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Challenge: Nasty Weather ATSB2 Chalenge

VA and the Nasty Weather
By:  Snickersmobo

Rated:  G

Pairings: none
Summary:   Nasty Weather;  ATSB2 Challenge
Warnings: None really, slightly moody
I still have a light story to the challenge in my mind



The electricity is out. Lightening had struck the utility pole an hour ago. Rain had been falling relentlessly all day, and now it was night. It's dark, the wind's shrieking and the banging of strange noises echoes within the halls.


I can hear their screams. Patients are wailing in fear of the darkness and noise. Orderlies are rounding up the patients, heading toward the cafeteria, trying hard not to scare them more than they were already. Nurses with needles and phones are calling doctors needing to subdue their charges with drugs. I can hear the voices and the footsteps heading toward my door and I know I don't want to go with them.


At first, I thought "lights out" was the team trying to break me out. Ten minutes later, I knew that wasn't so. I'm usually okay in the VA. It's been my home for six years. I know everything that happens inside. Not much escapes me in such a stable, controlled environment. The VA routine was burned into my brain. But when the electricity goes out, the VA changes into what the rest of society truly fears. When the electricity fails, no one is in control of the inmates. Machines fail, patients panic, it's dark, no one can see, it's crazy. The generators never seem to work in an emergency. Somehow, they work during the drills.

The door to my room burst open as I hear Maddox call my name. His voice sounds impatient and slightly tense as I hide in the shadows of the corner, knowing he won't see me. I've practiced this maneuver too many times to count. When they see the empty bed and look underneath, they assume I'm not there. I'm glad I'm tall and thin. Ten pounds more and I'd stand out beyond the shadows.


I can hear Maddox swear as he leaves my room. He'll be okay. I'm not his biggest problem on the ward. He knows if I haven't left the VA already, I'll be okay. Usually. Sometimes, the storms frighten me. When I'm already in a funk, the weather can send me farther down into it. Maddy knows this. I've been in a pretty good mood lately, though. Nothing too truly worry about.


I step out from the shadows and walk to my window. Sometimes, I like to help when the electricity goes out. Other times, I like to just be alone to think. About what I don't know, until it shows up in my brain. I figure this must be one of those times.



VA and the Nasty Weather by Snickersmobo



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