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Title: Snow


by: Mooncat


Rating: PG-13

Summary: A night, that Murdock and Face spend in the snow.

Warnings: Slashy, and be seriously warned: FLUFFY AT ITS MOST!!!!

Pairing: Face/Murdock

Disclaimer: Don’t own TAT.

Comments: Any time welcome, but as this is my first attempt at slash very much appreciated.

Thanks: To Franne, Casper and Viskey! I don’t think this would have been posted without your help and encouragement!




“I don’t think this is a good idea.”


Murdock looked back at his friend. “Oh jeez, stop being such a spoil sport!”


Face frowned and threw an indignant look at his friend’s back. “Excuse me if I think it’s too cold to go for a walk in the middle of the night up here in this no man’s land of a mountain! Or that if Hannibal finds out about this – and you know as well as I do that he will – he will not only tan our hides, but will probably make us train non stop for the next six weeks… without any means of escape!”


The fact that he almost fell face down in the snow at this point was not exactly improving his mood. He glared at the snow-covered root he had overlooked in the heat of the argument.


The first snow had started falling during the previous night, and it had continued snowing heavy all day. Now the world outside the woods had disappeared under a thick blanket of whiteness. Walking through the forest now was really a small adventure, especially in the dark, with roots and rocks hidden under the soft, white layer. Not that he would ever have had the idea to do such a thing in the first place.


 “We’ll deal with it if it ever gets to that,” came the confident answer from the still eagerly walking pilot. *He* didn’t seem to have any problems walking through the soft material - even more reason to glare at his back!


The lieutenant sighed in exasperation, but hurried to keep up with Murdock in the end. “You know, smart men would turn back now and avoid all this. In fact, they never would have risked even the possibility of it happening and stayed where they belong.”


“Smart men are also skilled enough to go on adventures but not get caught,” was the nonchalant answer.


Face shook his head. Typical. He should have known Murdock would have an evasive answer to that. “And you think you can fool Hannibal? Colonel John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, the leader of the A-Team? No wonder you live in the nuthouse. You’re definitely delusional!”


Now Murdock looked at him with his deep brown eyes, slightly offended by his friend’s sarcastic words. “Yeah, the one and only. It *is* possible to get past him.” He paused for a moment and frowned. “Well, if you are extremely lucky, well trained, and did I mention lucky? Anyway, my point is, that even if he does get wind of this nighttime excursion, he really does not have anything in hand to use against us that would justify the drastic punishments you just mentioned.”


Expecting more exploration of this statement, Face waited a long minute before he realized that Murdock wasn’t going to continue. He rolled his eyes. “Care to explain how you reached this hair brained insight?”


The look Murdock gave him was clearly asking him why he even had to ask that.


Face simply glared back and waited.


Murdock finally shrugged. “Logic, my dear Templeton. First, we are not on watch duty. Second, we are not having anyone on watch because we’re on vacation. Third, Hannibal won’t mind us having a bit of fun. The entire reason we’re here is because he knows we all need a break.”


What was really annoying Face, was that Murdock had a point there. Not one to lose a discussion gracefully, he went on to the next topic. “Fun? And where exactly is the fun in getting rudely awakened by a frantic, certified lunatic, who forces you to get up for a walk in the middle of the night… and in the middle of the forest? You could call this kidnapping, you know.”


The steps of his ‘kidnapper’ slowed. Murdock looked at him, sudden uncertainty showing plainly in his eyes. “I uh… I wanted to show you something.” Face didn’t like his friend’s subdued tone, as if he had just been denied his Christmas present. It was as if all his previous excitement had left him. He cursed his damn mouth. That hadn’t been his intent. The pilot’s next words brought his attention back to what his friend was saying. “And it’s not a kidnapping! You could have refused to come along!” Nor did he like the defensive tone.


“Uhm – yeah, alright, Murdock. But, I just, well you know, I’m not that keen on having my beauty sleep interrupted, not to mention the time here. And you should know better than anyone how, hmmm, cranky I can get then,” Face tried to excuse his rude behavior.


Murdock looked away into the dark depths of the forest, hiding his sudden smile. He knew this would work. Sending Face on a guilt trip always worked. If it was in his best interests, Murdock believed it was all right to use any trick in the book. “You want to go back?” he asked, in a slightly wavering voice, then thought, ‘Okay muchacho, don’t overdo it!’


Face sighed and looked back at their tracks in the snow-covered trail they had walked along, then at the pilot’s back. He could tell this was something important to him, for whatever reason.


He stepped closer and laid a hand on Murdock’s shoulder. “Nah, it’s all right. Now that we’ve gone this far, we might as well go the rest of the way, and hey, I’m already feeling much better. Come on, let’s keep going.”


Murdock turned his head to him, his eyes serious. “You sure?”


Face smiled one of his rare, true smiles. “Definitely. Now lead the way, oh, fearless leader,” he said, extending his hand in the direction they were heading and adding a slight bow. Then added with a wicked smile, “At least you’ll ease my way through all this snow.”


Suddenly the happiness was back in the brown eyes and Murdock laughed excitedly. “You said it, my boy!” He walked with new élan through the heavy snow, leading and easing the way. Again, he smiled secretly, it was always so much fun to win a discussion with Face!


Left behind, the ‘boy’ chuckled and followed in his footsteps.




Some ten minutes later, Murdock stopped so apprubtly that Face almost walked right up his back. “Ufff! Murdock! A little warning would have been nice!”


Murdock turned around and smiled apologetically. “It would have been a soft landing, after all. We’re here. Close your eyes.”


“What?” Face asked, frowning. He didn’t like being in the dark.


“Oh, don’t worry. Just do me a favor, will ya? Please, I promise it will be worth it!” Murdock pleaded.


Face looked into Murdock’s eyes for a moment, before he gruffly agreed and closed his eyes.


“Thank you. Here, take my hand.” Face felt Murdock take his left hand. Felt the strong fingers enclose his firmly. Felt the chapped skin of the palm, reassuring him that he wasn’t alone in the dark. His fingers automatically clasped Murdock’s hand, getting a light squeeze back.


A little tug and they were moving again, Murdock silently guiding him over roots and rocks until they reached what felt like a more open area, their breath and soft steps the only sounds in the peaceful quiet.


After a few more steps, Murdock finally stopped and turned around to Face. He grabbed both his hands and checked that his eyes were still closed. They were. Good. “Tilt your head back and open your eyes,” he gently ordered him then stepped back to watch Face’s reaction.


Silently, Face followed Murdock’s instructions and slowly opened his eyes. Above him, the night sky was lit with millions of sparkling stars. The full moon looked so close it seemed as if he could just reach out and touch it. Face held his breath and just stood there, marveling at the beautiful view.


After a few long moments, he slowly lowered his head to look at his full surroundings. Everything was sparkling around him. He was standing in the middle of a little clearing. Everything was covered in a thick blanket of blinding white snow. Apart from the tracks they had made coming here, it was truly an untouched wonder of nature.


Taking in every detail of this truly magical place and moment, Face finally turned to Murdock, who had been watching him with shining eyes.


Not daring to move, afraid this was all just a dream, Murdock watched the moonlight drenched man look for the first time in his life at snow. Not the dirty snow found in cities and on the road, but real, untouched, white, sparkling snow. It was beautiful.


They were both quiet, not trusting their voices to speak, but their eyes were locked into each other’s. Finally, Face broke the contact and looked around again, trying to compose himself. He suddenly became aware that he was standing right beside a large, silvery blanket overlaid with white sleeping bags neatly folded at one of the smaller sides. How could he have missed it at his previous look around? His eyes were glued to the strange bed, not really believing what he saw. Not daring to hope it meant what he so desperately wanted it to mean. The practical part of his brain acknowledged that the blanket was spread out on a thick mattress to keep it from getting wet.


Suddenly, Murdock was really nervous. Face was staring down, unmoving, at their probable bed for the rest of this night. He couldn’t see his face… his eyes. Could see only his shining blonde hair, which was almost silvery in the moonlight. He had no idea what Face felt about this.


Finally, Face looked back at him. His eyes were shining, but Murdock wasn’t sure with what exactly.


In a choked voice, Face said only one thing, “Why?” Not exactly what he’d expected, but Murdock guessed it was a reasonable question after all.


He gulped and shrugged. “Remember our last R&R back in Nam? You told me you’d never seen snow, but then, how could you have? You, a child from sunny California. I told you that neither have I, coming from good ol’ Texas. Well, not counting the white tops of mountains while flying. You suggested that we should try to get to see it on our next R&R…” His voice trailed off, not sure how to continue.


Face kept silent, just looking at him with this intense gaze.


“I know this is not the next R&R, Face. There have been so many between then and now, but neither of us has seen snow like this either. What we saw of it in the few winters we spent in a region with snow wasn’t real. Wasn’t like this. So I thought, while we’re taking this vacation up here in the north, we could finally go through with our plans from back then. To enjoy snow for the first time together.” Towards the end of this, his voice kept getting quieter with the uncertainty of Face’s reactions. “You know, play around a little in the snow.” His weak attempt at lightening the mood a little didn’t even convince himself.


Face studied him, waiting to see if more was coming. When he was sure that Murdock had finished talking, he finally dared to ask the question that had been burning inside him for the past five years. “So, you do remember?”


A faint smile appeared on Murdock’s face. “Of course I remember, Temp. Did you really think I could forget? No, Face, not even in my darkest times.”


Face laughed bitterly. “Oh, I don’t know. You completely ignoring it could have given me that impression.”


Murdock cringed. He’d known this would be hard. “I’m sorry about that, but I thought it was best for us… best for you. I’m not in the VA for nothing, and you know that better than anyone else. We were separated for over a year, and when you came back, I was in no condition to give you even the slightest thing you wanted.” He paused, his eyes darkening as he remembered these bleak years.


“And what exactly gave you the right to decide what was best for me? I’m a grown man, not a little child who can’t make his own decisions!” retorted Face, angrily.


A lightly challenging look flared in Murdock’s eyes when he continued. “Oh no, Face, don’t try to sell me that! When you came back, you saw for yourself what I’d become. I could see the pain in your eyes at seeing me like that, but I couldn’t do or say anything to soothe the pain, and that almost killed me. But, even if there hadn’t been all those complications, you know as well as I do that we both needed some time after the camps. So, I watched as you finally accepted that we had to return to being simply the best of friends. Then, when you started going out on dates, I hoped you had finally found some peace. But lately, I couldn’t deny anymore that you were far from happy.” His anger had already cooled down and he could see in Face’s deep blue eyes that it was the same for him. He had to smile faintly at the slight frown his last statement evoked in Face. “You’re the best conman I ever met, Face, but you’ve never been able to fool me. Sure, you had me blinded for a short time, but don’t think you can hide from me forever. So I told myself that perhaps it’s time I did something.”


Now Murdock slowly closed the short distance between them, their eyes still lost in each other’s. He gathered all the courage he could summon, then finished with determination, “You brought me back from the darkness of my mind, and I’d like to return the favor now.” He paused a moment to let these words sink in before making his next move. “I never stopped loving you, Templeton Arthur Peck, and if you want to, I’d like to give our relationship a try again.”


Face was speechless. He had hoped for those words for so long, dreamed so often of a moment just like this, longed for so many years to hear them again. Now, it was finally happening, and it was more than he could ever have imagined. Oh, he wasn’t finished yet with Murdock for denying him the opportunity to make his own decisions, even if he could see his points, but there was time for that later.


No, he needed to make sure Murdock wouldn’t escape him again, so he looked at him incredulously. “Do you really have to ask, Murdock? Like you said, no one knows me like you.”


Murdock frowned a little and answered very seriously, “Yes, I have to. You must understand something, Face. I’m not the same man you fell in love with. I’ve changed a lot, and I fear, mostly not for the better. We probably won’t have it easy. There will be many bumps in the road. You need to know what you’re getting into if you’re willing to give it another try.”


Face took a deep breath, thinking about what Murdock had said. There was a lot of truth in it, but he’d had a long time to gain some awareness of those things. That had never changed anything for him, which was another thing he would need to discuss with Murdock - when it was the right time. Now was the time for something else entirely.


He broke the eye contact again and looked around. Smiling warmly, he found the waiting brown eyes once more. “It’s truly beautiful here, Murdock. Thanks for sharing it with me.”


Murdock looked confused. “Ah, sure, anytime.”


At his puzzled look, Face laughed. The guy had kept him waiting five years, and he hadn’t even made it half a minute! But that was way too much time anyway, so he gave him his best and most honest grin, then continued. “A perfect place and time for a new beginning.”


A smile began to grow on his lover’s face as the meaning of these words sank in. Murdock nodded with shining eyes. “Yeah, perfect!”


Before Murdock had a chance to go on, Face closed the distance, reached up, and pulled his head down. A breath away, before his lips captured Murdock’s, he whispered the words Murdock needed to hear. “I love you, you fool. Did you think I could really forget? That I could ever stop loving you?” Without waiting for an answer, he kissed him, putting his entire being and longing into this first kiss since five years past. A little surprised, but utterly happy, Murdock instantly gave him entrance and welcomed him with fiery passion.


Slowly, the two embracing souls sank onto the mattress. Lost in each other, they mated again, making a promise of love and trust, a bond to tie their lives and hearts together.


In the moonlit, sparkling world around them, they were in their own world of touches, feelings and love. High trees, heavy with snow, served as their walls, closing out the rest of the world. They were utterly alone out there in that clearing, only the forest around them, and the animals living in it, to witness their lovemaking.




Rays of sunlight and the beginning chirping of the birds slowly awakened the two lovers, snuggled against each other under the cover of the sleeping bags.


Murdock yawned tiredly. “We should go back.” But he did not move one little bit. Face murmured something inaudible, and tried to snuggle closer to the warm body next to him. Murdock chuckled. “Remember Hannibal? And his wrath? We’ll get into enough trouble as it is!”


Cuddling even further into his lover's warmth, Face smiled with sleepy playfulness. “I thought you said he has nothing to punish, exactly?” he teased.


Lightly scowling, Murdock snorted. “Well, yeah, but that was before we were not in our beds at dawn like the good little soldiers we’re supposed to be. Besides, we’re talking about Hannibal here.” He groaned. “Man, he’ll make our life in the next few weeks a living hell!”


But Face just shrugged. “Don’t care, it was worth it. He can kick our asses later.” After a moment he added, with a mischievous smile in his voice, “And I bet we’ll find a way to make the training he’ll send us to do more bearable.”


Murdock laughed. “Well, I sure as hell will always be glad to play with you in the snow! Let’s just hope your plan comes together. I haven’t waited this long to have to wait another six weeks.”


“Nor did I,” Face stated calmly. Then he added, in a fairly good imitation of his colonel, “Don’t worry! It’ll be a piece of cake!”


The End

Snow by Mooncat



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