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Pink Polka Dress

Pink Polka Dress

By Snickers


Rating: G (again rare)

Warnings: None

Summary: An ATSB2 Challenge. Someone has to be disguised as a women for the party.

Humor is a challenge, but so is the third person. I owe a nod to Wendybyrd at the VA archives for her stories that have inspired me here.
/ denotes thoughts/



He sat down heavily in the chair and looked at the pink, polka dot dress and shot a look that could have killed.

"You know, I think pink's your color," smirked Murdock, "With your blond hair and blue eyes, you'll be the belle of the ball, the queen of the castle, the princess… "

"Shut up, Murdock," Face whined, "
Hannibal, why can't Murdock go in undercover. He likes this stuff."

"Now Face, Murdock's legs are too hairy for him to wear the dress in a believable way." Hannibal patiently explained.

"He can shave them." Face shot another angry look at Murdock.

"Face, go get dressed. You're going in as Theresa Muldoon, Murdock's date, whether you like it or not, so go get dressed.

"Hey, Faceman, I like to kiss on the first date. Maybe even get you drunk so's you can take advantage of me." Murdock batted his eyelashes repeatedly while grinning from ear to ear. He wasn't going to waste this opportunity to wind Face up.

Grumbling to himself, "Can this day get worse?" Face rose from the chair, picked up the dress and headed to the bedroom.

A short time later, a knock on the door interrupted Face's sour mood.

"Come in, Murdock, and not one word from you, not one word." Face threatened.

"Not Murdock." Amy's head appeared around the corner of the door. "It's Amy. Hannibal called and said you needed some help with your makeup and wig." Seeing Face was decent, she continued the rest of the way through the door.

Her smile widened in surprise and laughter as she noted the pink polka dot dress he was wearing with the lime green heels and white stockings. "Face how can you be so well dressed for a man, but as a woman I'd think you were color blind."

"See this? This is what happens when you send Murdock for the costumes." Face replied sarcastically, "He did this on purpose and now there's no time to get another outfit."

/He's not going to be happy with the bright blue eye shadow either./ Thought Amy.

"Face, sit still," Amy ordered, "Hannibal said to hurry up or you'll be late."

Fifteen minutes later, Face and Amy made their way to where the rest of the team was waiting. In addition to what he had on earlier, Amy had applied the eye shadow, a thick line of black eyeliner, three coats of mascara, pink blush and fire engine red lipstick to a squirming in his seat Face. The dark auburn longhaired wig completed the picture. He looked absolutely ridiculous, but he also didn't look like Face, which was the point.

"Yaaahhhoooo. Looky here," Murdock drawled, "I got me here a real live honest to goodness woman for a date tonight. And don't she look good enough to…"

"Murdock, don't even think about it." Face hotly retorted."

From across the room giggling could be heard from BA.

Hannibal's amusement could be seen in his eyes and smile. He knew Murdock would come back with some unconventional outfit. The case was causing tension so he though he'd liven it up some. Murdock was great at doing that. It was going to be fun listening in on the party from the safety of van. From BA a mad fit of giggles he figured BA knew it was going to be fun too. Murdock was in prime mental condition this week and he didn't think Face would be able to keep up with him. /Yes, it was going to be one hell of a party. / He thought.


Pink Polka Dress by Snickers



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