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I have written a full fanfic before but i havent shared it with anyone

An Unusual Love

By: Kat Senay      (My real name is Sarah, lol)


Rated: G

Summary: Response to Captain Marina's "Fantasy Challenge".

Warnings: None.

Disclaimer: The usual.... they're not mine..... no $$$ being made....

Author's Note: I have written a full fanfic before but I haven't shared it with anyone. I thought I would submit it. One girl had a Fantasy Challenge. I got my own story when me and Face fall in love. I can write more to it, this is all I have so far. A little weird yes, and its not a Mary Sue or could you call it that? I put myself in a fanfic. This may sound Unrealistic , I wanted to make it the exact way I want to meet Face and fall in love. Though it would never happen cus I consider myself nerdy. I thought it be an interesting story to write. My friend Emma got my interested in this idea. Just put my name on it cus its different from the one she wrote for me. Face's actions or words may not sound like him I had to do some weird stuff to make this work. This is a personal story I hope people will be gentle when they comment on it. It is rated G, I think lol.




Part 1


A regular morning in California. Sarah and her friend Chelsey walked down the side walk to the mall. They didn't live far from everything they needed. Chelsey's college was near, and Disney Studios wasn't far. Sarah and Chelsey talked as they walked down the sidewalk. They reached the mall and went in.


Tons of people walked around busily. Sarah and Chelsey went to their favorite clothes store. They looked around as they continued talking. Two mysterious men came in the store. They appeared as if they were looking for someone. Sarah listened to Chelsey chatter on as she watched the men.


The taller man wore a hat and a jacket with a T-shirt underneath. The second man was hansom. She looked over his appearance. His brown hair with highlights shined in the light. She smiled as she watched them. He was almost perfect. He looked like a model from a magazine. She thought to herself, he was also wearing a jacket but a golf shirt underneath. He wore jeans with his outfit.


Chelsey still chattered on she didn't realize Sarah was not paying attention anymore. Sarah pushed back her brown hair with golden highlights. Almost the same as the mysterious man's. The tallest man walked towards them for they had split up. She kept her eye on the hansom man. The taller man came to them.


Chelsey only stopped talking now when he stood in front of them. He didn't say anything he gave Sarah a piece of paper. Sarah frowned and took it. He still didn't say anything and went back to the hansom man.


"Oh someone has a crush on you" Chelsey teased as she giggled.


Sarah whacked her arm with the paper for Murdock had turned around and blushed he stopped when he saw them looking at him still he looked back to Face and ran off to him. Sarah opened the paper expecting a phone number. Except it was just a note that said. "Come to the counter with the money". She frowned as she read it.


Chelsey read over her shoulder and shrugged. "What money? They must have mistaken me for someone else. I'll go tell them they got the wrong person" Sarah exclaimed as she headed to the counter.


Chelsey grabbed her arm. "Ah no, we could ask them for a double date. I want the cute one" Chelsey said as she also admired Face who was at the cash register. Murdock stood next to him.


Sarah didn't like that idea. She wanted to have Face for herself. She also didn't want Chelsey's clumsy dating tips getting in the way. Sarah didn't know how to approach them. She got nervous and thought he would turn her down if she asked for a date. She finally got enough guts and looked to Chelsey. "No this time I'm going alone." Sarah replied then she looked back at the men. Murdock was watching them he stopped and looked to Face again.


"Oh fine, I'm going home then. Come home when you're done flirting roomy" Chelsey demanded as she walked away. She left the store then the mall.


Sarah was on her own now. She walked to the counter. Face was acting as a cashier. Murdock pretended to clean things around them like a stock boy. She watched them getting suspicious. She coughed for their attention. They both stopped and looked up at her. She held out the note and was about to say something. But three other mysterious men walked in the door.


"Uh oh get behind here" Murdock pulled Sarah behind the counter.


"But I'm…." Sarah exclaimed


Face hushed her as he watched the men. The three men took out handguns. One of them shot his gun as he held it up. People screamed. Sarah ducked behind the counter and held onto it. She didn't want to seem afraid she stood up again.


The three men walked to the cash register. "That's her?" One man asked as he looked at Sarah.


Sarah got more nervous she grabbed onto the hansom man's arm not realizing it she held onto it tightly. Face scrunched his nose and let hold onto it. She got embarrassed and let go as she blushed.


"Ok where's the money" The second man grabbed Sarah's arm.


Frightened she didn't know what to say. "You-you must have the wrong person" Sarah exclaimed.


Face and Murdock looked at each other and frowned. They realized they had made a mistake. Just then four men walked in the door with handguns. People screamed again. They were MP's in their green outfits and hard hats. Decker was with them.


"Ah great Decker always has to mess things up" Face whined as he took out a machine gun. Murdock took one out too. Sarah backed up and stood behind them as she watched. Face and Murdock shot at the floor near the MP's. "Ok Decker, guns down and back out the door, you could take these thugs with you too" Face demanded.


Decker didn't want to give up. Neither did the thugs. One of them grabbed Sarah's arm and pulled her around the counter to them. He held the gun to her head. She was terrified. She didn't say anything she almost cried but she didn't. She still wanted to impress the hansom man. Face and Murdock put their guns down.


Decker approached them cautiously with his gun still. "Ah don't move" The man demanded as he backed up. "Where's the money honey" He asked Sarah.


She squirmed in his arms he held tighter. "I said, you have the wrong person" She said quietly and nervously as she stuttered a little. Face and Murdock looked around for something to do to rescue her. Decker also wanted to rescue her without letting Face and Murdock escape.


"Just let the girl go" Decker demanded. They ignored him.


"Put your guns down" The man holding Sarah demanded, Decker put his gun on the floor. The other MP's did the same. The second man gathered up their guns.


Just then BA and Hannibal came in the door with machine guns. "Ok boys you got ten seconds to put the guns down and let the girl go. Before your guts fly around the room" Hannibal demanded.


Sarah smiled as she watched. She wasn't as frightened she was having a good time. She never been in anything this exciting before. She was now the damsel in distress waiting for her prince to rescue her. Though she didn't think she was Face's type and he would never want to go on a date with her. She kept day dreaming about it though.


The men put their guns down. The last man standing was the one holding Sarah. He backed up some more. Face grabbed him from behind. The man lost his grip on Sarah. She got away and ran to the other side where people were watching. Face punched the guy a couple times and he fell over. People clapped and cheered now that it was over. Some people left the store, some continued looking around.


Hannibal and BA walked up to them, Sarah also went to them and frowned at Murdock and Face. "We're sorry about that" Murdock apologized. BA and Hannibal frowned at each other.


"We got the wrong girl" Face sighed as he looked to them.


"Oh terribly sorry ma'm" Hannibal exclaimed.


Face nodded his head. "Is there any way we can make it up to you?" Face asked.


Sarah smiled and blushed as she admired him again. Murdock sighed "Oh brother" As he went and started to clean their stuff up. Hannibal and BA walked away as well.


"I was going to ask something but I might be your type" Sarah replied.


Face frowned at her. "No go ahead, I'm Templeton Peck" He exclaimed as he held out his hand.


Sarah smiled and shook his hand. "I'm Sarah Senay" She replied. They stopped shaking hands and it was quiet. "A date would be nice" Sarah mentioned nervously, waiting for the "No sorry I'm busy" or "I already have a girlfriend".


Face smiled. "Sure, how about Saturday night, dinner and a movie?" Face asked.


Sarah looked back up at him stunned and dazed with her mouth open. Surprised that a hunk like him would want to go on a date with a nerdy girl like her which she referred to herself as. Face waited for her to say something. "O- Ok, that would be nice" She stuttered again as she blushed.


"Oh Romeo we're leaving" Murdock called to Face. Face blushed a little as he turned around. They were waiting by the door for him.


Sarah grabbed his arm and stopped him. "Wait here's my number" She exclaimed as she handed him a piece of paper. He smiled and took it. "Oh and thanks for rescuing me" She smiled and then she kissed him. Not realizing what she was doing. It was a long romantic kiss. They stood there for a few minutes.


"Ok we will be in the van" BA called as they left.


Sarah stopped and stepped back. "Oh my… I'm sorry, I didn't realize…." She apologized. Face grabbed her arm and kissed her again. Hansom, and good at kissing. Sarah thought to herself. She closed her eyes as he held her.


He stopped after a few more minutes and stepped back. She smiled as she looked into his eyes. He also smiled. "Well I better get going" He exclaimed.


She sighed, "That was the longest kiss I ever had" She said happily.


He continued smiling, "Well I would take you with me but we got stuff to do" Face replied.


She nodded her head. "It's ok I'll see you on Saturday. I will call you and give you my address" She exclaimed. Face nodded his head and kissed her one last time. This time it was a quick romantic kiss. Then he headed for the door. "Can I walk with you to your ride?" She asked.


He stopped and turned around. "Sure" He replied and held out his arm. She skipped over to him not realizing it she was so excited, she took his hand instead of his arm. He shrugged and they walked into the hallway.




An Unusual Love by Kat Senay



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