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Challenge: Dark and Silent Challenge: ATSB2

Uncanny Meeting
By:  Snickersmobo

Rating: PG-13
Pairings: F/M (Slight slash)

Summary:  Dark and Silent Challenge:  ATSB2
Warning: Slight slash and a hint of sadness.




All was in darkness, the accompanying silence broken only by gentle, light snoring of the conman extraordinaire. He stared at Face using the moonlight to help him see. He never tired of looking at him. Since the fist time they met during the war he knew the man, well, at that time, the boy was special.


They were in a bar in separate groups. It was dark and hazy, the air filled with cigarette smoke. They might never have met if it wasn't for the four drunken Marines insulting Face's party. The Army takes care of their own and so in a drunken brawl, somehow, they both ended up with their backs to the same wall and two giant Marines about to deck them.


"Name's Murdock." Murdock ducked under a fist aimed at his head.


"Templeton." Face swung a fist at the Marine heading for him.


A few more moves and the Marines were out the door and on the ground with their friends.


"Murdock, I think I owe you a drink. Bartender, give my pal a beer will ya?" Face put his arm over his shoulder.


"No beer, Hank. I'm flyin' in the mornin'. Gimme the usual please." Murdock followed Face back to his table. The rest of the night flew by in conversation until Hank kicked them out to close the bar. Yep, they instantly clicked.


Murdock brought his thoughts back to the present. As he looked at Face, once again his desire to kiss him was overwhelming. How many nights had he done this exact same thing? Lie in bed next to Face, staring at him all night, and daydreaming about making love to him. Whenever the need arose and they had to share a bed, Murdock never slept. The team never guessing why he was so tired the next day after he shared a bed with Face.


His heart knew his dreams would never come true. Conman and lady's man was Face. Face never indicated he liked men and Murdock never actually mentioned he like men as well as women. To him, love was love, who cared what sex the person was. Though Murdock knew he never loved anyone more than he loved Face.


Murdock looked over at the clock. 05:55 am. Another sleepless night. Rather than wait for the alarm to ring at 06:00 am, Murdock sighed a deep sigh, turned off the alarm and headed for the shower. He'd wake Face when he was done.



Uncanny Meeting by Snickersmobo



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