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"Climbing Up A Wall"

Climbing Up A Wall
By: Kristen

Rated: PG

Summary: Answer to the Challenge to Write a Scene from the A-Team SB2 list.
Spoilers: None
Notes: I have not written anything in several years and this is my first attempt at any kind of A-Team fiction. I was hoping this would kick start some creative juices. All comments welcomed.


The man sat across from him, drumming his fingers on the opposite side of the desk. His face was impassive, but those eyes, they just continued to stare at him. He wasn't sure if it was the fact that the man could just sit there, unblinking, that made the small hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Or if it was simply the damn tapping noise he was making, while the rest of his body just remained motionless in front of him that made Murdock tense.

They were alone in the room, a very small amount of light made its way out of a small lamp from one of the end tables. The rest of the space the two of them occupied was just cramped feeling, another cheap motel that was being used to keep a low profile. Well you couldn't get any more bargain basement than a shady truck stop that was the only resting place within fifty miles of the next town.

The room stank of mildew, and cigarettes. Not very surprising Murdock mused, since there was a pack of Reds lying next to the hand that would not cease that damn tapping sound that echoed throughout the room.

Murdock couldn't remember how long the rest of the team had been gone, was it an hour ago? More than that? He forgot why he got stuck with babysitting duty tonight. His nerves were starting to unravel with every round that those damn pristine nails hit the wood of the desk he was sitting at. It was like the noise you would hear on a tin roof after a rainy day, where all the water had drained off the gutters except the last little remains that just drip dropped for hours.

Rita Tap
Rita Tap

His baseball cap started to inch from the sweat that was forming around his forehead. He sitting across from a man who had not spoken a word to him the entire time. Not only was he was forced to endure the cold silent company of the other occupant; but also, the rattrap of a hotel was humid. The scant room was hot and sticky, since the air conditioning wasn't working, and it had rained earlier in the evening.

Earlier when the guys had left him.

He was in charge of keeping an eye on mister charming, while Face went to scam....... to scam...... what was it he was supposed to be doing?

Murdock rubbed his eyes fiercely, as he tried to extract that missing info. His head hurt, he knew that for a fact. Could be from the poor lighting in the room, or the fact that he hadn't eaten in a while, but damn that persistent finger drumming was now really starting to piss him off. When he thought that he couldn't take it any more, and was about to slap his own hand down on those irritating fingers, the corner of the man's mouth twitched.

"Am I bothering you, Mr. Murdock?"

The pilot kept his hand from quieting the offending noise, and grabbed the pack of cigarettes instead to deflect the obvious action he was about to take.

Murdock tipped one of the cigarettes out of the package and placed it between his fingers. "Mind, if I have one of your smokes?"

"Go right ahead," the man replied, offering Murdock a light from a Zippo that he had produced from his pocket.

The pilot accepted the light and breathed the smoke into his lungs and blew it out ever so slowly. He looked at the other man in front of him, who then returned to his annoying tapping habit. Murdock didn't know why he was smoking, he hadn't smoked cigarettes in years, but the smell of the butane from the Zippo seemed to calm him for a moment at least.

"So, when are they coming back?"

Murdock was so caught up in his increasing agitation, that it took him a second to realize he had been asked a question.

"What? Oh, well you know soon. Face went out to get.... uh.... well I kind of forgot right now, and Hannibal is busy getting the files from Webster's office." Murdock replied, as he looked around for something to place his ashes.

"Really? Well what about Mr. B.A.? Where did he go off to then?"

Murdock got out of his chair looking for an ashtray, scanning the dingy room for anything, a cup, a dish...just something. He finally settled for the trashcan and flicked his cigarette ever so slightly to let the ash fall away. He started lightly flipping the cig at the same time as the rhythmic sound of the man's fingers.

Rita Tap
Rita Tap

Annoyed, he just threw his smoke away, and leaned against the wall. His leather jacket started sticking there. "Ah, what the big guy? Well its his van, he probally drove Face to get whatever he was looking for."

"If I recall, Mr. Peck has his own car, saw him take off in it earlier today," was the man's smooth reply.

The lanky pilot stared at him, then towards the small window, his mind flashing back to when the Lieutenant left.

"Oh. Well he must had gone with Hannibal to the warehouse," Murdock reasoned out loud.

His charge laughed at his response. "Come now, Captain, you really think that B.A and Smith are a the warehouse while Peck went on some shopping spree?"

When the pilot looked back at him confused the man continued, "They left you my friend, like you always knew they would."

Murdock shook his head back and forth as he started pacing the floor. "No, no, no, you're wrong. Hannibal and B.A. went to the warehouse and Face went on an errand..."

"What errand?"

"I don't know.... I forgot., Murdock replied, starting to get flustered. The room was getting stuffier and his companion just sat there staring at him. The man had that stupid grin plastered over his face, while he calmly kept speaking.

"Did you forget?" he whispered now.

Rita Tap
Rita Tap

Murdock stopped pacing; he pulled his hat off, rubbed his hair then slapped his cap back on. He was trying to think, what was it Face had said to him? He went where?

"How could you forget where the others went? What was so important that we just didn't come along?"

Murdock was really trying to concentrate hard now, but his headache was just increasing and his friend wouldn't stop talking long enough for him to think clearly.

"Do you honestly think you would forget where the other members of your team went to? Come on now, think harder, Captain. You don't remember because they didn't tell you."

Murdock, pinched the bridge of his nose to relive some of the pressure that was building in his head. His companion just wouldn't stop talking. It wasn't that the other guy's voice was shouting or even angry. It was just his voice was low and calm, and no matter how much the guy kept talking he still kept drumming his fingers across the desk. Didn't the guy's hand ever get tired?

The man laughed again, or was it more like a soft chuckle? It was so unnerving.

"They are all gone, they left here hours ago and are not coming back. You're stuck with me now and there's nothing you can do."

Murdock crossed his arms in front of him and stared at the other man. What he was saying didn't make any sense to him; the hairs on the back of his neck were now damp with perspiration. Murdock moved onto the tops of his toes as his leather jacket slowly peeled away from the wall.

The pilot moved a step closer to his companion never taking his eyes off of his moving hand.

Rita Tap
Rita Tap

"Will you please stop that?" Murdock asked, as he inched his was closer to the other man. But all the gentlemen did was smirk and the tapping continued.

"They abandoned you, Captain, just face up to the facts. Now we can have all the time in the world to have idle conversation.

Rita Tap

Murdock lunged at the other man just as the door to the hotel opened up and someone else walked in.

The pilot still aware deep down that he was supposed to be on guard, stopped him self from crashing into the desk and halted his momentum by slapping his left hand on the piece of furniture while at the same time, pulling out his gun from his shoulder holster. Swirling around he aimed his gun in the direction of the noise; his right hand keeping the weapon trained on whomever the intruder was.

"Whoa, watch it there, Murdock," the blonde Lieutenant said, his hands up in a calming motion.

The pilot, slid his pistol back into his holster, and placed his hand on his right hip, still leaning on the desk, trying to look nonchalant. "Well its about time, Muchacho," Murdock feigned irritation, his eyes lighting up only slightly at his friend's return.

Face smiled slightly, a bit taken back at the paranoid reaction of his teammate at his arrival back to the room. "Little jumpy, are we?"

Murdock shrugged his shoulder, as he eyed what appeared to be a brown paper bag that his friend was carrying. Didn't see that earlier, he mused.

"So, I heard some noise as I opened the door, everything all right in here?" Face asked, still a bit suspicious at the pilot's odd reaction.

Rita Tap
Rita Tap

Murdock's face flinched in irritation at the return of that noise. He turned his gaze at his left hand, as it was methodically tapping on the desk.

Face turned his attention to what the pilot was staring at. "Sorry, I had to leave you alone, but you said you needed you medication refilled, and Hannibal and B.A really needed to get those papers sometime tonight. Thought you said you were going to take nap since you were not feeling well?" Face asked, as his settled down in the vacant chair across from the desk.

Murdock watched in fascination as the Lieutenant settled into the once occupied chair. A little weary about himself, Murdock slipped into the chair he was originally sitting in only a few minutes before.

Rita Tap
Rita Tap

The pilot looked his left hand again, stopped himself from drumming along and placed both his hands into the pockets of his kaki pants. "I couldn't sleep, too quiet. Its all right Face, kept myself occupied like I usually do," the pilot said smoothly.

Face just grimaced at his last statement, "That's what I'm afraid of."

"Nah, just had to handle the other occupant of the room," The pilot responded.

Face just laughed nervously not caring for an explanation at the moment.

"I think next time you go out, we'll put the do not disturb sign out, maybe that will take care of things." Murdock grabbed the paper bag with his medication, and went to the bathroom to take his pills.

He stared at himself in the mirror, before swallowing his meds, "Just another day of not climbing the walls." He tapped his finger on the sink, then returned to hear an update on the rest of the team.



Climbing Up A Wall by Kristen



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