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Close The Curtains

Close The Curtains

By Therm


Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the people that you know here, except Larry, and he's horrible, and the Santaz family.

Summary: Murdock has to deal with a terrible attack on him that occurs in the safety of the VA.

Warnings: Mentions of M/M non-con sex, swearing, generally not nice stuff, but I would say that there are no graphic details.

Comments: Are all welcomed with open arms and given a good home where they'll be loved and cherished.

Huge thanks to everyone who has already commented on this story, it meant a lot. Hopefully, I'll finish it soon.

Extra thanks to Pheral for being a great beta and going over this story for me.




Close the curtains

(Just another warning, this has some non-con m/m sex, you have been warned. Do not read if you don't want to know!)


Part one


Murdock wished he could remember at least some details of what had happened to him. Like, how the hell he ended up here, that'd be nice.

He forced his mind to stay as calm as possible in a strange situation.

He woke from a medically induced sleep to find himself blindfolded, gagged and tied up, face down on a bed. It wasn't really a wish come true.

He knew he'd spent the last, week or so at the VA doing normal, mental patient stuff. It was fine. He'd gone to bed last night and woken up at whatever time it was now, to this.


He wasn't convinced he was still at the hospital. His remaining senses told him that.

He couldn't hear the patients down the hall laughing to themselves, or screaming at the things in their heads.

It didn't smell like the hospital did, clean, in a medicated way.

Plus, the bed he was on was a lot more uncomfortable than the one at the VA, something Murdock had thought to be near impossible up until now.


So, he knew where he wasn't, that just left about a billion places he could be. Well, more than that probably.

He heard footsteps the room he occupied, slowly getting louder. Murdock guessed it was a man from the sounds of the footsteps and once the person entered, the familiar smell of Old Spice aftershave. It was a man, or a very questionable lady.


The guy stood next to the bed where Murdock was laying. His hands had been tied above his head on to a metal headboard.

He could feel several straps restraining him across his body and legs.


Murdock decided the guy needed a name, just for his own sanity, or insanity, to latch onto.


That was good enough for him, even made him sound friendly


Larry attached a binding to his feet and tied it somewhere else, making movement pretty damn difficult.

He then began taking off the straps across Murdock body, freeing him to move a little. Murdock tried focusing on small mercies.

Once they had all been removed, Murdock felt cold metal touch his leg, and realised that Larry was cutting away his trousers.

Murdock felt the panic begin to rise, but kept his breathing as controlled as possible.


All of Murdock's clothes were cut away, the fabric left where it was, but it wasn't instilling confidence at the moment.

Larry even cut away both sleeves, making the whole thing come away in his hands and leaving Murdock completely helpless and naked.


Murdock heard noises around him but couldn't place any of them, fear screaming so loudly at the moment it blocked everything else out.

He kept repeating in his head that this really wasn't happening, and that he'd wake up to find everything normal.

Yes, a bad dream, a really fucking bad dream.


Murdock felt the bed dip as Larry climbed on it with him, felt the man's bare skin touch his.

Felt him place his hands on his back as he straddled him, sitting on the pilot's buttocks.


Murdock wished he could do something. Anything to stop this from happening. To shout, yell, cry and tell him to stop. To be able to push him away, to hit him, God he'd shoot him to stop what was happening, and what he feared would happen.


At first nothing happened and it stayed like that for a long time. Nothing moving in the whole world, but his mind wondered if it just felt like that.

Then, what he feared happened. He felt the first of many intimate touches, as he felt himself being prepared to be taken.


Suddenly Larry didn't seem like such a friendly name.



Part two


Face could hear the phone ringing in the vette and rushed to answer it as fast as he dared to. After all, it was a windy day and his hair didn't stay perfect on it's own.


"Hello?" He said. He knew it would either be Hannibal, BA or Murdock. No one else really knew the number, except a few beautiful women whose calls he hadn't returned.


"Hey Face." Hannibal said, cheerful as usual. "We've got a new case."


"At last. I was beginning to think we'd righted all the wrongs." Face joked. Yeah, he was in a pretty witty mood today.


"Well, me and BA will go check them out, make sure they're genuine. I've got a good feeling about them though, so I want you to go spring Murdock from the VA."


"If he hasn't discharged himself like before." Face said.


"Now Face, he only did it because he was bored. That's why we got him the phone and arcade game, remember? Besides, you're supposed to call on him every few days . You have been calling him haven't you?" Hannibal asked.


"Of course. I phoned him, er, three days ago." Face felt a bit bad that he'd left it three days. To Murdock that was like three weeks.


"Three days! If he isn't there Face, your head will roll." Hannibal said, putting the phone down.


'Great', Face thought. Now Hannibal was pissed at him.

He decided he'd call Murdock first, make it up to him by calling him. Then he could stop by and get him something, an unusual gift only Murdock would like before scamming him out of the VA. And if he was still mad, he'd get him a burger from 'Burger Heaven'.


With that planned, Face fished the keys out of his pocket and turned on the engine. He sat in the car and quickly dialed up Murdock's number at the VA, but got no response.

Okay, so he'd surprise him.

He'd have to get an even better unusual gift now.




Murdock sat on the grass in the VA's gardens.

They always looked so nice, but Murdock rarely came out as he always wanted to run as far as he could from the hospital and join the team on an adventure.


Right now the idea seemed stupid, especially running.


He'd mainly come outside to get away from Richter, who'd been bugging him about where he'd been the other day.

Murdock had told him he hadn't been anywhere, which seemed to have worried the doctor more.

He just couldn't get the energy up to play games.


He hadn't known how he got back to the VA, just like he didn't know how he got out in the first place.

He had thought it had been a really bad dream, if only he hadn't seen the evidence left all over his body.


But, he wasn't thinking about that anyway, that just made him feel sick and he didn't want to feel sick.


It was harder not thinking about it, as so many things were running through his head.

All of them questions, and he had no answers.


The main one was, who was it? Who was 'Larry'? And how the hell had he got him in out and in of the VA without anyone noticing?

He realised the team did it all the time, but they were special forces.....okay, maybe 'Larry' was, too. He had to be something, he wasn't just a random guy.


Murdock saw the shadow of a figure approaching. He'd chosen to sit with his back to the sun for that reason.

Before he turned, the familiar voice called to him, easing his rising panic.


"Hey, Murdock. I called you but you weren't answering." Face said.


Murdock glanced to see him, but the sun was too bright behind him, so he turned away again.


Face moved round to be in front of Murdock. "So, you been out here? I tried to call you earlier, but you didn't answer." Face said. He was checking out the surroundings of the VA, making sure there were no MP's around or staff watching to closely. He then realised he hadn't received an answer. "Hey." Face said, bending down.


Murdock stood up as Face bent down, feeling confined to much.

Face had been looming over him and he hated it, it felt like he was trapped.


"So, what's up?" Murdock asked, moving away from Face.


"Uh, we've got a case and...are you okay, you look awful?" Face said.


"Yeah." Murdock answered too quick. "I just.... I've had some weird dreams and.... my meds were changed. I'm all over the place." Murdock didn't even bother to try a smile. The meds being changed was a good enough reason for him to be a little... off.


"Okay. Do you wanna come with us or not? I mean, if you're not feeling well, we'd manage without you." Face said.

He again tried to close the gap between them, Murdock again, moving away, but this time he kept moving, pacing around, thinking about what to do.


Murdock weighed up the pro's and con's of the situation. If he stayed he'd have time to himself, but he wasn't sure how safe he was here anymore. If he went, he'd be with the guys constantly and he was still too torn up to help much, but he couldn't tell them that.

The scales were definitely in favour of staying, but the one minor thing that swayed him was he would never feel safe there, not knowing who the attacker was.


"No. I'll go." Murdock said, making it sound more like a chore than something he was looking forward to.


"You sure?" Face asked.


Murdock nodded. It was better than being alone.




Part three


Hannibal and BA watched as the vette pulled up and Face and Murdock approached the van, ready for the mission ahead.


Face had called Hannibal earlier, telling him Murdock was a little 'off', as he was on new meds. Hannibal had then told BA not to irritate the pilot as he could be pretty moody when his meds were messed with.


Face pulled the door open as Murdock slowly entered the van and took his usual seat behind BA. Face also got in and sat in the seat behind Hannibal.


"Captain." Hannibal acknowledged the man. Murdock nodded a response to the elder man, but said nothing.


"So what's the case then?" Face asked. He knew the basic details, but it helped move things along.


"South America." Hannibal started. "A couple of kids mother was kidnapped. They managed to track us down. God knows how they made it this far. We put them in a motel and called up Amy, she'll be down in about an hour to take care of them. I'm not taking them there, it's too dangerous."


"Right. Those kids should be in school or with their momma, not wandering the streets." BA added, obviously upset at the situation.


"So how are we getting there?" Face asked.


"We fly." BA said. "Don't want those kids away from their momma's any longer than necessary


"Right." Hannibal joined in again. "Sorry Murdock, but the quickest way was to get a regular flight out rather than have Face scam us a plane or chopper."


Murdock just shrugged in a non-committal way. He was relieved, he didn't feel like flying.


Hannibal was relieved that Murdock didn't seem too upset. He had decided as soon as Face had said Murdock's meds were changed that Murdock wouldn't be flying.

He did look tired though. He wondered whether it was a good idea  to bring him with them, but it really was too late now.


They'd cope, as they always did.




Murdock wanted the guys to just go away.


It sounded mean, even in his own head. But that's just how he felt.

He wanted to be left alone for a bit, not completely alone, just not spoken to for a while.


As soon as they had got to the plane, Murdock had put the headphones on and faked sleep.

He was never good at faking sleep, though, how did he know what he looked like asleep well enough to con everyone now?


It didn't matter really. He was being left alone and that's all that mattered.

Just the silence and knowing that he was getting further and further away from the place where everything happened.

But, he wasn't supposed to think about that.


Murdock's fake sleep was fast becoming real sleep.

He was finding it hard to keep his train of thought where it should be as it was drifting fast.


He jerked awake when he felt the gentlest touch against his knee.

He must have gasped when he woke fully as Face was looking at him, slightly concerned.


"Are you okay?" Face asked. "Did you have a bad dream again?"


Murdock didn't answer, trying to keep his breathing as steady as he could and not have a full out panic attack on the plane.


"I just need some space." Murdock said, getting up, careful not to touch Face as he went past and made his way to the bathroom.


Hannibal who had seen the whole thing lent across to Face. He didn't need to ask any question, Face knew what he was waiting for.


Face looked at  Hannibal, before briefly looking behind and watching the pilot disappear into the tiny cubicle.


"Wants some space." Face explained. He didn't know what to make of Murdock's behavior.

He'd have to find out what these new tablets were and what side effects were expected with them.


Hannibal looked at Face, watching as the clogs turned in the man's head. He knew Face had a plan to help Murdock, that's all he needed to know.


He sat back in his chair and pushed BA away from him, the big man's unconscious form having slipped across the seat.



Part four


Murdock took several deep breaths, trying to calm his body.

He was amazed he'd managed to hold it together long enough outside, but he'd crumbled as soon as he got to the bathroom.


The tears had rolled out, but he didn't feel as though he was crying, he was just releasing the pent up frustration in him the only way he could right now.


He tried hard to stop his hands from shaking, but to no avail.

God he was a mess.


He had no chance of getting out of here at the minute, he just hoped that Face didn't come after him, knocking on the door and asking if he was alright.


He hoped that the flight wouldn't last too much longer. He had no idea how long they'd been flying, a few minutes or an hour.

Time just wasn't important.

But it needed to be, he needed to stay sharp, for Hannibal and Face and BA.

He knew that all of their lives as well as his own could depend on it, not to mention the family they would be working for.


He turned on the cold water and let it run for a few seconds before splashing some on his face.

It soothed him a little.


He needed to pee while he was here, but hated the marks he saw on his body and the blood he'd find having leaked through the bandages he'd applied.

As if the pain wasn't enough of a constant reminder.


He was only grateful that this case hadn't come earlier, he wasn't sure how he'd have managed a few days ago and he was only barely managing now.


He looked into the mirror.

He looked wrecked.


He looked as tired as he felt, but he hadn't slept one night since the attack, too scared it could happen again.

Maybe it would be possible to catch a quick nap on the plane, he felt safer with the guys around.


He took one last look in the mirror and decided that he could wait a little longer before he really needed to pee.




Hannibal and Face were talking, Hannibal leaning across from his seat when Murdock returned.


Hannibal saw Murdock first and quickly but very subtly changed the subject and carried on talking.


He moved aside so the pilot could get into his seat next to Face, then they returned to talking, but the conversation very quickly ended and Face returned his attention back to Murdock.


"You look a little pale, are you feeling okay?" Face asked, returning to fuss over Murdock.


"A little queasy" Murdock said, at least it wasn't a lie.


"You should get some food in you, I bet that would help." Face said.


"I don't think so." Murdock answered, not wanting to be the one who Face was worrying about.


"Well, what have you eaten today? Nothing I bet." Face said. Murdock didn't answer, he just closed his eyes, trying to block out Face. "I knew it, you haven't eaten at all today have you." It wasn't a question. "And what did you have yesterday? A sandwich or something equally pathetic, I bet." Face found himself a little frustrated with Murdock, sometimes the pilot just didn't take care of himself..


"Face." Murdock said. He didn't have any more to add, he just wanted him to stop talking at him.


"How the hell do you think you're gonna fight anybody when you've got no strength 'cause you haven't eaten properly in two days, huh?" Face was building up steam, his anger rising  with every word, but he kept his voice down.


"I just feel sick. I don't want to risk eating anything, throwing up and then my meds are gone too." Murdock said, his voice so tired and weary that Face wondered how long it had actually been since had slept properly.


The anger suddenly seemed to have evaporated from Face.


"Have you got enough of your new meds to last for the trip?" Face asked.


"Yeah." Murdock said. He was tired and needed to sleep. "I'm just gonna take a nap."


"Okay", Face said, "Do you want a blanket?"


Murdock initially was going to say no, but decided otherwise, he knew he could wrap it around himself and he'd feel more protected. He nodded a little.


Face returned a few seconds later with two blankets and gave them to Murdock, who gratefully accepted them and wrapped them round his body.


Face watched as his friend quickly fell into light slumber.


It didn't take long for his body to start twisting in a world of nightmares.



Part five


"He seemed a little better, don't you think?" Hannibal asked, once again leaning over to where Face sat.

Murdock had been a sleep for nearly ten minutes before they had begun discussing him.


"Well, a little more social, maybe." Face said, watching Murdock twitch a little during his rest. "But that's not saying much."


"Face stop worrying. You said that Murdock was on new meds, right?" Hannibal waited for Face to nod his approval before continuing. "Then that's probably it. I mean we've never had him away from the hospital so soon after a change. If I'd known sooner, I'd have left him at the VA, but we'll make sure he's okay."


"I asked him if he wanted to stay at the VA. He said no." Face said.


"I'll talk to BA when we land, tell him to keep an eye on Murdock. Of all of us, more times than not when we're on a case, Murdock'll stick with BA anyway, so at least we'll know he's okay."


Face was silent a little while.

He had to agree with Hannibal's plan of action so far, it sounded good.


"You know what bugs me the most?" Face asked, although it was a rhetorical question and he wasn't looking for a response. "He didn't even want to fly."


Hannibal didn't say anything. There was nothing he could say to make Face feel better.


He sighed, hoping that everything would work out okay, for all of them.




Murdock wasn't sure what it was that returned him from sleep back into the real world.


He slowly opened his eyes, glancing around and taking in his surroundings.


Face wasn't next to him anymore. He didn't know where he was, and looking across to where Hannibal had been, he found him also missing, though he could see one of BA's huge arms


One of the blankets had fallen to the floor and the other had half slipped off him. He pulled it back up, but left the other back on the floor.


He felt a shiver run through his body, although it had nothing to do with the temperature.


He sat there for a moment, watching as a stewardess went past and look at the blanket on the floor. "Pick it up." She said harshly as she walked down the aisle.


He sighed as he bent down to pick it up, carefully holding on to the one still on his lap so that it didn't end up on the floor too.


His fingers felt a little numb as he tried to grasp the material, but he eventually got hold of it properly and pulled it back up with him.


He hadn't noticed Face return to the seat beside him, he could be so quiet at times, but before Murdock got a chance to turn towards his friend, he felt a hand running speedily up his thigh to his crotch.


Murdock gasped as he woke from his sleep, feeling sick and sweating a little.


"You okay?" Face asked from beside him.


Murdock had never felt so relieved to have someone near him. Someone he trusted.


He took a couple of seconds for his breathing to return to normal before he nodded his head, letting Face know he was okay, even if it was a lie.


Murdock knew this mission was gonna be hard for him. He hadn't even made the plane trip, how the hell could he cope later on?


"Just relax, we're almost there." Face said, laying a hand gently on Murdock's shoulder.


Murdock froze as Face touched him. He glanced at the hand, watching it as though it were a snake about to strike.

He knew he couldn't keep flinching away from the guys.

He knew he was safe with them.


He let Face's hand stay where it was.

Even if he did continue to watch it the whole time it remained there.




Murdock felt a certain amount of relief once they were off the plane.

BA was still out cold, Hannibal and Face had carried him out, with Murdock taking the carry on bag with him.

He felt as though he were slacking, that Hannibal and Face were already making up for him not being good enough.

"Okay, Face. Get us a car." Hannibal said, as they rested BA on a bench at the airport.

"Right." Face said, wiping his sweaty hands quickly on his trousers, before heading off outside to do some swiping.

Hannibal produced a map from his pocket and opened it up, finding their destination.
The kids had done a good job showing where they lived on the map.

That was the first stop for them, to see where the lady had been taken from, then they could see if they'd left any tracks as to where they may have taken the mother.

There was a lot of woods round where the family lived and Hannibal worried about the possibilities that they had taken her in there, that wouldn't be fun.

"Whatta ya think, Cap'n?" Hannibal asked, pointing out where they were going.

Murdock looked at the map, trying to show some interest in what they were looking at, but before he got a chance to speak, he heard the familiar noise of BA waking from his slumber.

As BA's eyes opened, he saw he was at an airport. "Hey." He said loudly, "Why you guys drug me, when I said I'd fly?"

Hannibal moved closer to BA, as Murdock moved in the opposite direction from the angry man. "We didn't, you just fell asleep." Hannibal responded calmly.

"Don't feel like I feel asleep." BA stated, as he got up off the seat. "Where's Faceman?" He asked, realising the man was no longer with them.

"He's just gone to get us some transport." Hannibal informed him.

"Well he better hurry, I don't wanna be standing around in some stupid airport all day. Those kids need their momma back."

"Right BA, and since you're awake, you can grab your bag and Face's then we can go wait for the lieutenant outside." Hannibal said, picking up his own bag and leaving BA to take both his and Face's bag.

Once they got outside they didn't have to wait for Face very long.
They quickly piled into the car and headed out to where the Santaz family lived.


The trip down to the house was pretty gritty.
The car was stuffy, the road bumpy, the atmosphere in the car wasn't much better.

They were all glad to arrive at the small house.

Vast woods surrounded the house, it looked idyllic, if only someone hadn't been kidnapped from the place.

Inside the house there were pleasant decoration, nothing too fancy.

The first thing they did was check for bugs. They were relieved to find none, it was nice dealing with people who weren't one step ahead. It instantly gave the team a good lead on them.

Hannibal dropped his bag to the floor. "Okay, BA you and I are going to set up some trip wires around this place. Face and Murdock I want you to make sure no one can come in from that road we just came from without us knowing. Then, check round the local town for any sightings of Angela Santaz."

It was a pretty basic plan but all they had right now was two scared kids seeing their mom taken away by two big guys. The team needed to go back to the beginning and work from there.

"Okay guys, let's go."


Face and Murdock walked around the small town asking any people and all shopkeepers if they recognised the photo of Angela Santaz and if so, when they had seen her last.

Some of them had told them they had never seen her before, others said she was a friendly lady who visited them often but not for the last few days.

Face stopped a man walking a long the street and once again held up the photo. "Excuse me, sir, have you seen this lady recently?" Face asked, using his most winning smile to top it all off.

The man looked at the photo and then at both Face and Murdock. "Hmm, she certainly looks familiar. " He paused for a few moments, before speaking again. "Ah yes, I knew I recognised her. I've seen her in that shop, many times."

"What shop?" Face asked, keen to get going on this case.

"Well, they're refurbishing it right now. The one with the red sign, but no writing anywhere, just go straight in. I used to work there and I visit my friends every now and then, but the boss'll be there and he'll be able to tell you if she'd been by recently."

"Ah, that's great." Face said as he and Murdock headed over to the shop.

The door was unlocked so Face lead the way into the shop, Murdock following behind.
The shop was apparently deserted.

"Must be out the back." Face said, moving further into the store. "Excuse me." He called out to no one, but hoping someone would come and see who was in the shop.

Face carried on moving a little more into the shop.

"Face" Murdock called.

"Hang on, Murdock, I think I can hear someone coming."

Face watched as the door to the back of the shop opened to reveal two men who looked like trouble.

He turned to Murdock and saw the other two who had come in the front.


Part six

Face near enough dragged Murdock from the shop, hoping and praying no one would see them leave.

He hoped and prayed even harder that no one would see the blood covering Murdock's hands and shirt.

'Shit!' Face thought to himself as he rushed them to where the car was parked.

He wasn't quite sure how to explain what had happened to Hannibal and BA when they returned, he wasn't sure he knew himself how to explain it.

Murdock seemed in a state of shock himself.

Face was pretty sure that no one had seen them leave the shop, or making their way to the car.

When they got to the car, Face opened the door for Murdock then helped him into his seat, before rushing round to the drivers side and starting up the engine.

He drove them back to the Santaz house, the whole time thinking, 'How the hell did I let it happen'.


Face stopped short of the house.

He rested his head against the steering wheel, giving himself a chance to think.

He knew he needed a plan, he couldn't go back, not right now, not with Murdock in this state.

Murdock was still quiet, not having said a word the whole trip back.

Face glanced across at Murdock, just seeing the red again, all that damn blood.

He knew going back right now simply wasn't an option, so he put the gear into reverse and headed back away from the house.

He remembered seeing a motel not far away. They could go there.


After Face paid the man at the office of the motel a few hundred dollars, he drove the car over to the room.

He still checked around to make sure that no one was watching them, and then made his way to the motel door, supporting Murdock.

"Go lay down on the bed." Face said, as he began closing the curtains and double checked the door was locked.

Once he was as sure as he could be that everything was locked up tight, he made his way back to Murdock.

"We gotta get you washed up." Face said, making his way to the bathroom and taking a washcloth out of the cupboard and a bar of soap.

He rejoined Murdock at the bed, leaving the soap and cloth and returning for a basin of water.

"Okay, Murdock, listen, you gotta clean off your hands, okay, get all the blood off. And I need to get you another shirt."

Face decided it was best to check the wardrobe, just in case. When he found nothing, he knew he'd have to head out and get Murdock something new to wear.

Murdock had started washing away the blood from his hands, although he wasn't in the rush that Face felt he should be.

"Give me your shirt." Face said, holding out his hand for Murdock to take it off.

"What?" Murdock asked, stopping washing and looking slightly horrified at the suggestion.

"I need your shirt, I have to get rid of it as I leave. Otherwise, we'll have to stop again and if we do that, Hannibal and BA will be going crazy wondering where we are." Face tried to explain, but feeling that this case was urgent enough that Murdock should just get on with it.

"No." Murdock said, sharply and suddenly.

"Come on, I'm not in the mood for games, Murdock. It's your fault we're here, if you hadn't lost it in there and started beating the shit out of those guys then we wouldn't be needing to change your clothes, So please, just this once, do what I say. Okay?"

"No. Leave me alone." Murdock responded, getting up off the bed and away from Face. Murdock's voice beginning to raise with anger.

"I'm not asking a lot here!" Face said, He was beginning to get frustrated at Murdock and his strange behaviour.

"Just stop, okay. It's not gonna happen." Murdock insisted.

"Okay. okay. Fine. When we get to the house *you* can explain to Hannibal what happened."

"I don't have to explain anything, to him or you." Murdock's voice was filled with more anger than Face had heard in a long time, but the situation was reaching boiling point and neither man was backing down.

"Yes you do, and your even more of a fool than BA says you are if you think you can go there looking like that and Hannibal's not gonna say anything and let you get away with it."

"He's your leader, not mine, Face."  Murdock had seemingly given up with bottling up his anger and he had it all directed at Face.

"Well you've been following his orders long enough." Face said, his comments coming out with venom.

"Well fuck him. Where the hell are you guys when I needed you, huh? When it really, really counts, he wasn't there and neither were you or BA, so if you think you can make me care now with all your bullshit, you're wrong."


"When? We've always been there for you. Whenever you've needed anything, we were the ones who came along and helped you out, so don't say that we were never there for you, cos it's crap and you know it."


Murdock didn't say anything. The anger had left him now and he simply felt even more isolated than he had done.


The two men came to a standstill, neither making the next move and neither backing down.



Part seven


Face made his way into the house, Murdock following behind, not too closely since they hadn't said a word since Murdock had left the motel and sat in the car.

The two had been at stale mate in the motel, and Murdock didn't want Face to glare at him any longer.

He'd decided he'd be better off coming here and explaining the blood away to Hannibal and BA than he would be staying with Face.


He quickly realised that Hannibal and BA were still out and about.


Face had been worried about Murdock, flying off the handle like that was hardly a sign that the new meds were working well.


Face had considered telling Hannibal about what had happened and strongly recommend that he be taken back to the VA.


Face watched as Murdock passed him and made his way into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him and locking it, just to make sure Face would leave him alone.


Face waited until he heard the water start running before he went and picked up the phone, calling the VA hospital, a number he knew well from calling up scams all the time.


A well spoken nurse answered the phone, and went through the usual routine of who she was and where it was you were calling.


Face put on his best professional voice and spoke to the nurse. "Hello, I'm Dr. Rusholme. I have a Mr. Murdock with me. He was sent here to donate blood for a very sick man. Well, seems the paper-work's gone missing and I have no record of the medication this man is on, I'm hoping you can help."


The nurse was quiet for a few moments. "Mr. Murdock, you say? HM, Murdock?"


"Erm..." Face stalled as though he were checking with his papers. "Yes, yes H.M Murdock, that's the man. Is there a problem?" Face asked.


"Well, I had not realised he was donating blood. The paperwork for it must have been moved. I'll be just a minute. Please hang on." The nurse put Face on hold, he just hoped that she believed the story.




Hannibal noticed the car was back outside the house when he returned, alerting him to the fact that Face and Murdock were both here.


He entered the house. BA had gone on watch further up the road so he could alert them of anyone coming their way.


Face sat on the sofa, looking a little confused and concerned, which wasn't an unusual thing for Face, not with all the scams he had going.


"Hey, Face." Hannibal said on seeing the younger man. "Did you find anything earlier?"


Face stood up immediately on seeing Hannibal and went over to the other man. "We need to talk." Face said, seriously, and indicated he wanted to go outside to talk in private.


Hannibal found his mood also changed instantly, his men didn't mess about when things were serious.


"What?" Hannibal asked as soon as they were outside.


"It's Murdock." Face said, he knew he may as well come straight out with it. "I called up the VA earlier, Murdock acted way out of line earlier in town and I was worried. Anyway I spoke to a nurse and asked if I could have a list of his meds."


Face held out a piece of paper to Hannibal with a number of medications written on it.


Hannibal took the paper and read it. "So?" He asked, slightly confused at what Face was getting at.


"The meds, they're the ones he's already on. They've not been changed."




Face told Hannibal everything.


About the incident in the town and then the trip to the motel. Hannibal decided the best thing to do was leave Murdock but keep a very close eye on him.


If he played up again, he'd be going back to the VA and have his meds sorted out.


Hannibal had suspected that Murdock may have stopped taking them, but Face had to disagree.


He'd seen Murdock without his meds, Hannibal hadn't.


It was a long time ago, and the others had been away, but Murdock didn't act like this when he was off his meds, he acted like a very paranoid, drunk, sightseer. It was a bizarre mixture, but it was the only way Face could think to describe him.


So, a 'keep a close eye on him' had been called on by Hannibal, but the only flaw with an otherwise brilliant plan was that Murdock had been in his room for a while.


Face had been popping in and out, as they were sharing a room but it wasn't easy to keep thinking of a reason to keep going in there.


Hannibal had said that he'd go on the next watch and relieve BA, and those two could alternate, leaving Murdock and Face together at all times.


That's the best they could do right now.


And while Hannibal was out with BA, he'd tell him everything.




Face was a little surprised when Murdock appeared from out of the room, joining Face to watch some of the evening TV.


"Where's Hannibal and BA?" Murdock asked.


"Oh, they're out keeping an eye on things. We've got the night off." Face said, smiling at Murdock, hoping he sounded casual and not as worried about Murdock as he felt.


"Why?" Murdock asked, sitting down on the same sofa as Face, but not near him.


"Hannibal's hyped up and on the jazz, he wants to get going, but we can't without any clues and BA's still got all the energy from sleeping through the flight.. Therefore, we get to sit on our butts and watch TV." Face looked across to see if Murdock was buying the story and he seemed to be okay with it. "They haven't had much luck with clues. I think Hannibal's planning on getting out there soon."


Face waited for Murdock to say something, but he didn't, letting the silence fill the room.


"Hey, I was about to make some snacks, you want to eat something now?" Face said, knowing if Murdock said he's meds were making him sick, it'd be an outright lie.


"I guess." Murdock said, no real enthusiasm but at least he hadn't lied.


Face got up and went to the kitchen, ready to make a few sandwiches with a selection of fillings.


He began searching through the cupboards to see what he had to work with.


He was surprised when Murdock wandered into the room.


Face smiled at him, and Murdock returned the smile, although it was a shallow smile compared with the full he smile usually wore.


"So, what do you want. I was gonna make a few differe...."


"I'm sorry." Murdock interrupted.


"What?" Face asked.


"About earlier, at the motel. I don't know what I was doing." Murdock was avoiding Face's eyes, keeping his head down.


"It's okay." Face said. Hoping Murdock would continue, Face kept quiet, giving Murdock the chance to vent a little.


Murdock looked pretty upset, something really was bugging him.


"It's not. I was being a jerk and I didn't mean it. And, I didn't mean any of the things I said to you and about Hannibal, I just..."


"Really, it's okay." It was Face's turn to interrupt.

As much as he wanted Murdock to continue, he couldn't bare for Murdock to beat himself up so much over things.


"It's not okay." Murdock said, a little angrily. "It's all fucked, everything's changed, and you can't just make it better by saying it's okay."


"Hey, come on, calm down." Face said, using the best calming voice he could muster up and hoping that the quiver in his voice was inaudible to Murdock.


"I....I didn't mean it, you know, about Hannibal, I was horrible to him and he didn't deserve it...I just.......I can't keep, I can't go on like this, it's too hard. I'm tired..."  It wasn't about Face and Hannibal, it was something about Murdock and he had no idea how to tell Face what it was.


Face was alarmed to see the tears in Murdock's eyes. The pilot was looking around the room, anywhere but at Face.

"What? Tell me, Murdock, you can tell me anything you want. You trust me, don't you, I know you do." Face pleaded with his friend to tell him what was wrong.


"I feel sick." Murdock said, as he began unbuttoning his shirt.


"What are you doing?" Face asked.

He was beginning to worry about how bad Murdock's state of mind was right now, he just wasn't acting normal. He doubted the information he got from the nurse at the VA. Maybe Murdock's meds were changed. Maybe he had been given something different by mistake.


Murdock undid all the buttons and pulled the shirt from where it was tucked into his trousers and opened it slightly, revealing the numerous cuts and bruises that littered his chest and stomach.


Face was speechless.

Actually, physically speechless.


He just looked.


Looked at the cuts and the deeply coloured bruises.


He reached out, taking Murdock's hand and pulled up Murdock's sleeve with his other hand.


He saw more of the same. More cuts, more bruises on his arms and severe bruising round the whole of Murdock's wrist.


In the first instant when he'd seen the cuts, he'd wondered if maybe Murdock had done this to himself. Now, seeing that someone had obviously restrained him against his will, it left Face livid.

He looked at the other arm, finding similar cuts and a little bruising. He even found a few burn marks.

Face's hand shakily ran through his hair. He just couldn't really take in what he was seeing.

He took Murdock out of the kitchen, taking him into their shared bedroom. Murdock was compliant, he was too deep in his grief to fight Face off.


He made the pilot sit down on the bed, and went back out and grabbed the first aid kit that the team kept with them nowadays. Too many times they'd been wounded on a mission they didn't want to take chances anymore.


"Murdock, I want you to show me everywhere you've been hurt, okay?" Face asked, kneeling in front of the pilot.


Murdock locked eyes with Face briefly, his face pale, before he shook his head. he couldn't do it.


He couldn't show him everything.


Face watched Murdock's reactions.

Watched as Murdock physically began to shake harder than before, become paler and watched as pure terror filled him.


He knew what it meant and felt the tears burn his eyes as he fought hard to keep check of his emotions. He'd seen the look before in Nam to some of the unlucky few in the camps. He'd always been grateful that he and the others had gotten away with just beatings.


Damn it, how could he have let this happen to Murdock?


"It's okay, how about if I just put a little cream on some of these cuts, huh?" Face asked, locking eyes with Murdock briefly, before Murdock turned away from him.


Murdock nodded a little.


He was in a real state of shock, tears in his eyes, and the odd one or two escaping, but not knowingly.


"Okay. Do you think you could take your shirt off? You don't have to, but then I can do your chest and stomach properly too. Will that be okay?"


Murdock hesitated, not knowing whether to or not.


"It's okay, if you don't want to It's up to you. I won't make you do anything." Face reassured Murdock, knowing that whatever Murdock decided, he'd make sure that it was alright.


Murdock slowly nodded, such a slight movement that if Face hadn't been totally in tune with Murdock right then, he probably would have missed it.


"Okay, good." Face said soothingly. "I'm gonna put a little of this cream on the cuts. It may sting a little, but it'll make you feel better. If it hurts too much, let me know and I'll stop."


Face squeezed some of the cream onto some cotton wool then moving round to the side he began on Murdock's right arm.


As he moved over to sit next to the pilot he got his first look at Murdock's back.


He closed his eyes, wondering how Murdock had coped for so long, he must have been in agony for days.


Face knew Murdock had coped in Nam, as they all had, with terrible beatings, but it was different now. It wasn't supposed to happen anymore.


He put the medical kit on the bed next to him, pulling out the needle and liquid they used to knock out BA, and carefully slipped the needle into Murdock's upper arm.


Murdock didn't notice at all, which was a small mercy.


As the pilot began to loose consciousness, Face grabbed hold of him carefully and lowered him to the bed.


Face quickly left the room and grabbed the walkie talkie from the table and immediately returned to the bedroom.


"Hannibal, get back here now." Was all he said, as he started the miserable task of cleaning Murdock's weeping wounds.





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