks, Murdock

Twin Souls

By Junkfoodmonkey


Rating:  G

Warnings: None.  Well maybe that you'll never look at socks in the same way.

Disclaimer: The A-Team doesn't belong to me, I'm not making any money from this. 

Parts: Complete.

Summary: Murdock entertains his friends to pass the time doing laundry.



As midnight approached on a warm summer night there were four men in the Laundromat.


"I think we lost one of your socks, Murdock."  Face said.  Murdock looked over from where he was lying on his back on a bench reading a three-month-old National Enquirer.  "I'm sure I put two of those blue ones in the washer, but I can only find one."


"Really," Murdock sat up, "that's great!"  Face looked at him strangely as he and BA started loading the dryer.  Over in the corner Hannibal sat on a chair with his legs stretched out in front of him, ankles crossed, eyes closed.  He looked as if he was asleep, but his cigar stayed steady in his mouth.  Perhaps he could smoke in his sleep, Face thought.


"Why's it so great to lose a sock, fool?"  BA growled.


Murdock got up and came over to pick up the damp blue sock tenderly.


"Because this sock has now achieved true happiness.  One-ness with its beloved."


"Ah knew ah was gonna regret askin'," BA grumbled.


"Okay, Murdock."  Face said.  "I'll bite, I've nothing better to do.  What the heck are you talking about?"  Murdock pulled himself up to sit on one of the washers in the middle of the room.  The metal felt cool in the humid warmth of the Laundromat.  The washer vibrated slightly as it worked.


"Don't you know what socks actually are, Faceman?"


"Of course I know what socks are, small garments you put on your feet."


"Ah, that is merely their outward appearance."  Murdock said, sagely.


"Ah'm getting' some candy, ah get the feeling this is gonna be a long one."  BA said.  He fed the candy vending machine some quarters and handed round chocolate bars to Murdock and Face.  He didn't disturb Hannibal.  Face and BA settled on a bench and Murdock sat facing them, cross-legged.  He took on the manner of a guru imparting wisdom to those seeking enlightenment.


"You see socks are actually reincarnated souls."


"Ah, of course."  Face said.


"Each pair of socks is a pair of souls that in life were meant to be together, but fate kept them apart."  Murdock said.  BA snorted and bit his candy bar in half.  "Why do you think they like to sleep wrapped up in each other like that?"  Murdock added, as if this proved his case beyond doubt.


"So why is it good when one is lost?"  Face asked.


"Ah, that’s the great thing, Face, the other sock has not been lost.  The socks have in fact merged."


"Merged?"  Face said. Hannibal opened his eyes, but didn't speak. Saw Face watching Murdock with fascination.  BA watched him with his usual scowl.  Hannibal closed his eyes again.


"Neither sock is complete without the other, its soul mate.  Sometimes the forces in the spin cycle of the washer drive the two socks together so forcefully that they merge into one.  The spell that fate cast over them is finally broken and the two souls become one.  Finally they achieve happiness."


"I see."  Face said, slowly.  "You are, um, taking your medication, right, Murdock?"


"For, example…" Murdock said, ignoring Face's question.  "See this sock on my right foot.  This is Callum and Caithlin.  They fell in love in Ireland in 1912.  But Callum was just about to head to America to start a new life.  He told Caithlin he would send for her when he arrived and they would be together forever.  She never heard from him again."


"He ran off with someone else?"  Face suggested.  BA just rolled his eyes.


"1912, Face.  New life in America, big ship, big iceberg.  Get my meaning?"


"Oh.  That's tragic, Murdock.  But not nearly as tragic as the idea that their souls now reside in a sock with Tweety Pie and Sylvester on it and a hole in the heel."  Murdock waved a hand dismissively.


"Don't be too concerned with outward appearances, Face.  The point is that now they are one. Since the VA laundry took the pair and returned only this one about six months ago."


"They just lost the other one, fool."  BA said.  "It didn't merge with that one.  Socks don't merge!"


Murdock took no notice; he pulled up his left pant leg a little, to show off a long striped green and red sock.


"This sock contains the souls of Lancelot and Guinevere.  I don't need to tell you their story, do I?"  BA's eyes were going to roll right out of his head at this rate.


"And how long have they been erm… merged?"  Face asked.  Murdock looked so utterly sincere about this that Face was starting to get nervous.


"Since May last year."


"Ah.  The VA laundry again?"


"It does seem to be a place where many souls come together."  Murdock said, smiling happily.


"So who's in the blue sock?"  Face asked.  The dryer pinged and he and BA stood up, started pulling the clothes out into a basket.  Murdock picked up the still damp blue sock; he looked at it for a while and frowned.




"Strange?  Surely not?"  Face said.


"Usually once they've merged they can tell me who they are, but I'm getting nothing from this one, like it's still only one soul.  I can't understand it."


"Ah can, you'se a nut."  BA said.  He shook out a pair of Murdock's pants.  Something flew out of the cuff.  Face picked it up.  It was the twin of the blue sock Murdock held.  He looked at it then at Murdock.


"How did you…?" Face began and decided he really didn't want to ask.  Murdock took the dry sock looking disappointed.


"Ah well, perhaps next laundry day."  The washer he was sitting on suddenly went into its spin cycle leaving Murdock shaking about on top of it.  "Hallelujah!" he cried.  "Be together, little ones!  Find your soul mates!"


Hannibal, in his corner, smiled to himself.





Twin Souls by Junkfoodmonkey



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