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Stranger Things Have Happened 1/?

Stranger Things Have Happened 1/?
by Shastelly

Rating: PG
Warnings: there be cows ahead
Summary: Ok this is in response to the relationship challenge placed by Hannurdock at the VA Canteen.



"Yeah Face, you know, like Mooo."   Murdock explained happily.

"Hannibal, you can't be serious, we are going to take care of a bunch of cows?

"Face, these are very valuable animals.  A man named Phil Stanley wants to buy them from our clients, the Kelloggs.  The Kelloggs don't want to sell, so Phil has been harassing them.  All we have to do is go down there and convince old Phil that he doesn't really want these particular cows, and if that doesn't work put him in jail."  Hannibal finished with a smile and lit his cigar.

"Hannibal, you also said that the Kelloggs are scared to death of Phil, and that they won't be staying at the farm with us.  That means that we have to take care of cows."  Face wasn't very happy with this part of the plan and wanted to make sure that Hannibal knew it.

"Don't worry Faceman, I know all about cows.  Old McMurdock had a farm ei ei o."

"Shut up fool.  Face is right man, we don't know nothing about taking care of no cows."

"BA how hard could it be?"

"Famous last words."  Face groaned.  Murdock continued singing as the van headed down the highway.

"And on his farm he had some cows ei ei o..."

Several hours and verses of Old McMurdock later the team pulled into a little gas station.

"Anyone else want something to drink?"

"Diet Coke."


"I'll come with ya Face."  Murdock and Face stepped into the little convenience store while BA pumped the gas. Hannibal decided to take a quick walk around.

Face was just picking up Hannibal's Diet Coke when he turned around and quiet literally ran into someone he hadn't seen in years.  She stumbled backwards and almost knocked over Murdock who was trying to decide between flavors of Kool-Aid.

"Oh sorry."  She quickly apologized to him.

"Elle?"  She turned her attention back to the first man she had run into.

"Face?  Oh my God, it's been so long."  A huge smile lit her face as she gave Face a quick hug.  "What are you doing here?  I thought you lived in LA."

"What are you doing here?  I thought you were in school somewhere?"

"No fair I asked first."  Murdock couldn't help but laugh at them. Smiling sheepishly they turned to him.

"Murdock this is Shastelly or just Elle for short."

"Hi Murdock."

"Hi Elle."  Shastelly grinned and shook his hand.

"So why are you here in the middle of nowhere?  Face the only things out here are cornfields and cows.   I should now I grew up in the next county over."

"You did?  I thought you were from Ohio?"

"Face, just cause we met in Ohio does not mean I'm from Ohio.  I was just going to school over there remember."  Face smiled slightly as he did remember their meeting.  Murdock smiled and elbowed him.

"Huh?  Oh yeah well you know.  We're actually here to take care of a farm for someone."

Shastelly nearly fell over from laughing, ""

"Yeah with cows."  Murdock added.

"Cows!"  This time she had tears in her eyes as she laughed at the two men. "What do you know about cows?"

"Nothing."  Murdock answered pleasantly.

Face smiled suddenly remembering something.  "Elle didn't you raise cattle?"

"Well yeah, showed them in 4-H too."  Shastelly gave Face that where are you going with this look.

"You doing anything in the next week or so?"

"Uh no."  Shastelly smiled at the thought of spending a week or so with Face and his friends.

"Face Hannibal ain't going to like you inviting your old girlfriend along on a mission."  Murdock tugged worriedly at Face's sleeve.

"Murdock we know nothing about taking care of cattle.  She does.  How would it look if our client got back and all of the cows were dead because we didn't take care of them right?"  Face was pleased with his logic.

"Yeah right, but you explain it to Hannibal."

"Don't you want me to come?"  Shastelly gave Murdock her best puppy dog look.  He just laughed.

"Now I see why you like her."

"Well what are we waiting for lets go.  Oh can I catch a ride, my car broke down that's why I'm here."

"Sure why not?"


Stranger Things Have Happened by Shastelly



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