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Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works 

Author:  Jenny


Rated:  NC 17

Summary:  Story 4 in Beach House series. (A PWP.)

Disclaimer:  The usual.




Murdock entered the back door of the beach house, arms full of shopping bags.  He dropped his load on the kitchen table and called out, "Face?"  No answer.  The 'Vette was parked outside and he knew Face had planned to spend the day at home quietly, with his bruised ribs and Daisy for company.  He put the perishables into the refrigerator and shoved the rest out of the reach of the inquisitive three-month-old puppy.  She liked to chew these days and didn't care on what.  Next he went in search of his love.


Into the hardwood floored hall, he walked and called once more, "Face… Facey?  You okay?  Muchacho?"


He neared the bedroom and pushed open the door.  The bed was made, but rumpled as if one had laid on top of the comforter for a rest.  Face's jeans and T-shirt from this morning were laid neatly on the back of the chair and the bathroom door was ajar just a bit.  He inched further into the room and found Daisy, guarding the door… from her bed that is.  She was asleep, lulled by the comforting noises one of her men was making in the near by room.  She whined once, settled more comfortably into the chintz cushion and soon was deep in puppy dreams again.  Squatting, Murdock rubbed her ears and smoothed his hand over her shiny brown back and then peeked around the bathroom door.  


From inside the master bath the sounds of running water and steam emitted through the crack between door and frame.  With the sound and humidity came scent and Murdock breathed deeply and smiled.  Face had showered and now he was shaving.  How did he know?  His nose told him, of course.  The heavy, moist air carried the smell of expensive, salon shampoo.  It smelled slightly tropical and the pilot felt his gut tighten in anticipation of burying his nose in the gold-brown tresses the smell lingered on.


With the smell of shampoo came the light, clean scent of the green streaked body soap they each preferred.  It was the one hygiene product they did agree on… Murdock smiled and inhaled deeply again.  The soap always smelled differently on Face than it did on him.  More erotic, more sensual somehow, he loved to trace his mouth and nose along the arms and legs of his lover, smelling where the abundance of lather had been.  Irrationally, he felt a hint of jealously spark… jealousy of the lather that had been on such precious flesh, close enough to soak in and become one with the very cells that made up the soft, exquisite skin of his mate.


Groaning at his own imagination, Murdock shifted and rose to his feet.  He pushed the door open an inch more.  Steam billowed out and through the man made fog, he heard the distinctive tap-tap of Face's razor on the sink edge as he rid it of excess lather and stubble, before rinsing it under the hot water faucet.  A new scent assaulted the pilot's nose now, the smell of shaving cream.  He squinted through the fog and saw Face slowly pulling the blade through the thin layer of white that covered his handsome visage.  One single stroke, then tap-tap on the sink; rinse and start all over again.  The smooth, tanned skin was revealed one inch at a time and Murdock knew the ache to cover the flesh with his lips was only going to grow with each stroke of the practical Gillette.  Slow, methodical and sexier than such a simple task should ever be, still he managed to withstand it silently until Face completed his ritual.  At last, the torment was over!


Face put away his supplies, rinsed the sink and dried the counter area neatly, then hanging the small towel over the bar to dry.  Turning, he tightened the towel about his waist and headed for the door.  Raising his eyes, he saw Murdock for the first time…


"I thought I heard you come in.  Why didn't you say something?"  The blue eyes were warm with welcome and sparkled with just a hint of curiosity.


"Couldn't.  Was too caught up in the experience."  He grinned and met Face at the bathroom door.  Their hands met and entwined.  They'd only been apart for a few hours, but the last mission had been a bad one and they still felt the need for touch, for reassurance and comfort, often.   


"Experience?"  Face came close and leaned in for a kiss.  His lips met Murdock's and caressed, smooth and warm.  


Murdock reached for his waist and pulled him close.  He indulged one fantasy and buried his nose in the still damp hair at Face's neck, inhaled and sighed, then licked and tenderly bit the flesh hidden beneath.  "Yeah.  It's a new therapy I heard about a while back."  He moved back to Face's mouth and lightly tongued the seam of his lips.  Those lips parted without another prompt and their tongues danced expertly together. 


After a few breathless moments, they parted and panted.  Murdock breathed in the myriad of scents that was the man in his arms and breathed again, deeper this time.  He slid his hands down and loosed the towel from Face's hips.  It fell away to puddle on the soft carpet.  He feathered his right hand over the smooth back and around the bruised and sore left ribcage of his love.  "How're those ribs feeling this afternoon?"  He used his left hand to knead the taunt muscles of one strong leg as he spoke.


Face gasped at the double sensation of gentleness and passion.  "Ribs?"  He pressed against the hands, unsure which way to go.  "What ribs?"  He brought his hands up and captured Murdock's face.  He kissed him deeply, nibbling and suckling on the taller man's mouth.  His bare skin rubbed against the worn leather of the familiar flight jacket.  Quickly, he released the hold on Murdock's face and began to pull at the zipper and removed the jacket from the lanky frame he cherished.  The soft flannel shirt went next along with the T-shirt beneath.  Frantic now with need for more contact with the bare flesh he was finding, Face urged Murdock toward the bed. 


Stumbling once in the towel tangled at their feet, Murdock breathed against the neck of the man he still tried to hold, "Easy Face… I'm going…" Fearing the blond would worsen his injury; he stepped away and divested himself of the rest of his clothing.  He settled onto the edge of the bed and patted the space next to him.  "Come here, babe."


Face stepped closer, but didn't sit.  Instead he stood between the long legs and threaded his fingers through the baby fine brown hair.  Calming now with the lack of intimate contact, he asked wryly, "What was that new therapy again, Murdock?"


"Aroma therapy.  You know, certain smells make you feel and act certain ways."  Murdock leaned forward and laved one small, brown nipple with his open mouth.


"Ahhh….. and what exactly are we going for here?"  He held his breath as Murdock treated his other nipple to the same conditioning.


After seeing both nubs firm and erect, Murdock answered.  "Ummm… love and passion."  He pulled Face deeper into the 'V' of his legs and cupped his hands around Face's ass.


Face moaned at the contact and whimpered, "How we doing?"

"Good, Facey… real good." 


And he fell back as Face pushed then climbed over him, straddling the long legs and easing their hips parallel.  They scrambled to the middle of the bed and resumed touch and torment.  Each man was hard and hot, erect with love and desire.  Their tips brushed together and they strained for more contact.  Face moved slowly, up and down the length of the one beneath him.  His mouth was everywhere… chest, neck, belly and lower.  His tongue traced the moist head of Murdock's shaft and tasted the slight salt that gathered.  He took the burgeoning flesh in his mouth and sucked firmly until Murdock ground his hips down into the mattress, unable to wait, yet unwilling to go so soon.  He felt Murdock's hands on his head, urging him up.  He came eagerly and soon kissed the mouth that whispered his name.


"Face… love me."  


Hands groped and teased his hardness and Face moaned with want and need.  "Yes… love you… I love you."


Murdock reached into the bedside table and withdrew a tube of lubricant.  Squeezing the tube expertly, he expressed just the right amount of cool jelly and warmed it with his fingers.  Locking eyes with Face, he coated Face's penis while Face watched and panted.  Soon, Face joined his progress, coating his own fingers with the silky colloid.  He moved enough to allow Murdock to bring his legs up and apart then began to massage the gel into his lover's body.  Stroking with first one finger, then another, he manipulated the relaxing sphincter until Murdock squirmed and arched up against his probing hand. 


"Now … please."  He gripped Face firmly and circled the hard shaft once then twice then guided it to his own body.  He looked Face deep in the eye, love and devotion clear to see and murmured, "I love you, Tem."


"Love you… love you."  And he pushed into the waiting body of his love.  The heat engulfed him, sheathing him in tight abandon.  He stilled, waiting for their moment and their time to catch up with them.  It happened like this every time, the joining of their bodies as completely as their minds just seemed too much to bear at first.  The world would spin crazily, then slow and settle and only then could they enjoy the trip together.


Simultaneously, they began to move, Face pushing gently in as Murdock urged him closer.  With his hands braced over Murdock's head to prevent pressure on his injured ribs, Face was limited in his movements.  Not so with his lover.  Murdock's hands streaked everywhere; over his face, his neck and his chest.  Followed by his mouth, they blazed a trail on Face's upper body and finally settled over his hips, pulling Face into his body as deep as possible.  They rocked together, finding their rhythm and pace.  Soon, too soon, they neared the end and Face gingerly lowered himself onto one arm to stroke Murdock's erection with the other hand even as he stroked him internally. 


A deep plunge in and Murdock's hips arched up and they climaxed together.  Mouths met and they kissed deeply, lovingly as the waves washed over and through them for those few precious moments. 


Face collapsed, groaning as his ribs protested.  Immediately Murdock ran one hand over the bruised skin, assessing and checking for further damage.  They'd over done it, again…


Face brushed his hand aside and pulled him into a tight embrace.  "I'm okay…  I love you."


Satisfied with his cursory exam, Murdock settled against him, smelling the new scent of sweat and sex mixed with the earlier smells of soap and shampoo.  Another familiar aura surrounded them and he smiled sleepily.  "I love you, too."


From the floor in her basket, Daisy woke, whimpered and padded to the bed and her men.  Yipping shrilly, she demanded attention.  Scooping her up, Murdock set her at their feet and inhaled, satisfied.  Aromatherapy worked for him!





Bath And Body Works by Jenny



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