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Hidden Hearts

Hidden Hearts
Author: Pure

Warning-lemon (sex) - F/H, implied M/BA & D/C, talk of rape, b/d, language.
Summary-Murdock finds a plain book and think it's just a book but when he opens it and reads it he realizes it's Face's journal and the team learns that Face conned them all while hiding a secret.

Disclaimer-don't own A-team


Murdock was sitting in the living room of the Langley compound when he saw a plain blue book, he picked it up and thought <I'm bored might as well read since no one else is around> so he opened it up and received quite a shock for on the first page was written in Face's neat script Property of Templeton Peck. Murdock closed the book before he went any further and decided to wait for his Colonel and Sergeant to see whether or not they should read this and learn more about their Lt.


A few hours later Hannibal and BA walked into the room and saw Murdock look a little nervous so Hannibal decided to bite the bullet and ask, "Captain what's up?"


Murdock looked up and said nervously, "Uh I was wondering Colonel if you found something of someone's and knew you probably shouldn't look at it but it would give you a good head start to understand how this person *really* feels and thinks would you look at it?"


Hannibal sat down in his usual chair in front of the screen door leading outside to the deck and sighed, "If it wouldn't hurt anyone I guess you could read it, why?"

Murdock handed him the book he had in his lap. "Uh cause that's Facey's private journal."


Hannibal sat back with the book in his lap and thought <wonder what secrets you've been keeping kid? Well I guess it's time to see how you *really* think and feel under that conman.> "Well do you want to know who our Face *really* is under all that glamour and conman smile?" Murdock and BA quickly nodded so Hannibal opened the book and read.

"Property of Templeton Peck, Father Maghill gave this to me to write my *true* thoughts and feelings down without sugarcoating it or lying and I readily jumped at the chance knowing I wouldn't let the others see it. He said to date each entry not the date I'm writing it but date/title it about what I'm writing so I guess this first entry would have to be a little bit on my past.

Let's see I was an orphan who was found by Father Maghill and he taught me to con and break into things just to keep safe was what he would always say but I knew it was more I just never questioned him. Anyway I joined the military right out of college I was *smart* hell you have to be to run all the scams and stuff I have so I graduated high school at the age of 16 and was a freshman in college now the reason I gave everyone for joining was…I had this girl and she dumped me…blah, blah, blah. I really don't know if anyone actually bought that shit but it wasn't the reason. Half of the story was I joined because like I would say I was raised as a catholic boy suicide ain't good but it's the same for every religion anyway but I didn't want to die because I had a broken heart I wanted to die because I couldn't get ride of my nightmares…my family always wondered if 'Nam was the cause of my unrest…nope had 'em long before it and Father Maghill would try to help me cope.

I joined and was a grunt and worked damn hard in boot camp which didn't go unnoticed so they took me and since I was *smart* they put me in officer's training for the green beret special forces and again I worked my way up to respectively Major under my CO Colonel Rod Decker. We were a unit that would kill who we were told and ask questions later, yeah I know I haven't killed in a while but I can. We were good we took out the bad guys and saved the good without breaking a sweat, I never understood the heated macho rivalry crap that Hannibal and Decker have because they are so much alike and I know Hannibal would choke on his cigar smoke if he knew but they are…Hannibal is the guy you would go to hell and back for and so was Decker but unlike Hannibal most didn't think he would do the same for you which isn't true because he had…for me. I would lie and steal stuff for our unit especially cigars…never got what the big deal was…give me a pack of cigarettes and I'm happy just a little nicotine fix to keep me going but I wasn't really trained to disobey orders…*grin* that came later. We were on a mission and got caught and were guests at our first POW camp…not fun! Well we had undergone heavy training not to crack under torture so none of us did.

I don't remember how but we did escape and reached safety with most of our lives intact with new scars emotional and physical. Later we had another mission we were told to kill a lot of people but I didn't trust it and told my CO he agreed and we saved them since they were innocents and went against our General who had a cow and we didn't get along so he demoted me to Lieutenant and sent me to the Brig for stealing/lying and had me transferred quick to the A-team. That's when I met Lt. Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith and boy does he have a hard punch especially to your gut it took me a while to catch my breath after that…he gave me a lecture on stealing and said if I ever did it for 'me' again he would make me feel more pain then that. So anyway he took me to the barracks where the others were waiting and I took the farthest bunk away from the others. I got called Lt. Robot by BA and Lt. Hayes because BA took it personal thought I was snubbing him for being black and dumb…he's not though he's a mechanical genius and one hell of a big brother who'll protect you with his muscles if he can beat it down or hold you like a momma would a child in his muscular arms and keep you safe cause no one could rip you from those arms like he did in 'Nam. Anyway I was called Lt. Robot because I was cold and would only talk to Hannibal and that was to say 'yes sir'

We got mail and I wouldn't get much just a catholic devotional while the others got nice stacks of mail. Well the others used this to make fun of me they would say "don't you got no one at home Lt. Robot? See BA gets mail from his momma, Hannibal gets mail from his family, Murdock gets mail from his and so on…" well one time they were razzing me again and ripped up my devotional and as I was picking it up saline dripped from my eyes not from grief but from rage I could've beaten them all and went 'perfect soldier' on them but I swore not to do that unless needed so the tears came and the Captain felt sorry or whatever and tried to help pick up the scraps so the tears quickly froze and I coldly snatched the papers away from him and picked up the rest before he could see I remember he cursed my back but I didn't care. The next mail time Hannibal carried it for us he never knew about the other time and gave me my mail and I almost smiled but turned it into a cold smirk before they could see Father Maghill had sent the exact same one over again with the same notes in the same different handwriting as well as a new one plus a letter from Decker.

The others never understood how I could be happy to get a devotional while they were getting packages and stuff since I had no Bible but I didn't care to explain it since it wasn't their damn business. Decker would keep me informed of what was going on in his unit he would lament the lost soldiers and I would grieve with him since I knew the pain but the A-team didn't know until later when I disobeyed a direct order and saved his smoking ass. We were in the jungle and he said something and I coldly said, "No sir." He was glaring and I thought he'd choke on the Havana cigar as I foot sweeped him and sent him into the mud and took a bullet in the shoulder before I could shoot the Charlie. After I had healed he decked me…he's got a nice right hook like Decker and made me run whatever obstacle courses he felt like making and I did without a problem…honestly they weren't *too* bad, just annoying. Later I lost the Lt. Robot rep when I saved two of our men, I played football in college so I was fast and could tackle and that's exactly what I did taking a bullet that was meant for them from a sniper and then killed the sniper. They went home to their families and Hannibal really laid it into me and the others, we were only down to Murdock, BA, and Ray were there when he said I wasn't really a robot and had emotion cause I had taken the bullet meant for my CO, and two men who razzed me but they got to go home. He never did know the real reason I was so distant.

I learned if you push them away and keep them distant it don't hurt when you lose them cause they don't mean anything to ya. I know how Hannibal feels when a mission goes awry or we get hurt cause under Decker I was a Major…got to keep my medals just can't wear them so they're in storage along with a lot of my stuff… anyway I know the pain of losing men you were close to I remember my unit I was commanding I still know their names and the people they left behind Mark, Matt, Ryan, Jason, there were a few more in my unit but they lived so it doesn't matter. Mark left two sisters he was damn proud of said he'd walk 'em down the aisle cause pops couldn't, Matt had a family said he'd name the incoming son after me…got a letter after we sent him home that they named the kid Tim instead of Tem but it was close and I was honored I still keep in touch and she tells me all about Tim. Ryan had a girl he was going to marry as soon as he was stateside…never did. Jason talked about his momma…reminds me of BA always talking about his said he'd have me over to meet her cause she was a devout catholic woman herself… never did but I get letters I have a lot of junk no one knows about good thing they never ask to see the storage bins.

But despite how far I wanted to keep them they wormed their way in and hell I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy they did. BA is the big brother of the group he's the strong one physically but like everyone else he's also weak and you just to got to know what to look for to know it's time you took care of *him* he's the one you go to for mechanical stuff to listen to your problems and help you beat them if it's physical. He's also there to hold you in his arms like a momma would a child and nothing could rip you from those arms. Murdock he's the big/little brother of the group he's the one who'll make you forget your problems by laughing them off with his dry humor and whit. He'll protect you if you need it but if you need to be needed he'll be the little brother so you can baby him and feel needed, sometimes I don't know if he's really insane or just has periods of panic and insanity is his safety blanket because if it gets too rough for him he can go to the VA where it's safe. Hannibal he's our leader, best friend, brother…I can't say father cause Father Maghill will always be my dad…Hannibal's also more than my leader, friend, and brother… in my dreams anyway.

We were in the jungle and got caught and were again guests at a POW camp…not fun but nothing new you got tortured the usual way like the others, beating, dunking, the 'box' and other 'fun' tortures. The team had their own way of dealing, Murdock escaped into his head… again not sure if he's crazy cause hell I did the same kind of thing but I could find my way back I guess he got lost. BA would growl and try to protect everyone with his physical strength while inside he was crying for him momma…no diss. Hannibal would try to come up with those hair brained plans that would later work but not the way planned and would sit in the corner and cry not out of grief or pain for himself but grief and the pain of his team because he couldn't protect us like he thought he should…again he's just like Decker. Anyway me I would revert to my 'perfect soldier' days and keep silent waiting for the chance to kill.

At night the tortures stopped for my friends but continued for me…I'm sure they had an idea but I made damn sure they never knew just assumed. I was trained to keep silent and from my past tears were a sign of weakness it was better to show no emotion at all even if your soul was shriveling up and dying you kept it locked away. Well while they were sleeping I was taken out of the cage and uh…raped…but is it rape when you beg for it? Hell I would scream for them to do something! So like hell I was going to tell my team that later I talked to Decker and Father Maghill about it and they kind of helped me. Well anyway that was the nights the day was no different from the others. Hannibal came up with a plan and I used it to get personal satisfaction…he never questioned why I was behind…I used my knowledge of camp and found the people I wanted I killed the head guy after shooting his private area and did the same to all those who had ever touched me, they lived though just never would be able to satisfy a girl/guy again.

After that Maghill sent me a small package in it was a gold cross he said everyone should have something to hold onto and the cross was something I could hold onto…I still wear it under my shirts so no one can see and I almost killed that medic who tried to cut it but luckily the nurse unclasped it and put it away for me but when I was conscious I made it perfectly known I would hurt the kid if he ever thought of cutting it again and boy did he run away and I got another doc who agreed with me the clasp was in the front anyway it wouldn't have hurt to undo it. We were on another mission…before the bank job…and BA was griping about how he hated banks and it was close to Christmas so I had the perfect plan…I took leave with the others but ditched them to get what I wanted and boy were they shocked on Christmas. BA found a gold chain and a note saying gold would never lose value like paper tented to and he could keep it with him instead of in a bank I even gave him the receipt so he didn't think I stole it. Yeah he hated the idea of me stealing he didn't call it what Hannibal did he said scamming was lying and borrowing was stealing. Such a black/white thing to say but that's how he was raised with such high morals he never knew how much I wanted to scream and curse him and yell "You think I like scamming?!" Hell I don't I enjoy a challenge but I *hate* to scam people and lie to them I grew up with morals too despite what everyone believes! But like always just locked it up and allowed him to preach to me…even if he was preaching to the choir but it saved our asses so he could just kiss mine if he didn't like it. Anyway I bought a leather bombing jacket so Murdock could look like one of those pilots you saw on the old movies, I thought I didn't have to show *him* a receipt but I did so I walked over to my side and rummaged for it and handed it to him.

I bought Hannibal a box of Havana I didn't have a receipt cause I didn't buy them Decker did but I knew he would want one so he sent it to me and I gave it to him and just left them to cool off cause I swear I wanted to yell and curse them out or punch them. It hurt so fucking bad that they thought I stole everything! Decker wrote me saying to calm down and not to kill my team I laughed and wrote him with a mock innocent voice saying I'd never dream of doing anything rash I got a letter back saying he didn't believe me. I stuck my tongue at the letter and got another one saying it wasn't nice to stick your tongue at your old CO…I figured out how he knew my Christmas present from him was Father Maghill he was going to train the new military chaplain and I got to talk with him and it was awesome. He always was a tattle tale ^_~ he gave me Decker's present too it was another charm for my chain and again I haven't lost or really taken it off except to shower and sometimes not even then…doctors now know never to cut the chain or I will really hurt them!

<Greatest Scam Ever>
I scammed not only my team but the whole military with the help of my old CO who was conveniently in town and since we both new Vietnamese we figured out why we were supposed to rob the bank…it was supposed to be a decoy so our SOB general could continue working with the Vietcong. I don't know how but like Hannibal's crazy plans this one worked too. I pretended to be a scientist testing the gold to make sure it was real cause people were being duped into buying fake gold and the idiot bought it of course with my smile and the fact I spoke too fast in Vietnamese for him to catch every word we had him leave and together Decker and I placed a few bars of fake gold while the real gold was under their noses the whole time. So when we did the job we got fake gold. We went to 'jail' and escaped cause we were never really caught.

It was played perfectly…Decker pretended to chase us until the gov't finally got their heads out of their asses and figured out what really went down that's when Stockwell came forward and said he could give us pardons…where Frankie came in I'll never know but I played a gamble and won he got free and we continue to work for 'pardons' nope we work for money and live in a nice establishment free to come and go as we please. Stockwell said he'd tell the others once they stopped pissing him off…I've worked with him before so his word is good and he's more than fair. He said once the team stops harassing him he'll set 'em straight without telling them my part or my stepfather's…yeah can you believe it Decker is my stepfather… married my mom. I learned AJ Bancroft was my dad and Ellen is my half sister but she didn't want anything to do with me, which I was ok with I'm used to it but the minute Decker found out he hauled me down to his place and started up a father/son relationship…didn't work but we're close I think either brother/uncle cause like I said Father Maghill is my dad. His daughter is awesome and we're close she's like BA's momma she'll baby you if you need it or give you space if you need that too. It's funny though I'm older and she treats me like I'm the young one. I laugh at all the times she's told me to tell the truth…even Decker and Crane have done the same.

My team thinks I sleep with ever client with a skirt…and I let them I don't give a damn it hurts that they think I'm some slut but who cares you get the job done. In all honesty I've never once slept with them…had dinner/coffee/slept in bed fully clothed but never did the rough and tumble. Decker and Crane plus Abigail Elizabeth Decker (my stepsister) tease me saying if it was a male I would…but nope not even then. No there's only one male I'm interested in but I could never tell him he'd probably show complete disgust since he's a soldier through and through I mean he uses rank to get you to do what he wants. Yeah I know it's wrong but I've loved my CO for a while but he's as straight and narrow as they come. He's got Maggie I should know I've been pushing her towards him using my silver tongue to get her to go for him so as soon as Stockwell says they can leave he'll probably go to Badrock and stay with her while Murdock will go to Amy's since every time I call to find Murdock he's always there and I can hear her blush through the phone. BA he'll find a gal at one of the kid centers he likes to go to. Me I'll stay and continue this since I've always worked for him sometimes solo so I could go 'perfect soldier' without hurting any of the guys or making them sick.

They think I go to a woman when I'm lonely… instead I go to my little beach house right on the coast…paid for! Any way I sit on the beach and just watch the tide when it comes in it takes your problems and when it goes out it frees them into the ocean it's very soothing. A lot of my scammed places are near some body of water completely isolated and I love it cause it reminds me of my home that has all my stuff I took the time when we were off to go to the storage bins and pick out my stuff and now my little house looks like it's mine it has my stuff in it. I take sleep medication to make sure I sleep… Stockwell's orders and he changed it from pills to liquid so I couldn't palm it. Stupid guy knows all the tricks I pull he even sent the liquid crap over to Decker's for when I stay there but that was under Decker's request. I admit sometimes they help to keep the nightmares at bay but other times I can't wake up from one as easily as I once could. I guess on Richter's scale I was a 5 before 'Nam and now I guess a 10.

Talking to Decker helps and even the specialist that Stockwell got but I guess it's just guilt and lack of self worth that gets me down. I really need to burn this…Decker and Crane read it and said if I even tried to burn it they'd flip out and go extra CO. Oh yeah when I visit them they make sure I'm in physical shape by making me run obstacle courses…see he's like Hannibal and other exercises so is it any wonder why I'm always so tired to do Hannibal's exercises? It's not that I'm lazy…well not all the time anyway. Stockwell also threatened me when he found out I wanted to burn this and I know he can make real good on that threat/promise. Father Maghill gave me another charm it's a heart he said so I wouldn't forget I have one since I'm always hiding it under a fake smile. Truthfully I wonder what is real anymore under the glamour is there just more glamour or me and that's all I am a conman who conned himself into believing he's a lost soul when he has none? Definitely need to get rid of or at least hide so no one reads it. My gold chain has three charms the cross, heart, and a little charm to symbolize my first unit I wonder if Abby is going to add her own charm to it? I hide it under my shirt or sadly don't wear it when I have to wear a tank and fatigues during training.

I don't understand it Hannibal and Decker are allowed to smoke those crappy cigars but if I even think of smoking a pack of cigarettes I have to run the obstacle course or do something extra for Stockwell when those cigars are way worse than a small little stick I just need the buzz of nicotine. I know Stockwell wants to make sure I can still run and I'm not out of breath or whatever but it gets to be so annoying and they can smell it on you even if you used mouthwash and brushed your teeth. I'll never get how Hannibal's teeth are still white since he smokes cigars one right after another but whatever, I go to the beach and chain smoke and luckily the ocean hides it under that salty sea smell. I think that's all…until I get a chance to write in it again cause I ain't letting Abby any where near this she's too good and pure for this."


Hannibal closed the book and sighed, "He really thinks that little of himself?"


A voice from the doorway said, "Interesting reading isn't it?"


They looked up and saw Decker with Crane's arm around his waist Hannibal said, "Yeah but I had no idea he felt that way he's too damn good at scamming."


Decker chuckled, "Yep he always was you just need to know what to look for when he's about to scam even pathological liars have something that gives them away and he's no different. He'll be away for a couple of weeks helping his half-sister with her wedding plans he's going to be her fiancé's best man. And when Abby plans something she goes all out so he'll be with her a while but it's better him than Crane or me. After that he's supposed to see Ellen Bancroft I have no idea why but we all agreed he should at least see her. So while you have this free time you can decide what you want to do with the information you gleamed from that book or you can forget but don't dare hurt him any worse or you'll really regret it!"

Murdock asked, "He really thinks that little of himself? I mean he thought we would beat him up for being gay and loving Hannibal, but that's not true cause hell I'm gay and in love with BA Amy was just our cover."


Crane nodded, "He was raised to feel like dirt if he even thought he was better he was taken down a few pegs hence the classy outfits he's trying to make himself believe he's not dirt and most time it works. Yeah I admit he's got problems but he's working through them and with you guys he can really work through them. Unfortunately he still smokes no matter how much I threaten him but he says its just to relax which I'll allow but I swear if starts to smoke like you do your cigars we're going to have problems."


Stockwell walked out of the study and sat on one of the sofa arms, "Well I guess I should tell you now you can come and go as you please since the gov't now realizes what happened and you've been cleared of all 'charges' in fact to most people it never happened. You probably want to know how I know Lt. Peck well he was a Major under my Colonel Decker I was the general who demoted him and put him in the brig to get him out.

He's been working with me for years and I respect him since he saved my son who now works with Carla his wife doing paper work but he's no longer out in the field. Instead Face is the one out in the field I have his file if you want to know all the good he's done by going 'perfect soldier' and killing all the bad guys to get the good guys out but all he sees is he's a disappointment to you since you and the others don't kill but it's either kill or be killed in the missions he goes on. It's in the study if you want to read it Colonel."


BA asked, "Ya give us everything so he don't got to scam cuz he hates it right?"


Stockwell nodded, "Yes when we talk in private he says every time he scams and steals he feels like a piece of his soul died so I make sure he doesn't need to."


Decker asked, "So what are you going to do with this new information?"


Hannibal grinned, "Nothing it's given me a good look at my Lt. and I'd like to know where his little beach house is."


Murdock grinned, "He's on the jazz again."


BA groaned, "Ahm sick of the jazz it gets us in trouble."


Decker grinned and tossed Hannibal a ring of keys, "Don't let him know I gave it to you…we have that rival reputation to uphold."


Hannibal nodded, "The car did you buy it?"

Decker nodded, "Yeah he told me about the van and the red strip well I saw a white corvette with a red strip and knew he'd love it so yeah I gave it to him. Why you ask?"


Hannibal grinned again, "Because those cigars I got in the military from him on Christmas and he went to get a receipt he didn't need to cause on the bottom was a sticker of the price and under it was a sticker that said *paid* but he dutifully sent you I gather for a receipt."

Decker nodded, "Well I suggest you guys go visit your folks cause as I remember Face said that Stockwell was giving you a nice amount of time off."


Stockwell nodded, "Yes so he could go to the wedding and such without worrying about business. I've never met another man like him he knows strategy and an awesome chess player that's how he won the pardon and he didn't cheat while sadly I had to and I still lost."


Decker nodded, "Don't feel bad he's beaten Crane, me and Abby. He said he also beat Father Maghill I wonder if there's anyone who could beat him."


They talked a bit more and then made their different exits, Stockwell went back to his study and handed Hannibal the file, BA and Murdock left to go see his momma and tell her they were free and about their relationship, while Decker, Crane and Hannibal got into the same car and they dropped him off at the beach house.

Two weeks went by and Hannibal had learned enough to realize his Lt. had really conned the team not on purpose just by not negating any of the allegations the team had made. He heard the door open downstairs and heard someone go into the kitchen then he heard footsteps coming up the steps and head into the room he was sitting in and when the door open the Lt. stood in the doorway looking quite sexy.


Face moved into the room and put the glass down on the bureau then walked into the closet and removed the suit jacket and crisp button down shirt to reveal a tank and the gold chain then he took off the tank revealing all the scars and Hannibal took a deep breathe causing the person he was studying to freeze and ask, "Who's there?"


Hannibal said, "It's me kid Hannibal." Face blushed and tried to cover his scarred yet muscled and tan body but Hannibal stopped him before he could, "Don't you look beautiful even with those scars there's nothing to hide."


Face looked sheepish, "Uh how did you find this place?"


Hannibal grinned, "Ain't telling kid now tell me honestly how do you feel about me."


Face looked into crisp blue eyes that weren't always as cold as he once thought in fact they looked warm and loving, "Um could you let go so I could have a running start?"


Hannibal grinned again, "Nope you ain't running any more. So how do you feel about me really?"

Face blushed and kept cursing himself <how the hell did he get through all those walls I need time to construct them again but with his body holding mine I can't think he feels too good. Snap out of it try to buy time…mmm would love to have all the time with him…no…screw it. > "Uh I love you."


Before he could even think to prepare for an attack he felt warm lips on top of his licking his suddenly dry lips asking for entrance which was readily granted and Hannibal's tongue entered into the warm cavern of Face's mouth and dueled with his tongue and won so he explored and dominated Face's mouth sucking and nibbling his tongue but then they broke away a bit to catch their breaths and Hannibal gasped.


"I've been wanting to do that for years kid."


Face gasped for breath as well but found it harder after that last comment, "Oh you did? How did you know I tried to keep it a secret."

Hannibal pulled Face close, "I read a very interesting book on a certain man I love who needs to sit down and talk." Hannibal moved to the bed and pulled Face down with him, "Murdock found your journal and we got to learn who you *really* are and how you feel under that con man smile. Don't worry love they don't feel or think of you any different you're still our Faceman and now my lover."


Face at first was tense but relaxed under his lover's ministrations and soothing words. He was so pliant and mellow as Hannibal nibbled on Face's ear and blew warm air over the wet flesh, "Lover tell me what you need. No matter what it is I will do, as your leader I'm supposed to satisfy your materialistic needs or if you need space but as your lover I'm supposed to feed your sexual needs. So talk to me."

Face sighed, "Mmm I like some pain…I'm not saying paddles and whips but a few swats doesn't hurt… you don't think it's wrong?"


Hannibal tightened his hold, "Sh love relax if you want to be spanked then fine as punishments. I was talking with Crane and he controls Decker and his own kind of punishment would you like to try that? Since you do deserve something for keeping secrets."


Face nodded, "Punish me I trust and love you."


Hannibal grinned, "Good roll onto your back."

Face rolled so he was on his back and his head on the pillows and he was flushed with passion. Hannibal leaned over and started to twist and pinch the left nipple and Face moaned, "Hannibal?"


Hannibal regarded his lover with crystal blue and he shifted so he could start pinching the right nipple. Face lay quietly as his lover continued to twist and pull at his nipples and he grew aroused at the sharp, thrilling twinges of pain.

Hannibal said, "I want to make you ache."


Face completely pliant and aroused agreed, "Do it."


Hannibal helped him turn over onto his belly and rest his head on folded arms after removing the pillows so he was flat. Hannibal helped him get to his knees so he could undo his pants and pull them down to his thighs then lay flat again. He lay quietly curious on how this would go. Hannibal explained, "Most times you experience this punishment I won't use lube but since you are a virgin, this is your first time willingly allowing it. So I'll use lube but trust me it will still ache."


Hannibal spread Face's ass cheeks and he kissed the ring then rimmed it with his tongue while his fingers dug into Face's ass flesh deeply, then a lubed finger rubbed against the anus roughly. Hannibal said, "If it gets to be too much and reminds you of those times then say my name…John and I'll stop. Ok? Nod."


Face nodded he was ok and understood and tried to relax as best he could and spread his legs slightly to give Hannibal plenty of room to continue he was actually enjoying it. Face felt Hannibal's lubed finger push into his ass slowly and twist and thrust in his ass while Hannibal laid a cool leather encased hand across the upper middle of his butt to control him and hold him down for it.

Hannibal added another lubed finger scissoring and twisting it causing pain as he was stretched. Hannibal warned, "This is just beginning kid." Face nodded as he felt the pain ripple into him and continued to lie quietly Hannibal said softly, "I like you like this you're quiet and still. Keep it way."


Face shut his eyes as Hannibal pushed another lubed finger inside his ass twisting, pushing and thrusting in. Hannibal thrust his thumb in and moved the gloved hand to Face's perineum and rubbed it roughly. Face felt his balls shift and roll his sac was tight but figured Hannibal wouldn't touch them, just his ass or just his asshole. Hannibal added a fourth lubed finger to open him. Face stifled a moan knowing Hannibal had wanted to stay still and quiet but his asshole throbbed and burned and felt good. Face felt fingers pushing and driving into him and he felt as if he only existed to please Hannibal. Hannibal withdrew his fingers and grinned when he heard Face's muffled groan <I'll wait for words> Hannibal used his hands and fingers to dig into the sides of Face's asshole and pry him open roughly.

Hannibal said, "Feel how open you are?" Face nodded and Hannibal continued, "This is how open I want you to be to me no more secrets or you'll experience this punishment until you realize how open I want you to be with me." He moved back and stripped then rubbed lube on his member and pushed the head against Face's throbbing anus and forced it in slowly, slowly. Soon Hannibal was in to the hilt and stayed for a moment giving Face a chance to grow accustomed to the girth then he pulled out hard and left only the swollen cock head in Face's ass. He drove it in again and pulled out and thrust in again. Hannibal saw Face swallow as he shifted and rode the walls of his ass hitting the prostate as he thrust in hard and deep harshly faster and faster until he knew Face would break.


Face begged, "Please Hannibal fuck me, I love you!"

Hannibal laughed hoarsely and knew he'd make Face pay for talking but he did love him. He jammed his member in, thrusting and pounding faster and faster, taking pleasure in Face's slim, tight ass. His prick grew even more rigid and the cock head swell-before he came coating Face's ass deep inside. He stilled and fell on top of Face, panting while his still hard prick quivered and jerked inside Face.


He kissed Face's shoulders tenderly. "Face?"


Face asked, "Yeah?"

Hannibal explained, "You know I didn't want you to talk so you need to be punished and keep silent. Ok?" Face nodded and Hannibal saw him shut his eyes as he pulled his cock out slowly.

Hannibal said, "I've fucked you wide open which is how you should be to me but this'll make punishing you easier. Crane gave me one of his toys." He saw Face brace himself knowing it would hurt his already sore anus…


*Whack* Hannibal saw Face swallow as he was intent on making Face's anus ache…the tiny whip cracked onto Face's asshole again and again. Hannibal murmured as he brought the whip down again on Face's swollen anus "Your asshole's getting good and red Face."

Hannibal saw Face grind his teeth as he punished his anus until he was satisfied that Face had been properly chastised for keeping secrets and talking. The little whip cracked down again and again. Face's asshole felt like it was on fire and Hannibal said, "One more Face."


Hannibal noticed Face brace himself knowing the last one was always extra-hard from past experiences. *Whack* the whip-crack shot through his asshole and Face blinked back his tears he turned slightly and Hannibal lay down beside him smiling at him while stroking his face lovingly.

"You did good kid took it real well. Did you enjoy it or was it too rough?"


Face sighed, "Thanks it hurt but felt so good, so when I mess up I'll be punished by my CO *and* my lover?"


Hannibal grinned, "Depends on how bad you mess up if it gets you hurt then damn right your lover is going to punish you. Just remember one thing about this relationship, it means you'll never have to hide your *true* face or your heart."


Face just snuggled against his lover in response.

~The End…I think~


Hidden Hearts by Pure



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