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Double Date

Double Date

By Mistress Lrigtar


Rating:PG; dramady; could be interpreted as some slashy thoughts

Summary:just as the title says; involving Face and Murdock

Comments: Always welcome

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank Pam and the others at the Story Board who read, commented, and helped me to fine-tune this ficlet.Enjoy.

Disclaimer: The usualÖ

Copy write: Winter 2005

Story: Complete




††††††††††† (Brrrrrring!!!)"Murdock, do not answer that phone.(Brrrrrring!!!)I am warning you.(Brrrrrring!!!)Remember what happened the last time?(Brrrrrring!!!)I do not want this night ruined with 'these' twins.(Brrrrrring!!!)I mean it, Murdock!(Brrrrrring!!!)I'll never try to set you up on a date againÖ(Brrrrrring!!!)Öif you answer that phone!"(Brrrrrring!!!)


That was fine with Murdock.He didn't want to go on the date in the first place.The only reason he agreed to these 'dates' was so he could spend time with Face.Murdock answered the phone.


Face made a feeble grab for it, but had to pay attention to the rush hour traffic on the freeway, and couldn't wrestle the handset away from Murdock.He sighed in frustration and listened to the one-sided conversation.


††††††††††† "Hola, you've reached Cochť de Cara!"Murdock sounded way too chipper."Oh, hiya, HannibalÖ"


††††††††††† Face groaned, "I knew it!I told you not to answer that phone!"


††††††††††† "Yep, he's right here," Murdock was saying, and then paused to listen."Nope, not a thing, Colonel."


††††††††††† "Did he ask what we are doing?" Face cried."Yes!We are busy!We have lives and things to do!If he needs something done, tell him to ask BA!"


††††††††††† "What was that, Hannibal?I couldn't hear youÖÖ.. Oh sure!No problemo, Colonel!"Murdock hung up the phone and flung his hand out the window.He let it ride the air currents whipping past the car and began to hum.


††††††††††† "Well?" Face asked impatiently.


††††††††††† "Well what?"Murdock shot back, not looking at his friend.He hated it when Face was mad with him, but he couldn't let the phone continue to ring.It would get inside his head and wouldn't stop ringing, and then the night would be ruined.He wanted to enjoy the little bit of time he got to spend with his best friend, and Murdock didn't want to have to deal with the 'ringing'


Face had to contain himself from yelling at Murdock, "What did Hannibal want?"


††††††††††† "Oh yeah, Hannibal," Murdock drawled, finally looking over at his friend, "He wants us to check out a public storage facility on La Cienga.Said there were some files there we may need for our next case."


††††††††††† "Well, that's not so bad Ė we can do that later," Face said, relaxing now that he realized his evening wasn't going to be ruined after all.


††††††††††† Murdock fidgeted in his seat and reached up to loosen his tie, only to have Face slap his hand away.


††††††††††† "Murdock, stop fidgeting.You're going to wrinkle your suit," Face said.


††††††††††† "Why do we always have to go somewhere where you have to wear a suit?"Murdock asked."Couldn't we go to the boardwalk and eat chili dogs and ride the carousel?"


††††††††††† Face glanced at his friend, "Chloe and ZoŽ are classy girls, Murdock.They expect to be wined and dined.I don't think they would consider going to the boardwalk fun."


††††††††††† "But, I would and you love the boardwalk, Face," Murdock replied, "Didn't you once tell me you went there all the time when you were a kid?"


††††††††††† Face sighed, "That was when I was a kid, Murdock.Now we are trying to impress these girls, and the boardwalk isn't going to cut it.Chez Henri is what will.Plus, a nice bottle of Dom Perignon."


Murdock made a face.Chez Henri.He hated that place.That's where Face always wanted to go so he could pretend he was rich and famous.Because all the wait-staff knew him and treated him like he actually 'was' rich and famous.Flights of fancy.That's all it was.Murdock knew about those.He wasn't in the nut house for nothing.He put his hand back out the window.


Face was babbling on about how rich and pretty the twins were.Murdock had no doubt that they were probably gorgeous.Face didn't have any trouble finding beautiful women to date.However, they were usually stupid and shallow as well.Murdock was sure these twins would turn out to be the same.Beauty is only skin-deep, after all.There 'were' exceptions to that rule Murdock mused, glancing at Face, who was still going on about the girls' 'assets'.Murdock was tired of seeing his friend waste his time with these trivial, petty women.Now, Face was starting to waste Murdock's time as well.It seemed lately, Face was constantly trying to set Murdock up with a friend, or sister of his latest fling so they could all go out together.And Murdock agreed because he loved Face and wanted to make him happy.Murdock wasn't sure how much more he could take.


††††††††††† "Murdock, are you listening to me?" Face asked, breaking into Murdock's reverie.


††††††††††† "Huh?Oh, sure, sure, Face," Murdock said, "I gotcha Ė be on my best behavior and all of that.I'll be the perfect gentleman to Chloe."


††††††††††† "You're with ZoŽ, Murdock," Face said, shaking his head.


††††††††††† "Right, ZoŽ.I meant ZoŽ.Did I say Chloe?'Cause I was thinking ZoŽ," Murdock prattled on.


††††††††††† "Ok," Face said and pulled into the entrance of the restaurant.


††††††††††† A valet ran out to greet them, "Mr. Peck.We are so glad to see you again.We'll take extra good care of your car."


Face smiled and handed the keys and a folded bill to the man, "Thank you, Carl."


††††††††††† "Thank you, Mr. Peck," the man was positively groveling.Murdock shook his head as he got out of the car.


††††††††††† Face came around the car, met Murdock on the other side, and gave him a once over, "Ok, you look fine."


††††††††††† "I wasn't really worried," Murdock shot back, but Face was already entering the restaurant.Murdock stomped in after him.


The host was already cooing over Face and telling him how great it was to see him again.Murdock glowered at the man over Face's shoulder, but the host acted like Murdock wasn't even there.Face was giving just as much as he was receiving and Murdock felt like puking.


††††††††††† "I'm starving!"Murdock piped up, "When can we EAT?"


Face and the host turned to stare at Murdock and he stared back, "What?"


Face gave him a look and turned back to the host."Marcel, I trust you have my reservation," Face asked.


††††††††††† "Oh, oui, Monsieur Peck.We have the best table reserved for you.And might I comment on the monsieur's taste.The two women at the bar are trťs magnifiquť!"


††††††††††† Face pretended modesty, "Well, Marcel, thank you, thank you."


††††††††††† "Your table will be waiting whenever you are ready, Monsieur Peck," Marcel replied.


Face steered Murdock towards the bar and the two brunettes seated there.He paused in the doorway and turned to Murdock, "Well, what do you think?" he asked.


††††††††††† "They're pretty," Murdock conceded.


††††††††††† "Murdock, are you looking at those girls?"Face asked, "They're gorgeous!"


Murdock suddenly felt like he was drowning.He wished he was still in the car; driving on the freeway or the mountain roads with the wind in his face.He wished he could convince Face he was wasting his time with stupid women like Chloe and ZoŽ.Face left Murdock's side and soon had his arm wrapped around one of the twins' waists.


††††††††††† "Chloe," he cooed in her ear and was greeted with a kiss.


Murdock hung back and glowered.The twins were indeed beautiful, like Face had said.Their chocolate brown hair was long and lustrous and they had sparkling blue eyes set in porcelain skin.However, those sparkling blue eyes looked about as intelligent as two wildebeests caught in a stampede.Why did Face always choose stupid, shallow women to date?Murdock shook his head, feeling even more dread towards the evening to come.


††††††††††† "Chloe, ZoŽ," Face was saying, "This is my friend H.M. Murdock.Murdock, ZoŽ, ZoŽ, Murdock."


††††††††††† ZoŽ turned and looked Murdock up and down, "Nice to meet you, H.M."


††††††††††† "Yeah, likewise," Murdock mumbled, moving into the bar and towards a stool by ZoŽ.


††††††††††† "So, what does the H.M. stand for?" ZoŽ asked, sipping her drink.


Murdock glanced over at Face, but he was whispering something in Chloe's ear that was making her blush.They hadn't even made it to dinner yet and Face was already starting.Murdock turned back at ZoŽ, who was looking at him expectantly.Face was going to kill him.


††††††††††† "What does H.M. stand for, Chloe?"Murdock replied back to her.


††††††††††† "It's ZoŽ," ZoŽ said shortly already losing her patience with Murdock.


††††††††††† "Oh, well, Chloe," Murdock said, ignoring her reply, "H.M. stands for Howling Mad."Murdock jumped onto his stool and proceeded to howl like a banshee.


Face was next to Murdock in a second, laughing, while at the same time covering Murdock's mouth, "Isn't he a joker?Murdock, you're too much Ė really."


††††††††††† Face pushed Murdock towards the bar and gathered up Chloe and ZoŽ, "Don't you two look absolutely lovely this evening, " Face said, trying to cover for Murdock, "He just doesn't know how to express himself around such beautiful ladies as yourselves."


Face took Chloe's and ZoŽ's arms and led them away from the bar."Marcel has reserved the best table with a superb view of the valley.Why don't you take your drinks to the table and we will be right there?Hmm?"


The two women walked away, talking quietly and animatedly to each other as Marcel was soon leading them towards a table in the far corner by the windows.Face turned back to the bar and Murdock.


††††††††††† "Alright, Murdock, what was that all about?"Face asked, practically seething.


Murdock stared miserably at the bar, "I can't do this, Face."


††††††††††† "What?What can't you do?"Face asked.


††††††††††† "I can't watch you wasting your time with these kinds of women anymore," Murdock replied.


††††††††††† "What are you talking about?" Face asked, "Chloe and ZoŽ are nice girls.I thought you wanted to meet them."


††††††††††† "No, they're not nice girls and no, I did not want to meet them!" Murdock cried."They're shallow.Going out with them makes you look just as shallow!"


††††††††††† "Murdock, I 'am' shallow!" Face replied.


††††††††††† "No, you're not!" Murdock shot back, "I hate it when you say that about yourself.You are so much better than that."


"Do we have to have this conversation right now, Murdock?" Face asked."I just want to have some fun.I thought you did to."


††††††††††† "This isn't fun anymore, Face," Murdock said."I'm tired of all of this.I want you to be yourself.I want you to stop pretending."


Face laughed at Murdock's last remark and looked at him wide-eyed, "Stop pretending?You're telling 'me' to stop pretending?This coming from a man who lives in a VA!"


Murdock stared at his friend for a second and then stalked out of the restaurant.Face slammed his fist down on the bar.Why had he had to go and say that? The evening definitely was not going to go the way he had intended.He cast an apologetic look at the bartender and followed Murdock out the door of the restaurant.


Murdock headed around the side of the restaurant and stopped at a fence overlooking the valley.It was a peaceful sight, but Murdock felt far from serene.It took quite a lot to make Face angry, but he had somehow managed to push all the right buttons tonight.He knew from the start that he hadn't been in the right frame of mind for this date, so why hadn't he told Face?Murdock should have just called Face earlier and told him to ask Hannibal to go instead.


Murdock shook his head to clear it.Who was he trying to kid?He would never tell Face to ask someone else, because then he would be jealous.Not that he wasn't jealous enough already.The sight of Chloe blushing came to mind, making Murdock wonder what Face had whispered in her ear.A gust of wind blew up from the valley and Murdock lifted his chin to feel it blow through his hair.He hoped it would blow all his thoughts away as well.He closed his eyes and imagined that the faint breeze was clearing his mind of futile musings.


††††††††††† "Murdock," it was Face's voice on the wind.Murdock sighed and tried harder to clear his head.


††††††††††† "Murdock!" Face said louder."Murdock, would you please stop ignoring me?"


Murdock slowly realized that Face was really there, talking to him."Oh, Face, I didn't hear you walk up.I figured you would be half way through wining and dining Chloe and ZoŽ by now."


Face stared at Murdock, who was continuing to gaze down at the valley."Look, Murdock, I'm sorry about what I said back there.I shouldn't have said it, but you know I didn't mean it, right?"


Murdock should have known that Face would think that was why he was upset."I know you didn't mean it, Face.I'm not upset about that, really.We have a tendency to say things without thinking when we are mad," Murdock said, still staring out into the valley.


Face sighed, "I'm not mad, justÖ. confused.I don't get what's up with you.Why didn't you tell me you didn't want to go out?"


††††††††††† "Because I do want to!"Murdock exclaimed, "I like spending time with you."


††††††††††† "Ok, then, what's the problem, Murdock?" Face asked, "Because two very lovely ladies are waiting for us."


Murdock wished he could grab Face and shake some sense into him.He could be so dense at times."That's the problem!" Murdock said instead.


††††††††††† "Chloe and ZoŽ?" Face asked, puzzled.


††††††††††† "Yes!"Murdock said and decided to be honest; "I want to spend time with you Ė alone!Not on a date with stupid women who could care less about us!"


††††††††††† "You haven't even gotten to know Chloe and ZoŽ.How can you assume they are stupid? And, I happen to know they can be very caring, Murdock.Not to mention fun," Face said in reply.


††††††††††† "Don't give me that line about fun.'Cause I don't believe for one instant that 'you' are really having fun, Face," Murdock said in exasperation and raised his hand to stop Face from replying, "I know we all have our own ways of dealing with our problems.I don't know about you, but I'm getting to the point where pretending just isn't cutting it anymore."


††††††††††† "What do you mean by that?" Face asked, really not sure if he wanted the answer.


††††††††††† "I'm saying, Billy left awhile ago, Face," Murdock replied. "And I know what I want out of this life, and it isn't women like Chloe and ZoŽ."


††††††††††† "So, you assume since it isn't what you want, then I can't want it either?That's easy for you to say, Murdock.It's great that Billy' gone, that you've come to terms with the past, so that you can start living in the present and think about having a normal life.I truly mean that," Face said,"But, in case you haven't noticed, I'm still wanted, so what I want out of life is moot.What's the sense in me even trying to have a serious relationship, huh?We've seen how well those have worked out in the past.So, excuse me if I want to spend what little time I have having fun, as I don't see a house, family, or a 'real' dog named Billy in my near future!"


Murdock looked over at his friend, who was now in turn staring into the valley.'Boy, you've really done it now, Murdock,' he thought.He had definitely ruined the evening.Chances were Face would go back into the restaurant, with or without Murdock, and try to forget the entire debacle.


He turned away from the valley and stared at the overflowing trash dumpsters outside the restaurant.It was too quiet and he didn't want Face to stand there brooding.That never ended well.


††††††††††† "Is that what you really want, Face?" Murdock asked.


††††††††††† "What?" Face muttered.


††††††††††† "I mean, if you were free, would you really want to have a dog named Billy?" clarified Murdock.


††††††††††† "Yeah, I think I would," Face said and turned around to lean against the fence.


Murdock stood there, contemplating what Face had said.While it wasn't exactly what he wanted to hear, it still made him smile.He could just picture a big, hairy dog bounding through the park, rolling in the dirt, and chasing squirrels up trees.


††††††††††† "Uh, Face?" Murdock asked.


††††††††††† "Yeah?"


††††††††††† "I don't think girls like Chloe and ZoŽ would like a dog like Billy.Dirty paws, slobber, and fleas, the shedding.But, I would though," Murdock said with a big grin.


††††††††††† "It'd be nice to have the real thing, wouldn't it, Murdock?" Face asked.


††††††††††† "You betcha," Murdock replied, still grinning.


Face moved away from the fence and headed towards the restaurant, Murdock ran after him, "Face!Face, where are you going?"


Face waved at the valet, "Carl, would you please pull my car around?"


The confused looking valet complied immediately.Murdock was feeling somewhat confused as well.One minute they were standing by a fence talking about a dog and the next they are waiting for Face's car.


††††††††††† "Face?" Murdock tentatively asked.


Face beamed at him, "Murdock, have I ever told you how much I appreciate your friendship?"


††††††††††† "Uh, no," Murdock began.


††††††††††† "Well, I do, and for once you are right.We're wasting our time here," Face said, loosening his tie and removing his jacket.


When Carl pulled the car around, Face promptly tossed his discarded jacket and tie into the back and climbed into the driver's seat.He looked over at Murdock, "Well?Are you coming?"


Murdock stared for a moment longer before he whooped for joy, tore his jacket and tie off and flung them at the startled valet.He jumped into the car and Face sped away leaving behind a very confused valet.


††††††††††† "Where are we going, Face?" Murdock asked, barely hoping to hope.


††††††††††† "Where we should have gone in the first place, Murdock," Face responded, "Where can you get chili dogs, pizza, popcorn, cotton candy, and prizes?"


††††††††††† "The Boardwalk?" Murdock asked.


Face grinned over at him, and said, "The Boardwalk," as the car zoomed down the freeway towards the beckoning lights of the carousel near the ocean.


Murdock grinned back and flung his hand out the window to ride the air stream once again.





















Double Date by Mistress Lrigtar



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