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Hey, Louie

Hey, Louie
By:  A. Nannie Mouse

Rating: G
Summary: A response to the VA Patient challenge
Warnings:. None, unless you mean my writing skills.
Disclaimer: This was written for educational purposes only. Most of the characters belong to Steven J. Cannel Productions and Universal. No copyright infringement intended. The plot is mine, all mine.
Notes: Any suggestions or corrections are welcome. I am trying to learn here.

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"Louie, have you seen Captain Murdock?"

"I didn't take him, honest!"

"I mean did he pass by in the last half hour?"

"Is he wearing a blue dress?"

"No. He's in his usual street clothes."

"Pearls would be nice. And heels. Deer have antlers, elk have horns."

"Yeah, yell if you spot him."



"He's in the bathroom."

"You don't have a bathroom."

"That don't mean he ain't there. A female moose is a cow,"

"Alright, Louie. Go back to what you were doing."

"I'm playing cards with Murdock."

"Well, have fun."

"The hunter's gone. You can come out from under there"

"Thanks, Muchacho."

"Cows have horns. Don't forget my chocolate. With almonds. I like nuts."

"Don't we all."

Hey, Louie by A. Nannie Mouse



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