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The Temptation of Boscoe Baracus-The Original South Sea Island

The Temptation of Boscoe Baracus - The Original South Sea Island Chronicles #1
By  Meridocbrandybuck

Ratings and Warning: NC-17, pure smut, no non-consensual. Both het and slash.
Summary: PWP, what more do you need to know? (This was a response to a challenge on the ATSB-2 list.)


He wiped the sweat from his brow. It was so hot, he thought he was melting. He looked to his right, over at the fool and then to his left at Hannibal and the Faceman. Both were sweating too, from the heat of the midday sun on the tropical isle, but on Face even sweat looked good. He snorted; pretty soon they'd see how good they looked with black eyes and bloodied lips. B.A. don't fly. "Not with the fool as a pilot," he thought angrily, "and certainly not when he crashes me down on this place and we end up getting captured by cannibals."

Just as soon as they get out of here, B.A. was going to pound each of them into a bloody pulp and then stomp on them. They had crashed at sea, apparently, and had to swim to the unmapped isle, where they had been captured on the beach as soon as they had emerged from the surf. B.A. had missed this part; he had only regained consciousness a few hours ago and found himself chained naked to this wooden pole. As soon as Face realized that the big man was awake, he started spinning some tale about how the only reason B.A. hadn't drowned in the crash was because Face had dived in again and again, cutting more of B.A.'s restraints each time till the big guy was free.

"How come I was on the plane?" B.A. had yelled back, and Face looked glad to be chained two posts away. B.A. tested the chains then, pulling against them with all their might, trying to break them or to rip the post out of the ground. The chains connecting the bracelets on his wrists and ankles to the post were fairly long and he could stand and sit quite comfortably, so he grasped one of the chains in both his hands and leaned away, pulling with all his might but at the same time using his full and considerable body weight as well. The natives hadn't liked this, however, and had run over and pointed their big machine guns at him, and yelled at him in their language, until he had given up and sat down again.

They hadn't seemed like cannibals, certainly B.A. never imagined cannibals with machine guns, but they'd built a great fire, placed a large black pot over it, and then filled it with water. Steam was just beginning to rise over the top. The natives, men, women, and children had come down to see them, pinching their muscles and stomach, and running their hands down them, as if they were seeing if they were fat enough to eat. Many of the women had smacked and licked their lips hungrily as they did so, a gesture that in another context B.A. might have assumed was sexual anticipation, but many of the men had done it too, and then the children had imitated them. Furthermore, none of the women had responded to Face's sexual advances, his intentions should have been obvious in any language. He'd reached up to stroke the women's arms as they pinched him, but they had just laughed and slapped his hands away. Finally most of the natives had left, leaving only a dozen or so guards to watch them.

No, he was about to be killed and eaten and it was all Face's fault. He was sure it was Face that had hit him with the board this time.

"Face!" B.A. yelled, "if I get eaten I'm going to stomp you into the ground!" Face looked over at him and smiled nervously.

"Now, B.A.," Hannibal said, "no one is going to get eaten."

"You got a plan?" B.A. growled at him.

"The beginnings of one," Hannibal said.

"Well," B.A. growled, "find the endings of one."

Now the water in the pot was about to come to a boil and B.A. would end his days as soup. He heard the sound of natives returning and looked up, they were all dressed in finery, bead necklaces, feathers, their faces painted with red spirals and white lines. They began to sing, play drums and dance all around the chained men.

"Okay, here's the plan," Hannibal said, "first guy they unchain, make a break for the jungle."

"That's the plan, Hannibal? That's they plan?" B.A. shouted over the noise of the merrymaking. He heard Face whining on Hannibal's other side about it taking Hannibal how long and that was the best he could do?

"I think you are getting old and senile!" Murdock shouted. Hannibal just shrugged and leaned back against the post.

Suddenly the music stopped and all the natives, guards included, fell prostrate to the ground. A women, dressed in a long red shift was approaching. She was almost as tall as B.A. and held herself regally as she walked barefoot. She didn't pause or look down, instead she simply walked right over the natives, stepping on them as if they were the ground beneath her feet. When she reached the captive men, she waved her hand and the natives rose to a kneeling position. She stood in front of them for a moment and then approached Face. She gestured at two of the guards, who ran over and pulled Face up to his feet and held him still as she approached. Standing just two feet in front of him, she suddenly pulled her shift above her head and then let it fall, not watching as two natives sprang to catch it.

She was naked, completely naked, but she stood there proudly. Her breasts were full, but not so heavy that they fell. Her waist and hips were pleasingly full and her brown belly was rounded, the way a women should be, not like those skinny boyish models were. Her legs were short, but nicely muscled, as were her arms. She had a round face, like most of the other natives, but it was perfectly proportioned. Her black hair tumbled down her back. B.A. felt a surge of desire, but suppressed it, remembering he was going to be eaten in a moment.

Face was having more difficulty in controlling his reactions, though. Without any expression or show of interest, she ran her fingers down his chest, down his belly, and to his groin, lightly squeezing it and then clasped his buttocks with both her hands. B.A. turned away, not really wanting to see what happened next. Face's dick was already getting firm and full and B.A. heard him murmur something about her wanting to enjoy dessert before the main course. B.A. turned his head back, just to make sure that Face wasn't messing things up, of course, but the women had already walked away from the blonde man and was now running her fingers along the inside of Hannibal's thigh. Hannibal, it seems, was taking this little game as a test of his resolve and stood at attention, or as well as he could, with his arms held by two guards. His eyes were fixed ahead, staring at some distant point, and somehow he managed to not respond to the women who was now fondling his balls and penis. She gave up after another moment or two and approached B.A.

He didn't resist as two guards pulled him up to a standing position. He closed his eyes, maybe he could retain control that way, but he had felt the stirrings of desire every since she had disrobed, and his skin grew hotter. Fingertips touched his chest, and then twirled his chest hair. Another hand slid smoothly over his muscular arms. "No," B.A. thought, "it was just a game to this woman and there are lots of people watching. Kids, they are letting kids watch." The disgust he felt helped him regain control and he opened his eyes. Two hands wandered down his buttocks, feeling and squeezing, but he just looked up at the sky. Finally it was over and the women stepped back and went to torment Murdock. B.A. didn't watch, he just kept looking at the sky, trying to forget the feel of her hands on his skin.

Murdock gasped and B.A. turned reluctantly towards the pilot. Their tormentor was walking away, back towards the pot of boiling water, and nodded, apparently satisfied with the arrangements. She lifted her arms above her head and two women ran to her and quickly dressed her again. B.A. saw the women giving instructions again, first pointing to Face and talking. Whatever she had said had obviously pleased the old women gathered around, because they all turned their heads towards the blonde conman and began smacking their lips again. She pointed to Hannibal, said a few words, and the men, old and young, nodded and laughed. She pointed to Murdock and the young women of the village smiled at him shyly. Finally she pointed to B.A. and said something. No one nodded at that. "Wasn't good enough for any of them," B.A. thought, "not even to eat." Suspicions about what was really going on were forming in B.A.'s mind, and he began to think he'd rather be eaten.

The woman approached them again and spoke, this time in oddly accented English, "You have violated our sacred island," she said, "for that, you must pay us."

"We crashed, lady," Hannibal said dryly.

"You sat foot on our sacred island," the woman said again, ignoring the comment, "and you must pay the price. You will pleasure us, and we will take pleasure in you. When all are satisfied, you will be taken to another island and set free. Fail in your duties, and you will be thrown into the Cove of Sharks." She waited.

"Lady, if you think I'm going to pleasure a bunch of men," Hannibal said calmly, "then you need psychiatric help." Face looked nervously at the gaggle of old women, who were smiling at him and licking their lips.

The woman was silent, then asked "you defy our traditions then?"

Hannibal said, "You got that right."

The woman sighed. "I'd rather not have to throw you into the Cove of Sharks," she said.

Hannibal shook his head firmly. The woman pointed at Face then and several guards ran over, unchaining him, and pointing their guns at his head. The old women loudly protested in their native tongue at her choice, but the woman shook her head and pointed towards the path through the jungle.

"Uh, Hannibal, it might not be so bad," Face said. "Better than the Cove of Sharks." The guards were pushing him along the path. B.A. watched Hannibal weigh his options. Then the woman pointed towards Murdock, "he's next."

"I'll do the men," Murdock shrugged, "I don't mind."

"As you wish," she said.

"Okay, lady," Hannibal said, "obviously you are in charge here." She nodded and then snapped her fingers. The men stopped dragging Face towards the jungle and started dragging him towards the pot, dropping him only when they reached the old women. Someone brought a large tub and B.A. watched them dip boiling water from the large black pot into the tub and mix it with cold water. Two guards stood by and watched while the old women wet Face down and then soaped him from head to toe, all of them trying to scrub every bit of his body all at once.

"You let the children watch?" B.A. growled at their leader.

"They may watch or not watch as they wish," she said, without a hint of shame. Do you not allow your children to watch you eat? To work? It is a part of life like any other. But if it disturbs you, I will send them away." She turned and issued commands in her language again and the children immediately ran up the path and out of the jungle.

"Children!" Hannibal said, "We don't want to leave any babies behind." The old women were rinsing Face off now and B.A. saw one of them move his hand to her breast and then between her thighs.

"I don't think it's anything he has to worry about," the leader laughed quietly," and we have ways of preventing it." The old women were pulling Face up one of the paths now, and the guards followed reluctantly behind, one glancing back at Hannibal sadly.

"He'll get a turn," the woman said, then nodded towards Murdock. The young men beat the guards to the pole and practically carried Murdock to the tub. A short time later B.A. watched Murdock being taken down the path, and shook his head, followed by the old, wrinkled men.

The young women washed Hannibal quickly, and carried him off into the jungle as well.

"Your turn," the woman said, nodding at the guards to unchain him. "Your friend will be fine. In a little while he'll beg for the women to pleasure him."

B.A. suspected that Hannibal wasn't going to beg for anything, but there was nothing he could do at the moment except follow the woman. Two guards with machine guns were behind him. The woman stopped at the tub, which was being filled with fresh cold and hot water by two young girls.

"Wash," she told B.A. He stepped into the tub and was given a hollowed out coconut to dip water in, and a bar of some kind of soap. Quickly he washed and rinsed, all the while aware of the woman's intent gaze upon him. When he was through, she turned and said, "Follow." They walked up the same path that Murdock and Face had gone, but a little ways into the jungle, the path split into three sections. They took the left fork, and then a few minutes later, the path split again. B.A. concentrated on memorizing the way back to the clearing. It wasn't difficult, he'd served in Vietnam, but he found it hard to concentrate when the women before him was walking with such a strange grace. He looked at her hips swaying back and forth as they walked.

At last they reached a hut, which stood in a small clearing in the jungle. She entered and he followed. The guards remained outside. Inside the round dwelling was a bed, made with white sheets. A blue blanket was folded neatly on the end. B.A. swallowed heavily. "Why me?" he asked. "Why not Face?" She looked momentarily confused at his statement, then laughed.

"You mean the blonde god? It seems he needs to learn some self-control, the old women will teach him, truly he was blessed to be sent with them, to learn their secrets. To please a young woman is not hard, the proverbs say, to satisfy an old woman, one must posses secret knowledge," she stripped off her dress and ran her fingers through her hair as she spoke. "They will probably give him mli root to drink first and he will become engorged, but they will not let him pleasure himself until they have been thoroughly satisfied many times." She came to stand in front of him. "Pleasure me in any way you wish, in any manner, softly, roughly, slowly, quickly, we have a long time. I know that you want me but I also know you have some measure of self-control. And you are," she paused as she ran her hand down his chest and smiled as he shivered. "You are so beautiful." She leaned forward and kissed his chest, chastely, with just her lips at first, then her tongue snaked out of her mouth and moved in slow circles across his chest, down towards his belly. "Pleasure me," she whispered huskily. Slowly B.A. brought his hands up, as if to grasp her tight in an embrace, but instead spun her around, pulling her roughly against his chest and clasping a hand across her mouth.

"We aren't going to pleasure anyone," he growled quietly, fighting the heat in his groin. "You are going to call the guards in here and tell them to put their guns down and surrender, or I'm going to break your neck." He quickly moved both hands to her throat and squeezed a little for emphasis.

"They won't come," she said. "They know not to break the sacred circle of pleasure."

"Call them lady, or you are dead," B.A. threatened.

"Why? Why would you kill me? Have we harmed you in any way? We offer our bodies for your pleasure as well," the woman spoke calmly, as if she were used to this kind of conversation.

"That ain't the point, lady," B.A. said, "we don't like being forced to do something that we don't want to do."

"You don't want to run your fingers through my hair, squeeze my breasts, lick me between my thighs until I am wet and ready, and then fill me up with your very essence while I squeeze?" she inquired, reaching back with both hands and running them up and down his legs.

B.A. involuntarily squeezed his hands together slightly in response to the stimulation, then realized what he was doing and took them entirely from around her neck.

"Don't matter if I want to or not," he said, resisting the urge to grab her and throw her on the bed, "I'm not going to if I'm going to be forced to."

"Ah," she said, kneeling in front of him, and gently pushing his legs apart, "the spoiled child approach. You'd rather eat a bite or two of stolen ice cream, then the pint your mother tells you to eat." She reached forward and licked his penis.

"Leave momma out of this," B.A. ordered and stepped back, out of her reach. "And so what? I get to decide."

She stood up then and tossed her hair back. "I'm offering you a night of unbelievable passion with no consequences. If you have a wife you could truly tell her that it was either pleasure me or die, and you are refusing?" She stared at him, as if he had grown another head. "Do you have a wife?" She asked suspiciously. "You had so many rings, but none seemed like the wedding rings worn by Americans."

"I ain't married and that ain't the point," B.A. said. The sight of her tossing her hair back and her breasts very slightly moving along with the gesture had temporarily unnerved him. "Anyway, ain't no such thing as no consequences. I'm not leaving a bastard behind."

She didn't respond but walked over and reached under the bed. B.A. looked at the wall instead of her beautiful butt jingling as she felt around. She emerged with the intricately carved wooden box and opened it. Inside were packages of condoms of all kinds and sizes. "I told you, we have ways of prevention, but if it sets your mind at ease," she placed the box in his hands.

B.A. looked down at the box and then up at her. He did want her, physically. Usually he wasn't attracted to loose women, but there was something about her. Something that stirred him. And it had been awhile since he'd ….he licked his lips. Face sounded like he might be in trouble a little, but Face liked sex and some of the women didn't seem that old. Maybe he would learn a thing or two. Hannibal could certainly handle the young women in the village. Murdock, Murdock hadn't seemed too concerned as he was being carried off on the shoulders of the young men. So it wasn't like the others was being tortured or nothing.

And she had promised to let them go afterwards. He looked down at the box again and shook it. There were several in his size and he gingerly picked them out. He glanced up at her. She was trying to keep a triumphant look off of her face, but she failed miserably. "I will please you," she said. She placed the box by the bed, leaving it open in case they needed more later.

"How would you like me? On the bed? Standing? There are so many ways," she moved towards him.

"Quiet," he growled, "you talk too much." He ripped open the packages and threw them on the bed, so they'd be ready when he was. Which wasn't too far a time off, since the moment he had decided to have her, he had been filled with the need for her, the need to be inside her, pumping hard and fast, until she lost that smug look and was as wild with need as he was. He pulled her forward and kissed her, hard, his tongue probing her, entering her mouth and possessing it the way he intended to possess the rest of her later. Dimly, in the back of his mind, he wondered if she were some kind of a witch that had cast a spell on him, to make him so wild with need for her body so quickly. But that thought was lost as he kissed her and reached around to cup her buttocks with his hands and pull her closely to him.

Her arms encircled him as well and he felt the light pressure of nails in his back. Still kissing her, he backed her to the bed and pushed her down. He raised his head and looked down at her body, slick with sweat, her nipples erect. His mouth descended and he nipped one of them, tugging at it with his teeth. She moved with pleasure and he began sucking and licking. Then he moved back to her mouth, kissing her roughly again while his hand searched for and found the opening between her legs.

He entered her with one of his fingers, pleased to find her already wet and warm. He slipped his finger in and out, deeper and deeper each time, then added another finger and then another, until three were slipping in and out. He found her little nub and slowly rubbed along it, raising his mouth from hers so that he could look into her eyes and measure her response. He moved his fingers in different ways across her nub, slowly and quickly, firmly and lightly. She started to speak at one point to give him some instructions, but he had put his free and over her mouth and growled. At last he saw the pleasure in her eyes increase and her body squirmed some under him. He took his hand from her mouth and reached for a condom, shaking it out of the package. All the while he continued to stroke her, to make her hotter and wetter, to pleasure her, to make her wild for him. He held the condom with one hand, then withdrew the other from her, pleased by her look of disappointment.

Quickly he grasped his erect penis and rolled the condom over it. Then returned his hand to its previous task. She smiled with pleasure again and he pushed his fingers deeper into her. She began to pant some and moved closer to him. She wanted him. Oh, she wanted him. He removed his hands and positioned himself over her, staring directly into her eyes. There was a look of absolute awareness there, a need for him, and only him, and she spread her legs. His body descended on hers, entering her with one swift motion, filling her and stretching her. He lay his whole weight on top of her. Usually he took women slowly, making sure they were accustomed to his large size, and he was careful with them. But not her. Instinctively he knew that she wanted all of him inside her, all of him at once, inside her and pressing down on her. He bent his mouth to her and pushed his tongue in again. Her fingers were raking down his back, and she squeezed his buttocks, then she arched her back, trying to drive him deeper into her. He grasped her buttocks and held her as he began to pump, his tongue still in her mouth, stifling her cries of pleasure. With each thrust she rose to meet him, as he withdrew she tightened her muscles as if she were trying to trap him inside her, as if she could not bear him to leave her.

He thrust harder then, faster, and finally, with a shout he thrust in as deep as he could and came. He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. She had felt pleasure, but she hadn't screamed with it as he had, and he felt cheated at that notion. Women didn't always have orgasms, B.A. knew, especially with a new lover. But damn if he let her get off easier than him. He pulled out from inside her and removed the condom, tossing it aside. He lifted her, and positioned her more comfortably, then pushed her legs apart, forcing her to bend them at the knees so she was wide and completely accessible to him.

He used his large hands to spread her womanhood apart so that not even the soft hair hid her from him. Then he bent his head down and began to suck, using his tongue to probe her, just as it had probed her mouth, and tasted her. He spread her wider with his hands so that he could taste further inside. He heard her moan softly and withdrew his tongue a little, the slipped it back inside. Back and forth, as slowly as he could. She was getting wetter now. He started sucking and alternating it with his tongue and fingers, varying the sensations so that she didn't know what to expect. If her responses grew stiller, as if she didn't like what he were doing, he'd return again to what she knew she liked, the movements that made her moan and squirm.

Finally he came up with the right combination and her breath came quicker and quicker in short little pants. She arched her back, trying to come closer to him. His motions became firmer more controlling and he knew that she was about to explode with the need for him to finish, to push her a little more. He stopped, not withdrawing his mouth from her, but not pushing and probing or licking anymore. He heard her half screech with need and smiled grimly to himself, then, before she could withdraw any from this place he had brought her, he began again and she screamed.

B.A. waited until she was finished screaming and finished panting and had regained a little composure. Then he stood up and crossed his arms across his chest. "You got what you wanted, lady?" he asked softly.

She didn't look at him for a moment. When she did, he could tell that she had forced herself to be in control once more. "It was very acceptable," she said. "I was pleased with your efforts after you had cum." She smiled at him. "We have several more hours. If you have recovered, we could try again, perhaps in a slightly different manner."

"Just as long as you keep your mouth shut," B.A. said, stepping forward to the bed again.

She laughed at him, "then how will I be able to do this?" And she slid off the bed and knelt in front of him, grasped his thighs, and pulled him towards her.


B.A. wiped the sweat off his brow. This island had been just as hot at the last one, but at least he had gotten there by boat and not by plane crash. At least he hoped so. After having sex all night with a woman whose name he didn't even know, he'd fallen asleep and awoken here, fully dressed, with all his gold rings, necklaces, and earrings. The inhabitants claimed that they had washed up in a dinghy. None of the team had the nerve to ask about any islands inhabited by a sex craved tribe. For one thing, this new island was several hundred miles away from the area where they thought they had crashed.

After thanking their hosts, the team stumbled towards the local bar. A boat would take them to the next island and from there perhaps to an island large enough for a freight ship to stop by. None of them seemed eager for another plane trip.

B.A. drank his grape soda slowly. Murdock stood nearby, claming he preferred to stand. Face was slumped down; his head resting on his arms, apparently still exhausted even after their drugged trip here. Hannibal had already downed several shots of whiskey before the bartender had just brought over the bottle over and left it, and now that bottle was practically empty. "Everyone, uh, okay?" Hannibal asked at last.

B.A. nodded. Murdock nodded too. "It was, interesting," the pilot said at last. "Educational."

"Educational?" Face's voice was muffled by his arms. "Well, I guess it was."

"The girls said it was the same punishment," Hannibal said slowly, "if we ever dared set foot on the isle again. Though I supposed it would be very difficult to find."

Face looked up, "No it won't, Hannibal. One of the old women whispered to me the exact longitude and latitude, in minutes and seconds, while we were…" He didn't finish his sentence, instead he lay his head back down on his arm. After a few more moments of silence, while each was lost in their own thoughts, Face spoke again. "Did you know, Hannibal, that the villagers have a bar on the island?"

"It's called the Cove of Sharks."

The End

The Temptation Of Boscoe Baracus by Meridocbrandybuck



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