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Birthday Surprises

Birthday Surprises

Author:  Jenny


Rating: PG 13

Summary: Story 5 in Beach House series.

Disclaimer: The usual.

Pairing: Face and Murdock.

Happy Birthday Fingers!




Face braked quickly, smoothly turned the wheel and  pulled his Vette into the drive of home.  Home.  What a wonderful word.  He mused as he sat in the seat and looked at the sun glint off the glass of the large front windows.  This small beach house on a secluded strip of land off the coast of LA was home.  Could he have been happy somewhere else?  Yeah....... if Murdock were somewhere else with him.  Home is where the heart is all right.  And his heart was with Murdock and Murdock made this home.  But for now, he had a plan to put in action and not much time to do it in.


He stepped out, pulled the bakery box, the bag and the large manilla envelope from the back seat and headed inside.  At the front door, a loud whimper was the first thing he heard as he maneuvered the key into the lock.   "Easy, Daisy.  I'm going as fast as I can."  He pushed open the door and stood back as the now half grown puppy dashed out the door and onto the front lawn.  Leaving the front door cracked for the dog, he moved inside the small foyer and dropped his keys onto the waiting table.  He looked back and smiled as Daisy investigated all the likely spots and then he walked to the kitchen, knowing the dog would follow when she had finished her business.


Face looked at the envelope and hoped he had done the right thing.  He knew Murdock better than anyone, just as Murdock knew him.  He knew what the man wanted and needed and he thought that he had both of those bases covered with one move.  Now he just needed a little ambience......


Pulling items from the bag, he began to set the scene for their evening's entertainment.




Murdock stared at Hannibal and narrowed his eyes.  "Okay, Colonel, this has gone on long enough.  What's the game?"


"Game?"  Hannibal puffed contentedly on his cigar and looked innocent.  Well, as innocent as he could.


"Yes, Colonel game.  You don't like Belly Busters Burgers this much.  Why the elaborate lunch and afternoon of fun?"  He batted his eyes and looked flirtatious.  "You know my heart is taken."

Hannibal snorted and shook his head.  "Thank God for that.  I'm not sure the world is capable of handling you without a chaperon."  He stubbed out the cigar on the park bench and put the butt back in his jacket pocket.  "It's your birthday, Captain.  I just wanted you to have a fun day."


"Uh huh.  No dice, Hannibal.  I can smell a rat just as well as the cat can.  What's going on?  What's Facey done?"  Murdock finished his last fry and wadded all the trash up and slam dunked it into the near by metal trash can.


"Is it three already?"  Hannibal mimed an astonished look at this watch.  "Maggie is expecting me at five.  Better get you back."  He stood up and walked to the waiting sedan.  "Coming, Captain?"


"Yeah, but I ain't convinced, Colonel.  Not at all."  He shoved his hands in his pocket and shuffled after his leader.


Forty-five minutes later, he was dropped off at home.  "Captain, have a great rest of your birthday!" 


Still suspicious, Murdock merely grunted and watched the older man pull away.  Turning toward the house, he noted that Face was home and as there was no jumping dog at this feet, Daisy was inside with him.  Grinning suddenly, he waggled his eyebrows.  Face was home; he was home and it was his birthday.   Whistling, he waltzed up the walk and skipped up the steps to home.




Inside, Face watched his other half come ever closer.  Scooping up the wiggling puppy, he took a deep breath and whispered in her warm furry ear.  "Here goes nothing."  He moved to the foyer and waited on the door.


Murdock opened the unlocked door and paused.  "Unlocked?"  He asked of no one in particular.  This meant Face knew he was home and was waiting on him.  His eyebrows moved up and down again in anticipation.


He swung the door open and came face to Face, so to speak. "Well, hi there, handsome."  It was drawled in his best southern boy accent.  "Fancy meeting you here."


"I live here, Murdock." 


Face looked nervous to Murdock and he wondered why.


"Imagine that.  So do I."  Murdock shrugged out of his jacket and reached for the pup.  Briskly rubbing her ears, he stepped closer and drew near enough to his partner to inhale his scent.  "We live here together.  Me and you.  Have I told you lately how much I love that? How much I love you?"

"Not lately.   I mean, not since this morning."  Face smiled beatifically. 


"Well, I do.  I love you and I love us and I love our home."  Murdock eased the dog out of Face's arms and put her on the floor with a pat on the rump.  Moving smoothly, he eased his hand around Face's neck and pulled him close.  His lips rubbed over Face's softly, waiting for invitation to take more.


It didn't take long for Face to extend that invitation.  His mouth opened and he touched Murdock's bottom lip with his tongue.  Moaning at the hot moist contact, Murdock shifted his hold to thread his fingers through the silky blond hair.  He invaded and then explored his territory.  Sucking gently on Face's tongue he felt his heart leap when Face gripped his butt and pulled their bodies closer.  He felt Face's leg insert itself between his and rub up and down the length of his inner thigh.  Heat and hard smooth muscles bunched against him as he dove deeper into the kiss.  Their bodies ground together, moving to a familiar, comforting  rhythm.  Pulling away to gasp for air, he grinned and brushed another quick kiss over Face's lips.  "Happy Birthday to me."    


"Eh... yeah..."  Face pushed away and ran a finger around the collar of his shirt.  "But not right now, huh, Murdock?  I mean, we'll get to that later, I'm sure."  Face edged away, carefully keeping at an arms length.  Murdock, in this mood, was dangerous to his frame of mind.


Pouting, Murdock made a grab for the con-man, but was cleverly evaded.  The pilot sighed mightily. "Okay, Facey?  What gives?  First Hannibal and now you.  You're both acting just plain peculiar."  He crossed his arms and tapped his foot impatiently, waiting for an answer.


"Ummm.... what gives?  Nothing.  I mean, it's not like it's your birthday or something, right?"  Face grinned, suddenly enjoying his lover's irritation.


"Face!  It is my birthday!  I know you have something planned and I wanna know what it is, right now!"  


"Okay, okay.  Just hold on, okay?  I need just one more minute."  Face dodged again as Murdock made another valiant grab for him.  "Murdock!"


"You told me to hold on."  Innocent as an angel,  he held out his hands.


Face only shook his head and backed warily away.  "Stay right here!"


"Yeah, yeah, yeah."  Murdock muttered and waited exactly thirty seconds before following Face into the game room.  "Wow.... Facey, this is great."

He entered the sunlight room and stared around him in wonder.  Dozens of cardboard model airplanes hung from the ceiling on varying lengths of string.  Dangling before him were all of his favorite models: the old bi-wing, the sleek Lear jet and even a big old bulky Huey chopper, and many others.  Multi colored balloons filled the corners, weighted with metal counterparts to the models that hung above them.   The window was open and the salty ocean breeze wafted through, sending the planes swirling in circles.  On top of the pin ball machine, a plane shaped cake was lit with all the right number of candles and a brightly wrapped, thin package sat beside it. 


"I knew you wouldn't wait, Murdock."  Face smirked at the awestruck look on the other man's face and watched as he moved from spot to spot, touching the planes, sending them soaring even higher with a push of one long finger.


"Face, I love this.  I love you."  Murdock finally reached the corner where Face waited for him and lowered his head for a  kiss.  Tender and sweet, he touched his lips to the other's, then rested their foreheads together.


"I love you.  But it's not all.  You have a present, you know."  Face was looking nervous again and Murdock's curiosity was piqued.


"So, I do."  He pulled Face by the hand over to the pinball machine and picked up the package.  The paper was covered in read and blue planes and tied with matching ribbon.  "I'm sensing a definite pattern here, Faceguy."


"I hope you like this one."  Face swallowed hard and pulled his hand away.  "Go ahead.  I can't stand the suspense anymore."


Murdock glanced at his face seriously and them ripped the package open to reveal a plain manilla envelope.  His look became even more quizzical.  Picking at the metal brad, he opened the flap and poured the papers into his hand.  Reading quickly, he riffled through the stack.  "Face, how...?"


The papers were an application for a pilot's license, already filled out with his information and already approved by the appropriate people.  Murdock riffled through them again, staring in wonder, trying to comprehend what was being handed to him.


"Remember how thankful the Attorney General was that night at the Villa Cuchina?"  Face asked gently.


"Yeah, I do, but there's no way you can."   Murdock shuddered briefly even now as he saw it again, Face lying on the cold floor of that kitchen, pale and sweating.


"Well, no.  But I do recall him coming to see me in the hospital later.  I still don't know how he got by the Abels."  Face pulled the papers away and waved them.  "He offered me a favor, redeemable at any time.  I just decided to call it in."  He handed the sheaf back to his mate and added.  "This is just the formalities.  You still have to pass the practical exam."

"Face, I don't know what to say.  I never thought that I could be happier than I was when you said you loved me for the first time.  But you just keep doing things, everyday to make me love you even more."  Murdock moved in, trapping Face between himself and the wall.  He carefully laid the papers away and used his now free hands to cup the gorgeous face in front of him.  Swiftly, so that it took both of their breaths away, he took that soft wide mouth with his own and plundered. 


His tongue demanded entrance and was admitted.  He tasted the sweetness of his lover, he inhaled his scent and that only fueled the need to demonstrate his love.  Shoving him lightly, Murdock moved one hand down to pull Face's thigh up and moved into the "v" of his legs.  He tilted his hips until their bodies were angled together perfectly.  Grinding lightly, he felt Face's growing erection jump and heard Face's moan of pleasure.  Distracted by that delicious sound, he suddenly found himself against the wall, Face leaning against his chest to hold him in place.


"Murdock."  Face gasped, slightly out of breath.  "You have to read all of the papers."


"Why?  Just want to show you...."  Murdock leaned down and kissed him softly again, knowing that this was the way to Face's heart.


"Murdock!  Read the last sheet."  Face shoved away with some force, moved onto the stool in front of the pinball machine and thrust the papers in his face.


Murdock growled and snatched the sheet, skimming it impatiently.  Suddenly, he stopped, started back at the top and read it word for word.  "Face, this is... just too much."  He raised shocked eyes and looked helplessly at his partner.


"No, Murdock.  This is just right.  I want you to have this.  We'll do it together."  Face moved closer and stepped into the lee of Murdock's legs.  "You do the work and I'll do the finances."


"A flight school.  Face, you bought me a flight school."  The deed to the property was trembling in his hand. 


"I bought us a small flight school and it still belongs mostly to the bank.  We'll be making payments for quite some time."  Face caressed Murdock's  heaving chest and murmured, "Breath, baby.  It's gonna be great."


Murdock looked up, his love and gratitude shining in his eyes.  "It already is, Face.  It already is."



THE END.        


Birthday Surprises by Jenny



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