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Take Me Back

Take Me Back

Author: Monte


Rated: PG

Copyright: July 29, 2004

Summary: The plane crashes and the guys have to spend the night in a hunting cabin.  But they are in for a few surprises.

Disclaimer:  I do not own the characters of the A-Team.  Adrian, William, Kodiak, Liz and Fiona are mine. 

Warning: One bad word.  That's all.  And one very, very big dog in the end.

Comments: Always welcome

Note: Dream Within A Dream was written by Edgar Allen Poe.  Take Me Back (poem) is my original poem.






Murdock looked down at the flashing red light on the airplane's instrument panel. They were losing hydraulic fluid. He started to scan the horizon in search of some place where he could land the plane. One of the bad guy's bullets must have connected when they were taking off. "Come on, baby. Just a little farther."


Hannibal stepped into the cockpit and noticed the warning light. "We got a problem, Captain?"


"We sprung a leak, Colonel. You and Face better find some place comfortable and hang on cause this is gonna be a bumpy landing." Spying a large meadow in the valley ahead, Murdock lowered the landing gear. Easing the plane down as carefully as he could, he apologized to the plane. "I'm sorry I gotta do this to you, baby. It's been nice knowing you, even if it was only for a little while."


The plane moaned in protest as its engines were slowed so much they nearly stalled. The wings clipped the tree tops and the ground rushed up to meet the wheels of the aircraft. The landing was indeed bumpy to say the least, just as Murdock had predicted. Soon the plane was sliding on its belly after having the landing gear torn off. When they finally came to a stop, the plane was missing most of the right wing and part of the tail section. Murdock sighed and shook his head. "BA isn't gonna be happy when he finds out we crashed again." Making his way back to where the rest of the Team had been sitting, he zipped up his flight jacket against the chill of the Minnesota evening.


"Murdock, why do so many of your flights end with a crash?" Face grumbled as he undid his seat belt.


Ignoring his friend's complaint, Murdock said, "Colonel, we gotta find someplace warmer than this to spend the night. Those clouds coming in look like they could dump their load of rain before too long."


"You're right, Captain. Let's get our things and get BA out of this plane before he wakes up."


Together the three gathered their belongings and managed to carry BA nearly half a mile before he woke up and demanded to be put down. They continued on for another couple of hours until they spotted a cabin near a stream.


Hannibal sent BA and Murdock to scout the surrounding area while he and Face went to see if anyone or anything was home. The front door creaked as it opened and Hannibal peered around the single room in the deepening twilight. There hadn't been anyone here recently judging by the dust on everything but there was canned food and cooking utensils in the cupboards. He rummaged through the cupboards and shelves to discover tins of stew, canned fruit, and tin pails of flour, salt and baking powder. A table and four chairs sat in the middle of the room near the wood cook stove and bunk beds lined the back wall.


Gazing at the deer head hanging over the doorway, Face said, "Looks like we found someone's hunting cabin." He crossed the room and tossed his bag onto one of the top bunks. "I'm sure glad we found this place before it got dark, Hannibal. I mean, can you imagine what my dry cleaner would say if she had to clean this suit if we'd had to sleep out in the woods?"


"Relax, Face. You've got nothing to worry about tonight." He walked over to the bunk where Face stood and stretched out on the on the one below Face's.


Murdock and BA came in with a gust of wind at their heels. The rain that had been threatening to fall finally let loose in torrents. "We found an old logging road about fifty yards southeast of here, Hannibal. We can probably follow that down to a main road," Murdock reported.


"Well, guys," Hannibal said with a yawn, "Let's get some sleep. We'll head out in the morning."





Murdock could hear the crackling of a fire as he was pulled from his sleep. He rolled onto his stomach and let his arm dangle over the side of the bed. When his fingers brushed against something soft, he forced his eyes to open. It took him a few seconds to realize something wasn't right. Instead of being on the top bunk above BA, he was on a single bed and his hand was resting on a sheepskin rug that he didn't remember seeing the night before.


As he looked around the room, he knew something strange had happened. Nothing was the same. He slipped from under his blanket and slowly walked over to the door. He was in for the shock of his life when he opened the door and found nothing looked even vaguely similar to the terrain they had traversed the night before. Gently rolling hills had replaced the forest Murdock knew should be there.


"This can't be happening. I'm just dreaming. Yeah, this must be a dream," he said, trying to convince himself. Closing the door, he mumbled over and over, "This isn't real. It's just a dream." He walked over to where Face lay sleeping and shook his friend's shoulder to awaken him. "Wake up, Face, you gotta see this."


"Huh, what?" he muttered, only half awake.


"Facey, come on. You gotta wake up," Murdock insisted as he continued to shake Face.


"What do you want, Murdock?" Face groaned.


"We got a problem, muchacho. We ain't in Kansas anymore, Toto."


"What are you talking about? Are you seeing things again?"


"FACE!! Look around. Does anything look different to you?"


"Calm down, Murdock. Don't get hysterical. You probably just had a bad... dream." Face's expression grew puzzled as he looked around the room. "What's going on? This isn't the cabin I went to sleep in."


"You should look outside."


Face threw back the blanket and raced to the door. Throwing open the door, he stared out at the landscape in disbelief. "What the hell? Where are we?" He stumbled backward until his legs bumped into a chair. Sitting down heavily, his mouth agape, Face tried to comprehend what he was seeing. He stared at his friend, who was standing near the doorway, and asked, "How did we get here?"


Murdock shook his head. "Your guess is as good as mine." He glanced out the door and pointed to a young woman who was walking toward them. "Maybe we can ask her where we are."


The two men watched as she approached the house. As she drew close, they both stepped outside to greet her. Murdock asked, "Excuse me, but can you tell me where we are?"


"Ye are strangers here?" She nodded her head as she looked over their clothing and hairstyles. "I had a feelin' you'd be comin'. Me name's Fiona and ye are in Scotland. Now who might ye be?"


Face and Murdock stared at Fiona then at each other, flabbergasted. "How did we... where did... I don't get it. We fall asleep in Minnesota... and wake up in Scotland?" Face sputtered.


"My name is H.M. Murdock and this is Templeton Peck, but we call him Face. Our other friends are still asleep. Like he said, last night we were in Minnesota and today we're here in Scotland but we don't know how we got here."


"Where is this Minnesota? I've never heard of it."


"It's a state in America." At the puzzled look she gave him, Murdock asked, "You don't know where America is either?"


Fiona shook her head.


Face quietly snorted, "The queen needs to check into the school systems around here."


"You are mistaken. We have no queen. King Edward the Long shanks sits on the throne. He is our ruler," Fiona informed him.


"King Edward?" Face asked, raising his eyebrows.




Hesitantly, Murdock asked, "What year is this?"


A worried look crossed her face as she replied, "Tis the year of our Lord 1278."





Hannibal watched as Fiona ladled stew into wooden bowls and place them on the table. He thought about the conversation between all of them earlier in the day. Fiona had explained how most people thought she was a witch. Her homemade medicines made from herbs and roots met with resistance from the locals. Even her family was wary of her ideas. She only wanted to help those around her but if they wouldn't accept her help, there was nothing she could do.


They had all just settled around the fire when an frantic banging on the door disrupted the quiet evening.  "Fiona, please. Open the door!" The voice was filled with alarm. Fiona ran to the door and threw it open. Before her stood a barrel chested man clutching a small boy to his chest. "Please, Fiona. The bairn canna breathe."


She quickly listed to the child's ragged breathing and began giving orders to the men. "Face, build up the fire. Murdock, gather all the blankets you can find. BA, I'll need lots of wood chopped to keep the fire going. Hannibal, I need water from the well and lots of it. Adrian, give me the child."


In a flurry of activity, the men went about their assigned tasks. Adrian and Murdock constructed a small tent to cover Fiona and the boy. They boiled water and kept a cauldron of steaming water in the tent at all times, replacing it with another when it had cooled. It was a long night for them all. No one slept, instead they waited and prayed. Adrian feared for his child's life. Nothing made him feel more helpless than watching his young son fight for every breath he took.


Fiona cradled the boy close to her as she softly crooned an old lullaby in the Gaelic tongue of her parents. They were both bathed in sweat; their hair plastered to their skulls. She listened carefully to the boy's breathing throughout the night. Finally, as dawn approached, he began to cough violently. She helped him to sit upright as the phlegm was loosened. After the coughing fit had passed, Fiona held her ear to his chest to listen. The boy was breathing easily for the first time since he had arrived. A wave of relief flooded over her. Carefully, she pushed back the blankets surrounding them and called out for Adrian.

Almost instantly, he was at her feet, holding out his arms for his son. Adrian cuddled the exhausted child and wept for joy. Fiona smiled weakly at the man sitting on the floor. "Take the lad home, Adrian. He'll be fine."


Adrian rose and thanked everyone for their help. "I don't care what they say about ye, Fiona. I know the truth. Your heart is good. You saved the bairn's life. If there was evil in ye, ye wouldn't have helped me."


After Adrian had left, Hannibal approached Fiona. "Nice work, kid. You probably saved his life."


With a sigh of exhaustion, Fiona replied sorrowfully, "If only I could have done as much for his mother." She sighed heavily and ran her hands over the thick red hair. "Elizabeth married young. Soon after the weeding, she discovered she was going to be a mother. Adrian couldn't have been happier. When the time came for her to give birth, I was there with her. She always was a small lass and the birthing was difficult. The bairn was turned, trying to come out feet first." Fiona covered her face as the memories swept over her.


Hannibal patted her shoulder encouragingly. He could tell this was hard for her to talk about. When she had calmed a bit, he asked, "So what happened?"


"I was able to turn the child but Elizabeth was in too much pain. Something was terribly wrong. She was dying. There were two children in her womb. The first never cried, she was already dead. Then he came, a screaming bundle with a head o' fiery red hair. Elizabeth held him for the last minutes of her life. You can see why the boy means so much to Adrian. William is the only part of Elizabeth he has left."


"Were you and Elizabeth always good friends?"


"I loved her the day she was born. 'Tis been three summers since she died, but I still miss her." A tear trickled down her cheek and fell to the ground. She looked Hannibal straight in the eye and said, "Elizabeth was my baby sister."




Face and Murdock sat silently watching the sun sink behind the hill. "Why are we here, Face? There's got to be a reason. I have no idea how it happened and frankly I don't really care. But I do want to know why."


Face shook his head. "I've been asking myself the same thing, Murdock. Not only are we thousands of miles from where we should be but... to be 700 years in the past?"


With a nervous chuckle, Murdock replied, "Let's hope tonight isn't so exciting."




Hannibal and BA sat discussing theories of how they had wound up in Scotland. Neither had been able to come up with a believable idea so far. BA turned to Fiona who stood gazing out the window. "You got any ideas how we got here?"


"No... and yes."


"Would you care to elaborate on that comment?" Hannibal asked.


Fiona slowly waked over to the table and sat down with the two men. With a soft sigh, she began to explain. "Elizabeth had the Sight. She could see things before they happened. Before William was born, she told me... a special visitor would be coming. 'Destiny knows not the limits of time or leagues' she said. We were meant to know one another. I still do not fully understand but in time, the truth will make itself known." Their heads turned when the door opened and Murdock and Face entered the room. "I must leave you now, lads, but I'll see you again. Sleep well." She quickly slipped out into the dusk, leaving the four men to puzzle over the days' events.





The warmth of the morning sun pulled Face from his dreams. Cautiously opening his eyes, he took in the familiar surroundings of the cabin. Hannibal and BA were both still snoring away in the lower bunks. Murdock, however, was nowhere in sight. Quietly, Face jumped down from his bunk and made his way outside. Thank God, it was just some weird dream he thought.


Murdock was leaning up against one of the larger trees in front of the cabin. "Mornin', Face. Sleep well?"


"Not bad, considering. I'm glad the rain stopped."


"Yep, me too. Woulda been miserable walking in a downpour. BA and the Colonel still sleeping?"


Face nodded. He considered telling Murdock about the dream but knew he'd probably be in for a long psychoanalytical mumbo-jumbo lecture of some kind so he smiled and dismissed the idea.




The next morning, the team road from the airport back to the compound at Langley. Hannibal lit a cigar, ignoring the disapproving glare of the driver. "I had the strangest dream the other night."


Not as strange as mine, I'll bet Face thought.


"I dreamt we were in Scotland and it was several hundred years ago. Don't know why we were there but there was a guy and his little boy. The boy was sick and his aunt made him better."


"He had croup," Face interrupted.


Hannibal stared at his lieutenant. "What?"


"He had croup and she used steam to get him breathing again."


"Face... how did you..." Hannibal's face had taken on a guarded appearance.


"It was no dream, Colonel, not unless I had the exact same dream. We were there." Face had visibly paled as his gaze darted from one face to the next.


"Fiona was real then," Murdock said, fear and hope in his voice.


Both Face and Hannibal looked over at the pilot. There was no longer any doubt they had somehow travelled through space and time and back again. As the car stopped in front of the house, each of the men sat momentarily, attempting to comprehend what had happened. One by one, they exited the car and headed for the house.


"Hey, guys. Have a good trip?" Frankie asked when they entered the hall.


"It was interesting," Hannibal answered.


"Hey, you know Liz, the girl I've been seeing? She and her sister are here and they want to meet you guys. Come on and I'll introduce you." Frankie let the team to the back yard. "Liz, come on over," he said, smiling.


The petite young woman with strawberry blond hair rose from the lounge chair and walked over to stand near Frankie. "Hi," she said shyly as Frankie introduced each of the men to her.


"Now where did that sister of yours get to?"


"She's off with that creature she calls a dog," she rolled her eyes. "She should be back any second." True to her word, another young woman soon appeared from around the corner of the house with an enormous dog. Motioning to her sister, Liz introduced the team to her. "This is my sister, you can call her Red, and that thing beside her is Kodiak."


Frankie grinned, " Red says he's a dog but I think he's part grizzly bear."


"Actually, he's part Mastiff, part Newfoundland, part Irish wolfhound and part Great Dane," she corrected. Giving Frankie a light punch on the arm, she teased, "Don't worry, Frankie. I promise as long as you treat Liz right, I won't let him eat you."


Frankie laughed and reached over to scratch around Kodiak's ears. He didn't have to reach far considering when the dog sat beside him, his head was level with his waist. "Someone is a little over protective of her younger sister, can you tell?"


"He's exaggerating. All I said was if he ever broke her heart, I'd break every bone in his body and feed him to Kodiak. How's that over protective?" Both the young women and Frankie laughed. Face, Hannibal and BA chuckled.


Murdock couldn't help but stare in shock. Liz's sister looked exactly like Fiona. She caught his eye and smiled knowingly. "Something on your mind, Murdock?"


"Sorry for staring, but you remind me of someone I saw... a long time ago."


"No problem. You ever read Poe?"


"You mean Edgar Allen Poe? Yeah."


With a twinkle in her eye, she recited,


"Take this kiss upon the brow!

And, in parting from you now,

Thus much let me avow --

You are not wrong, who deem

That my days have been a dream;

Yet if hope has flown away

In a night, or in a day,

In a vision, or in none,

Is it therefore the less gone?

All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream."


Murdock gazed questioningly down at her. "Fiona?" he whispered.


"I told you I'd see you again."





Take me back to days gone by

Back through space and time I'll fly

That I might be able to look upon her face

To hear her laugh and know her grace

We were born years apart

But destiny touched my heart

Fate is a mysterious woman

She ignores distance and season

Together we were meant to be

So fate brought you back to me

Though worlds apart is how we began

Somehow we found each other once again

Love is a master, she makes her own rules

From strangers to lovers, wise men become fools





Take Me Back by Monte



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