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by Monte

Rating: G
Copyright: March 6, 2004
Type: Light Slash
Pairing: Implied Face/Murdock
Status: Complete
Summary: It's Murdock's birthday and he gets to spend the weekend with Face.
Warnings: not beta read. m/m kissing.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, or make any money from this work of fiction.
Comments: Please.

Dedicated To: For Val and Franne, as part of my act of 'Val'or :-)

Author's Note: They said I must post, so post I shall. Just a note to explain how this all started. It all started with a RP where Val and I got paranoid and I grew tail feathers. Franne said I should perform an act of "Val"or to get rid of them. So I went out and ate Col. Buckets for Val and wrote a series of five fics in an attempt to be like the local slash queen. I call the series Crying, Loving, Laughing, Leaving. Four of the five have not been beta read but Val and Franne insisted on my posting them. So they will follow. Enjoy. ~~Monte


Dr. Richter looked over the patient's records before him. He knew Murdock had
been well behaved lately and deserved a reward. He glanced up at the blonde
haired man seated on the other side of the desk. "Alright, Peck. I'll give
Murdock a three day pass. But I'll expect him to be back by Monday night."

"Thanks, Doc. I appreciate it. I know Murdock will, too." Face shook Richter's
hand before leaving the office.

Half an hour later, Murdock sat staring out the passenger window of the 'Vette.
The rain streaked across the glass, blurring his view. "What's the plan, Face?"

Face grinned at his friend. "It's your birthday, buddy. We can do anything you

Murdock thought for a minute. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as an idea hit him. "Can
we have a picnic?"

Face glanced over at Murdock then up at the sky. "Um, Murdock, you did notice
it's raining, didn't you?"

"Please, Facey? We can have a picnic inside. Pretty please?" Murdock gazed at
his friend hopefully.

"Alright, we'll have a picnic if that's what you want," he relented.

Murdock leaned over and gave Face a quick hug. "Thanks, Face."

Face just shook his head. Life with Murdock was never dull.

Murdock spread the blanket on the living room floor in front of the fireplace.
The fire crackled and popped cheerfully. Face carried the plates and utensils in
from the kitchen and handed them to Murdock. Minutes later, he returned with a
large bowl of caesar salad, corn on the cob, and a platter of fried chicken.
Murdock jumped up and rushed to grab the pitcher of iced tea from the

They settled on the blanket and began filling their plates. They talked about
recent events in their lives, things they wanted to do, places they wanted to
visit. The food gradually disappeared while they stared memories and dreams.

The rain continued to fall as the evening slipped into night. Face lounged on
the sofa, sipping a glass of wine while Murdock toasted marshmallows over the
fire. Face watched his friend pull the golden brown treat from the remnant of
the clothes hanger and gently pop it into his mouth. A tremor ran through Face's
body at the sight of Murdock licking his fingers.

Face glanced away, thinking perhaps the wine had gone to his head. This wasn't
part of the plan. He tried denying the feelings he was having but he had to
admit he was curious how it would feel if it were his fingers Murdock was
licking. He turned his gaze back to the pilot.

Murdock had another marshmallow nicely toasted. He caught Face watching him and
asked, "You want some?" When Face nodded, he scooted over to the couch and held
out the gooey treat. He was mildly surprised when Face reached down and caught
hold of his wrist. The ripple of pleasure running through him when Face leaned
over to take the melting marshmallow out of his fingers using only his lips and
tongue surprised him. It was not what he had expected but he enjoyed the

He swallowed hard as he studied the clear blue eyes staring at him. Face could
guard his emotions well when he wanted to, but tonight Murdock could see
something different. Tonight he saw happiness, curiosity and desire. He's
looking at me the way I've seen women look at him he realized. "I, uh, I think
I'm gonna hit the sack," he said.

Face smiled as he stood up. He held out a hand to pull Murdock up from the
floor. "Ok, have pleasant dreams. Happy birthday, Murdock." He took a step
closer and hugged his friend.

Murdock returned the hug and whispered, "Thanks. Being with you made it
special." He felt Face begin to back away. He didn't expect what happened next.

Face paused momentarily then lightly brushed his lips over Murdock's. A sweet
simple kiss that lasted for mere seconds managed to steal their breath. He
stepped back and murmured, "Good night."

Murdock watched in silence as Face walked away. He kissed me. My best friend
just kissed me. My best friend who is a man kissed me and I liked it. His lips
tingled from the feather light touch moments earlier. He slowly ambled toward
his bedroom, knowing it would be a long time before he fell asleep.

Four hours later, Murdock lay staring at the ceiling. He had been tossing and
turning since he went to bed. It was pointless to stay there so he threw off the
blanket and quietly stole into the kitchen. He poured himself a glass of orange
juice and leaned against the counter as he sipped it.

He couldn't think of anything but the way Face had looked at him. He hadn't been
with a man in years. Murdock closed his eyes and sighed as he though about the
feelings Face's kiss had stirred up. He brushed his fingers lightly over his
lips, remembering the warmth of Face's lips on his own.

Face had heard Murdock moving around the house. He stood in the doorway of his
bedroom and studied the pilot. Slowly, he slipped through the darkened living
room and into the kitchen. "Can't sleep?" he asked.

Murdock's eyes shot open at the sound of Face's voice. He could see the hunger
hadn't left the younger man's eyes. It felt as if he was drowning in their cool
blue depths. He smile as he thought, "What a way to go." He looked down at his
bare feet before returning his gaze to his friend's face. "I lost my teddy bear.
Can I sleep with you?"

Face was rather taken aback at Murdock's words. "That has got to be the
cheesiest pickup line I've ever heard. But it works for me." He held out his
hand and said, "Come on. My bed is just right for two people."

Murdock slipped his hand into Face's and allowed him to lead the way to the
bedroom. "It's been a long time since..."

Face gently laid his fingers on Murdock's lips. "Shhh. It's alright. There's no
rush. I just want to be with you." He smiled as he wrapped his arms around
Murdock's shoulders. Leaning closer, he softly brushed his lips of the pilot's.

Murdock could hardly believe what was happening. He had occasionally dreamt of
this type of encounter but he had never thought it would actually happen. All he
could focus on was how wonderful a kisser Face was.

Face took a step back, his eyes shining. He folded back the soft flannel blanket
and said, "You're the guest. Which side of the bed do you want?"

Murdock grinned. "How 'bout we share the middle?"

Face chuckled, "If that's what you want." He slid in between the sheets and
patted the spot next to him.

Murdock laid down beside him and reached over to stroke the fine hairs on Face's
chest. Slowly they got acquainted with each other's bodies. They took their time
learning the contours, muscles, and even a few ticklish spots. Eventually, sleep
overtook them as they lay entwined in each others arms.

Dawn found them still together, chest to chest, fitting together like two pieces
of a puzzle. They awakened slowly. Face sighed as he nuzzled against Murdock's
neck. "You smell good. What is it you wear?"

"Normally I wear clothes. But I think you're smelling my aftershave. It's a
homemade rum aftershave one of the nurses at the VA makes. Lucile makes all
kinds lotions and soaps and stuff."

"I like it. It's not too strong, a nice scent."

Murdock smiled. "Thanks, I'll have to wear it more often. I'm gonna make
breakfast." He gave Face a quick kiss before rising from the bed.

Monday come all too quickly for the two. On the way back to the VA, Face made a
quick stop at a small toy store. He returned with a large grey teddy bear. He
held it out to Murdock with a loving smile. "For the nights when I can't be with
So you have something to hold onto and you won't have to sleep alone."

Murdock stroked the soft fur and said, "It's perfect, Face. You are so sweet. I
love it."

Face covered Murdock's hand with his own. "Anything for you." They were quiet
the rest of the way back to the VA. When Murdock got out of the 'Vette, he
smiled and said, "I had a great time this weekend. You made this birthday one to
remember. Thank you. I'll call you later this week." He took a step back and
waved. "See ya later, muchacho."


Teddy Bear Picnic by Monte



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