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Reality's Edge

Reality's Edge

By: Monte


Rating: G

Copyright: March 13, 2004

Warnings: some angst, mention of the camps. Very short ficlet.

Summary: Just a few thoughts of Face's one night in the camp.

Disclaimer: I don't own the ATeam or any rights to them. This is purely a work of fanfiction.





The breeze did little to stifle the heat of the jungle.

Face rested his head against the bamboo bars of the cage

with a sigh. The guards had interrogated Murdock again that

morning. He glanced over to where his friend lay curled up

on his side, asleep. Every time he was questioned, Face could

see him slipping further and further inside his head.


With another sigh, Face closed his eyes and whispered, "Will it

never end?" Some days he wondered if it would or not. Would

they all end up dead or insane? Was one option really any better

than the other? Murdock was strong but everyone had their limits.

Face knew Murdock had nearly been pushed to his.


"I'm not gonna ask you to hold on, buddy. If you can't do it, just

let go. God knows I would have by now if it wasn't for you. Don't

worry about me, I'll manage," he lied. It was Face's turn to be the

strong one. He couldn't let Murdock see the weakness in him. He had

to hide his fears and insecurities while he watched the pilot slip

farther and farther away from reality.


"I'll be strong so you don't have to anymore. Go find some place

safe and happy. Someplace where they can't get to you. Wait for me

there, ok?" Face opened his eyes and looked over at Murdock

again. "Do what you have to do to survive. I'll be here. I'll

always smile for you. That way you'll never see me cry even though

watching you leaving us this way is enough to kill me. You'll see, I

can do it. I can take it like a man and not show my feelings. I'm

Faceman, remember? I can con anyone... even myself."


Face shook his head in hopelessness. Sooner or later, he knew they

would be free. He didn't know how or when; whether it would be a

rescue, escape or simply death that freed them from the camp. He

only knew it couldn't last forever. Closing his eyes, he slowly let

himself slip into a restless slumber.


Listening as his friend's breathing changed to signal the arrival of

sleep, Murdock's eyes fluttered open momentarily to catch a glimpse

of Face's dark form. As they closed again, a single tear escaped.

It trickled onto the edge of his cheekbone, pausing for a second

before letting go and falling into the dirt below him.





Reality's Edge by Monte



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