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All Hands On Deck

All Hands On Deck
By Kristen

Rated: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team, this is just for enjoyment. No infringement intended.
Summary: Some Fun in honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day. Which is Sept, 19th!

"T' winds were rough that night. T'ship could hardly stay course with the rain peltin' down so hard. We held on, takin' in water so smartly that men haulin' buckets o' rain and dumpin' them out could hardly keep up. The' jack tars were a tough lot. They did their jobs and did them without utterin' a single word o' complaint, but I could see fear in them eaye.

Walked right up to the wheel with Ollie on me shoulder, and yelled at the wind. Be that all ye got? Can't huff any harder?"

"Can't blow us away, t' sea won't have us! I laughed at her, laughed so hard they ye could hear be over t' mighty storm. Even with me one eye, I could see t' others brace themselves for a another fight, but just as we prepared for another gust o' wind, it simply went to Davy Jones' locker. "

"Me and Ollie.....

"Does this guy ever shut up?" One of the goons, yelled.

Hannibal laughed, amused at the how Murdock could unnerve almost any person who wasn't used to one of the Captain's personas.

"Damn, fool keeps carrin' on to his stuffed parrot," BA growled.

Face pushed back the hair from his forehead caused my the wind and drafts from the moving boat. The locks of hair wouldn't behave. Of course he was having a tough time with both hands tied together with rope.

"Look at it this way, BA, at least we don't have to worry about Thunder, can't have a horse on the open sea," The Lieutenant reasoned mildly.

"Ye right about that one Matie. Can't steer a boat with a smartly steed. Nope all you need be a compass, and a star to steer her by, and o' course a trusty mate like Ollie." Murdock turned to the stuffed McCaw that was taped to the shoulder of his leather jacket. "That's right. Course wish had some seed for you lass, but these blokes..." "

"Shut the hell up!" Tanner, the large man who had been closest to the pilot grabbed him by the collar of his bomber jacket and shook him a few times. Tanner out weighted Murdock by a good hundred pounds. The man easily lifted the pilot from his sitting position and roughly stood him up. He then shoved Murdock against a stack of barrels.

He kept Murdock pinned against the barrels with his right hand and pulled out a pocket knife from his back pocket with his left. He held the knife mere inches from the Captain's face. "You don't stop babbling, I'm going to stick this into you eye and pluck it out. Then you'll have a reason for wearing that stupid eye patch, if we let you live through this whole thing."

"Cut it out Tanner, these guys aren't going anywhere. We're here to keep them from causing any more trouble and if the boss wants them dead, the so be it. However, I don't need you beating on them in the meantime." Hank one of the ringleaders, glared at the other man, daring him to challenge his authority.

Tanner let go of Murdock, but waved the knife in front of him. "I really hope the boss wants to get rid of you guys, can't wait to take care of you myself."

"I said knock it off!" Hank made a show of cocking the automatic rifle.

The other members of the team, stiffened slightly, when the knife had been brought out. Even though everyone was tied up, if something happened to the pilot, each man was prepared to defend their friend, and take a chance even with the other well armed goon.

Murdock stared back the angry man before him, then got a glint in his eyes, and picked up his hat that Tanner had knocked off. It took him a second to put it back on his head, his hands ties in front of him like the rest of the team. "Get rid o' us?" He asked incredulously.

He shoved his way past Tanner and began running wildly about the small ship. "Where's your plank? We can't visit Davey Jone's locker you seadogs, without a proper plank."

Murdock cocked his head a bit and stalked over to Hank with purpose. He kept his gun steady as he amusingly watched as Murdock whispered to his the stuff parrot on his shoulder. The pilot animatedly nodded his head as if agreeing to whatever conversation he was having with the stuffed bird. The Captain had assembled an odd wardrobe, with a white ruffled shirt under his leather jacket and a black hat with plumed feather. Somewhere along the way, he even managed to have a patch over his left eye.

"You're right Ollie. I don't think you guys are real pirates! You don't have any good rum, no plank, none o' of your crew even has a peg leg!" Murdock sneered in disgust.

"I can't believe you're letting this guy rattle on like this!" Tanner hollered at the other man.

"You need to chill out, Tanner, I haven't been this entertained in a while. Plus, he's more interesting to listen to then your mouth any day!" Hank responded. The older man pulled out a cigarette from his pocket, and lit it, carefully keeping his rifle in one hand.

He blew smoke at the pilot's direction. "Ridiculous hat, though. Where on earth did you get that?"

"This hat was taken off the dead body o' one of the world's greatest pirates!" The Captain replied in all seriousness. "Got it from Caption One Eyed Jack, in a fierce fight over buried treaaye," Murdock explained with glee.

Face stole a glance with Hannibal mouthing "One Eyed Jack," and shook his head in amazement over their friend's latest ramblings. The Colonel patiently keep his eye on the over their captors, leery of the aggressive Tanner. He slowly crept his finger into his shirt pocket, while trying to keep his movement from being detected from either of the goons keeping watch over them.

Murdock was going on about buried treasure, holding both men's attention, all that was needed was another spare second.

Tanner glanced over at the rest of the Team as they sat quietly on their knees next the wall that made up the interior cabinet of the boat. He saw Hannibal reach into his shirt pocket for something, and he stormed over slapping the Colonel's hand away.

Hank gazed over at the commotion, and readied his weapon for any necessary action.

Hannibal held his tied hands in front of him in a placating manner. "Just getting one of my cigars. Don't have light do you?:"

"I hate smoke. I barely tolerate Hank's damn cigarettes, I'm not going to stand around a stinking stogey." Tanner sneered.

Murdock eyed the exchange between his commander and the over-sized muscle head with interest. He shifted his attention back to Hank. "Your mate be ayely rude. No respect for his prisoners or his commander," Murdock indicating the older man in front of him.

"I'd teach him some discipline. In fact..." Murdock bounced over to the bucket and mop leaning on the far end of the barrels. "I'd make him swab this dirty deck, teach him some manners."

Hank matched the glare that was being shot his way from Tanner. The short tempered man's face was flushed with anger. The older man smiled, "Maybe I should make him give this boat a good washing. Maybe cool off some of that foul attitude," Hank said with a smirk.

Tanner swore under his breath and in a faster motion then seemed possible for a man his size grabbed the mop and began swinging it around in the air as he lunged at Murdock with it. He aimed for the Captain's head with a wild, wide sweeping arc. The Captain ducked it easily as he circled the enraged man.

"Shiver me timbers, you be aiming for a fight with Captain Howlin Mad Murdock of the High Seas! "

Murdock seemed to dance around Tanner, side stepping the bigger man's attempt to clobber him with the mop.

Hank darted over towards the two men. "Cut it out, Tanner, I mean it you idiot!" He yelled, clearly pissed.

Murdock watched at Tanner held the mop with two hands, wildly charging him with it. The pilot side stepped him, "Nope, you're no pirate. What kind of sea dog fights with a mop and not his trusted cutlas?" The pilot mocked at his captor.

Using the distraction, Hannibal retrieved a device from his pocket. He placed his thumb on the switched and yelled, "Now, Murdock!"

The Captain hit the deck and the tower of barrels exploded and started coming tumbling down. The small explosion rocked the boat slightly, and knocked Tanner off balance.

BA used the opportunity to grab the big goon by his shirt collar and used the heavy man's momentum to shove him into the opposite side of the wall. Tanner grabbed at his head after it had been smashed, while BA balled up his fists and slammed them over the bad guy's skull.

In the meantime, Hannibal and Face quickly disarmed Hank, who was hit by some flying debris. The Colonel aimed the rifle at the other man somewhat precariously with his hands tied in front of him. Face used the time to undo the ropes keeping him immobile and took the gun from his C.O., so that Hannibal could loosen his bonds as well.

Murdock picked himself off the floor, after he had rolled for cover and flattening himself against the deck. He sauntered over to the rest of the team, who had gathered both goons together.

Hank didn't look too pleased. "Should have known that pirate talk was just an act."

Murdock looked offended by the thug's words, "An act? An act? Who are the one's pretending here?"

The Captain picked up the fallen mop, "I'm not stupid enough to think this was a sword. You really insult the rest of us." Murdock lectured at both bad guys who stared at him.

"Crazy lunatic," Tanner muttered in disgust.

BA grabbed the man by his shoulder's, "No one can talk like that to the Fool, but me. You hear!"

Hannibal lit up his cigar and turned to the rest of the Team. "Let's tie these guys up and go after their boss."

Murdock enthusiastically, looked at Hannibal, "Can I command the ship, sir? Can I set sail?"

The Colonel smiled, "Sure thing, Captain."

Murdock whooped, loudly, as he headed towards the controls of the ship.

"Hannibal, does Murdock even know how to sail a ship?" Face asked wearily.

"I don't know, but we're about to find out," He laughed at the expressions of the rest of his team.

Face walked over to the pilot. "Do you know where we're going?"

Murdock smiled, his eyes mischievous. He turned to Ollie, the parrot had managed to stay strapped to his jacket. "Can you believe that Ollie, to think the land lover wants to know where we're goin'?"

The pilot laugh out loud. "We're heading for the seas! Set sail, all hands on deck!"

Face shook his head and walked away, ignoring the man and his parrot.



All Hands On Deck by Kristen



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