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Challenge: Sunshine Challenge at ATSB2

Knocked Out
Author: Snickers

Rating: G
Sunshine Challenge at ATSB2
Warning: Why are you looking for a warning from me?
Disclaimer: Bring the boys to me please since I don't own them.


Happy when shades are gray………….

Murdock groaned as the teams' infamous song played in his head. They meant to help him, but instead this particular song grated on his every last nerve. For once it was in his head, it took days to leave him be.

Please don't ……….

AAAGGGGHHHHH! Murdock silently screamed in frustration. Make it stop!, his brain screamed.

Open your eyes Murdock, he commanded himself. Open them pretty please, his brain said. Open them and the team will stop singing *that* annoying song, he told himself.

My only sunshine…………..

Oh, no! They started all over! Do something Murdock! Get up Murdock! Open your eyes Murdock! Make them stop Murdock!

With a great effort on his part and for sheer desperation of making the team stop singing *that* song, Murdock managed to crack an eyelid open. His hazy vision showed a smiling Face, BA and Hannibal at what seemed mere inches in front of him. BA smiling? Yeah, that seemed right. BA knew how much he hated *that* song. Slowly, he worked the other eye open, moaning at the intense pain he felt from being knocked out.

"See Hannibal? Works like a charm every time." Face's smile was wide and catching as Murdock started to smile back.

The End


Knocked Out by Snickers



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