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Hannibal Smith took a draw off of his cigar as he surveyed the hotel room


By Jullian Gray


Rating: PG

Warning: Non-graphic slash.

Summary: Hannibal sets Face straight on his insecurities.

Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine.... etc....etc....yada....yada

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Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith took a draw off of his cigar as he surveyed the shabby motel room he and his men were held up in. It was the same as every other hotel room they had been in since their escape from prison. Dingy.... tacky. But at the least it was clean, and for the most part, free of bugs.


Hannibal sighed as he eased his tired body back in the chair and propped his feet up on the AC/Heating unit that sat under the window. He looked over at the first bed in the room; on it contained his sergeant and his captain.  


Hannibal turned his gaze on his sergeant, BA Baracus. His arms folded across his massive chest the seemingly permanent scowl temporarily gone in sleep. The man could scare the hell out of almost every adult, but any child within a two-mile radius seemed to seek him out. 


Lying next to BA was his captain, HM Murdock. Hannibal smiled as his gaze followed a pair of black Converse tennis shoes attached to a pair of long legs. The pilot had fallen asleep watching cartoons at the bottom of the bed. The man always amazed Hannibal. One minute he could be bouncing off the wall as Captain Belly Buster or The Range Rider; the next he was bringing in a jet he had never flown before without the slightest hitch.


Hannibal took another long slow draw off the cigar before he looked over to the other bed and the last member of his team, one Lieutenant Templeton 'Faceman' Peck.


Face was buried under all the blankets on the bed plus a few extra that had been taken out of the van. At this particular moment the only thing that could be seen was a tuff of blonde hair that stuck out from under the blanket.


Hannibal expelled the smoke he had drawn into his lungs and let his eyes wander over the blanket-clad figure.


Face was the youngest one of the bunch and as far as Hannibal was the most vulnerable. Not that the boy wasn't physically strong or smart. Quite to the contrary, Face was one of the smartest people Hannibal had ever met. Physically he didn't look like he could put much of a hurting on anyone but the boy was a scrapper. He had seen Face go up against men twice his size and win. Hell, not that the kid had much of a choice, the bad guys seemed to pick him out from the rest of the group.


The kid's vulnerability laid in his mental attitude. Face was constantly worrying if he was good enough to be on the team, or worst of all, if the others would become tired of him and just leave him behind. No matter what Hannibal did to reassure him the insecurity seemed to always rear it's ugly head.


Just earlier today the team had gone up against six slime balls that were bullying a farmer. As like most of Hannibal's plans something went wrong. The team found itself in hand-to-hand combat with five very pissed off hired thugs. It was the typical square-off. The leader went for Hannibal, the biggest and toughest went for BA trying to prove they could take the big sergeant down.  One of the small ones went after Murdock and, of course, the other two left went after his lieutenant. The kid held his own but eventually they got the better of him and forced him to the ground where they proceeded to beat the hell out of him.




"BA, Face is down!" Hannibal yelled over his shoulder as he punched the man in front of him in the jaw.


BA turned to go and help the lieutenant but was jumped from behind. Forcing him to turn his attention back to the ugly cowboy he had been battling with.


Hannibal glanced over toward Face and watch helplessly as the two cowboys pounded the younger man while he was on the ground. One of them proceeded to kick him in the stomach and chest.


Hannibal picked up a piece of broken fencing and hit the man he was fighting with upside the head.


He ran to the two beating Face and clobbered one of them in the back of the legs then over the shoulder; knocking the son of a bitch unconscious. When the second cowboy saw his companion go down he quickly decided he didn't want anymore of the fight and turned to run. Where he was snagged by BA and was promptly knocked unconscious.


"Hey kid, you okay?"


"Yeah Colonel, I'll be alright." Face hissed threw clenched teeth.


Hannibal reached out a hand to his lieutenant and helped him off the ground.


As soon as Face was on his feet he hobbled away from the colonel intent on helping out with anything else that had to be done. As long as it was as far way as he could get from his leader.




The colonel took another draw off his cigar.


They had done a fine job on Face before Hannibal could get to him and help. The kid was a mess of bruises and cuts all over his face. When it was all over and done and the team was on it's way back home, Face became even more withdrawn. When they stopped for the night and got their room the kid still kept to himself. He didn't even want go out with the rest of the team stating that he was tired and just wanted to take a long shower.




"Come on Face, there's a diner down the street. We can get a big burger with fries and a milkshake. When we get done we can get a piece of pie or ice cream, or better yet, pie with ice cream. What do you think Facey don't that sound great?"


"You go ahead, Murdock, and have fun. I just think I'm going to stand under the shower for a little while. I'm a little tired.


"You need to eat kid." Hannibal called over his shoulder as he unloaded the last of the team's bags in the room.


"I'm really not hungry, Hannibal. I'd really just like to take a shower." The voice tried to come out as a whine but it didn't quite make it.


Hannibal walked over to Face and looked the young man in the eyes.


"You okay?"


When Face tried to look away Hannibal cupped his lieutenant's chin in his hand and forced the younger man to look into his blue eyes.


"I'll be fine Hannibal. Just tired and a little stiff. Really, Hannibal, I'll be okay. I promise."


"You get your shower, Lieutenant, then meet the rest of us in the diner."


"Hannibal, please."


"Don't make me order you."


"Yes sir," Face answered dejectedly.


Hannibal let go of Face's chin and gently squeezed his shoulder before turning to go back out to the van.


"Come on, Facey, it won't be that bad. We'll have fun." Murdock jumped up and down on the bed.


"Get off that bed fool, it ain't no trampoline." BA growled as he took a swipe at Murdock.




Hannibal turned his gaze back out the window.


He should have made Face come with them right then and there, Hannibal thought. The three team members had waited for over an hour before ordering. When they had come back from the diner, they found Face just as he was now. Buried under blankets and cut off from the rest of them.


Hannibal watched the traffic go down the street as he took another draw from his cigar.


Murdock had tried to wake the kid but to no avail.



"Hey, Facey, wake up. We brought you a burger." Murdock bounced on the bed Face was asleep on.


"I'll eat later. Tired," Face muttered as he pulled the blanket tighter around him.


"Come on, Facey, you got to eat."




"You know if you just try and eat you'd feel a whole lot better. You know when Billy doesn't eat, he gets real mean."


"Murdock, please," Face's voice begged.


"Just one itsy bitsy tiny little…"


"Shut up fool! The man done said he don't want nothing!"


"Now, BA, if he…"


"I said shut up and leave him alone!"


"Colonel, would you please tell this big ugly mudsucker that the Faceman needs to eat?"


"Leave him for the night captain. We'll make sure he eats in the morning."


"Sure, Colonel."  Murdock got off of the bed Face was in and moved to the bottom of the other bed. Where he reached over and turned on the television.




Hannibal sighed as he turned his gaze back to Face.


He had let Face sleep for five hours before he decided to try and get him to eat.




"Come on, you got to eat something." Hannibal pulled the blankets back away from Face's body. 


He was shocked by the amount of bruising that covered Face's torso. He knew the kid had taken a beating, but hadn't realized just how bad it was. Face snatched the covers back from his hands and curled into a tight ball.


"Face? Come on kid, let me look at you."


"I'm okay, Hannibal. Just tired."


"You're hurt, son." Hannibal gently put his hand on Face's shoulder.


"I'll be alright. I just need to sleep."


Hannibal gently stroked Face's hair from his face.


"I'd feel better if you let me check you out."  Hannibal kept his voice soft trying to keep it from sounding commanding.


"Please, Hannibal." The voice was once again pleading.


"Alright, kid. I'll leave you alone for now." 



Hannibal took one last long draw off of his cigar before putting it out. He rose from the chair and walked to the bed were Face slept.


He looked down at the sleeping figure in the bed. Shaking his head, Hannibal turned and went into the bathroom to shower and shave.


When Hannibal came out of the bathroom and climbed into bed next to his lieutenant. He gently reached out and wrapped an arm around the younger man's waist. Carefully, he pulled Face in close to his body. He could feel Face stiffen under his grasp. A definite sign that something was wrong.


"Turn over and look at me." Hannibal spoke softly into Face's ear.


"Hannibal, please." The voice was so soft.




Hannibal could feel Face become rigid.


"Please...." The voice was begging now.


"Now." Hannibal's voice was soft yet firm.


Slowly Face turned so that he and Hannibal were face to face with each other. Hannibal shifted Face and himself so that the younger man's head was on his shoulder. Face still remained stiff and did not relax in Hannibal's arms.


"What's wrong, kid?" Hannibal wrapped one arm around Face's shoulder. The other he used to stroke his blonde hair.


"I'm sorry, Hannibal." His voice matched the pitiful sorrow in his eyes.


Hannibal tilted his lieutenant's face up so that he was looking into a pair of blue-green eyes.


"Sorry about what?"


"I should have done better today. I'm sorry."


"You did fine today."


"Come on, Hannibal, if you hadn't pulled those guys off me when you did I would have been in real trouble. I should have been more helpful, but instead you had to bail me out again." Face took a deep breath before he finished. "I'm a liability to the team."


Face tried to push away from Hannibal but the older man tightened his grip. Keeping Face pinned exactly where he was.


"Bullshit." Hannibal growled. "I don't know where you get these damn ideas, kid, but they need to stop. In fact they need to stop right now. If you weren't important to this team.... and to me.... I would have let you rot in prison. You are a very valuable member to this team. You are very valuable to me. Do I make myself clear?"


When Face didn't answer Hannibal shook him.


"I asked you a question, Lieutenant. Now answer me."


"Yes sir."


"Yes sir, what?"


" Yes sir, you've made yourself very clear."


"Good, because if I ever hear that garbage from your mouth again I'll bust you in it." His smile belied the threat.


"Yes sir." Face answered softly breaking off his gaze with his commander.


Hannibal leaned down and gently kissed Face's lips.


"I love you, Tem, and that is something else I want you to always remember."


Hannibal could feel Face instantly relax in his arms and against his body. Hannibal let go of Face's chin and gently lowered the younger man's head to his shoulder. He kissed the top of the blonde head and smiled as Face wrapped his arm around his chest. Hannibal gently returned the squeezed he felt as Face hugged him.


"Close your eyes, kid." Hannibal began to stroke Face's hair again.






"I love you."


"I love you too. Now relax and go back to sleep."


Ten minutes later Hannibal could feel Face's soft steady breath on his chest. He laid one last gentle kiss in the blonde hair before drifting off to sleep himself.



The End


Insecurities by Jullian Gray



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