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Title: Freefall (#1 in series)


Freefall (#1 in series)

Author:  Lonely Walker

Rating: PG
Summary:  A story series beginning directly after "Beast from the Belly of a Boeing."
Warnings: None.  (Slash in stories 5, 6, and 7 of the series.)
Archive: OK

Notes:  Lonely Walker's stories should be read in order:

  1. Freefall 
  2. Ripping Times
  3. Two Years On
  4. Time of Our Lives
  5. In the End
  6. Smoke and Mirrors
  7. Ourobouros.


Some of the same characters appear in Avenger, but that story does not fit the timeline of this series.






"I think I'm gonna be sick." Face groaned, turning a nice shade of green. He glared at BA. "You've got it easy, pal. You just sit there while we have to suffer."


"Oh, come on, Face. It wasn't so bad." Hannibal grinned, lighting up his cigar.


"I don't remember you saying that thirty-five thousand feet ago." Face muttered.


There was a banging on the door and a few men burst in, either in the uniform of firemen, or dressed as doctors. Hannibal quickly got out of his seat and went to meet them. "Close the door." He ordered.


The last man through closed the door, with some reluctance. "Okay, I hope you realise that we have a serious situation here. We'll leave the terrorists to you, but you have to help my men and I off this plane without being caught by the police or the press."


The quickly elected leader, the first fireman, nodded. "It's no difference to me. You've saved the lives of a lot of people. What do you want us to do?"


Hannibal took a breath. "My pilot's injured, can you have a look at him?"


One of the doctors hurried through to the cockpit, leaving the rest behind. "Okay, go back out there and get a body bag and stretcher. And an extra coat, if you've got it."


The other doctors dodged back out of the door. Hannibal could see the lights of cameras outside. The press certainly had got wind of this quickly. Amy was hopefully still in the tower. Not that she needed to be down on the tarmac. She would get all the details from him easily. He hurried back into the cockpit. BA was still unmoving. The doctor examining Murdock straightened up. "He should get to a hospital."


"Not just now. How are you, Captain?"


Murdock grinned. "I think I'm being used for a chemistry experiment. I'll survive."


The doctors arrived back with the required equipment and poked their heads through, inquiringly. Hannibal gave BA a long look. "Right. Face, we're going to get BA into this body bag."


"Are you kidding?" Face got up. "He weighs more than both of us put together."


"Stop whining, Lieutenant." Hannibal grabbed BA's arm and pushed him over onto the floor. Still no reaction from the big man. Somehow, they managed to get him into the body bag, with the assistance of the firemen. Once the bag had been zipped up, Hannibal took the ambulance man's uniform from where it had been left and handed it to Face. "You're going with him."


"Huh? Why me? Why not Murdock?" Face looked at it in his hands.


"Murdock can't see."


"Okay, why not you?"


"I want to live." Hannibal grinned. "Be seeing you, Face."


Face rolled his eyes, but pulled on the uniform as quickly as possible, muttering incessantly. A few minutes later, he and the doctors, carrying BA, left for the hospital. Hannibal searched the plane and found Murdock's baseball cap. He lodged it on the pilot's head and sat down in the pilot seat.


"What we doing, Hannibal?" Murdock asked.


"We're doing what passengers are supposed to. Go out the front door." Hannibal answered and turned to the firemen. "Okay, we'll all go out now. You can call in the cops to get rid of these guys. Come on, Captain."


Holding Murdock's arm, Hannibal followed the firemen out of the plane, counting steps in a whisper. Once they reached the bottom, Hannibal guided the pilot away from the waiting cameras and emergency teams and towards the main building. From there, it was easy enough to find a way into the building, as the press seemed to have come through every door they could find. Unfortunately, where they ended up was probably a good few miles from the main entrance.


"Nice place." Hannibal looked around. "Now, how do we get out of here?"


"Beats me, Colonel." Murdock rubbed his injured eyes. "All planes may be built alike, but airports follow some strange laws of physics."


Hannibal tended to agree.


"Murdock! Hannibal!" Amy hurried to meet them. "What happened to Face and BA?"


"They're okay. Just taking a different route home." Murdock smiled.


"Are you okay?" She stared at his eyes.


"Blind, but okay." He smiled reassuringly.


"We have to find the controller. Report back." Hannibal said.


Amy shook her head. "I don't think so. You're not top of their list of favourite people right now. They picked up a very wet Jackson a few minutes ago. No loose ends."


"Good. Can I get a drink now?" Murdock grinned.


"And you," She prodded him in the chest. "Are without doubt the greatest pilot I have ever known."


"I'm the only pilot you've ever known." He replied. "But thanks for the thought, kid. And Hannibal, if you ever want my job..."


"I don't think so, Captain."


"You're better than some rookies I've known, I'll give you that. At least you didn't say 'What?' and 'huh?' all the time..."


"Okay! Okay!" Hannibal gave in. "I'll buy you a drink. I think I'll be needing one myself..."


They walked off to find the nearest bar, two miles away. And no one remembered about Face and BA until the next morning.



END for now.  See RIPPING TIMES (#2 in series)


Freefall by Lonely Walker



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