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The A Team: Regrets

A Husband's Regrets

By:  Nancy


Rated R for Minor Language, references to rape and violence (off camera).

Summary:  Brian Lefcourt is regretting some choices he made in his marriage when Tawnia's life hangs in the balance.  This story also includes Amy, Maggie, and the A- Team. Takes place in September of 1988.

Disclaimer: The A-Team and its characters don't belong to me. No copyright infringement is intended.



Tawnia Baker Lefcourt was just getting out of the shower when the telephone rang.  She dries off as fast as she can and throws a robe on and gets to the phone just in time.  "Yeah?" She says sounding a little annoyed.


~Oh wonderful, she's already in a bad mood.~  The caller thinks. ~How am I going to tell her this.~  "Hi honey." Brian Lefcourt greets her with some strained cheerfulness.


"Hi yourself I should be ready in about twenty minutes or so are you on your way home?"


He sighs.  "Well uh that's why I was calling.  Honey I have to go out of town tonight."


"But it's our anniversary."  She protests.


"I'll make it up to you I promise."


"Yeah I'll believe that when I see it." She starts to anger.


"I love you." He says trying to calm her down.


"Sure." She says and hangs up on him feeling like the honeymoon for them ended eons ago.  They had been married four years now and still didn't have any children.  ~How could we when we barely have the chance to see each other anymore let alone conceive a child.~  She sighs remembering the early times of their marriage.  The nights of endless lovemaking.  The times he would surprise her with flowers, dinner, trips all over the world.  How she longed for those days which seemed so long ago.  The past year or two had been very lonely for her with her husband gone most of the time on expeditions.  She's still thinking about all of this when she hears the bedroom door open and close.  She turns around only to see a stranger standing there in her and her husband's bedroom.  At that moment she wishes she hadn't of given the household staff the night off and also wishes the gun that they kept wasn't so far from reach.


::Fade out::


Meanwhile at his office Brian is still staring at the phone regretting the phone conversation he had just had with his wife.  And mentally kicks himself for not telling her what this expedition would mean for them. No more long separations they could finally start that family that they have both wanted for so long.  He ponders what to do about the situation and finally makes a decision.  He calls up his assistant.


"We're not leaving tonight." He tells him. "We're leaving tomorrow instead."


"But we'll get better results and finish faster." The assistant protests.


"I don't care, I need to be with my wife tonight." He says.  They talk a bit longer and then Brian heads home.


He pulls up to the front gate and after putting the car in park he goes to punch in his security code and realizes something is off.  He examines the code box closer and notices that it's been tampered with.  He tries to keep from panicking and pushes the gate open no longer needing a security code due to the tampering and drives up to the house.  He quickly gets out of the car and runs up to the front door which is slightly ajar.


"Tawnia!!"  He calls out.  "Honey are you ok?!"  His only answer is silence.


He rushes upstairs and to their bedroom which is in a shambles.  Lamps are overturn and a chair is broken in two.  He takes in the scene wishing it were just a bad dream and then his eyes find her.  At first he's stunned and then horrified at the sight of her lying on the bedroom carpet eyes closed with blood still pouring from her head.  Her robe is lying nearby looking like it had been cut to ribbons and her body is covered with cuts and bruises.  He quickly grabs a cover from the bed and wraps it around her and then grabs whatever is in reach to stop the bleeding.


"Hang on baby hang on, don't leave me." He says to her as he frantically dials 9-1-1.


::Fade out::


Meanwhile at the LA Courier, Amy Allen was there working late again like she had been the last few days.  How she missed her foreign correspondence beat at times like this, but at other times she loved being home again.  Besides she was needed here.  She is still working and hoping that Brian didn't blow it with her best friend again.  Half of her expecting Tawnia to call her and ask if she can come over or if Tawnia could come stay with her a while.  ~Why do most marriages have to fall apart these days.~


She walks over to the Teletype machine to see if anything worth printing that night comes up and is completely stunned at what she sees.  She rushes out of there and to the hospital.  Her boss calls after her and decides to read what she read when he realizes he can't stop her.


It tells of the wife of famous Archeologist Brian Lefcourt being attacked in their home:  raped and beaten.  Basically left for dead.


He rushes to the men's room and loses his dinner.  After he composes himself he returns.


"That's not to be printed with their names." He orders his workers.


They comply, however other papers in the city do not comply and the story will be out in the morning edition.


A little while later at the hospital.  Brian had already been questioned by the police and samples had been taken by the hospital staff ruling out Brian being the attacker and the police were now out trying to figure out who the attacker was.  He's sitting in the waiting room still in shock wishing he could hold his wife and tell her that everything was going to be ok.  Even though he knew it wouldn't be ok for a long time.


"Brian." He hears Amy's voice.  He glances up at her and she notices his eyes are red from crying.


"I meant to call you,  I...."  He looks down again.  She sits down beside him and puts an arm around him.


"It's ok, I know you have other things on your mind right now.  How is she?"  She asks hoping the news is good.


"I don't know yet, the doctors are still with her.  If I would've been home on time...."


"Brian no, you can't be blaming yourself for this.  There's no way either of you could've known this was going to happen."


"Isn't that what a husband is supposed to do?  Protect his family.  This shouldn't have been allowed to happen."


"No one can be there all the time." She says and is still trying to convince him when a doctor approaches them.


"Mr. Lefcourt."


Brian looks up.  "How's my wife?"


The doctor sighs. "I wish I can tell you she's going to be all right but I can't do that yet."  He goes on telling them that her head injuries are severe enough to have put her in a coma, and that she suffered internal injuries and internal bleeding.  "We're still trying to get her stabilized.  Right now she's bordering on Grave and Critical.  Once she's stabilized you can see her."


::Fade out to Brian and Amy's reactions::


The next morning in a beach house in Malibu.  Templeton Peck awakens from a night of partying with his latest girlfriend and pours himself a cup of coffee.  He finds a note from her telling him to call her when he wants to get together again and smiles.  "You still got it Faceman yes you do."  He says as he drinks his coffee still savoring the freedom of being pardoned by the government.  He and the guys still did missions every now and then but it was nice not to have to be on the run anymore.  They still saw Amy, Tawnia, and Frankie from time to time but the three of them were leading their own lives and no longer going on missions with them.  Hannibal had married Dr. Maggie Sullivan last year and now lived with her in Badrock.  Murdock no longer had to pretend that he was insane enough to be in the hospital so he was now living with a lady in town.   While B.A Barracus opened his own auto shop and still helped out at the local community center.


He picks up the paper and glances through it and almost wishes he hadn't when an article catches his eye.  He reads it over not believing what he's reading.  Not wanting to believe what he's reading.


"Oh no." He says in shock. "Not Tawnia."  He picks up the phone and dials Maggie and Hannibal's house.


"Hello." John Hannibal answers the phone.


"Hannibal you and Maggie need to get here now." Face says in an urgent tone.


"Why what's wrong?  What's happened?"  His face goes pale as his longtime friend and comrade tells him.  "We're on our way." He says before hanging up.  Maggie enters the room and kisses him it's then she notices the look on his face.


"What's wrong?" She asks clearly concerned.


"Tawnia was attacked last night." He tells her the rest.


"Oh my God." She exclaims and soon they're on their way to LA.


When they arrive the rest of the team is already at the hospital.


"Does Amy know?"  Hannibal asks.


BA nods.  "Yes she's been here all night with Brian."


Maggie finds Tawnia's chart and looks it over.


While she's doing that the guys update John on Tawnia's condition.


While they're all talking.  Murdock sneaks up to ICU and finds Amy asleep on a couch in the waiting room.  He kisses her on the cheek and puts a blanket over her he then finds Brian staring at a window to one of the rooms in ICU.  He approaches him and sees who he's glancing at.  His own eyes tear up when he sees her there lying so hurt with tubes and wires going through her and the medical staff still working to stabilize her.


"She needs me in there with her." Brian finally breaks the silence.  "She needs someone to tell her that he's gone.  To tell her that the bastard who did this can't get to her now.  To tell her that she's needed...."  His voice cracks as his tears fall again.


Murdock stays there with him comforting him.  Soon the others join them.  Maggie uses her status as a doctor to get in so she can help the other doctors.


~I'm going to kill him.  I'm going to find this bastard and kill him.~  Are BA's thoughts when he sees his friend lying there looking so pale.


"Hannibal I think we should go hunt whoever did this down and make sure he faces justice." Murdock says to their Captain.


"I agree, and hopefully we'll find him before he has the chance to hurt anyone else." Face adds his two cents.


John looks over at Brian who appears to not even had heard them his entire focus on his wife.  He sees the pain on his face and speaks.  "We are." Hannibal agrees with the men.  "But not to kill him to bring him in." He says looking directly at B.A.


"What makes you think that he's the only one you have to stop from killing the perverted bastard responsible for this." Amy says having woken up.


Hannibal goes and sits with her. "Kid, I want to beat him to a pulp myself but that's not what we're about."


"The hell with doing the right thing, it doesn't get you anywhere.  It just gets you blindsided."  She says.


John finally convinces her not to go out and kill whoever did this.


A few more hours pass and the doctors finally get Tawnia stabilized.  Maggie has a talk with the others before they're allowed in to see her.


"We're not sure how much a coma patient can hear or if they can hear anything.  However, it would be best to keep any conversation in her room positive.  Any negativity might cause her condition to worsen."  She continues. "If you're in there and can't handle it and feel yourself starting to break down then leave the room."


Brian nods and goes to see his wife.


Maggie notices that Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and BA are preparing to leave.


"Where are you going?" She asks her husband.


"We have someone to find." John tells her.


"That's what the police are for." She protests.


"Yeah well now they have assistance." He says.


"Can it at least wait till she's out of danger?  She needs all of us to help lead her back." Maggie continues to argue with him.


"If he's still out there he might still be stalking her.  The sooner we catch him the better." He says before kissing her and leaving with the guys.


Maggie sighs in complete frustration.  "Men."


"They'll be back when they catch him and turn him into the police." Amy says.


Currently in Tawnia's ICU room.


Brian's talking to his wife hoping that she hears him and hoping that she does still believe that he loves her and hoping that she still loves him after the way things have been in their marriage lately.  How he had regretted all the time they spent apart while he was working when they could have been together if he had managed his time more carefully.  He's still talking to her and telling her how much he loves her when Amy walks in.


~Now he's attentive.  A little late isn't it?~  She thinks and then quashes the thought when she realizes that most everyone has made the same mistake with loved ones thinking that there would always be time and putting off what's more important for later.  She had done it herself a few times.


"Any change?" She asks.


He shakes his head and then glances at the clock.  "But it's too early for her to wake up even on a good day."


Amy manages a laugh.  "You got that right."  She sits in the other chair by her bedside.  "Do you know how many times she was almost late for work because of oversleeping I think I lost count."


"I can believe it." He quips hoping they're joking will get his wife to wake up and tell them they're wrong.


Amy's hoping the same thing.  "So, you going to wake up and defend yourself." She tries but her efforts fail.  "Come on Tawnia please, we'd really like to hear what you have to say on the subject."


Their only answer is the sounds of the life support machines.


"You come back to us ok." She says and then kisses whatever part of her forehead isn't bandaged.


Maggie is about to go in when another doctor stops her.


"Has anyone contacted her family yet?"


She shakes her head.  "Her father died years ago, her mother died last year." She goes on to say that none of her siblings are still living.  "We're her family now.  And she's part of ours." She adds.


"I get it." He says and walks away.


She goes to see Tawnia.


Later that afternoon somewhere in town.


"Look I did what you told me to do now I want my money."  A guy says to another.


"I told you to kill her, to make Brian Lefcourt's life miserable.  Raping her wasn't part of the plan."


"She's going to die what difference does it make?"  He counters.


"What you did to her sickens me, that's what difference it makes."


"Look you're the one who was angry at this guy for beating you out of the Sheffield Grant not me.  Enough to want to kill his wife so how is that less sicker than how I carried things out?"


"You're right, both of you are sick." Hannibal says as he comes out of hiding.  Soon Face is there too.  Both have guns aimed at the men.


"You're not going to like where you're going very much that I assure you." Face tells him.  "But the way I see it you're getting off easy for hurting one of our friends."


"Not too easy." Hannibal disagrees. "Haven't you heard what happens to pretty men like them in prison?"


"Oh yeah that's right."  Face smiles but then glares at Tawnia's rapist wanting to tear him apart.  They bring the men in before they have time to change their mind and kill them.


Both men are soon locked up and the team heads back to the hospital.


"I still want to tear them apart Hannibal." B.A voices his thoughts.


"I know, I do too."  He sighs.  "And if Tawnia wakes up and wants that done then we do it but until then they stay alive."


"But you told Amy that we don't kill.  That we're not about that." Murdock points out.


"We're not, but there are always exceptions."


After a short silence.


"So what do we tell Brian?" Face asks.


"If he asks the truth." Hannibal says. "We can't just go in there and blurt out the reason that Tawnia was attacked he's already feeling guilty over this."


"Good." B.A says a little bitterly.


"B.A." Hannibal chides.


"How many times has he called and cancelled dinner dates at the last minute with her because of his work.  He's constantly out of town and he was one hour late getting home last night by the time he called her.  If he would've been home this never would have happened."


"They just would have waited till she was alone again." Face says. "This isn't Brian's fault and don't you think he regrets the cancelled dinner dates and being out of town a lot right about now."


"If he doesn't regret it then he's the wrong man for her." B.A answers still being overprotective.


The others silently agree.


Soon they arrive at the hospital and run into Brian.


"Where have you been?" He asks.


"We had something to take care of." Face tells him.


"Yeah what?"  Brian presses.


Hannibal tells him everything which gives one of the hospital walls a hole from Brian's fist after the coffee cup he throws makes contact with it.


They take him outside to get him calmed down.


"Damn them!!  How dare they use her to get to me!!"  He rants and also blames himself in the ranting.


The guys try to convince him otherwise but only manage to get him calmed down.


Some time later in ICU.  The Team, Amy, Maggie, and Brian take turns visiting with Tawnia and talking to her.  Hoping their efforts bring her back to them.  Brian's with her when she finally does come around.


"Brian." She struggles to say even that little.


"I'm right here babe." He says and kisses her. "I'm right here."


"I don't want you here." She says.


"I know." He says. "But I'm hoping to change that.  I love you and I want our marriage to work.  No more canceling dates, no more going out of town unless you're with me."


"That's a start." She says as her eyes well with tears.


"So you're willing to give us another chance?" He hopes.


"Yes, I still love you very much." She answers.


He hugs her and sighs in relief but then realizes and backs away hoping his affection didn't scare her or anything.


"Hey relax, you're not the one who put me in here.  I'm not afraid of you." She says to him as her tears fall.


He holds her close to him being careful of her injuries.  While one of the nurses goes to get the doctors.


"Do you remember what happened?" The other nurse asks once Brian let's Tawnia go so the nurse can check her over.


Tawnia nods. "But can we not go there right now." 


The nurse nods in agreement.  Soon she's taken off the critical list and put in a regular hospital room.


Amy smuggles in some real food so she doesn't have to eat the hospital food and gives it to her.


"How are you feeling?" She asks after her friend has eaten what she can.


"Not too good I don't handle physical pain well." Tawnia confesses.  "But the pain killers should kick in soon."


"That's good but that's not what I meant."


"Amy I don't want to talk about it all right."


"All right, but when you're ready to.  You know you can tell me anything."


She manages a smile. "Yeah I know."


After an awkward moment.


"So who found me?"


"Brian did, he had postponed his trip to spend the evening with you."


Tawnia cringes. "I wish it hadn't of been him." She says worried about her husband.


"If it hadn't of you wouldn't be alive right now so I'm glad he did postpone his trip."


They hug.


Meanwhile in the hallway.  A counselor arrives from the rape crisis center.  Maggie heads her off at the pass.


"Can I help you?" She asks.


"Yes, I'm Ellen Kramer, I'm here to see Tawnia Lefcourt." She hands her one of her business cards.


Maggie relaxes when she realizes it's not another person working for the guy responsible for all of this.


"I'll see if she's ready to see you yet." Maggie says and goes in there not leaving any room for argument.


Tawnia refuses at first but Amy and Maggie talk her into at least meeting the counselor.  And thankfully she agrees to at least one session to see how it will go.


A week or so later she's released from the hospital and it takes a year or more of counseling to put the incident behind her.  Brian makes good on his promise to her which strengthens their marriage enough to become expectant parents.  Face starts to change his ways when he realizes that he's in love with Amy and starts trying to win her love.  It takes him awhile but he succeeds and they're soon married.  Murdock and his lady friend break up so after nursing a broken heart he starts to enjoy the single life again.  B.A still continues to enjoy bachelorhood while Hannibal and Maggie continue to enjoy married life.


The team still goes out on missions to right wrongs but still continue to see the rest of their extended family as much as they can.  They're in town the night that Tawnia goes into labor and are part of the vigil waiting to hear about the baby when Brian comes out.


"Well?" Amy asks him.


"Well what?" He teases.


"Oh knock it off.  Now what about the baby?"


He grins from ear to ear.  "She's healthy and has a very good set of lungs.  And there's no prying her away from her mommy."


::Fade out to everyone congratulating him and celebrating::


The next morning in Tawnia's hospital room.  While she's holding their baby.


"So are you going to be one of those fathers who gives her dates the third degree?" Tawnia asks her husband.


"What gives you the impression that I'm going to let her date?" He teases back.


"Because you'll be so wrapped around her finger that you won't have a choice." She counters.


"That much is true." He says and dotes over his daughter.


They stay there like that doting over their baby just enjoying their new roles as parents.



--The end


A Husband's Regrets by Nancy



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