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Murdock’s Little Gem (1/1)

Murdock's Little Gem
By: Jenna Brading

Rated: PG (to be safe)
Summary: The team go to the rescue in Africa.
Warnings: Not much – a little A Team violence, but nothing bad.
Disclaimer: I do not own the A Team – just playing with them.
Copyright: Jenna Brading 2004

Murdock's Little Gem by Jenna Brading


"I ain't flyin'," the heavy gold laden form of B.A. Baracus growled ominously.

Murdock and Face looked at each other then back at their Colonel In Chief.

"I never said we were, B.A." Hannibal replied.

"Then why's that crazy fool wearing flying gear?"

"It's because I like wearing it, big guy." Murdock began to purr softly as if he was already flying the plane.

B.A. backed slowly away. If there was one thing he hated most – it was flying and he especially hated long distance flying.

"Now, B.A," Colonel Hannibal Smith said simply. "You know our mission is to find Janey's uncle."

"Yeah, big guy." Murdock danced around his friend who eyed him suspiciously. If there was one thing other than flying that he hated the most, it was the subterfuge they used to get him aboard a plane.

Today he was taking no chances.

"Get over there, fool." B.A. growled, shoving Murdock next to the Colonel. "And you, Faceman. I want you where I can…"

B.A.'s eyes opened wide. Murdock grinned broadly, his palm showing the needle he had just inserted into the back of B.A.'s right arm.

"Nice work, Captain." Hannibal approved.

"Now what?" Murdock asked somewhat stupidly.

"Now, Captain – you and Face carry him to the plane."

Face and Murdock looked at each other.

"I'm going to have a hernia." Face muttered darkly as he grudgingly took hold of B.A.'s shoulders. "You take his legs, Murdock."


Murdock scooted round to collect B.A.'s legs and then looked at Face.

"He's put on weight, man." He half dragged the limp form.

"Let's just get him aboard, Murdock." Faceman grimaced. "Before I die of a hernia."

What's a hernia?" Murdock enquired as they shoved B.A. into the back of the plane.

"Never mind." Faceman got into the plane and dragged B.A. onto a seat, strapping him in.

"All set?" Hannibal queried as he climbed in. Murdock went up front to the cockpit.

"Come on, baby, let's fly, let's fly away."

Faceman glanced at Hannibal as the plane began its ascent.

"His singing gets worse."

"He's insane, Face. You know that as well as I do." Hannibal shrugged off the protests.

"Hey, Murdock?"

"Yo, Faceman?"

Murdock appeared at the entrance.

"Just fly the damned thing!" Face said then went white.

"What's up?" Hannibal asked.

"Oh, man, Hannibal – he ain't flying it."

Murdock came through the curtain with his hands raised in surrender mode.

"Murdock." Hannibal began, and then froze.

"Well, it's taken a while, but I finally got you fellas."

Face looked round as Murdock was made to sit next to him.

"You have me at a disadvantage, Mr?" Hannibal said, half rising.

"Names don't matter." The lean faced man said, pointing a pistol at Hannibal's chest. "All that matters is that you turn tail and head for home."

"Now, that ain't in our nature, is it guys?" Hannibal glanced around and eyed his two friends.

Face's eyes glinted with steely-eyed mischief, and Murdock itched to be able to fly the plane as he was meant to. He began to gently hum a few bars of a song.

"Miami, Miami, oh, how I love you, Miami." He crooned.

Face looked questioningly at Murdock then at Hannibal.

"How about the old one two, Colonel?" Face murmured as a big grin spread across the elderly man's face.

Next thing the killers knew they were flat on the floor with three rifles pointing at them.

"Go fly the plane, Murdock." Hannibal ordered sharply.

"What do we do with these goons?" Face enquired. He'd landed a bad punch and it hurt.

"Bad hand?" Hannibal asked.

"No." Face put on a brave front but it hurt like hell.

"Let me look?" Hannibal checked his hand. "Great, lieutenant, just great. You've only gone and fractured it."

"What lousy luck." Face moaned. "And no doctor for miles."

We'll have to make a detour. Murdock?" Hannibal turned to the pilot before he retook the job of flying the plane.

"Yes, sir?"

Take us to the nearest point of civilisation."

"Uh, what about the big guy?"

No worries. I'll just give him a bit more sedative."

"Okay, chief. Civilisation, here we come."

Pulling a wry expression, Face looked at Hannibal.

"What else do you expect?" Hannibal queried with a shrug. "He's the pilot!"

Faceman groaned as B.A. was given an extra dose of sedative.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Face waited in the doctor's surgery until he was finally called in. It took the doctor ten minutes to place a bandage on Face's hand.

"Keep that on for a few days, Mr. Hargreaves." He told Face who had given an assumed name. "Then your hand should be right as rain."

"Thanks, doc." Hannibal said before Face could put a word in edgeways.

"My pleasure – and my fee."

The man handed Hannibal a sheet of paper and Hannibal paid up. The two said goodbye and Face flexed his bad hand.

"Stop that." Hannibal ordered. "I'm not going to pay another hundred dollars if you break it again."

Face grinned but did as he was told as they made their way back to the airfield and an awaiting Murdock.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"You okay now, Faceyman?" the pilot asked worriedly.

"All sorted, Murdock." Hannibal spoke reassuringly. "Let's get to Africa."

"Right." Murdock boarded the plane and started its engines.

He was happiest when flying a craft of any description, but the older the craft, the better the challenge.

"Where'd they go, Murdock?" Face asked seeing empty seats where the would be killers had been.

"Uh?" Murdock enquired.

"Our killers? Where'd they go?"

"Oh, them. They were making the place untidy so I got rid of them."

"Murdock, that probably wasn't such a good idea." Hannibal frowned.

"Maybe not, but I tied them up to be on the safe side." Murdock finally reached the cockpit, singing: "She loves me tenderly, loves me always, baby, you and I…."

"Murdock!" Face yelled in exasperation, but the Captain just continued to sing as the plane took off once more and headed off to Africa….

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cassius looked at the half unconscious form tied to a chair in front of him. He pulled the bloodied and bruised face up to look at him.

"You'll tell me." The medium sized man said, "Where it's hidden."

"I'll tell you nothing." His prisoner replied. "Without it, you can't have the village."

"You think they'll protect you? I've got forty children locked up in a wooden box. All I have to do is set the box alight."

"You – you wouldn't." Janey's uncle Matt choked in horror.

"Just tell me where it is."


"Then you've just signed their death warrant." Cassius signaled to his henchmen. "Burn the box." He ordered, expecting them to comply.

"That's murder, chief." One said, risking a beating himself. "Especially children. I won't do it."

"Oh? But you've no qualms about killing adults?"

"No, sir."

Then go kill them."

"Yes, sir."

He and his three friends walked out of the room, only to come back in again with their hands raised.

"Now, what?" Cassius demanded.

"Put your hands up, gentlemen." Hannibal said grimly coming into the room. "Up where I can see 'em."

Who are you guys?" Cassius demanded instantly, refusing to comply.

"Ever heard of the A-team, man?" Murdock said, combing his hair.

"A-Team?" Cassius turned to Matt. "Your so called friends? I believe you two were about to do a job for me?" He told his two underlings.

"That's right, killing children wasn't it? That sort of murder doesn't agree with us, Cassius." Hannibal turned his attentions towards the prisoner. "Release him."

"No." Cassius signaled to his henchmen to stay put. "He has something I want."

"And you'd happily murder children to get it." Hannibal shook his head. "Face, take one of these slimeballs and put him in the box. Let the kids go."

"Aye, Colonel."

Face chose the most suitable and left the room with his prisoner in tow.

"I want what is mine." Cassius said, scowling.

"It belongs to the – the village." Matt coughed.

"It's mine."

"I think it's time we had a little talk, Cassius." Hannibal said grimly. "If the lieutenant doesn't kill your henchman first, that is."

"You'll never get away with it."

"Oh, man." Murdock said. "How many times has that been said to us, Colonel?"

"Too many, Murdock." Hannibal replied, smiling. "Let's put these bozos out of business."

Hannibal swung unexpectedly and laid a fist between Cassius's eyes. The man's head leaned backwards and Hannibal's left arm came up to grab Cassius's right arm.

A free for all developed and Matt tried desperately to avoid being thumped as he tried to rock his chair to a new position.

Then as suddenly as it had all begun it was all over. The room was a wreck and Matt watched in wide-eyed astonishment.

"Now. Let's hope Face gets those kids free." Hannibal said as Murdock untied Matt.

Matt stood shakily on his feet as Face returned with a curly haired child and a now wide awake B.A.

"Susie." Matt waited for her to come to his side. She was crying. "It's okay. The A-team have helped to save the village."

"We have to put it back." Susie told him. "Or more ill will come."

"Don't worry. I always planned to put it back." Matt grinned down at Cassius. "That night I broke in here." He said, going to a picture on the wall. "I wasn't planning on stealing like you thought." He removed the picture to reveal a safe. "I was planting evidence." He unlocked the safe and pulled out a black pouch. "It's in your safe, Cassius. The last place you'd ever be expected to look in."

He pulled out the pouch and opening it tapped out a pile of stones into his hands. They seemed to glisten and Murdock realised what they were. Or so he thought.

"Diamonds?" He asked.

"Quartz. The countryside is full of quartz ready to be mined."

"And it can be." Susie's eyes shone. "He was greedy. The mines will not give up its secrets to evil men."

"Quite right." Murdock went to her. "But Matt here's a good guy."

"Yes. We will willingly do anything for him. But I'm afraid we cannot pay you."

"Oh, I dunno." Murdock said as Face nodded silently. "A little piece of quartz wouldn't be missed…."

Susie and Matt smiled and Matt gave Murdock a tiny piece of quartz….

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the car Murdock raised the shiny object up to his eyes and examined it more closely.

"Beautiful ain't it, fellas?" He purred.

"Very." Faceman agreed trying to get hold of it.

"Mine, fellas, all mine." He said, looking at the gem. "And this little piece will stay in my pocket."

"And how are we gonna get back to L.A., sucker?" B.A. asked, looking round. "You won't catch me a second…."

B.A. 's eyes widened in disbelief and he slumped forward.

"Nice, Face." Hannibal said with a cigar in his mouth, and a big grin played on his face.

With any luck they'd be back home before B.A. woke up….



Murdock's Little Gem by Jenna Brading



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