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Past Meets Future

Past Meets Future
By: Pure


Warning-I'm new at this so bare with please I've written Gundam Wing and Buffy. Oh yeah there are adult themes but not too graphic.
Summary-A-team is given a chance to get out of the military but first they have to work with another team on a mission
Disclaimer-don't own A-team, however members of G-team, Malachai, Darias, and Christine are mine!

*Chapter 1: Pardon Granted*

The A-team sat in the plush air-conditioned conference room waiting to see what hoop they had to jump through this time in order to win their freedom. The man that walked in was different from the usual SOB they were used to, he sat and motioned for them to stay seated.


"You can call me General Malachai your usual ringleader has been called off and put on another circus ring. What he has neglected to tell you is that you've been pardoned but you're still part of the military."


They each reached for the folders and were shocked to see that the pardons were dated one day after the supposed executions.


Malachai could see they were pissed which they had every right to be but he didn't need their anger pointed at him, "Gentlemen I know you are pissed but it wasn't all the other General's fault either. Haven't you wondered why no one has been after you for a while?"

Face grumbled, "No instead we had to jump through his deadly hoops, stupid SOB I would love to go SOG on him."


Malachai smirked, "As much fun as that would be for you Lt. Faceman I can't allow or know of it. Accidents do happen though, anyway your team is legendary Colonel Smith so you would have an easy time but I guess I could give you all an honorary discharge if you so wished. You could wait before you make your choices, this is a big decision to make."


The A-team nodded and when the CO stood the others followed suit and saluted the General who saluted them in turn as they left.




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