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By Jullian Gray


Rated: PG

Summary: Face has a really bad day. Can anyone make it better?

Warning: Implied con m/m




Face could hear the phone ringing but how could a phone be ringing when he was on the beach in Hannibal's arms, and was that his answering machine eating it's own tape? Lieutenant Templeton Peck pried his eyes open and stared at the alarm clock on his nightstand.


Face jumped out of bed after realizing that his alarm had not gone off and he was going to be late for his appointment with the accountant who was taking care of the team's investments. He reached over and hit the play button on the answering machine only to find out this part of his dream was true his machine had eaten the tape and the message was lost with it. "This day will get better." He muttered as he made his way to the shower.


After getting showered and dressed as quickly as he could while still managing to be immaculate he headed down stairs, two steps from the bottom he tripped on a ball that Murdock had been using to play fetch with Billy the previous night. He lay at the base of the steps trying to calm his breathing. Face slowly sat up winching as pain shot thru right side. Slowly he ran his hands over his chest. Nothing broken then hissed sharply as he came in contact at least two bruised ribs.


"Today has to get better."  He gasped between breaths as he climbed to his feet.


Slowly and more carefully the lieutenant made his way into the kitchen ' Just slow down Tem you're trying to rush to much, just slow down if you're a little late it won't matter.' He thought to himself as he headed into the kitchen. Face opened the refrigerator and was startled when he saw a stuffed bear sitting here looking back at him with a note pinned to it's fuzzy chest which read.


Sorry Face guy drank the last of the OJ. Will bring some home tonight.




"Great, JUST GREAT!" Face shouted to no one as he slammed the frig door causing a set of wine glasses to fall from their shelf and shatter on the floor.


"Damn!" He screamed as he stormed to the pantry to get the broom and dustpan to clean up the mess.

Several minutes later the mess was cleaned up and Face began to calm down.


"This day HAS to get better." He sighed again as he headed toward the garage to get into his corvette. Maybe he could relax on the way to the accountants just enjoy the drive back into the city and the ocean view. Climbing into the car he hit the garage door remote and cringed as the door squealed and groaned as it went up.


"Well that sounds nice." Face grumbled as he backed out. Just as the cars front bumper was about to clear the door Face heard a loud snap and watched in horror as the heavy door crashed down on the bumper of car causing it to sheer off completely and shattering the windows in the door.


"Son of a bitch!" Face yelled as he jumped out of the car and stared in horror at the damage. Tears almost formed in his eyes as he thought of BA being out of town at his mama's in Chicago and not being able to fix the damage for at least two weeks.


"God please let this day get better." He prayed to god as he got into the car bound and determined to get into LA get his business taken care of and return home.


All the way into the city the blond Lieutenant had to fight to keep the car in between the lines due to how badly the front end had been knocked out of alignment from the impact of the garage door.


Thirty minutes late for his appointment Templeton Peck walked into the office of the small accounting firm that handled the teams investments. Maria the red headed receptionist looked up at him as he entered.


"Good morning Mr. Peck." She beamed showing off her best and brightest smile.


"Morning Maria. I know I'm running behind but do you think it is possible that I can get into see Mr. Conner." He smiled back with his best conman smile.


"I'm sorry Mr. Peck didn't you get my message? Mr. Conner had a family emergency and had to leave. I left a message on your machine this morning. I'm so sorry you had to come down here for nothing."


Templeton smiled back at the young lady. "No problem Maria no problem at all."


"I'll call you when Mr. Conner gets back in town Mr. Peck."


"That will be fine Maria thank you."


Face left the office and went back to sit in his car. "I will make this day better." He smiled to himself as he headed toward his favorite salon thinking how nice it would be to have his hair cut and styled for his evening tonight with Hannibal.


Face parked the car down the street from his favorite salon and walked the rest of the way. Putting on a smile and straightening his jacket Face walked thru the doors and smiled at the receptionist.


"Trisha I was wondering if I could get a hair cut from Alexia this afternoon?"


"I'm sorry Mr. Peck but Alexia isn't in today but if you wish I can have Shelia do your hair she is up on all the latest styles." The receptionist smiled warmly at Face.


"She any good? Tell me the truth now."


" Everyone seems happy with her work Mr. Peck."


"What the hell when is she available?"


"I can get you in right now Mr. Peck."


"That would be great." As the Trisha turned to call up the stylist she heard Face mutter.


"I knew this day would get better."




"How do you like it?"


"I've been scalped." Face responded as he stared at his hair in horror.


"It's the latest style Mr. Peck."


Face shook his head and began to laugh if he didn't he was going to start crying. His hair had not been this short since he was in the military.


"I said to take a little off the sides and top. To style it the way it was just a little shorter not, not this."


"I'm sorry you don't like it sir like I said it is the latest style."


Face ran his hand over his all to short hair again.


"It'll grow back." He smiled quickly at the girl got up and left mumbling "God help me this day is not getting any better."




Face made his way to his usual grocery maybe he could still make a nice evening for Hannibal and himself. He and the colonel had become closer and closer over the year their relationship had grown from Leader and subordinate to father and son and now lovers.


Hannibal had become the best thing to happen to Face since the Team itself. The older man had helped to shape Face from an insecure teenager to the man he was now.


Face smiled to himself maybe this day wasn't completely shot. "With Hannibal it will be better."  Face whistled to himself as he walked into the grocery. He selected the best steaks from the butcher and picked up all the other ingredients for a great meal with his lover.  


Templeton Peck's smile left his face when he heard a scream down the street. He looked up to see a couple of teens trying to steal an old woman's purse. Face took off running after the teens he tackled the boy with the purse. With all his concentration on the boy in his grasp he didn't notice the second teen until he felt a sharp pain in the side of his head.


Face shoved the first boy to the ground and tried to block the second blow the other boy threw at him but he wasn't fast enough and took the blow to the right eye instead of his nose. Face swung his own fist back and connected with the teen's jaw sending him sprawling to the ground unconscious. 


He turned back around to retrieve the old lady's purse when he was hit in the back of the head by the teen he had shoved to the ground. Face fell to his knees as stars filled his vision. Face gasped in pain as the teen kicked him in the stomach before running off with the old woman's purse.


"A lot of help you were." The old woman spat at Face as she walked by him.


Face closed his eyes as he felt a wave of nausea threaten to overwhelm him.


"There is no way this day can get any better than this." He moaned just as his stomach released its contents.




Face glumly pulled the corvette into the driveway and groaned as he pulled his tired and abused body out of the car. He hurt all over and his silk suit had been ruined when he couldn't get the car pulled over in time to get out and empty his stomach.


Face picked up the groceries and trudged into the beach house. Throwing his keys on the coffee table Face made his way into the downstairs bathroom to clean up. Feeling somewhat better he went about fixing dinner. With everything done except grilling the steaks Face finally began to relax.


"Hannibal will be here pretty soon and things will defiantly get better." he sighed contently. Face had just started to let himself relax when the phone rang.




"Hey kid how you doing?"


"You wouldn't believe me if I told you Hannibal, I've had a day from..."


"Look kid I really hate to do this to you at the last minute but…"


"Let me guess things have come up at the studio and you can't make it tonight."


"I'm really sorry Face but if can get this shot tomorrow I can… Face? Face? Lieutenant!" Hannibal shook his head as he listened to the dial tone.


"He hung up on me." Hannibal fumed to the person standing next in line to use the pay phone. When he dialed Face's number back all he got was a busy signal.


Face slammed the phone down then thru it across the room. He knew it wouldn't accomplish anything but it felt good. "So damn much for this day getting any better." He screamed as he headed upstairs for a shower and the bed.


Standing in the hot shower with the water pelting down on him the day began to catch up with him.  He didn't want to cry it wouldn't help anything. If I cry I'll still be beat up, tired, depressed and lonely. "I will not feel sorry for myself." He stated as the first tear rolled down his cheek mingling with the running water from the showerhead. Slowly Face sank down to his knees and sobbed.


"Lieutenant!" Hannibal called out gruffly as he pushed open the door to the upstairs bathroom. He wasn't happy when he had left the studio early instead of having the whole day off tomorrow with his young lover he would now have to work part of the day for having to leave early. These temper tantrums of Face's were going to have to stop. The kid had to realize that sometimes things just didn't go your way.

Hearing the shower running Hannibal began his own tirade on his young Lieutenant.


"Look I don't know what has gotten into you but it's going to stop! Do we understand each other! Damn it Face answer me! I'm speaking to you…"


"Go away." A weak voice called back to him from the shower.


"Now listen to me Lieutenant just because we have…" The rest of the sentence died on Hannibal's lips as he pulled the shower curtain back to reveal the battered body of his lover.


"God kid what happened to you."


"Just leave me alone please." Face's voice came out not much loader than a whisper.


"Like hell come on kid." Hannibal turned off the water then pulled a towel from the rack. He bent down and pulled Face to his feet, quickly Hannibal dried the young blondes body. "You're freezing kid."


"Doesn't matter." Face whispered.


"Like hell it doesn't matter." Hannibal pulled Face into a gentle hug and kissed him gently on the forehead then the lips.


"Come on kid let's get you to bed your so damn cold. How long have you been in there?"


"Don't know?" Face's teeth began to chatter from the chill that ran thru his body.


"Let's go kid." Hannibal led Face into the bedroom and sat him down on the bed.


"Flannel or silk Face?" Hannibal asked as he held up to very different pairs of pajama bottoms.


"Don't care." 


"Come on Face snap out of it."


"I've just had a bad day that's all Hannibal. Go on back to the studio or whatever your plans were." Face sighed as he grabbed the pair of flannel bottoms from his colonel. "I'll be fine." Face stood up and started to put the pajama's on. Hannibal reached out a hand to steady him before he almost fell over.




"I'm fine Hannibal really go on."


"When was the last time you ate?"


"Last night I think?"


"Last night you think? Damn it kid if you've gone his long without eating your blood sugar had to have bottomed out." Hannibal pulled the blankets back on the bed and motioned Face to get in under the blankets.


"Get in and I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Hannibal I'm alright."


"That wasn't a request lieutenant move it."


Face sighed and did what he was told as Hannibal pulled the blankets back around him.


When Hannibal returned he was carrying a tray with a couple of pieces of orange and a cup of hot chocolate.


"Eat." Hannibal ordered the younger man.


Hannibal watched as Face picked up an orange piece and nibbled at it.


"Eat!" Hannibal ordered.


Once the orange pieces were gone Hannibal forced the mug into Face's cold and trembling hands. "Come on kid don't make me force it down you."


When he had half of it down he handed the cup back to Hannibal.




"Face what happened to you today. You look like you went ten rounds with BA."


"I just had a really bad day Hannibal."




Hannibal went over to the other side of the bed and stripped down. He slid into bed next to Face and pulled the younger man close to him until Face's head was resting on his chest.


"Why didn't you call me kid?"


"You had things to do and I thought the day would improve but it never did."


Hannibal gently kissed his younger man's blond hair.


"If you ever need me Templeton call me understand?"


Face nodded into Hannibal's chest "Yes sir."


Hannibal gently stroked Face's hair he could hear the younger man's breathing begin to even out.






"How you feeling kid."


"Better." Face whispered into Hannibal's chest as he drifted off to sleep.



Better by Jullian Gray



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