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BA endeavored to look as mean and intimidating as he could


By Sherry


Rated: G

Summary: Response to the BA Endeavored Challenge from the ATSB-2 list.

Warnings: Cute doggy and kid alert.

Disclaimer: Nothing to worry about Mr. Producer.




BA endeavored to look as mean and intimidating as he could. And it was hard to keep the look on his face as he saw the effect it had on the 10 year old boy he stared down at menacingly.


BA tried not to smile as he watched the boy cringe, his eyes wide in fear and his voice shaking as he stammered, "I-I-I'm s-sorry, Sir. I w-won't ever d-d-do it again. Promise!" The boy was too scared to breathe as he stared up at the mountain of a man.


BA's love for children was well known; as was his love for animals. A love tested when he witnessed the small dog about to be kicked by the thin curly-haired boy. He had scooped the dog up before contact could be made.


"You betta not! Dogs're our friends." His large hand gently petted the golden Pomeranian he held in his arms. "They depend on us people to love an' care fer 'em."


"I-I know." The boy looked down ashamed. "But he kept nipping at my shoes and wouldn't stop."


"Pomeranians were originally herdin' dogs. It's in their nature to treat people as they would sheep. Nippin' at 'em, tryin' to keep 'em in line." He handed the dog over to the boy. "Be patient with 'im. Train 'im to respond to the word 'No'. I bet you can find a book on dog trainin' at the library."


"I'll do that, Sir." The boy ran his hand along the side of the dog, nuzzling his nose into the soft fur. The dog responded by licking the boy's chin, which made the boy smile. "I'm sorry, Bandit."


BA smiled now. His heart warmed at the sight. He ruffled the boy's hair. "That's more like it.. What's yer name, kid?"


"William. But my friends call me Willy."


"Well, Willy, my name's BA Baracus an' my friends call me BA. As of now, you're my friend. Got it?"


"Yes, Sir. I mean, BA!" he amended jovially.


BA smiled again and gave a final pat to the dog. "That's more like it. Now scoot."


Willy put the dog down and with the leash held firmly in his hand, they hurried off.


BA chuckled and turned back towards his van, where he'd been waiting for Murdock to come out of a store. Unfortunately for him, Murdock was already out and had witnessed the whole scene. He was leaning back against the van, one foot on the bumper and his arms crossed. A big wide smile plastered on his face.


"You big ole softy mudsucker you. That was so sweet my teeth are hurtin."


"Ain't nothin' sweet about me! Not get offa my van, you crazy fool!" BA yelled, looking once again as mean and intimidating as he could.



The End


Woof! by SherryGabs



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