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Help! 1-2

by Hannurdock / Georgina Ann Price

Rating: PG

Summary:  Dimensions go all topsy-turvy.

Part: 1/?  


Hannurdock sighed as she checked her watch for the sixth time that hour.  Suddenly David arrived and sat opposite her, smiling broadly.

"OK, what's with the delay soldier?" Hannurdock asked jovially.

David shrugged.  "Hey, this is a lunch break, remember. Those bastards back at the office don't give me that much time anyway.

"Hey, with your good looks, charm and sophistication - I thought *they* didn't stand a chance"  Hannurdock laughed and sat back.

"So, where are the others?" David asked bluntly.

"Late, as usual. No idea of punctuality" Hannurdock said, slightly ribbing the younger man.  He looked hurt for a moment, until he caught the slight smile on her face, and then grinned.

"Hey, muchacho's, what's goin' down in this here town?" A bright and crazy voice shouted behind them. Hannurdock and David jumped in unison, and then sighed when they saw who had just arrived.

"Hi Mike.  See you got the jacket." Hannurdock pointed to the familiar leather jacket, sporting a tiger and the word "De Nang 1970". As well as sporting the jacket, Mike also wore a cap which said "Napoleon sucks".

"Damn foo' bought it for 300 bucks, man" Mike's companion gruffly said, pushing Mike roughly into a seat at the table, and then seating himself at exactly the opposite end.  The man was black, tall and had a mohawk hairdo.

"Good to see you too, AB"  Hannurdock said dryly, sarcasm covering the slight concern she had felt when the two men had been late.

"AB?"  Mike asked.

"Yeah, its my new pet name for Junior." Hannurdock smiled. "It stands for 'Attitude is Bad'."

David smiled, trying to surpress a small giggle.  "Nice, I really like it. Suits him."

AB growled furiously, and then winked at Hannurdock.

Hannurdock cleared her throat and coughed loudly, bringing the three men to attention.  "Well, anything new this week?"

The three men became puzzled, or lost, and looked away.

"Looks like its been an easy week" Hannurdock sighed gruffly, pulling a sleek cigar from her pocket and lighting it in a single, fluid motion.

"The drugs outfit's been closed down, man" AB commented.

Hannurdock thought about this for a moment, smiling at the fact that the police still had no idea who had bound and gagged the armed drug dealers earlier in the week.

"Hmmmmm. As I said, *easy* week.  Anything else? Cause we may as well just break meeting now"  Hannurdock turned her gaze to each of the three men in turn and then sighed.

"Well, what you doin' now Hann?" AB asked as Hannurdock rose from the table.

Hannurdock grinned. "Some serious shopping, with Mike of course."

Mike groaned at the prospect of an afternoon of shopping.  "Do I have to?".

Hannurdock smiled playfully at the lanky man.  "Well, either that or back to Greenways for a check up.  Do you really want to go back to that place right now?"

Mike thought it over for about a second.  Either shopping with Hannurdock, or back to mental institution for medication.  "Right, I'm with you Hann".

"And what are you two likely to be doing today?" Hannurdock asked.

"Daycare.  Gotta see my kids, man" AB stated, as he checked his mobile was switched on, raised his fingers in the OK sign and left the little group.

"I'm off to take Paula, the secretary on a date" David said with a wink.

Hannurdock rolled her eyes.

As the group dispersed, a small man with a balding head smiled to himself.  He moved into the thick crowd, and disappeared within the million faceless people.  


Part 2

Hannurdock was amazed at the turn of events.  It turned out Mike did most of the shopping that morning, charging most of the goods to Greenways.

He would simply walk into a shop, pick up the nearest pair of shoes or clothes or whatever, and take them immediately to the till.

"What's wrong?" Mike asked, watching Hannurdock's expression of horror.

"Don't you think Greenways is footing an extremely large bill here" Hannurdock said softly.

"Naw, they can handle it" Mike said, picking two shirts, five ties and three suitcases and running to the till eagerly.

Hannurdock sighed, waiting for the inevitable to happen.  Sirens, two orderlies taking Mike back to Greenways, and back on her lonesome again.

However, Hannurdock was not a person to whine about circumstance, and continued to browse the shops alone, enjoying the fact that she had some her-time, instead of we-time.

"Ooo, jesus! I'm sorry" Hannurdock mumbled as she collided with the small man with the balding head.

"Tis Okay, Hannurdock" He said, in a voice which seemed distant and almost sad.

"How'd you know my handle?" Hannurdock asked suspiciously.

The small man rubbed his balding head gently and smiled.  "Lets just say we are mutual fans of The A-Team".

Hannurdock smiled, a warm expression on her face. "The A-Team?  Don't hear much about that series any more. Shame really."

"Let me introduce myself to you, Hann.  Can I call you Hann? Thanks. My name is Shaun the Shallow, a dimensional traveller supposedly with no personality. A watcher over the dimensions so to speak.  However, I got a little too involved with the particular dimension where The A-Team are real".

Hannurdock looked at Shaun in shock for a moment, and then burst into laughter unable to stop.  "You don't really expect me to believe this nutso crap you're babbling to me? Dimensional travel doesn't exist!"

"Not yet. Human technology is way behind, but trust me. It won't be another four hundred years, mark my words".

"Guess I'll have to" Hannurdock sniffed dubiously.  "I'll be way gone by then. Bones and all".

Shaun laughed easily.  "Guess seeing is really believing, hey?  Why don't I take you for a little dimensional ride".

Hannurdock looked at Shaun, and even though her senses told her he was as insane as Mike, she nodded and crossed her arms.

Shaun took her hand eagerly, and within moments a large light enveloped them both. Hannurdock raised her free arm to her face, shielding her eyes.

"We're here. Dimension103887548374499." Shaun called as Hannurdock warily looked around herself.

"Where are we?".

"Outside the VA's mental ward."  Shaun said, as Hannurdock walked up to the main entrance, and walked inside.  Hannurdock walked through the corridor and watched her reaction change as Murdock strolled casually by.

Hannurdock pointed as the retreating figure in amazement.  "That aint Dwight, is it?"

"'Fraid not.  He's the real Murdock."  Shaun explained gently, as Hannurdock fought to control her shaking.

"Why me? Why bring me here and show me all this" Hannurdock said in awe as Murdock turned into his room.

"Because we have ..... a little problem" Shaun stumbled, trying to find the right words.

"Problem?" Hannurdock asked.

"In three weeks time, Murdock is going to be murdered on a mission." Shaun said.

Hannurdock gasped in horror.  "But, but in the series they were immortal! Nothing ever killed them off!"

"Good theory until you reach the end of the fifth series. From then, anything is on the cards".

Hannurdock tried to keep calm, but panic was causing her to ramble. "How do you know this?"

Shaun smiled.  "Comes with the passing of time, and many dimensions".

"I don't understand" Hannurdock stammered. "I mean, what can I do?".

"You can prevent it" Shaun said softly.

"But how?  I don't understand? I need help, I can't do this alone!"

Shaun nodded in agreement. "That's right, you need the team - AB, Mike and David".

Hannurdock had had enough.  "They are routine guys, run of the mill! They aren't soldiers, neither am I. Christ! one of them is in a mental insitution".

"Then who totalled the drug operation last week?" Shaun asked.

Hannurdock sighed heavily.  "Alright, count me in. What do I need to know?".


Help by Hannurdock
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