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Title: Where Love Lead Us (mini-sequel to Love’s Gonna Lead Us)

Where Love Led Us (mini-sequel/epilogue to Love's Gonna Lead Us)

Author: Jenny


Rating: PG 13

Summary: Story 2 in Beach House series.

Warnings:  Light slash




Murdock slipped through double, sliding glass doors and into the chilly night air.  He stood on the small terrace that bordered the sandy beach and watched the ocean gently lap at the Earth in the near distance.  The damp ocean mist in the air carried the smell of salt water and wet sand.  It was near midnight and he was restless.  He should have been sleeping the sleep of an exhausted man, for that's what he was.  For two weeks now, he and Face had worked tirelessly to ready their new home for inhabitation.  Today they had finished with the last details and were really, finally home, to stay.


For days, furniture had been scrutinized, haggled over and eventually purchased and brought back to the small beach house that was to be their haven.  Face had smiled and charmed the salespersons; Murdock had smiled to himself and watched Face work.  What a pleasure that had been.  Nearly as pleasurable as watching Face's expression when just today, he'd bypassed the finely crafted and framed artwork at the gallery and headed for the nearby street vendor and the black velvet likeness of Elvis, declaring it just what the wall above their sofa needed.  Murdock grinned again, remembering how Face had stammered and made excuses, trying his best to steer the now bouncing pilot away from the flea market atmosphere and back to the cool, classy display of post modern art inside the gallery.


Eventually he'd given up his teasing of his love and followed Face back to the art gallery to make the appropriate comments and even agree on a tasteful sofa sized print to hang in the King's place.  They'd loaded the print carefully and happily went on their way to find the perfect drapes and lamps to coordinate.  Well, Face had been happy and Murdock had been made happy watching Face revel in his domestic bliss.  Hours later, they made their way home to unload and spread out their finds. 


Grinning widely up at the full moon, Murdock shook his head as he recalled the surprise he's found deep in the bottom of the trunk of the car.  His black velvet Elvis.  How did he do it?  How had Face managed to get the street merchandise purchased and into the car, all without Murdock knowing anything?  Fifteen years of knowing the man, the last five years of knowing that he loved him, knowing that he was the missing half of his soul, and you'd think that he'd know better than to question how Face managed everything he did.  Face just did…


Delighted with his find, Murdock had bounded into the house, swept Face up into his arms and whirled him around and around.  Finally releasing him long enough to wrap them both in the large black velvet canvas, Murdock had smacked his lips loudly on the mouth that he loved and gleefully asked, "Where we gonna put it, Facey?"  Face had merely lifted his brows at the suggestive comment and reached for Murdock and pulled his hips closer, whispering his answer, soft and hot against his ear.


Moving to gracefully lift himself onto the curve of the low, stone wall that surrounded the terrace, Murdock sighed and recalled the direction that conversation had taken; straight across the polished, hardwood living room floor, past the long, floor length bay window, through the short hallway and into their large master bedroom.  The King of Rock and Roll had fallen unheeded to the floor and the men had tumbled onto the king sized bed.  Heat replaced the humor and they soon found themselves lost in their passion.


 After their velvet-induced lovemaking, they had hung the canvas together over the new pinball machine in the rec. room.  The King leered down at them as they jostled for space in front of the brightly lit and loudly bleeping machine.  The rec. room had been Face's idea and Murdock's delight. A blending of their two personalities in their home, the room boasted pinball and billiards, a mini-bar and a real live soda fountain.   The room had been christened much as the others had, including the bath and shower, the kitchen and the living room: with their laughter, their love and their passion for each other and the life they were making together.     


Looking back toward the terrace doors to the beach house, Murdock shifted; his pajama bottoms suddenly more restricting and thought about returning to the bed and waking his partner to expound on the 'perfect placement' for the 'king.'  Even as he thought this, a huge jaw-splitting yawn overtook him and he blinked back the sudden weariness.  Laying his head against the cool natural wood of the beach house, he closed his eyes and nodded.  He'd go back inside soon, back to their bed and their love, but for now, he just wanted to enjoy the night and his joyously earned fatigue.  


A minute or an hour later, a warm hand on his thigh woke him and he looked down into the eyes of the man he'd left sleeping, alone.  "Hi, Facey.  I was just coming back inside."  Swinging one leg off the wall, he started to scoot down but was stopped by Face stepping into the 'V' of his legs and pressing close to his body. 


A sudden hiss emanated from the new arrival as his still sleep-warmed body registered the chill on Murdock's skin. 


"You're cold, love.  Come back in."  Face's voice was husky and low, still half asleep.  "I woke up and you were gone.  Though maybe you were lusting after the King again…" He teased with his words and his hands.  They were running up and down Murdock's inner thighs, an attempt, to warm the cold flesh, which was working only too well.


"You're the only King I need, Facey.  More like a prince though, my prince."  Murdock scooted off the wall and nudged his sleepy prince to the doors that led inside.  "Come on, let's go back in, where we belong."


Together they made their way out of the cold and into the cozy home they'd made for themselves, to the home they'd been lead to, by love.





Where Love Led Us by Jenny



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