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Unsung Hero (I'm sure the title belongs to someone else)

Unsung Hero   (I'm sure the title belongs to someone else)

By  Snickers

Rating: R
From the A-Team SB-2 Challenge: Famous Last Words
Warnings:  Main Character Death/AU/One very bad thing that might leave some cringing.  Definitely sad.
Pairings:  F/M, but not slash
Disclaimer:  I salute those that do own the characters.


It had been a rough day.  Hell, for that matter it had been a rough week, month and year.  All the fighting, flying (carrying more dead bodies than live ones).  His head jerked involuntarily and jolts of pain went through his body in a way no one should experience.  They cut it off.  His manhood.  Blood ran down his legs and he couldn't stop it.  Everything was so heavy including his arms.  He was aware enough that Face was holding him in his lap using his shirt to stem the flow of blood, but he better.  He could feel himself weakening by the second.  He knew he didn't have much time left.  He wondered if Face knew it. 

The gooks did him in this time, but he beat them at their own game.  He'd die before betraying his country or the men he served with.  He coughed as if he was choking, which he was, with his own blood.  The
whippings, the electricity, the beatings, hitting and punching and he didn't talk.  He was so proud of himself for he had a lot he could have said.  He was a member of the A Team as well as a CIA agent,
though in the end the A Team sort of helped him out of doing anymore CIA work.  But he still knew the agents and the double agents of the enemy helping his country.  Through it all he was stoic.  He knew if
he screamed for mercy, there would be none.  If he said anything, they would want more information.  So he said nothing. 

Face's head bent close to his and he heard his words of prayer.  Coming from an orphanage and being raised by a priest, Face knew all of the prayers.  The words were coming out of his mouth rapidly, like
he was trying to get them all in before it was over for him.  But he knew better.  Prayer wasn't going to help.  Even medical help was too late for him. 

Again he coughed up more blood and though he couldn't see, he could feel wetness all over him.  It was his blood.  Face didn't have enough clothing to clean him up.  He needed them for those he could save.  Face's words changed.  Murdock wasn't sure, but he thought Face was giving him his last rites.  He wasn't catholic, but the words were somehow comforting.  He tried to listen, but his hearing was going.

He gasped out his last words to Face, "I didn't say anything." 

Face barely heard him as, nodded knowingly, as he gently closed Murdock's eyes with his fingers. 


Unsung Hero by Snickers



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