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Scam Scene-News Copter

Scam Scene - News Copter

Author: snickersmobo


Rating: G (for once)
Warnings: None

I just sort of whipped this out. Enjoy.
From ATSB2's Scam Scene Challenge/News Copter Challenge


Murdock's brown eyes filled with tears as he explained about his wife dying to the airport manager.

"I need to get home now. As it is I may not make it in time. Please I need the helicopter to get to the hospital."

Noreen looked into those puppy dog brown eyes that were swimming with wetness and instantly sympathized with the man.

"I shouldn't be doing this, but promise me you will bring it back."

"Noreen," Murdock read he nametag, his voice deep and emotional, "I promise to bring it back as soon as…" Murdock couldn't finish the sentence through the tears falling down his cheeks.

Noreen handed him the keys to the helicopter, "The serial number is on the key chain. God bless you and your wife."

Murdock turned around and left the building. He wiped his eyes as he strolled toward the helicopter. The drops he put in his eyes right before he went in had stung quite a bit. The tears were real, just not for the reasons he told the manager. Maybe he should apply for some movie roles he thought. Face and Hannibal weren't the only scam artists on the team.

Murdock got into the helicopter, running his pre-checks as fast as possible. His team needed him. Decker was chasing them and they had more MPs on them than ever before. He wouldn't even have known about it, except for the news broadcast displaying the chase live on television. He could see BA was driving superbly, but there were just too many MPs out there from what he could see on his TV at the VA. That and the news copters overhead reporting their every move.

Murdock's plan was to join the news copters, but instead of observing, lead the team to a safe location and escaping on his chopper. Hannibal and Face would love the plan. BA on the other hand….

It wasn't hard escaping the VA. It seemed like everyone was glued to the television watching the chase. No one noticed his exit.

He saw the other helicopters in the distance and quickly caught up with them. Murdock's dilemma was letting the team know it was him in this particular helicopter *Well, there's only one way to do that* He thought, howling at the top of his lungs.

"Hannibal, we got company above us." Face noted, his voice betraying his distress.

"It's not legal to fly this close to buildings and streets. You think Decker's gotta a loony flying for him," As soon as Hannibal said the words a smile appeared on his face, "It's Murdock."

"Murdock! What's that crazy foo' doing here." BA made a last minute right turn. The helicopter above never missing a beat.

Murdock rapidly brought the helicopter down in front of the A Team van and reversed the chopper so he was flying backwards. It was a very dangerous and foolish move. A move that only someone crazy would do.

"Yep, it's Murdock. BA follow him."

"Follow him? Are you nuts, Hannibal?"

"BA, he can see where the MPs are and lead us out of here. For the past two hours we've been being chased by them and haven't lost them.  If you have a better solution BA, shout it out now."


The End


Scam Scene-News Copter by snickersmobo



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