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Face endeavored to look as charming and innocent as he could


By Sherry


Rated: PG

Summary: Response to the Face Endeavored Challenge from the ATSB-2 list.

Warnings: Threats of violence, but not acted upon.

Disclaimer: Couldn't make money from this if I tried!




Face endeavored to look as charming and innocent as he could. "I'm sure you've got the wrong idea. I'm a physician. I was just checking her for mumps."


Unfortunately, the large man with a few missing teeth, greasy hair, dirty clothes and a rather intimidating-looking double-barrel shotgun wasn't impressed. He hitched his gun up higher, aiming it right at Face's forehead.


"You ain't no more a doc than I am, boy. The last fella I caught with my little girl ain't been found yet. Yer 'bout to join 'im."


Face's eyes widened in fear and he wondered how on God's green earth the luscious, curvaceous girl he'd just been caught groping could possibly have come from this ugly brute's loins. He looked over at her hoping for some help, but she just shrugged blandly and twirled a blond curl around her finger.


Face cleared his throat. Trying to bide his time and trying not to shake like a leaf. "Now let's be civil about this, Mr..... Ahhhh..... What did you say your name was?"


"I didn't," the girl's father drawled, not taking his cold eyes off the man who dared touch his virgin daughter.


"Right." Face swallowed. It was obvious talking to this hillbilly wasn't getting him anywhere. He needed to distract him long enough to make a run for it, which shouldn't be too difficult in this circumstance.


Face looked around the taller man's body and pointed excitedly. "Would you look at that? A 12-point buck!"


The big ugly guy may have been intent on murdering Face, but he had his priorities. He swiftly turned around and his eyes darted through the trees. "Where?!"


In a heartbeat, Face took off heading in the opposite direction. It was only a few seconds before he heard  and felt the bullets whiz past his head, shattering the trunk of a tree only inches away.


"Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!" Face double-timed it, hoping to get far away before the hillbilly had the shotgun reloaded.


Five minutes later the streak of blond hair and denim charged into the Team's campsite where they'd been taking a weekend camping trip. He skidded to a stop, falling down to his knees exhausted and out of breath in front of Hannibal who was sitting on a camp chair reading a book.




Hannibal stared at Face, who was gasping for breath and looked like he'd seen a ghost. He leisurely took the cigar out of his mouth and flicked the ashes off to the side. "Your grasp of the English language seems to be faltering, Lieutenant."


Face grabbed the lapels of Hannibal's jacket and pulled him forward. "He's coming!"


"Who's coming?" Hannibal asked calmly and looked down. "You're wrinkling my jacket."


"Maybe he saw Bigfoot," Murdock offered from where he lay in the tent opening lazily chewing on a long piece of grass.


"You're the only one who sees things. Crazy things in that crazy head of yours. " BA put in his two cents worth.


Face was recovering enough to get a coherent sentence out. He let go of Hannibal's jacket and stood up, still looking panicky. "There's a very ugly man with a very big shotgun chasing me!"


"And what did you do to deserve that?" Hannibal asked, knowing there had to be a reason.


"I didn't do anything! He's just some crazy hillbilly!" At the three sets of  dubious eyes staring at him in silence, he added defensively, "Honest!"


From a distance away they heard a shout coming from the woods. "I'm gonna find you boy!" Followed by, "I'm gonna hunt you down and gut you!"


The ominous sounding threat of doom was enough to send Face diving into the tent, scrambling over the helpless Murdock who couldn't get out of the way in time.


"Face!" Murdock looked incredulously at the man cowering under a sleeping bag.


"Don't tell him where I am! Please!" Face begged.


A moment later the big ugly father found the campsite, huffing, sweating and looking really ticked. "Don't mean to intrude," he told the three others sitting casually around, "but I'm lookin' fer a fella who was messin' with my sixteen-year-old baby girl. You seen him?"


"Messing with your daughter, huh?" Hannibal asked, shaking his head and looking a bit peeved. "Well, if that don't beat all. I can see why'd you'd be upset. But no, we haven't seen him. Thought I heard something running through the trees over that way several minutes ago." He used his cigar and pointed off to his left.


"Much obliged." The hillybilly father hefted his shotgun and stalked off in that direction.


Hannibal let a few minutes of silent waiting go by, then, "Faaaaaaaace."


The moan coming from the tent was soon followed by a very contrite looking Lieutenant. The looks he received from the others were enough to make him want to hide again.


"Sixteen, Face?!" Hannibal wanted to bellow, but controlled himself. "I knew it probably had something to do with a girl. But sixteen!"


"I didn't know she was only sixteen!" Face answered truthfully. "She looks *much* older!"


Murdock gave him a tsk tsk. "Really Face. Just a child!"


"I didn't know!" Face begged for understanding. "You should have seen her! Besides, we really didn't do much of anything before that reject from 'Deliverance' caught us."


Hannibal sighed. "Well, we better clear out of here before he comes back. Start packing up, guys."


Hearing the groans and seeing the looks of anger being shot at him, Face really did feel bad. He never would have touched her if he knew she was so young. "I'm sorry, okay?"


"Not as sorry as you're going to be, Lieutenant." Hannibal's warning held enough promise to make Face wish he'd never taken a walk that morning.


Mentally clearing his social calendar for the next month, Face wondered 'Why me?', let out a dejected breath and grabbed a sleeping bag to roll up.



The End


Uncharmed by SherryGabs



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