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Challenge: Surveyed the Damage; ATSB2

More Damage  (After Action Review)
By:  Snickersmobo

Rating: G
Pairings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine!

Summary:  Surveyed the Damage; ATSB2 Challenge

Warnings: None, don't know where the creative juice is coming from though.



I took a deep breath and surveyed the damage. This was going to cost us extra money to fix. A lot of extra money, Hannibal sighed to himself.


"Face, How much?" I queried.


"Oh, Hannibal," Face wined, "I told you we shouldn't have used "Baby" in such a small environment. This…this Hannibal, is going to cost us at least 10 grand to restore it back to the way it was."


I looked over at Murdock and BA. I saw the amazement in BA's eyes at the amount of damage we had inflicted. Murdock, on the other hand, looked upset. At what I had no idea.


"Murdock, are you okay?"


"Hannibal, I lost him. I can't believe he's gone. I left him here thinking he'd be safe and he's gone." Murdock's voice reflected the stress he was feeling.


I walked, or rather plunged my way through the rubble to place my arm over Murdock's shoulder.


"Murdock, when this is over, we'll have a memorial service for Fluffy."


Fluffy had been back in Murdock's life for the last few weeks even before the mission. It was a rare occasion for Fluffy to be around and I wasn't sure if his "death" was a good or a bad thing. Another fixation of Murdock's to bite the dust was good in my book, but in Murdock's mind, I wasn't sure. Always better to placate the good Captain, though.


"Now Murdock, go help Face assess the damage."


"Okay, Hannibal."


"Don't bother." Face walked up to them with BA right behind him, still wining. "All the windows are blown out, the entire ceiling has to be replaced, none of the furniture survived, there are holes all over the floor, and the doors are all blown out, too. Hannibal, what are we gonna tell Gina and Michael? That we used their house for the capture? I can't believe we used "Baby" in our client's house."


"Yeah, Hannibal, we're out at least 10 grand 'cause of this plan." BA growled his sentiments.


"But guys, we caught them. I love it when a plan comes together." I smiled brightly as the others groaned loudly.



More Damage by Snickersmobo



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