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Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Author: Jenny


Rated: PG 15

Summary: Story 3 in Beach House series.

Notes: For the Holiday Challenge.





Taptaptap went the pencil on the edge of Face's desk. He was working on their bankbooks, really, he was. He had his and Murdock's personal accounts open and had the team's finances to get through yet. He'd been sitting, staring at the books for over thirty minutes now. Why? Why was he having such trouble with a task that normally brought great pleasure while requiring very little actual concentration? Because he was alone and had been for two days. Murdock was away and Face didn't like it, one bit.

Shoving the chair from the table, he stood and impatiently crossed to the living room to admire the effects their holiday decorating had on their beach house.

Face quickly lit the candles in the silver candelabra that stood on the mantle. The six taper candles flickered in the near darkness along with the cheerful multi-hued twinkle lights on their six-foot live Christmas tree. Carols played softly in the background and champagne chilled in the kitchen. He adjusted the last addition to the pile of presents and stood back to admire the effect. The house looked perfect it smelled perfect it felt perfect Or it would be perfect, if Murdock was here with him!

They had been apart for only two days, but that was two days longer than they'd been separated in the six months they'd been living together as free men. Why Murdock had insisted on flying to Texas alone Face just didn't understand. There had been a phone call, then a letter, and then he'd packed and left. He'd made love to him the night before like it might be the last time ever and had told him not to worry. Yeah right that was going to happen.

A phone call this morning assured Face that he was well and on his way home, with a surprise Face was thrilled his mate was homeward bound but wasn't too sure about the surprise. Nothing to do but wait and see what the pilot was bringing with him. In the meantime, he had dinner to check and champagne flutes to hunt up and polish. Their bank accounts weren't going anywhere and he wasn't in the right frame of mind for them anyway. He puttered about in the kitchen, listening to the tunes of classic and pop renditions of their favorite carols play. Just as he turned the oven to warm, he heard the click of the front door lock and heard Murdock's voice calling as he entered.

"Facey? You home?" A blast of cool, ocean scented air followed him into the beach house and he hurried to shut the door behind him. "Brr. Kind of chilly out there."



Face tossed the dishtowel aside and rushed to the foyer to greet his love. "MurdockWhat on Earth is going on? Where did you go?"

"Why hello Tem I missed you, too." Murdock grinned at the impatient man before him. Face hated to be left in the dark about anything and Murdock knew his curiosity had to be killing him. Calling him Tem now only aggravated him further and he chuckled as Face's eyes narrowed.

"Fine don't tell me" Face turned to walk away, knowing that Murdock would never let him walk away mad, not about something like this. He felt Murdock grab his arm and spin him back into his chest. The leather of the familiar flight jacket was cold and damp and Face hissed at the contrast to his oven heated skin. His blue eyes sparked with satisfaction as he saw Murdock lower his head to press their lips together.

Cold, weather-chilled lips rubbed against warmed, coffee flavored ones as the men welcomed each back into the other's arms. Murdock released his hold on Face's arm only to wrap both of his around the shorter man's back and pull him closer. His hands splayed over Face's soft cotton shirt and his deft fingers rubbed circles on the muscles beneath. Groaning as desire came over him, Murdock leaned closer and pressed his hips against the familiar length of Face's body. His mouth shifted and began to work its way down the blonde's throat and nipped gently at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. Murdock let his hands trail down the lean back and cup the perfect form of his ass through his jeans. He groaned again and latched onto Face's neck more completely as Face began to respond to his actions.

Face allowed his own hands to roam as Murdock's as the embrace went on and on. His mouth moved to lay light kissed on the collarbone exposed by the partially open jacket and his arms moved to circle Murdock's waist. His hands began to inch their way under the band of the jacket and he soon touched warm soft flesh with his fingertips. He breathed in deeply and focused on every sensation that coursed through his body. He felt their bodies pressed together, hardness against hardness and muscle on muscle. He shivered as he felt Murdock's breath exhaled over his throat and his teeth and tongue working the flesh beneath. He ran his hands completely under the jacket and the shirt beneath and became aware of the knotting of the sinew beneath his hands. Returning to the front, thinking to divest Murdock of the jacket and allow himself further access to the pleasures beneath, he reached for the zipper and pulled it down one slow inch and stopped flabbergasted by what he saw.


"Hmmm..?" He raised his head slightly only to reapply his lips to another more sensitive area near Face's ear.

"Murdock why is your jacket wiggling and whimpering?"

"What?" He pulled away completely and focused, for real, on Face. His dazed, hazy expression cleared and he smiled. "Oh, well, that's your surprise that's Daisy." He reached into the folds of his jacket and pulled out a small warm bundle of quivering fur and flesh. "I got us a Christmas puppy!"



A tiny black and tan beagle wiggled impatiently in the large gentle hand that held it. Her nose wrinkled and sniffed and her tail thumped against the knit cuff of Murdock's jacket. The puppy could only be eight weeks old at most and it suddenly began to shiver in the cooler room air. "Awe, little girl's all cold now, Facey. Here, hold her. I'll get her basket and blanket from the car." Murdock thrust the ball of fur at Face and spun out the door.

Face cupped the puppy against his chest and looked down at the animal. He tried to remain stern. Dog hair on the new furniture would be murder to get off. A puppy had to be house broken and that wasn't going to be an easy task. They may be pardoned and free, but Hannibal still kept them busy with training and the occasional case. How on Earth were they supposed to take care of a puppy!?

The puppy, at that very moment, stretched to its full length and nudged his chin with this warm nose. A rough puppy tongue licked his thumb and Face looked down in near disgust. He looked right down into tiny, brown puppy eyes and his heart melted. "Oh boy, you got your master's eyes, huh?"

The puppy seemed to whimper in agreement and nestling its head against Face's soft sweater, she fell asleep. Rubbing one finger over the short, shining fur Face murmured, "Well, welcome home, little one."




Two hours later, with champagne nearby and Daisy snug in her new basket bed, Face and Murdock settled down on the rug in front of the fireplace for the evening. They leaned against the sofa, close together; shoulders touching, Face's hand on Murdock's thigh. The Christmas lights flashed and carols continued to play softly. The tunes had changed to more bluesy tones with lots of sax and brass when Murdock came home. He loved music and his tastes were as eclectic as he.

"I missed you, Facey." Murdock played with Face's fingers in his lap and then entwined their hands together.

"I missed you, too So when you gonna tell me what this was all about, Murdock?" He sipped his champagne and set the flute down next to them on the hardwood floor. "I mean, you get a phone call, you fly off to Texas, alone and you come back with a puppy" He tugged Murdock closer with their clasped hands, settled against his side and let their feet rest together, outstretched to the fire before them.

"Ummm, yeah. Just wasn't sure what I was going home to didn't wanna drag you away in the middle of Christmas, and all." He seemed uncomfortable and stared off into the fireplace absently.

"Uh hum you mean you didn't want the team going with you when Hannibal finds out you've been gone, alone, we're both in for it! Besides, you know Christmas for me would have been wherever you were. That's all that matters." Face ran one hand over Murdock's chest and down his stomach. His hand came to rest in Murdock's lap again and he reclaimed possession of it.



"I know. I just I haven't been home since Maw and Paw died and I barely even remember Aunt Claire. She's the one who called." From the big basket near the hearth, Daisy let out a whimpering sigh and shifted slightly. The two men froze. It had taken a full hour to get her in the basket and sleeping, alone. Seeing that she wasn't going to wake now, they smiled at her and then returned to their discussion.

"What did she want, your Aunt?" Face sounded curious. Except for childhood memories of his grandparents, Maw and Paw, Murdock didn't talk about his home or family.

"The old home place had been condemned. The county is going to tear it down. She wanted me to know, in case there was anything stored there that I wanted."

"And?" Face prompted.

"I went, I looked nothing there but boxes and moldy furniture. I tagged what I wanted and it's being shipped this week. I got all my childhood memories right here." He tapped his forehead and smiled.

Face nodded and asked, "How did she know how to find you, anyway?"

"Called the VA. I've been talking to Doc. Richter every once in a while." Murdock offered this easily and nonchalantly, but Face was not convinced.

"Richter? Murdock, you okay? I mean, we promised that if either of us had trouble with this," he waved to their surroundings and to themselves, "or with us, we'd say something. I don't want you getting stuck in your head by yourself." He leaned close and earnestly said, "Please, tell me if you're having problems or doubts."

"No, no, no, Face. No problems or doubts. I just like to keep in touch. I mean, he helped me a lot and I feel like I owe him. I love you, Faceman. That is the clearest thing I've ever known. Without a doubt, I belong here, with you, right now." Murdock shifted so that they were face to face and brushed their lips together. A small sigh of pleasure and need eased from him and he pressed against Face more fully.

Easing their bodies to a lying position, Murdock eased his long legs over Face's and pressed his hips against the other's man's thigh. His hands stroked boldly down Face's chest, stopping to linger over his abdomen and then gently he continued down to rub his hand, lightly, over the zipper of Face's jeans. The denim tightened under his touch and he smiled, his eyes aglow, as he became aware of the hardening desire under his hand.

Recognizing that Murdock was in a slow, playful mood, Face decided to take the initiative himself and reaching down, he grasped Murdock's hand and pressed it more firmly to his groin. His free hand hooked around Murdock's neck and Face pulled his head down, joining their mouths, hot and open. Their tongues met, stroke for stroke and groaning deeply in his throat, Murdock lost the game and began to make love to him in earnest.




Shifting slightly to accommodate the smaller frame beneath him, he brought a hand up to delve into the blonde, disheveled hair. His eyes opened and he stared down into the face of the man with him. Blue eyes opened and stared back. Sparks flew between them and soon, each was sitting up and divesting themselves of their clothes. Falling back against the rug, they reached out and touched everywhere. Hands groped chests and backs. Bare legs entwined and tangled together. Flipping the pilot over, Face straddled his hips and looked down at him, victoriously. "I really don't like being left alone, Murdock."

"I know and I'm sorry. I surrender?" Murdock looked up in curiosity and smiled when he realized he'd found the right words.

Face smirked and nodded, "Wise choice, Captain." He leaned over and began to kiss and suckle at Murdock's neck and shoulder. "If you offer resistance, I might have to get rough." And he bite softly at the under side of Murdock's chin.

"Oh, my just don't hurt me, soldier." Murdock strained his neck and allowed Face more room and access to his sensitive neck.

"Never." Face took possession of his lips and delved into his warm recesses. Stroking and caressing, inside and out, he moved against his lover and felt their erections brush together. Moving more firmly, he thrust against Murdock's hardness and felt an answering thrust from his lover. He felt Murdock shift and pull him closer and then he felt hands low on his back, tracking down toward his ass. Long, warm fingers brushed over and into the crevice and lightly touched his center. Moving impatiently against them, Face gasped and murmured, "Murdock bedroom now."

"Oh yeah." The two men stood and began to stumble to their feet, kissing and clutching. As they moved to the edge of the room, an unmistakable sound reached them and penetrated the fog of desire.

Daisy sat at the edge of her basket, whining and looking mournfully at the two men who were leaving her behind, alone.

Their eyes went from her to each other and back to the tiny puppy. Finally, sighing resignedly, Face walked to the basket, picked the puppy up against his bare chest and padded, barefoot, back to Murdock. "Guess she goes with us?"

"Looks like do you suppose this is considered corruption of a minor, Facey?"

"Murdock, she's a dog."

"She's a puppy a very young puppy." Murdock reached out and stroked one finger down her nose and quirked an eyebrow at Face.

"We'll turn the lights out; how's that?"

"Okay." The family moved down the hall and into the bedroom. Just as the door closed, Murdock's voice floated out, "Dogs have very good vision, Face. I'm not sure that's going to work."


Puppy Love by Jenny



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