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Out of Time

Out of Time

Author: Therm


Rated: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters etc.etc.

Summary: Very short story, drabble really. Someone gets shot.

Warnings: Main character death.




"The sun shone, the wind cried. So long, good-bye."

-Telling them by Starsailor



It happened so quickly that we really never got a chance to react, to stop it.


The sound of a gunshot and a loud thud as the body heavily hit the ground, a cloud of dust rising as the man fell.

Although we saw and heard it all, we couldn't seem to react quickly enough, as though it were happening in slow motion.


Then nothing.

Not for a few seconds.

We froze.


We all reacted at once after that, rushed to him and looked at the wound, trying to assess the damage done.

Only two of us made it to him, the other had gone after the man responsible, we should probably stop him, but seeing the injury we know we don't have time.


As soon as I've knelt down beside him I feel like I had in Nam years before, seeing a man down and knowing that their going to die and you can't stop it from happening it's a feeling I've dreaded, hated and feared in equal measures and had hoped to never feel this way again.


I look into his eyes and he looks straight into mine. He knows the fate that awaits him, we all do. These last few moments will be spent giving him as much comfort as possible.

The look of pain is etched into his features and we know there's nothing that can be done to stop the pain he feels right now. I grab his hands and let him squeeze mine weakly, all he can manage with his life leaking into pools around our knees.


I then notice that we're four again.

The fight presumably finished, maybe this was the last fight for all of us, it doesn't seem important anymore.


We're all silent, nobody saying anything, but we're all there.


I feel his hand tighten momentarily, he looks at us with tired eyes, tired of the months and years of running, but also with a tiredness that comes in those last few moments of life, he looks at all of us.


He parts his lips and gentle speaks to us.

He only manages two words.


His hand goes limp in mine and his eyes are somehow hollow.

I close my eyes momentarily then gently move his hand from mine, laying it across his blood soaked chest.

I carefully close his eyes, knowing there is no soul left there and my head hangs low.


We remain their for moments, seems like hours.

I know we have to go, take him with us, but first I think back to his last two words spoken to us.

"Take jacket." It was all he could manage and I'm glad he said it.

I'd never have removed his beloved jacket otherwise, but he wanted us to keep it.


To remember him by? I don't think so.

He surely knew none of us could ever forget Howlin' Mad Murdock.


The others stand up.


"Face." Hannibal says quietly. I rub the tears from my eyes, the ones I wasn't even aware of before standing up.


I could hear sirens in the distance, now doubt getting closer.


We had to go now, before we ran out of time too.





Out Of Time by Therm



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