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Oh no! We Are Locked In!

Oh no! We Are Locked In
by Theresa "Captain Marina" Thomas

This was written last year in response to a challenge:
Had to include the following and be less then 500 words:
Scenario: Locked in a room with Murdock, a can opener, sewing kit and a bottle of baby oil.

Rated G


"For the land of the free and the home of the Brave!!"

The crowd goes wild!

I turn to Murdock who is standing there shirtless and at attention.

I had used his shirt to make a cute little baseball outfit for the can opener. "OK, I will admit it; I just wanted to have Murdock shirtless.
There I said it - are you all happy?"

"AHH! Murdock you can stand at ease now."

"Right Muchacha .... letís play ball!!"

"Youíre up to bat first," I say as I stand there with the tiny spool of thread in my hand. I look to the catcher. He gives me the fast ball
signal, but I am thinking the curve ball would work better in this situation. So I completely ignore his instructions, after all he is invisible.

I wind up for the pitch and BANG Murdock swings the empty bottle of baby oil that he is using for the bat. He drives the spool of thread a
whopping 12 inches. It is a spectacular sight to behold. It is better then any home run that Mike Schmidt ever hit.

Murdock rounds the bases with a speed that I have never before seen; he runs the entire 20 feet of the room in less then 30 seconds.
However, the can opener on third is not a player to be messed with.  Number 27 dives for the spool of thread lightening fast, and Murdock
slides for home. "This is going to be a close one, folks."

The can opener turns toward home, throws the spool of thread. Murdock is still sliding, the spool of thread soars through the air gracefully,
barreling toward home plate. Murdock is still sliding. The spool of thread - Murdock - the spool of thread - Murdock - who will get there first?

"WOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Murdock yells as he continues to slide.

"Sorry Murdock, its the baby oil that I put on the floor," I yell out as Murdock slides past #27, past home plate, past the invisible catcher
and comes to an abrupt stop as he hits the locked door.

I run to Murdock side stepping the baby oil. "Are you all right?" I ask as I gather him up in my arms.

"Iím OK Baby, but I hit my head - do you think it will make me sane? Oh please tell me it wonít do that - please." Murdock looked at me with
those beautiful chestnut brown eyes.

"Donít worry, sweetie - everything will be just fine," I say as I glance at the shirtless, handsome man before me covered in baby oil and the
"conveniently" locked door behind us .

"Do you think someone will come and let us out soon, Muchacha?"

"Oh donít worry, Honey ... we will find a way out of this room somehow," I say as I nonchalantly pat my pocket containing the key to the
door. "But in the meantime-how about a nice massage and..."

"Sorry folks the game has been called on account I have other matters to attend to...(Wink Wink) Everyone out!"

Oh No! We Are Locked In! by Cap'n Marina