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Scambled Eggs

Scambled Eggs
By:á Cabaret

Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summery: Face brings a little light into the teams lives with a little unsuspecting help from Murdock and BA.
Disclaimer: The A Team are not mine.
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"Would you quite draggin your ass?"

"Facey, I gotta bad feelin on this one."

"You're just chicken."

"Shyeah, and you would be too if you'd looked into the eyes of terror and nostrils of doom."


"BA is what! He's gonna kill us."

"Oh stop being such a baby Murdock, he'll never know it was us."

"He will too."

"I think he's gonna appreciate it."

"I think he's gonna appreciate our faces in his fist."

"Do you not trust me?" Face leaned on the door and turned the handle.

"I'm telling ya Face, don't do it."

"Too late." Face grinned and stepped through the door.

And there he lay. His eyelids half closed and nostrils flared hugging his pillow and snoring softly. His broad contoured chest rose and fell under the heave of each breath. His layers of golden jewellery chiming softly from the soft movement of his sleep and his muscular arms flinching every second breath to hold the pillow securely. BA slept soundly, unaware of the two mischief makers in his room about to turn his world upside down under the direction of one Templeton Face Man Peck.

"We're dead." Murdock squeaked.

Face turned and hurriedly ushered the lanky pilot out of the door. "Murdock!" He snapped. "How many times? Set up, lull, assess, execute, retreat."

"Face can we just leave it?"

"I'll do it alone if I have to, but you'll learn nothing."

"I wanna be conscious to remember what I've learned."

"I never knew you were such a fraidy cat."

"Nostrils of doom, nostrils of doom, nostrils of doom!"

Face grabbed Murdock by his collar and dragged him into the room again. He took out a small tape player and pressed play. The sultry sounds of Mozart danced around the room. A smile came to BA's face and he relaxed his grip on the pillow.

"Set up." Face whispered.

Face placed the tape player half under the other pillow the bed possessed and increased the volume slightly. BA turned towards the tape player and away from Face.

"Lull." Face grinned.

"How'd ya know he was gonna do that?"

"The music was too loud to be soothing, so he turns the ear closest to the player into the pillow to balance the sound waves. It's basic physics Murdock."

"It's basic burial procedure."

"Have a lill faith oh crazed one." Face peered over the mountain of BA's shoulder. He placed his hand millimetres from BA's nose and mouth and listened intently.

"Good news and bad."

"I'll take the bad for a sharp exit."

"He stopped snoring. Which means we gotta be a whole lot quieter. But he's breathin' steady now, so we can begin."

"Ok Face, you've proved your point. Let's get outta here."

Face ignored Murdock and calmly peered around the tangled mass of gold chains that hid BA's neck and part of his shoulders.

"Assess. Plan B, we gotta go in Indiana Jones style."

"Tumbling boulders and near death experiences, that would be actual death experiences in real life."

"Nope, weight transference. Look Murdock, I know you're dead against this. But there is no better way than this to learn how to pick pocket someone and how to pick a lock, shoot! You could even pick your nose without feelin it once you mastered this."

"Look, it was me who took the flap last time one of your scams went side swiped. I ain't stickin around to see how this goes." Murdock turned and crept to the door.

"Oh Murdock."

Murdock spun around dreading his eyes to confirm the quiet click his ears had heard.

"Execute." Face whispered with a broad grin as he let go of the first gold chain that fell in two pieces around BA's neck.

Murdock froze with one leg in mid air. Face lifted another gold chain and deftly snapped open the catch then let it drop. His eyes never left Murdock. Murdock gulped hard and slowly let his foot rest to the floor. Face grinned and waved Murdock over as he snapped open a third chain.

"You're crazy." Murdock breathed.

"No, I'm skilled, there's a difference."

Face continued to open the chains, an array of tailless gold snakes slithered around BA's neck in a frenzied mass. The sleeping giant never stirred once. Face gently took Murdock's hand and placed it on the next chain he had marked with a quick glance of his sharp eyes. Murdock held the catch and with a nod from his friend released the delicate ring that had once held the chain so firm around BA's oaken neck.

"You can breath you know."

"How are you so relaxed about this? He could wake up at any second."

"Yeah, it's half the thrill huh?"

"You got problems Face."

"How, do ya think I became so good with ma hands? This is the easy part, trust me."

Murdock closed his eyes as Face continued to click open the catches, he had a quick consultation with himself. BA was a trained killer and would protect his jewellery before he realised just who was taking off said jewellery. They'd be dead before they hit the ground and BA opened his eyes. But it was too late to go back now. Murdock joined his friend in opening the catches.

Through concentration and near misses of stirrings from BA, the job had found a conclusion. One final chain remained. It was a tiny delicate chain that had been buried deep under the other blocks of gold. It had almost hidden in the tiny crease of BA's neck, a small line of skin that had developed either from this chain's presence or BA's posture. Face had never been too sure. Murdock reached for the chain, but was stopped by Face.

"Let me get it, his mom gave him that one when he was a kid, if it breaks then we really are dead meat." Face breathed into his hands and centred himself. He deftly took the tiny chain and with barely a movement it lay open in his hand.

"Ok, grab the dog chains. Did you put in the hot water bottle like I told ya to?"

"Yep, they're toasty warm." Murdock held up the mass of steel dog chains and grinned. He had to admit it was a pleasure to watch Face work, when it came to artistry like this, he was the master.

Face had looped his hand under the solid gold weight. He held out his elbow and nodded Murdock to bring over the dog chains. Face pushed his exposed elbow to test the heat of the chains.

"Too hot. Give it a minute." Face whispered. He widened his stance gracefully and waited, counting down the seconds.

Murdock watched his friend. The man didn't move a single muscled, except to breath in time with BA who lay blissfully unaware in Face's arms. After about four or five minutes Face nodded Murdock over to test the heat of the dog chains again.

"Perfect. Ok, when I tell you, lay them gently under the chains."

"Geeeze Face." Murdock noticed Face had begun to sweat. He only did that on scams where he wasn't in total control. Face nodded to Murdock and very gently slid the steel chains under the gold. He felt face pulling up slowly, so the skin underneath would never be exposed.

And then it was done. Murdock watched Face stagger slightly to the soft cloth he had laid out. Face gently placed the chains onto the cloth and rolled them up in it, He then twisted the cloth at the ends and returned to BA.

"How's sleepin beauty?"

"Like a rocků In all senses of the word, this guy never actually relaxes his muscles does he?"

"Nope. And you never shut up do ya?" Face grinned and hooked the dog chains behind BA's neck to hold them in place. He nodded for Murdock to follow and picked up the rolled cloth as he walked out the door.

"Holly Moley Face Man!" Murdock sighed. "You get your kicks in strange ways."

"Hey I;ve sat with you through your little turns in the air, you get your kicks in a lot stranger and more dangerous ways."

"I'd sooner face a barrel roll than the big guy wakin up tomorrow."

"Trust me, he's gonna be gentle as a lamb." Face grinned.

"What are you up to Facey man?"

"Never you mind sonny me lad."

"You're right, I don't think I wanna know. Next time you gotta scam goin on the side, fill me in on all the details will ya."

"Now where would the fun be in that?"

"Good night Face." Murdock said firmly. He was tired and felt shaky from the concentration.

"Night Murdock." Face gave a soft laugh.

"Hey, just one thing."


"How do you stay so focused through alla that?"

"Different men different talents I guess, it's not so hard. I've often asked myself the same about you when you fly."

"But flyin's easy!" Murdock said innocently.

"Night Murdock." Face chuckled as he left the pilot standing in the hallway.

Murdock awoke early the next morning. He lifted his head slowly from the pillow and listened. For the prank of the century things were very quiet in the house. He cautiously got out of bed, threw on his clothes and crept down the hallway. There was noise now, but it wasn't any kind of commotion, it was breakfast noise. Murdock rubbed his eyes. Hannibal was reading a paper, Face was cooking something that smelt good and BA. BA was sitting at the table with a confused look on his face inspecting one of many glistening golden chains. Murdock stood there with his mouth hanging open. BA's jewellery was gleaming as if it had all just left the display cabinet of the shop.

And it wasn't just the necklaces, face had gone back and done everything, rings, bracelets, even BA's earrings were sparkling in the morning sun. Murdock searched his mind, how had Face done it? He must have been up all night on this scam. Yet he looked bright and breezy as if he was elated, lifted and on a high that Murdock only recognised in the air.

"Morning Murdock." Face chirped. "BA, don't play with your jewellery at the table, Hannibal, show some manners. This is our first scammed house since we broke out and our first decent breakfast for too long. Can we please show a little decorum and try to look less like a bunch of grunts here?"

"Hey, I'm no grunt." Murdock protested wiping the shocked look from his face.

"You eat like one." Hannibal grinned as he put down the paper.

"I object to that remark on the basis of a training fault from my fearless leader." Murdock grinned.

"Things are lookin up boys, we dodged the papers today and the day's lookin good."

"Ya know I gotta agree Colonel. The sun seems so much brighter today." Face looked at the still perplexed BA, who was radiating prisms of glistening sunlight then to Murdock. "Double scambled eggs Murdock?"

The End

Scambled Eggs by Cabaret



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