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“Stop laughing BA it’s not funny


By Jullian Gray


Rating: PG

Summary: Face and Hannibal have a misunderstanding.

Warning: Slash implied.

Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine. Just borrowing them for my amusement.

Parts: Complete

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"Stop laughing, BA, it's not funny!" Face growled at the sergeant who was driving the van.


"Sorry, Face." BA snickered only to break out into a giggling laugh.


"He's right, BA, it's not funny. It's hilarious. You should see yourself, Facey," Murdock proclaimed as he also broke out into a fit of laughter directed at the lieutenant sitting next to him in the back of the van.


"Hannibal!" Face's voice huffed at their leader.


Hannibal turned around in his seat to look at the blond in the back then quickly turned to face forward to keep from laughing himself. It was just so hard not to.  I mean, how many times did the team get to see Face covered from head to toe in mud?


"Alright guys, that's enough. Leave him alone," Hannibal stated, trying to hold back a chuckle.


"Come on, Colonel, he looks so cute. So tell me, Face, is this how you keep so young looking? Mud baths? Is that why Hannibal loves you so much, because of your youthful good looks?" Murdock cooed in Face's ear.


"That's it, let me out. BA pull over now!"


"Come on, man, we're only a mile from your house."


"Now!" Face yelled.


"Colonel?" BA glanced over at Hannibal.


"Face, calm down." Hannibal turned back around in the seat to look at Face. What he saw under all that mud was a pair of very angry and upset blazing blue eyes.


"Now, Hannibal." The voice was low and dangerous.


"Pull over, BA," Hannibal called back over his shoulder to the sergeant, not taking his eyes off his lover.


"Come on, Hannibal, we're almost there."


Hannibal watched as Face reached for the door handle on the side of the van and began to pull it back to open the door.


"Face," Hannibal warned in a low voice.


Face looked at the warning in his colonel's blue eyes and proceeded to pull the door open.


"Son of a bitch! STOP, BA! NOW!" Hannibal yelled as the side door to the van slid back on its tracks. The van didn't make it to a full stop before Face jumped out onto the road.


"Lieutenant!" Hannibal yelled as Face sped past the passenger's side window.


Face didn't even hesitate but kept walking, with his back ramrod straight, toward the beach house he and Hannibal shared.


"I guess we made him mad," Murdock spoke softly from the back of the van.


"Man, what's with him? Never seen Face like that. He's always been able to take a joke."


"I don't know, BA, but I sure as hell plan on finding out!" Hannibal stated as he got out of the van. "You two go on home and I'll talk to you in the morning."


"You need any help, Hannibal?"


Hannibal looked up the road and could barely make out the lone figure covered from head to toe in mud.


"No, go on BA. I can take care of this problem. He's been acting like a ass since last night and I've had enough of it."


"Sure man, call if you need help."


"Good luck, Colonel," Murdock called out to Hannibal as he climbed into the now vacant passengers seat.


"What do you think has gotten into Faceman?" Murdock asked as BA turned the van around to head towards the VA.


"Don't know, fool, but I know I wouldn't want to be in his shoes when Hannibal gets a hold of him."




"Face!" Hannibal called out. He had lost sight of the younger man when he had turned to watch the van leave.  When Peck did not answer Hannibal headed toward the beach house a half-mile up the road.


"What the hell is wrong with you, kid?" he spoke to himself as he entered the front door.


"You want to know what's wrong? I'll tell you wants wrong, COLONEL!" Face snarled behind him.


Hannibal whirled around at the sound of Face's voice. "Jesus kid, you trying to give me a heart attack?"


"You want to know Hannibal? Yes or no, because I could really use a shower about now." Face crossed his arms, an impatient look plastered across his mud-covered face.


"You can drop the attitude first thing," Hannibal stated, crossing his own arms.


"Forget it. Just forget it!" Face started to march past Hannibal.


This time the colonel was having none of it. He grabbed Face by the arm and pulled him into his chest, holding on so Face couldn't pull away.


"What is wrong with you?" Hannibal demanded shaking Face lightly.


"How about the fact that you damn near got me killed today with your stupid training exercise!" Peck yelled into Hannibal's face.


"What are you talking about? If this is about the extra three miles I made you run for pussy footing it around the course…"


"It has nothing to do with the three miles! How about the fact that the damn zip line that YOU set up and secured broke, dropping my butt 10 feet into a mud hole. Or did you just forget about that!" Face snapped as he tried to pull away from Hannibal, but the colonel held on tight.


"That's just an excuse, kid, and you know it. You've been pissed at the world since before we left the house this morning. Now what the hell is going on?"


Face took a deep breath then used all his strength to jerk himself out of Hannibal's grip. Hannibal watched as pain and anger crossed his young lover's face.


Reaching into his mud-covered pocket, Face pulled out a water logged receipt and threw it at Hannibal.


"You told me when we started this relationship never to lie to you! Then you told me to trust you, that you would never hurt me; and then you go and do this to me!" Face screamed at Hannibal.  Pain filling his blue eyes.


Hannibal opened the receipt and stared long and hard at its smudged writing.


"Face, you don't understand..." Hannibal started to speak but Face cut him off.


"Who the hell is Mary, Hannibal?" Face growled his blue eyes burning. "Tell me! No never mind, I don't want to know. "


"Tem, it's not what it looks like."


"I am going to get into the shower and get cleaned up. When I get out, I want you gone."


"Face, you don't…"


"If the team needs me, call. Other than that, I don't want to see or hear from you." Face stated coldly then turned and walked from the room.


Hannibal looked down at the receipt again. 'How did you find this kid? Damn it! It wasn't suppose to happen like this!' Hannibal sighed as he headed upstairs to the master bedroom.


Face stood under the shower nozzle with the water as hot as he could stand it.


How could he let this happen to himself? Face had told himself over and over again not to fall in love. Not to get attached, not to share his emotions with anyone else. But, god, he loved Hannibal with all his heart and soul, and now that was gone.


Face scrubbed his body from head to toe removing all the mud he had been covered in by the training course. Once clean, he waited until the water went cold before stepping out.


"Hell, it's not like Hannibal will need the shower."  Face sighed.


When he stepped out of the bathroom he was not totally surprised to see Hannibal sitting on the bed waiting for him.


"I thought I asked you to leave." Face's voice was cold and harsh.


"Face, come here please." Hannibal asked softly.


Face crossed his arms over his bare chest and glared at the colonel.


"Please, Tem."


Face took a deep breath and slowly made his way over to the bed.


"Sit please."


Face looked down at Hannibal sitting on the bed.




"Please, Tem"


Face stared into his lovers blue eyes. He didn't want to do this, he wanted to stay mad. He wanted to turn his back and walk out of the room, but he couldn't. 


'Just let him say what he wants then tell him to get the hell out,' Face thought to himself as he turned a cold gaze toward his commander.


Once Face was seated, Hannibal slid off the bed and knelt in front of him. He gently took the younger man's hands into his.


"Tem, please let me explain to you."


"Hannibal I don't want to hear any excuse. Please, just…"


"Please, Tem, just be quiet for a minute, will you kid. I know you're mad at me and I'm sorry. It wasn't suppose to be like this. I wanted to wait till everything was perfect…"


"Perfect? When were you going to tell me? At your wedding with Mary?"


A confused look crossed Hannibal's face "My wedding with Mary?"


Suddenly everything became clear to Hannibal. No wonder Face was acting like a hurt jackass.


"Oh god, kid, is that what you were thinking when you saw the receipt? No wonder you're so pissed. The receipt was filled out wrong, Tem. The rings aren't for a girl named Mary. She was the sales clerk who rang up the order."




"Yes, Tem, rings."


Hannibal reached up and gently caressed his young lover's confused face before reaching into the pocket of his jeans and pulling out a matching set of wedding bands.


"Templeton Peck, will you please marry me?" Hannibal asked.


"Rings?" Face question again.


"Yes, love, rings. Will you marry me? Will you be Mr. Templeton Smith?"


Tears formed in Faces eyes as he looked down at Hannibal kneeling in front of him.


"Yes," he whispered.


"Yes?" Hannibal asked again to make sure he had heard the soft voice correctly.


"Yes," Face stated a little more clearly this time.


Hannibal pulled Face down into his lap and hugged the smaller man to his chest.


"I love you, Templeton, with all my heart. And I WILL NOT lie to you, and I will do EVERYTHING I can to keep you safe and protect you," Hannibal stated as he kissed Face's wet blond head.


Face wrapped his arms around Hannibal and returned the hug.


"I'm sorry, Hannibal. I'm so sorry I ever doubted you. I love you."


The colonel reached down and gently took his lieutenant's face into his hand.


"You're forgiven, kid. If you can forgive me for not securing that zip line correctly?"


Before the blond could answer, Hannibal covered Face's mouth with his own and kissed him deeply.


"Hannibal?"  Face gasped as the two broke apart.


"Yeah, kid?"


"The bed's a whole lot softer than the floor."


"It sure is." Hannibal laughed as he picked up the younger man and threw him onto the bed. "You get comfortable and I'll see you when I get out of the shower."




"Yeah, Tem?"


"By the time you get out I'll have completely forgiven you for the zip line."


"Sounds like a plan, kid."


"Hannibal, make sure you suds up real good."


"Sure, kid, whatever you want."


Face smiled to himself as he heard Hannibal step into the shower. 'Yeah, in about five minutes the hot water will run out and I think we'll be even for your failure to secure the zip line.'


He then leaned back and thought of how he was going to warm his future husband back up after he got out of the shower.


Misunderstanding by Jullian Gray



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