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Title: When The Walls Melt

When The Walls Melt
Author: Snickersmobo

Rating: PG-13/light slash/Song Fiction
Pairing: F/M
Disclaimers: I don't know own the boys.
Songs from Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' and whoever owns the lyrics.  It is not me.


Murdock sat on the floor in the middle of the room with the lights off.  The moon was full, so could he see everything in the room. The light appeared too bright. Being alone was what he wanted right now. No nurses, doctors, team members or Dr. Richter. Especially Dr. Richter. He'd know something was wrong and right now Murdock couldn't explain to himself what it was. He wasn't sure of anything.

It started last month when Face and he went to see the movie Pink Floyd's The Wall. Face said it was well received by the critics, but other than that, he didn't know what the movie was about. He never thought it was about the aftermath of war.

A few scenes into the movie Face asked if Murdock wanted to leave. Murdock said no, he was enjoying the soundtrack and the cartoonist direction the movie was going. They sat through the entire movie; both thinking the movie was bizarre. A little offbeat, but the music was good. So were the choreography and the other little ingenious movie makings.

During the next few days, Murdock didn't think much about the movie while awake.  His sleep was interrupted by nightmares long forgotten when he awoke. Murdock long ago learned not to cry out or make noise during a nightmare due to the VC so the VA staff never heard his nightmares. After a few days, the dark circles under his eyes became obvious to the staff. They grew concerned and upped his sessions with Dr. Richter and changed his medication. Murdock had nothing to say to anyone because he couldn't remember his nightmares. Or maybe he just didn’t want to remember/

A VA outing to the local shopping mall had Murdock buying "The Wall". He couldn't explain it's connection to him and at the time no one else seemed to know even what the music was to even ask him about it.

Or so he thought as he sat in the middle of Face's apartment on the floor. It was a seaside mansion near a cliff with the nearest neighbors a mile away. Face was with Hannibal meeting a client. They didn't know he was there. It was the only place Murdock thought he could be completely alone. He wanted to be alone to hear the album. It wasn't hard to escape the VA on his own when left to his own devices. He didn't tell the team his secret to escaping because he used it far more frequently than they were aware of. He liked to be alone a lot and had special places he'd go to think.

When he was watching the movie with Face there was so much going on that he knew he was missing the key to the movie. Whatever that key was, it bothered him that he couldn't figure it out. Perhaps listening to the music would bring some sense of tranquility to him. Perhaps understanding the movie, he could understand himself. Was Pink him in another time and place?

He lit some of Face's incense and put the album on. He went back to the floor, but put his back to the couch to prop him up. His mind floated through side one until he got to a particular song. A woman's voice called out from the album.

Oh my God, what a fabulous room!
Are all these your guitars?
This place is bigger than our apartment.
Uh, could I have a drink of water?
Ya want some? Huh?
Oh wow! Look at this tub!
Wanna take a bath?
What're you watching?
Are you feeling ok?

Was he feeling okay? Not really. If he were, he'd be sleeping better. He wouldn't be alone in Face's apartment in the dark listening to The Wall. Murdock didn't know, but something in his mind made him feel he was sliding in the wrong direction. He continued listening to the lyrics picturing he was Pink. His breathing turned ragged. Switching from a female to a male voice it half sang; half spoke the words.

Day after day,
Our love turns gray,
Like the skin on a dying man.
And night after night,
We pretend it's all right,
But I have grown older,
And you have grown colder,
And nothing is very much fun, anymore.
And I can feel,
One of all my turns coming on.
I feel,
Cold as a razor blade,
Tight as a tourniquet,
Dry as a funeral drum

Murdock subconsciously pulled his legs toward him and wrapped his arms around himself, suddenly feeling lost and alone. His breathing was worsening and he was sweating profusely. He knew what was coming and somehow he felt powerless to stop himself. The tone of the song changed into a cacophony of sound that drowned out all other noise including the thoughts in Murdock's own head.

Run to the bedroom,
In the suitcase on the left,
You'll find my favorite axe.

In a fury of some kind of unanswered rage, Murdock moved faster than anyone could imagine. He was smashing lamps, dishes, anything that could make a sound louder than the song. Everything in his surroundings was quickly and noisily destroyed.

Don't look so frightened,
This is just a passing phase,
One of my bad days.

Face and
Hannibal stood in the doorway transfixed at the sight in front of them. The music was so loud it hurt Hannibal's ears. He never heard it before and Murdock breaking everything in sight scared him. For once Hannibal was at a loss of what to do. Without BA, he didn't know if he and Face could subdue Murdock while he was in this state of mind.

Would you like to watch TV?
Or get between the sheets?
Or contemplate a silent freeway?
Would you like something to eat?

Face remembered the song from the movie. He was right behind Murdock as he reached the 3rd story window.

Would you like to learn to fly? -- Would ya?
Would you like to see me try?

Window glass went flying as Face barely grabbed Murdock's jacket before he flew out into the air.

Ooohh. No!
Would you like to call the cops?
Do you think it's time I stopped?
Why are you running away?

Face pulled Murdock from the window. He couldn't hold onto him as Murdock kept up the wreckage. Face and
Hannibal tried to stop him, but it was no use. He was too fast, too far gone to be stopped. It seemed to them to last for hours, but it was minutes. Hannibal turned the stereo off and it cooled Murdock down a little, though, he was still jived, walking around mumbling the lyrics. Eventually, Murdock slowed down, exhausted from his rant. Face gently led Murdock to the bedroom, not caring what Hannibal thought. He wanted, no he needed, to find out what Murdock was feeling. He had to know what caused him to wreck the house and basically change into a raving lunatic.


Hannibal started cleaning as quietly as he could, knowing how guilty Murdock would feel the next day and how Face would be upset at the wreckage and Murdock. He wouldn’t be mad at Murdock, only distracted and trying to cheer Murdock up, wondering what he did to cause Murdock to have another meltdown.



The End.


When The Walls Melt by Snickersmobo



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