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The Evil Candy Cane

The Evil Candy Cane
Author: Soulseeker

Rating: R for language and sexual situation
Summary: Face, Murdock, blizzard, sticky candy. Nuff said
Feedback: yes!!
Notes: Just a little
Holiday drabble. Blame it all on the first hour of a three hour drive, boredom and the fact that I was eating a candy cane at the time. Not beta'ed so any grammar mistakes are totally mine.


T The Evil Candy Cane T


 Face stared glumly out the motel window. Yep, still snowing. They were in
Minnesota and just completed another mission. At least this one had fewer hitches then the last three. On their way back to L.A., the small snow storm they encountered had turned into a full fledge blizzard. B.A. had driven them as far as he could until he’d been forced to turn into this little no-named town. And, miracle upon miracles, the place boasted a motel with two rooms available, so they weren’t stuck freezing their asses off in the van.

 Face suppressed a shudder. He was a
California boy through and through. He didn’t do cold. He watched the snow fall for a few more minutes. He’d always imagined snow as white fluffy flakes dancing gracefully down from white fluffy clouds. His imagination always had been better then reality. There was nothing white or fluffy drifting gently from the sky. No tiny snow flakes either. The snow was sort of grayish actually, and fell in big clumps. Instead of white fluffy clouds decorating the clear winter sky, it was more of a dark slate color. The snow fell hard, swirling madly in the howling wind, nothing graceful about that. This blizzard was the worst thing that could ever happen to them.

 Face looked around the small motel room. It was just like one of the hundreds the team had stayed in over the years. The same tacky wallpaper, the same stained brown carpeting, the same two full sized beds, one mirrored dresser, t.v. bolted to a pole in the middle of a wall, the same small bathroom painted in the worst coordinated colors imagined. Someone could make a fortune going around and redecorating motel rooms. Surely, someone else had some taste out there, he couldn’t be the only one.

 Face glanced into the mirror. It had been positioned to reflect only one bed, the one that Murdock had taken. When
Hannibal had taken him aside earlier and ‘suggested’ that he take Murdock as a roommate, he readily agreed. B.A. had used up all of his concentration and skills by keeping the van on the road, his patience was shot. Throwing an overly tired B.A. and a hyperactive Murdock together would be like throwing dynamite into a forest fire. Now, the blond wished that he’d insisted that Hannibal had taken the pilot. He wouldn’t be able to take much more of Murdock.

 The object of his observation was currently propped up in bed, drinking coffee and zoning out watching the t.v. It wasn’t as if it was something exciting on the tube. The blizzard had taken out the cable and the only channel they got was the local public cable access that was showing the wonderful world of making cheese. Murdock was also innocently eating a candy cane. Face had no idea where the pilot got it, but he wished that he’d just eat the damn thing like a
normal person. What Murdock was doing to that candy was obscene.

 Face broke out in a cold sweat watching the other man, his cock slowly swelling at the sight of that simple piece of candy slowly being sucked between two full lips. It was the most erotic sight the con-man had ever seen. If Face didn’t know any better, he’d swear that Murdock was doing it on purpose. But, nah, he couldn’t be. In anticipation of being stuck in a room with a keyed up Murdock with no escape, the blond had slipped a few pills into his chili at supper and made sure that every bite was eaten. He’d carefully monitored the drugged man, noting the subdue behavior, slightly slower reflexes and the easy distraction.

 Now, Face regretted his actions. Right now he’d give anything to have Murdock bouncing off the walls then to be doing what he was doing. The con-man watched as Murdock slowly withdrew the cane from his lips and take a drink of coffee. But instead of immediately swallowing, he watched as Murdock puckered his lips and slowly insert the cane back into his mouth, inch by slow torturous inch.

 Face gave a inaudible whimper at the sight of that candy slowly moving back and forth in that coffee filled mouth. His blue eyes widened as he watched Murdock finally swallow the coffee, candy cane waving merrily in the air at the motion of that talented throat working.

 Face felt like the biggest pervert in the world. He wanted to rip that candy out of Murdock’s mouth and plunder those delicious lips himself. He knew exactly what Murdock would taste like; hot coffee and cool peppermint. His cock hardened further and he dragged his winter coat over his lap to hide it. Face continued to watch Murdock watch t.v. and suffered in silence.

 It wasn’t as if Face hadn’t had experience with other men. He experimented in college just like everyone else. He’d both topped and bottomed, given and received blowjobs and had more then a few one-night stands. Then he met Leslie and other men held no appeal for him. After Leslie left him, he joined the Army and went to ‘
Nam. He hadn’t thought about another man like that until he met Murdock. By the time he’d worked up the nerve to approach the pilot in that way, they’d been taken prisoners by Charlie. He’d watched as a tortured Murdock slowly descend into the madness of his mind and realized that any chance they might’ve had to be lovers died a quick and painful death. It wasn’t as if he no longer desired the pilot, he loved him more then life itself. It was the fact that he refused to take advantage of a mentally ill person. He might be a con-man, he might be a wanted criminal, and he might be an occasional thief for a good cause, but even he had his scruples. He wouldn’t risk Murdock’s tedious hold on sanity by starting a relationship that he might not be able to handle. Face was just content to continue to have Murdock as his best friend.

 At least, he
was content until now as he watched the candy cane make it’s slow way into and out of Murdock’s plump lips. Face decided right then and there to find out who invented the candy cane and then shot the sonofabitch. It had to have been Satan who invented that stick of sin. Candy canes were just evil, plain and simple. He vowed to find a way to protect innocent children for the evils of stripped sugar. Before he could think of a way to warn the general public about the dangerous candy canes, all the blood rushed from his head and into his already painfully hard cock as Murdock removed the candy from his mouth, inspected it, and then started to run the tip of his tongue up one side of the sugared confection and down the other.

 His pants entrapped prick began to twitch in time with Murdock’s sweeping tongue. The blond only prayed that his best friend wouldn’t notice the degenerate sitting on the next bed. His mind fantasized about looking down and seeing deep brown eyes peering up at him from between his thighs, his tongue doing the same thing to his achingly hard prick. Face wanted those delicious lips wrapped around his shaft as that wonderfully wet tongue worked him into a sexual frenzy. He desperately wanted Murdock to suck every last drop of cum out of him just like he’d sucked the red strip off that piece of devil’s candy.

 Face’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head as Murdock suddenly plunged the candy cane back into his mouth, deeper then before. The pilot began to alternately suck hard and fast, then deep and slow. By that time Face’s hips began to twitch in time with his throbbing cock. It was all he could do to keep himself from hurling onto the next bed, ripping the clothes off the both of them and plunging his iron hard cock deep into Murdock’s tight ass, driving them both hard into earth shattering, ear splitting orgasms. And he knew how tight Murdock’s butt was. They’d shared enough close quarters and patched each other up too many time to be body shy around each other. So, he knew well about how firm those round globes were, how deep the crease teasingly hid that perfectly round hole, and how much he wanted to bury his face into that crack, his own tongue seeking that sweet treasure as Murdock squirmed delightedly below him.

 Face was startled to realize that deep brown eyes had locked onto his own. He watched as that evil sugar stick made it’s slow way from one corner of those perfect lips to the next, finally ending back to the center. He watched as long fingers slowly pulled the cane out with a wet slurping sound. Face watched as Murdock licked his lips with the tip of his tongue, slowly cleaning them of the sticky residue. Face watched as his best friend orally rape his own mouth and his cock was more then eager to take it’s place between them. Murdock’s voice was filled with innocent concern as he asked, “Are you alright, Face? You look a little . . .

 Face jerked his blue eyes back to the t.v. It took him a few minutes before he trusted himself enough to speak.

 “Uh, yeah, yeah. I’m fine. Just kinda into this show. Great show, huh? Always wondered how Swiss Cheese got it’s holes.”

 Face cringed at the overly bright tone, sounding far too forced by his own ears. He hoped that a drugged up Murdock’s observation skills were too slow to notice that all his best friend was lusting after his body. Brown eyes dragged themselves back to the screen.

 “Yeah, great show, Face. Hope it has a happy ending.”

 The pilot then replace the candy back into his mouth, giving his full attention back to the screen. Face continued to think of himself as the lowest scum on earth to be lusting after his sweet, innocent roommate. He was surely going straight to Hell for his lewd and dirty thoughts. Forty minutes later, just as Face was convinced that he was going to die from a terminal hard on, Murdock slowly finished the last inch of sugared evil. Face sighed in relief. He wasn’t going to die from blue balls after all. He could just picture the headlines now, ‘Notorious Member Of Fugitive A-Team, Dies From Sexual Frustration’.

 The con-man began to sigh in relief as his prick slowly deflated. He hoped that Mr. Happy wouldn’t be too mad at him for not letting him out to play that he’ll refuse to perform the next time he was out. Face was just about to completely relax when his sharp ears heard the unmistakable sound of crinkling cellophane. He turned his wide blue eyes in disbelief in Murdock’s direction. Murdock had produced another candy cane from somewhere and was giving it the same attention that he’d given it’s predecessor.

 Face’s cock decided to make a returned visit, making the blond want to whimper in painful surrender. He had to get out of that room before his cum-filled cock exploded. He couldn’t make his escape to Hannibal and B.A.’s room, they’d want to know what was going on. Although, the thought of plunging his hot prick into a snow bank was starting to sound better and better. But no, he could die from hyperthermia and the guys would never let him live that down. His only other escape route was the bathroom. Yes! That was the answer! He’ll take a nice long freezing cold shower . . . with the window open . . . and Mrs. Palm and her five daughters should get his ‘swelling’ back down to size.

 Murdock looked at him as he grabbed his clothes. He looked into those innocent, trusting brown eyes and prayed that the pilot wouldn’t notice his little ‘problem’ on the way to the bathroom.

 “I’m going to take a shower, now. A long shower. A very long shower. In fact, if you get sleepy while I’m in there, don’t bother to wait up for me.”

 Face hurried into the bathroom, a candy cane mouthed Murdock tracking his movements. He shut the door a little too loudly, started the shower and opened the window.

 Murdock waited until he heard the unmistakable soft grunting sound of someone trying to keep the sound of self pleasuring quiet under the cover of running water. He reached behind him, fishing under the pillows until he found his prize. He tossed the pills into the wastebasket and he grinned, chuckling evilly around the candy still in his mouth. That’ll teach Face to try to drug him. He massaged his sore jaw. He had wondered how long he could keep up the visual torture and was glad that Face had finally cracked. Who knew that eating a candy cane could be so strenuous? He’ll wait a week or two before he approached Face. He realized that he’d have to be the one to make the first move. Face was notoriously prudish about what was proper behavior.

 He’d wanted Face as badly as Face wanted him. He might be living in a nuthouse, but he was a man with needs and desires too. And he needed Face. He knew that Face wanted him. He’d seen how Face checked him out as he bent over to pre-check a plane, heard the blond’s breath quicken whenever he took off his shirt. Oh, Face wanted him alright. If they ever have a shot at true love, Murdock would have to be the one to take that first step. Yep, this blizzard was the best thing that could ever happen to them.


The End.


And Happy Holidays!!


The Evil Candy Cane by Soulseeker



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