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Flirting With Mother Nature

Author: Pam


Rating: G

Warnings: None.

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team.

This was written in response to Fingers' Originality Challenge on the A-Team Story Board.



Hannibal scanned the area, concluding it was reasonably safe to stop for a few minutes. "Okay, guys, let's take a break."


BA and Murdock eased Face down to the sopping wet ground. The tree branches overhead provided scant protection from the downpour.


"Ah, Hannibal. You couldn't have found someplace a little dryer?"


"Don't worry about it, Face. You aren't going to get any wetter than you already are."


"Yeah, Facey, think of it as Mother Nature's way of giving you a shower."


"Shut up, Fool! It's wet and miserable and Ah don't like it."


"BA, you just need to appreciate the wonderful varied bounty that Mother Nature has to offer. This little bit of rain is just one of. . ."


"Little bit of rain! Ah don't call three hours of rain a 'little bit'!"


"It's not our place to question Mother Nature's gifts."


"Ah'll 'mother nature' you if you don't stop the jibber jabber!"


"All right, you two, settle down. BA, recon the area, see if you can spot any of Miller's men or the MP's. Murdock, find a perch somewhere and keep watch as best you can. I'm gonna take a look at Face's leg."


"I told you I'm all right. You don't have to act like such a mother hen, Hannibal."


"I'll act however I want, Lieutenant, and you're gonna lie here and rest while I do it."


Face sighed and gave in, too tired to put up much protest. "You aren't related to Mother Nature, are you? I don't care what Murdock says, being out here in the rain is not a gift from nature that I want any part of."


"Just try to rest while you can. We're gonna have to move out soon. We don't want to be out here in the open after dark."


Hannibal would be the last to admit it out loud, but things were far from all right. They'd stopped the van that morning to help an 'injured logger,' and been jumped by a gang of thugs employed by Jack Miller, a local businessman who was making it his business to get hold of as much of the local timber lands as he could get his hands on - by any means necessary. They'd transported the team twenty miles deep into the forest and locked them in one of the sheds at the gang's remote camp. That was a big mistake. No shed was going to hold the team for long, if Hannibal had anything to say about it.


Hannibal's plan to trick their four guards while Miller and most of his men were otherwise occupied might have gone off without a hitch. With no usable transport, they'd intended to bypass the rough road Miller's logging trucks used, instead slipping out through the forest on foot, making their way back to the van and civilization. They knew Decker was on his way and would intercept and round up Miller and his gang, shutting down the illegal timber operation. So there was no need for the team to stick around. Another job done.


Twenty miles was a walk in the park for the team, even on a rainy afternoon. Except, of course, it had all gone downhill when one of the guards had fired his gun wildly, and as luck would have it, had managed to actually hit something. Or rather, someone. Face.


Twenty miles suddenly seemed a lot further than it had before. They'd been trading off, with two men supporting Face, while one walked point. But even so, it had been slow going. Slower, than Hannibal would have liked.


"Colonel? Someone's coming!"


Hannibal poised, ready to fire his weapon, when he heard the signal and then saw his returning men. "It's BA. And Murdock. And if I'm sizing up the situation correctly, it's good news."


The sergeant couldn't keep the grin off his face. "Hannibal! Found something. There's another road off to the west, and there's a jeep sittin' there. Broke down, but Ah can fix it easy enough."


"Good work, BA. You hear that, Lieutenant? A chariot awaits."


"I think a boat might be more appropriate, but I'll take whatever you have."


Murdock clapped BA on the back. "Oh, wise one, Mother Nature is smiling on us, after all."


"Shut up, fool! Ah don't want to hear about Mother Nature unless she's plannin' to make this rain stop and the sun come out."


"Never mind, guys, let's move out. BA, you go on ahead and get that jeep running. Murdock and I will be along with Face. I want to get to the van and then find a doctor quick as we can."


BA nodded, saying, "They better not have done anything to ma van."


"They wouldn't dare, big guy, they wouldn't dare. Mother Nature likes the van, too."


BA growled, but not too ferociously, and headed out, double-timing back to the abandoned jeep, as Hannibal and Murdock helped Face to his feet. As if on cue, the clouds parted and just the slightest hint of sunshine peeked through. It was enough to make everybody smile.


Hannibal felt the jazz once again and held out his hand for a cigar.


Face fished a sorry specimen out of his pocket, and said, with a bit of understatement, "Sorry, Colonel, it's kind of damp."


"Looks fine to me. Nothing's gonna dampen my spirits right now."


"Mother Nature would never let you down, Colonel, although she can be a bit of a tease sometimes," Murdock said, as they followed in BA's wake.


"She just loves a good flirt, Captain, which is why I don't understand why Face isn't on better terms with her."


"Ah, Hannibal! No fair! You two know I'm feeling under the weather."


"Not for long, Lieutenant, not for long." Hannibal grinned, as he saw and heard the sight ahead. BA was sitting in the driver's seat of a now-running jeep. "Our nature walk is just about to an end. I love it when a plan comes together."





Flirting With Mother Nature by Pam



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