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From: "Pam" <y2pk_2000@yahoo

Blue Lights and Moonlight

Author: Pam


Rating: PG

Warnings: Slashy Innuendo

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team.

This was written in response to the Blue Light Special Challenge on the A-Team Story Board. 500 words beginning with "He saw the flashing blue lights and..."



He saw the flashing blue lights and his heart sank. Another chance gone. There it was in black and white. . . well, no, there it was in bright blue neon. . . "No Vacancy." Face closed his eyes at the dreaded sight and sighed as the van sped down the road past the fifth "No Vacancy" sign they'd seen so far.


"Hey, guys, looks like we rough it again tonight. BA, find us a likely spot to park."


"Ah, man, mebbe we could go a few more miles, and. . ."


"We've been going 'a few more miles' for the past hour, BA, and enough's enough. Park it, Sergeant."


"Find us a real good spot, BA. The moon, the stars, communing with nature. Listening to the hoot owls hoot and the furry creatures scurry and the. . ."


"Shut up, Fool, or I'll 'scurry' you!"


Face sighed again and opened his eyes as he felt the van leave the main road. He didn't really mind camping that much. God knows, they'd roughed it on plenty of occasions, including the past three nights, unfortunately. But he'd been so looking forward to a room and a bed and a bathroom and hot water and. . .


"Face! Did you hear what I said? Me and Billy and Thunder are gonna share a tent with you tonight."


"Ah, Murdock, I don't know about that. You know, that tent isn't very big, and you know how much room Thunder needs."


"What you fools talkin' about? There better hadn't be no invisible animals in my van!"


"Now, BA. . ."


"Don't you 'now, BA' me!"


"Okay, guys, listen up! Murdock and pals will use the tent. BA will use the back of the van, and Face and I will take the sleeping bags."


"Ah, Hannibal."


"Fair's fair, Lieutenant. Murdock had the sleeping bag the last two nights. End of discussion."


The van rolled to a gentle stop, and they made quick work of setting up camp, at first by moonlight, and then by the light of the flickering campfire. After some 'scurrying' by all four of them, Murdock and friends were ensconced in a cozy tent, BA was bedded down in the back of the van, and Hannibal and Face were lounging by the fire drinking coffee and nibbling at the last of their supper.


"You know, we should have held out for the tent, Hannibal."


"Hey, I couldn't help myself after listening to Murdock's 'communing with nature' speech. Where's your sense of adventure? This could be fun."


"But it's getting cold, Hannibal, and the fire's dying down."


"I should hope so, Face. I want to do a little 'communing with nature' with you out here in the moonlight. And don't you worry about getting cold."




"Yeah, you just leave it to me. You're gonna be all fired up before too long, if I have anything to do with it."


"Hmm, I think I like this plan, Colonel."


"Me, too, Lieutenant. Me, too."




500 Words - At last!


Blue Lights And Moonlight by Pam



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