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Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes

Author: Jenny


Rating: PG 13

Summary: Story 6 in Beach House series. It's Christmas number two in the beach house for Face and Murdock.  For their first Christmas Murdock brought home a puppy, named Daisy.  What's this year going to bring?

For Strangebird -- Happy Birthday!

Disclaimer: The usual.

Note: ******* indicate flashback*******




Murdock whistled under his breath as he marched determinedly through the crowded mall.  The crowds pressed against him on all sides.  Women with small children and shopping bags in tow and men with briefcases and harried looks on their faces, probably on their lunch hour, rushed past without looking up.  He smiled and shook his head.  He wondered where the true spirit of the season had gone.  As a child, he had loved the time of the year, with it's lights and sounds and smells.  He used to adore walking through the stores, gawking at the toys and decorations, wondering what Santa would bring him that year. 


This thought brought him to memories of last night with Face.  After dinner, they had spent their time wrapping presents for the team and talking over Christmas's past.  They laughed over their time as a team during and after Viet Nam.  Talk then moved to their childhoods and Face grew quiet as usual.  After talking a bit about his favorite gifts, Murdock began to gently prod Face for his memories. 


Ever since they had discovered and shared their feelings for each other, deciding to share their lives, Face openly discussed all parts of his life with the pilot.   Murdock knew, that although the staff at the orphanage had been good to the kids, Sacred Heart had never been able to give each child special gifts, just for them.  Face childhood Christmas's had consisted of fruit bags and small amounts of hard candy.  Maybe a used ball and glove or a repaired, refurbished toy car or truck. 


After the presents had been wrapped and Daisy had been walked, the two men climbed into bed together.  Wrapped in Murdock's arms, Face sleepily began to talk about a particular Christmas.  He had been staying in the home of a couple who were considering adoption.  He had caught their attention with his blue eyes and blond hair.  The man of the house shared these characteristics and after a few visitations at the home, they had asked to take young Templeton for the holidays. 



"Miss Grace, what are those children doing in that line?"  Templeton stood holding the woman's hand and staring at the rowdy group of children.  They were at the local department store, Christmas music played over head, Christmas trees were displayed in every corner and lights were strung across the counters. 


"They are here to see Santa, Tem.  Would you like to see Santa?"  Grace Miller had soft brown hair and big brown eyes.  Her voice was light and musical and her eyes sparked as she asked.


"I've never seen Santa before.  Will he know who I am?"  At only 6 years old, Templeton was a small child, with eyes too big for his face.  Those eyes were even larger now as he thought of what he'd most like to ask Santa.


"Of course he will, Tem.  You just tell him your name and he'll know just exactly everything he needs to know about you.  Would you like to see him?"  She kneeled next to him, straightening the collar of his new blue button down shirt and tucking the hem into the waist of the khaki slacks.


"Yes, please." 


"Well, then lets get in line."  She tugged his hand and lead him over to the end of the line.  After an hour of waiting, Tem had finally climbed on the jolly man's knee and told him what he wanted most for Christmas. 




After this story of his first and only time seeing Santa, Face had drifted to sleep, his head cushioned on his lover's chest.  For quite some time, Murdock had lain awake, stroking the silky blonde hair and wondering over the simplicity of his childhood request.  Face hadn't said, but he could almost bet that the wish had not been fulfilled.  Only days after this trip to the department store Santa, Mr and Mrs Miller had decided against adoption and departed for an extended trip through the wilds of Africa.


When Face had sighed in his sleep and fluttered his eyes, his lashes tickling across the sensitive flesh of Murdock's nipple, Murdock's heart had flipped over with love for the man in his arms and he had sworn to fulfill this wish no matter what.  Now, here he was, fighting the Christmas mob and looking, almost futilely it seemed, for Face's childhood Christmas dream. 


Suddenly, there it was, before him, in the display window of store bearing the name, 'Memories of Yesteryear'.  Feeling triumphant, Murdock rushed forward, his credit card already clutched in his hand.



Face walked from the back of the house, fresh from the shower and in a cheerful mood.  It was Christmas Eve, their family was on it's way over and Murdock was waiting for him by the tree.  What more could a man want?  He slipped quietly behind the other man, wrapped his arms quickly around his chest and squeezed hard.  "Merry Christmas, love."


Murdock gasped playfully and wiggled around to face him.  "Hey yourself, gorgeous.  Merry Christmas to you, too."


He lowered his mouth to Face's and took his lips in a slow, deep kiss.  Mouths opened and tongues danced together as they clasped each other tight.  Face brought his hands down and cupped Murdock's rear, pulling him ever closer.  Murdock groaned and ground his hips forward, coming into ultimate contact with Face. 


Finally, breathing hard, Face pulled back and grinned impishly.  "And I don't even have the mistletoe here!"


"Who needs mistletoe, baby?"  Murdock waggled his eyebrows and reached for him again.


"Uh uh, Hannibal, Maggie and BA will be here any minute.  We have to be presentable."  Face slipped out of Murdock's arms and straightened his clothes. 


"Fine, but it's only love of BA that is protecting you now from my lecherous advances."  Murdock warned him before straightening his own tee shirt and jeans. 


"HA!  More like fear of BA's temper if dinner is delayed."  Face pointed out sarcastically.


"Yeah, well...."  Murdock shrugged then whistled to Daisy.  The black and tan beagle ran over the hardwood floors and slid the last few feet to land at their feet.  "Hey, girl, how you doing?"  Murdock picked the year old dog up and cuddled her against his chest.  "Daddy sure did miss you today."


Face shook his head at the pair then walked to the kitchen to check the ham in the oven and make sure that the wine was open and breathing well.  "Where were you all day today, anyway?"


"Ah ah ah....... mustn't ask questions on Christmas Eve, Facey!"  Murdock let the dog out the back door and sat at the kitchen bar to watch Face as he poured them both a glass of the wine.


Before Face could retort, the doorbell rang, it's customized tones ringing out the opening bars of 'Deck the Halls.'  "That must be Hannibal and BA!"  Murdock jumped off the bar stool and hurried to the door like an excited child. 


"Hey guys!  Welcome... come on in."  Murdock met everyone with hugs and kisses, exuberant in the extreme. 

"Get off me, fool."  BA pushed him back, but not before landing a hearty slap on the other man's back. 


Maggie handed over shopping bags filled with presents and adding a warning slap to already digging hands, "Uh uh uh, Murdock, not yet.  Put them under the tree and wait like everyone else."


"Ahhhh, Maggie."  Murdock pouted briefly then winked and headed for the eight foot fir decked with white lights and gold and silver garland.


"Easy Captain, I promise there is more than one in there with your name on it."  Hannibal grinned and ducked the admonishing from the woman under his arm. 


Amid laughter and happiness, the family sat down to eat their Christmas Eve dinner.




After dinner and cake, egg nog and homemade candies, the group gathered around the beautifully decorated tree.  Presents were passed and messes were made.  Just one present was left and there was no name on it.  By now it was late into the night and really it was already Christmas morning.  Hannibal shook the long flat box and raised an inquiring brow.  "Anybody going to claim this one?"  The box was wrapped in beautiful silver and gold foil paper.  The edges were perfectly straight and were taped with professional perfection.  The huge gold bow was centered exactly in the middle.    


BA and Maggie shook their heads as Face scratched his head.  "It's not mine.  It wasn't there earlier tonight, was it, Murdock?"  He nudged Murdock's shoulder from where he sat, thigh to thigh on sofa with him.


"Ummm, actually, Facey, I put that there.  It's to you...."  Murdock grinned and reached for the gift.  Placing it in Face's lap he waited expectantly for him to open it.


"But, Murdock, you already got me...." He waved at the stack of presents laid on the coffee table before them.


"Well, this is something a little special and a whole lot late.  Merry Christmas, Templeton, from Santa."  Murdock leaned forward, pressed his lips against Face's and murmured, "I love you."


Still slightly uncomfortable with the display in front of the others, Face cleared his throat, and replied, "I know, Murdock." 


Grinning from ear to ear, Murdock pushed the present closer and urged, "Hurry up!"


Face shrugged and began to gingerly pull at the paper edges just as carefully as he had all night.  The tape was peeled back, the bow gently laid aside.  As he lifted back the gold and silver foil paper, the others waited in anticipation.  When the gift lay exposed, Face could only sit and stare. 

On his lap lay a perfectly preserved box with the words, "Marvelous Marvolo's Magical Mayhem!"  The man on the lid wore the traditional black cape and top hat of the old fashioned stage magician.   


"Murdock!  Where did you find this?"  Face caressed the antique cardboard box and looked to his lover with wide eyes.


"It wasn't easy, Face.  But you've been a very good little boy, and I think you should have whatever you asked for from Santa."  Murdock watched Face carefully, trying to determine if he had done the right thing.


"I asked for this over thirty years ago.  I haven't thought about this for years... until the other night."  He laid the box on the table and turned to fully face the other man.  The other members of the family were forgotten as he looked deep into big brown eyes.  "I can't believe you did this.  You...I.... Murdock...."  Helplessly, he shrugged and leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Murdock's shoulders and kissing him fully on the lips.  "I love you, Murdock.  You are all that I could ever ask for again.  Thank you."


Murdock held him tight, each of them oblivious to their audience.  "I love you, too, Tem....  I love you."  He pulled back and caressed the handsome face so close to his own.  "Merry Christmas, Face."



The end    


Christmas Wishes by Jenny



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