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by Closetfan


Rated: G

Warnings: Fluff alert!

Summary:  A Murdock epiphany, from a BA POV.

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"The so-called "Jesus Nut" is the nut that holds the main rotor hub on the mast of a helicopter. The name is derived from the last word a helicopter crewmember might utter if this nut were to depart the aircraft in flight. Without the Jesus Nut, the main rotor would leave the aircraft, giving the helicopter about the same flying characteristics as an anvil."


Years ago – it must've been during some downtime in 'Nam. That's when Murdock had told me what the Jesus nut was.

Up till then, I'd always thought it was some kind of religious fanatic. Even been accused of being one myself. But just because a guy doesn't go in for cussing and carousing, it doesn't mean he's
religious. Just means he's got respect for himself.

I hadn't thought much about it since then. Not till the fool went and got himself hurt.


The job had been going real good up till then. All according to plan, which means we should've known something was gonna go wrong.

The information that the client had given us about the other guy's manpower turned out to be way off. And, we hadn't been expecting the concussion grenades that those suckers somehow got a hold of. They lobbed one right near Murdock's position before they tried to overrun the security Hannibal had laid out. I don't even think they even knew Murdock was there -- must've been dumb luck they came so close him.

The defense we'd set up was strong enough to hold, even with being one man down. Once we were secure again, I pulled Murdock out from under some tree branches that had been blown down by the grenade.  Seemed he hadn't been close enough to be hurt real bad when it hit, which was good, but he was definitely down for the count.

As soon as we were sure Luppino's men had retreated, we got Murdock on his feet and headed back to our campsite so Hannibal could take a good look at him.

He cleaned up a few scrapes and felt the fool's head real careful, checking his pupils like he always does when one of us takes a crack on the head, make sure there's nothing he's missing before making his final diagnosis.

"Concussion," he said finally. "Not too bad, though. Could've been worse." Hannibal grinned and lit up a cigar. I could tell by that that everything was okay.

"Predictable." Murdock scrunched his eyes up and rubbed his head with both hands. "That's why they name those things like they do."

I don't know why, but it ticks me off when that fool's hurt and he still makes those kinds of jokes. Don't know whether he does it on purpose, or if it's just his screwed up way of seeing things and he doesn't even try to stop those thoughts before they pop out of his mouth.


He must've heard me growl, but he just smiled.

"Sorry, BA. Couldn't resist that one."

You sure you’re okay?" Face asked. He put his hand on Murdock's chin and moved his head left and right, checking to be sure there weren't any deeper cuts that'd need patching up.

"Aside from a splitting headache and the fact that no one's answering that telephone that's ringing, I'm fine and dandy."

Hannibal gave him some aspirin and told him to get some rest. As woozy as Murdock was looking, he didn't have any choice from what I could see. Hannibal left me to guard the camp. He and Face went to see what Eric Luppino and his bad guys were up to.


I'd just come back from making a quick check on the perimeter security we'd set up when I heard Murdock call me. Not loud – we all know better than to make much noise when there could
be "unfriendlies" around. At least he was with-it enough to remember that, and that was a good sign. I went to his tent to see what he wanted.

"You need some more asprin?" I pulled out my canteen and started to check my pocket for the bottle Hannibal'd left with me.

"BA, I figured it out," he said. He was sitting up on top of his sleeping bag, his eyes all bright and excited, like he'd come across the meaning of life or something. But it's never anything like
that. Usually when he gets this great revelation look on his face, it's something little and stupid. Well, stupid to other people. For some reason, it's important to him. But it seems like just about
everything's important to him. Sometimes the guy just doesn't prioritize. You'd think he'd never been in the military.

"I figured it out, BA," he said again.

"What?" He was starting to get on my nerves, and he hadn't even really said anything yet. I told myself to be nicer, the guy was hurting, and it was probably just something he was thinking about to keep his mind off his aching head. "What now?" I said again, trying not to snap at him again.

"The Jesus nut."

Huh?" Okay, maybe that grenade came a little closer than we thought. I was starting to reach for my walkie-talkie to call Hannibal, but he grabbed my hand.

"It's you."

"What? "

"You're the Jesus nut, big guy. It's you."

I didn't know what he was talking about and he must've seen that on my face, because he kept right on going.

"The Jesus nut, like on a chopper. Remember, it holds on the rotor? Keeps the whole thing flying? That's you, BA. You're the A-Team's Jesus nut."

"What are you talking about?"

"BA," he said, with that patient tone of voice that really bugs me, "you're really the only one of us who could take off and lead a normal life, the way I see it. Hannibal has too much jazz, and
Face'd probably land himself in jail within six months." He was gettin' all worked up now, hands gesturing all over the place. "You, on the other hand, you could take off in a minute and lead a normal life. Well, normal if you'd lose about eighty pounds of gold and the funky haircut. But you don't. You stay right here with us. And why? Why don't you leave?"

He stopped yapping and looked at me, waiting for an answer. His eyes were all bright, and he had that grin on his face, the one he gets when he's really excited about something.

He was starting to piss me off again.

"Okay, why?" I finally growled. "'Cause I can't think of one reason I'd stay with you any longer than I had to, Murdock."

That damned, annoying enthusiasm never wavered. "You're the Jesus nut, man. You keep us in the air. You stop Hannibal from going too far. You keep Faceman honest. You keep the van tuned up. You keep the ammo stocked. You're like our mamma, only bigger. And hairier." He laid back down on his sleeping bag, hands behind his head, and stared at the top of the tent with that stupid, satisfied grin still on his face. Like he'd finally found the answer to a question that'd been buggin' him for a long time. "Yup. The A-Team's Jesus nut."

You left somebody out."

Murdock tilted his head up, with this little frown on his face. "Huh?"

"If I'm so busy keepin' Hannibal off the jazz and Face outta jail, what am I doin' for you?"

"Me?" He grinned again, but he looked like he'd gotten all tired out by his rant. "You take care of me, big guy." He yawned and rolled over on his side. "You always have." He closed his eyes and went to sleep, still grinning.

For some reason, that grin annoyed me too.


After checking the perimeter security one more time, I got a fire started. Hannibal and Face got back about an hour later, and by the time Murdock woke up I'd cooked steak and beans and the rest of us were eating.

"Feeling better?" Hannibal asked him.

"I'll live." He squatted by the fire and picked up the rag we used as a potholder to pull the coffeepot off the fire. He poured a cup and sat down.

"BA put your dinner over there." Face pointed to a tin mess plate with the top on it that I'd put on a rock close enough to the fire to keep it warm for a while.

Murdock smiled at me. "Thanks, big guy."

I just grunted. I knew he'd eat later. Fool never eats when his head hurts. Says it's bad for his digestion.

"We're gonna finish off those goons in the morning," Hannibal said, lighting up an after-dinner cigar. "Feel up to it, Captain?"

Fool grinned and nodded his head.

"Good. You're gonna love this plan." Hannibal unrolled a map.  His grin was even bigger than the fool’s. "It's beautiful."



It was my turn on KP, Face was first watch. I gathering up the mess kits while Hannibal went over his plan again for Murdock.

"Sounds good," Murdock said when he'd finished. I could tell he especially liked the part about being air support once we stole Luppino's helicopter.

"If it don't get us killed," I grumbled, joining them again at the fire. Murdock looked over at me, his eyes all bright in the firelight as he winked at me.

"Jesus nut," he said, smiling.




Jesus Nut by Closetfan



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