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A-Team Fan Fiction

Now We Are Four

by:  Aero


Rating:  PG (just to make sure…)

Genre:  Angst, Action

Warnings:  Injured characters, mention of torture, hmm, think that's it.

Setting:  In Vietnam, Hannibal's POV

Summary:  Another idea of how Face joined the team. 

Disclaimer:  The A-Team and the characters belong to Frank Lupo and Stephen J. Cannell.  No copyright infringement intended. The idea is mine and may not be reproduced without my permission.

Note:  Please send me reviews!!!  English is not my first language and I usually do not write A-Team fiction.  Good or bad, I need both comments!  Otherwise you'll have to live with my crap and I won't change it!  Thank you! J




~ Now We Are Four ~





I was completely lost. 

I was exhausted and tired and had no idea where I was. 

A Vietcong helicopter had chased me and fired at me, and I could not escape with my team to the base. 

I just had run in the woods and had lost orientation after a while. 

I hoped that BA and Murdock had made it back without injuries.

I was mad at myself, I had acted like a rookie, like one of those youngsters that think they're grown ups and leave their little peaceful towns in the United States to get in trouble in Vietnam. 

They panicked easily and that's what I had done.  Dead run in the woods, away from my team. 

I could have kicked myself for my stupidity.


I had lost my maps of the area and my compass had a huge crack and did not work anymore. 

Frustrated I threw it away.

The only thing I could do was to guess in which direction I had to go, which would most definitely lead me in the arms of the enemy (I surely was not lucky this week), or wait here and hope that my team would search for me.  But how long could that take?

I decided to move in the direction I guessed by throwing a coin and began walking.  That was two days ago.


It must have been after about an hour when I heard voices far away.

I took cover immediately and tried to understand what they were saying.

They were about 5 men, Vietnamese.  I had learned a little Vietnamese during my time here, but not enough to follow this conversation.  I could not see them yet, but they were coming closer. 

All I understood was "Americans", "kill" and "he fled". 

The fact that the speaker spit on the ground after he mentioned "Americans" brought me to the conclusion that they were not on our side. 


I had marched right into Vietcong territory. 


I tried to move away, but they were already too close. 

They heard me and were alarmed immediately. 

Five rifles shifted in my direction and the leader of the little group asked in a harsh voice 

"Who is there?" 

I did not answer and hightailed in the opposite direction. 

They could not see me, but they heard me. 

The soldiers started firing. 

The bullets hit the muddy ground where I had been just a second ago. 

The Vietcong started screaming and yelling for the other troops. 


Suddenly I noticed something right next to me behind a tree, it was a soldier in camouflage, I was shocked.  In belief it was a Vietcong I ran to the right.  "Come here!"  I heard him say. 

He was American! 

Relieved I jumped next to him.  He pushed me in a deep, but narrow hole in the ground you couldn't see from another angle.  He threw a rock in the opposite direction of where we lay and took cover in the hole.

The soldiers bought the trick and ran in the direction the stone had flown.  Their voices fainted and disappeared quickly.


I made a sigh of relief and said

"Thank you.  I did not think I would make it this time…" 

I received no answer and I took a closer look at the person who saved my life. 

The man was very young, maybe 16, 17 years old, how in the world did he manage to sign up for the army?

He looked very tired and emaciated.  His skin was pale and in his blue eyes I could see pain.  His uniform was bloody, in many spots blood already dried.  His eyes were closed and his breathing rattled and sounded painful. 

The nametag on his uniform identified the young handsome man as Sergeant Willingston. 

"Sergeant?" I asked him. 


I tapped on his shoulder and he opened his eyes a little. 

"Hmm?"  he replied in a low voice. 

"What happened to you?" He shook his head and mumbled

 "Nothing.  Are you alright, Colonel?"

I could not believe that he paid attention to my rank in his bad shape.  "Yeah, sure, I am fine." 

I grabbed my water bottle and lifted the opened bottle to his lips. 

Some drops fell on his dry lips and his eyes popped open.

"Water…?"  He drank quickly with my help. 

After he emptied about half the bottle he stopped and leaned back. 

"Thank you, that felt good." –

"You're welcome, kid.  Where are you hurting?" 

The kid, as I called him, moaned and finally answered

"I am alright.  You better go now, they will find out that it was a trick and they'll come back.  They won't welcome you with open arms, trust me.  They don't like us.  Go away."

I would not let him behind if he meant that.

"Alright, Sergeant, let's go." 

He shook his head 

"Not me." –

"Oh, yes, you.  That is an order."  I tried to encourage the young man although I knew that he could not walk in his bad condition.  And where should we go?  I still had no clue where and how far our camp was.  Without a map and a compass…

"I am known for disregarding orders, sorry."  The sergeant snapped back.  Great.

"Not this time!"  I answered, grabbed him under his arms and pulled him on his feet.  He groaned and made a grimace.  I held him, but let him lean against a tree.  He gasped in pain. 

"You have a chance without me…" he complained.  I ignored it, wrapped his arm around my neck and tried to make some steps.  The kid tried as hard as he could and made some little steps. 

"Good, just walk on.  You can do it." 

At least I hoped so.  The odds were against us, indeed.  I hardly doubted that he would even survive a few more days.  He must have many severe injuries he did not want to tell me about.  He had a fever and was shaking.  He needed medical attention very quickly and he would not get that in the near future. 

But I would not leave him behind. 

"You know the direction?"  came the pain filled voice  from my right.  "Actually…"  I did not want to discourage him, but I could not lie to him either.

"We have no map and my compass…" 

The kid stopped abruptly. 

"Hey, but that does not mean, we can't make it.  My team is out there and they are…" 

I noticed that the kid was fingering in the pockets of his uniform and finally handed me a compass and a crumpled and blood stained map. 

I almost kissed him for that. 

"Thank you!"  I quickly maneuvered him to the nearest tree, let him lean against it and used the map to find out about our location and destination.  After a short while I realized that we were even further away from the camp than I had thought.

But I didn't tell him.  I just smiled at the kid, grabbed him and more or less carried him in the right direction. 


Odds were against us.  I knew it and the young man next to me knew it, too.  Nevertheless he walked bravely without a word and I helped him support his weight, which was not a whole lot.


After we had walked for hours, or so it seemed, the sergeant suddenly tripped over his own feet and made a hoarse scream.  He fell on the muddy ground and I was too late to catch him.

"I am sorry… I can't… Too tired…" I heard him mumbling. 

He looked on the ground, almost ashamed. 

I went down on my knees and saw the exhaustion and pain in his incredibly blue eyes.  Cold sweat was all over his young face and he breathed hard. 

"Alright." I finally answered.  "We rest here."


It was almost getting dark and we could not march at night anyways.  I was tired, too and so I laid a hand on the soldiers shoulder and got up to look for a nearby place where we could rest.  I found a little place that was surrounded by huge trees and a rock where it was hard for others to see in and we were able to see who was coming. 

I walked back, loaded the injured and weakened man on my shoulders and brought him to the safer piece of land. 


His eyes closed immediately when I laid him down. 

"So tired…" He managed.

"Hmm, me, too." I replied. 

I realized that it became a little chilly out here and soon after that the kid started shaking. 

"You're cold, huh?"  I received no answer and I started putting some wood up for a little fire. 

Soon the air became warmer and the warmth felt comfortable on our skin.  The fire sizzled. 

"Colonel?", came the light voice from the kid, who had saved my life.  "Yeah?" -  "Thank you."

"For what, sergeant?"

"'m not a sergeant…"

"But your uniform…"

"Not my uniform."

I became a little curious.  There was something about this young man.

"Whadda ya mean, not yours?"


"What is your name?"  A second try.

"Peck.  Lieutenant Templeton Peck."

I lifted an eyebrow.  The name sounded familiar, but I couldn't recall where I had heard the name before.  He was way too young to be a Lieutenant.  Hell, he was too young to be in the army! 


Suddenly I heard him moving a little, but an awful groan followed it.

I was next to him in a second and laid my hand on his forehead. 

"Let me check your injuries.  I have a medical kit.  I can help you!  Did you catch a bullet?  Or what?"

Finally the kid gave up and let me examine him. 

Carefully I took the jacket off and began to unbutton his shirt.  I managed to peel it off his body and a cold shudder went down my back. 

I gasped.

"What the hell happened to you?!"


I stared at the yellow bruises, bloody weals and spots of burned skin that covered his whole upper body.  I received no answer, but I knew it.

"A Vietcong camp" I offered.

I saw a light nod of the kid's head. 

"They caught you and tortured you."

Again a nod. 

I grabbed my first aid kit and began to clean the injuries.  The pain must have been almost unbearable when I disinfected the wounds, his body was tensed, but the kid stayed quiet. I tried to draw his thoughts to other things and began to ask him questions. 

"Templeton, hmm?  I never heard that name before.  Where does it come from?"

"Dunno.  The priest at the orphanage gave me the name, since he didn't know my real one."

"Oh.  How did you get in this mess?"

"Long story."

"We've got time."

The kid sighed and finally began to tell me.

"I was with four other soldiers in the 34. Sector and we secured some houses.  Suddenly the enemy appeared and … There were so many… we had no chance…" his voice broke. 

"What happened?"  I encouraged him.

He breathed deep and continued.

"Three were shot immediately and Sergeant Willingston and I were brought to the camp.  They questioned us about some mission we have never heard about.  They finally executed Willingston and planned on shooting me the next day.  I was able to flee.  They had taken all my clothes, I found his and took them.  They saw me and fired at me.  I couldn't get too far.  Then I saw you and you know the rest."

Indeed, I did. 

"How long were you in the camp?"

"I have no idea.  You kinda lose track when you are unconscious once in a while and spend most of your time in a windowless cell."

Judging from his condition he must have been in there for about two weeks.  It seemed like they really needed information from him.  They wouldn't let him live for so long if the information was not important.

After a while I was finished with bandaging his upper body. 

"You alright, kid?" I asked him.

"'m not a kid.  I'm twenty-one."

If he is twenty-one, then I am the president.  I thought to myself.  Eighteen at the most.

"Yes, I am much better."
"Any other injuries?  You better tell me."  I warned him and smiled.

The boy was tough and I began to really like him.  I cursed the people who had done this to him.

He did not answer and I knew there was more.  I found a bullet hole in his left leg and had bandaged it, too. 

Finally I leant back and looked at the kid.

I could see every bone on his limp body and realized that I had to find some light nutritious food that he could digest easily, since his body didn't quite seem used to adequate food anymore. 

I began digging in my bag and finally found a can of light soup.

I opened the can and cooked it over the open flame. 

After that I sat next to Templeton and offered him the soup.  His eyes popped open and a smile appeared in them.

I helped him eating half the can and he enjoyed it. 


He felt better after the meal and sighed.

"Thanks, Colonel." He said, right before he fell asleep.

"Call me Hannibal.  All my friends do." I said.  I was not sure if he had heard me.

I yawned.  I hadn't realized how tired I was.  This place was relatively secure.  I took a last look at the young man and fell asleep just minutes later.


The next morning I woke up by the little movement next to me.  I was alarmed immediately and jumped on my feet.  Then I realized that it was just Templeton and there was no danger by hostile soldiers.  I looked at the kid who just woke up.  His blue eyes looked much clearer then the day before and he managed a light smile.

"Good morning, kid, feelin' better?"

"Morning, Hannibal, yes, much better."

I smiled.  I knew he was a little better.  His chances of surviving increased a little.

I checked his wounds and after a light breakfast we broke up to the second part of our route. 

I wrapped Peck's arm around my neck and we left our overnight camp. 


Slowly we moved north. 

The march was hard, not only for Peck, but also for me, since the area was hilly and rocky.  Many bushes and big trees were in our way and we often had to go around them and that took a long time. 

Templeton felt better, but that did not mean a lot.  When he had been as good as dead the day before, he now was still only about one little step away from it. 

He was still very weak and suffered from severe pain. 

His fever had not changed.

We had to rest many times and I could tell how exhausted the kid was.


After a long march the kid suddenly stopped.  He stood still like a rock

"What is it, you need a break?"

"Shhhh, quiet…" Peck mumbled.

I watched him closely and was wondering what the matter was when I heard it.

It was a helicopter.  It was still a while away, but the most important question was: 

'Ours or theirs?'


I didn't want to risk it and started to tell Templeton, that we had to find coverage, but I was interrupted by machine gun fire and voices yelling in Vietnamese. 


"Sh*!!! A trap!  Go, hide in those bushes!"

I pushed the kid to the side, he tripped and fell on the soft ground.  I grabbed him under the armpits and pulled him with me.

There was no chance.

Helicopters and many healthy foot soldiers with good weapons and ammunition against two, let's say one and one half with one M-16 and about 10 bullets.  No way.

The kid's condition has gotten worse over the day and he had almost passed out.

I was desperate. 

I didn't not want to end up in a POW camp, I had seen what they had done to the young man next to me and I knew you would wish they had shot you immediately when they torture you in the camp.

I didn't want to give up, not now! 

I was also responsible for the kid and he did not deserve to die here.


I took a cover behind a huge tree and looked for the enemy.

They were about 15 soldiers, heavily armed and I could hear the helicopter coming closer.

The soldiers yelled something and came in our direction.  They had seen us, no doubt.

"Shoot them!!!"

I loaded my rifle with all ten bullets I had left and waited until the soldiers came closer.


"Hannibal…?"  His eyes were closed and I wasn't sure if he realized what was happening around him.

"Yes, kid?"

"Thank you for taking me with you…"

I didn't know what to answer. 

I had a huge clump in my throat and couldn't find the right words. 

I felt tears in my eyes and in this second I turned around and fired in the group of soldiers that were sitting behind a rock and firing as if we were a tank that required 20 shots on the same spot before it had a hole.

Three soldiers fell on the ground and I assumed they were dead and it confused the others for a moment. 

They ducked behind the rock and didn't fire for a second. 

They didn't expect us to defend ourselves.

I stayed out of cover a little too long. 

The other's confusion did not last as long as I had hoped for and they started firing again, more intense than before.

I felt something hot pluck on my left sleeve and quickly took cover again.

A bullet had passed too close to my left arm and warm blood was slowly dripping down from the wound.

It was nothing severe.

The helicopter had almost landed on the other side of this little battlefield and I heard even more machine guns being shot.

I had given up. 

I checked and found that there were only three bullets left in my gun. 

No way.


I moved a little closer to Templeton and grabbed his hand. 

It was so cold and shaky.  His eyes were still closed and he looked more tired and weak than ever before. 



I heard somebody saying my name.  Somebody was yelling it.

"Colonel, hurry up!"

It sounded like my good old friend BA.  I would have loved to seeing him only one more time…


BA… Wait a second.  BA?  That was not in my mind!  That was BA's voice coming from that chopper!  That means Murdock must be flying!  Murdock and BA were here!  They had found us!!!

I waved at BA who finally saw me and gave me a sign to hurry up.

He lifted his machine gun, gave me a sign and fired.

He distracted the soldiers and gave the kid and me a better chance of reaching the chopper.

I took the young man on my shoulders and was shocked once again how light he was.

I ran towards BA who still was firing at the Vietcong and finally reached him after what seemed like miles to me.

I lifted Peck in the helicopter and BA helped me with one hand. 

He gave me a confused look, pulled me in the chopper and yelled at Murdock:

"A'right, we got 'm!  Let's get outta here!"

Murdock lifted the chopper from the ground and hurried out of reach of the soldiers.  When we flew over the top of the trees we finally felt save.


BA slapped me on the shoulder and commented with a huge grin:

"Good to have you back, colonel, I almost went nuts alone with Murdock!  You're alright?"

I smiled back and answered:

"Yes, feels good to be with you guys, too.  Yeah, I am o.k.  Thank you for getting us out!"

"Ah, was a pleasure, mon colonel!  My big muchacho missed you so much and …"

"Argh, shut up, fool!"

How much I had missed those jokes between BA and Murdock!

"Who is that?"  BA asked and looked worriedly at the kid who lay unconscious on the helicopter floor.

I stroke kid's hot forehead carefully.

"He saved my life.  His name is…"


"No, it is…"

"It says so on his uni…"

"It's not his uniform, long story… His name is Lieutenant Templeton Peck."

"Man, he ain't lookin' good.  Some bad injuries, too."

"I know, BA.  I hope he'll make it."


As much as I wanted to tell my friends what happened I just couldn't.

I was dead tired and the whole tension went away. 

I fell asleep with the knowledge that me, and the kid were in the safe hands of BA and Murdock. 


The next thing I saw was my left arm.  It rested in a white sling around my neck and my bullet wound was bandaged. 

I lay on an uncomfortable field bed and my location was obviously the medical station of our camp. 

We had made it.

WE.  Where was Peck?

I was getting nervous and wanted to get up when a strong big hand pushed me back in a laying position. 

I hadn't noticed before that BA and Murdock were standing next to my bed.

"Hey, Hannibal, it's alright, you're safe."

"Where is the kid?"

"What kid?"

"The boy I brought with me."

"Oh, he's on the other side of the room.  He's still unconscious and his condition is not very good."

"Will he make it?"

"Dunno, Hannibal, ask the doc."


As if she had heard that, a young female doctor came around the corner and came up to my bed.

"How are you feeling, sir?"
"Much better, thanks.  How is the man who came with me?"

The woman sighed.

"He must have had a very rough time.  He has some very severe injuries and it seems like he has been tortured.  He also is almost starved and very weak."

"Thanks for the summary.  I have seen him.  I want to know how it will turn out for him!"

The doc jumped when I got mad at her, but I didn't care.

"We think he'll make it.  But he'll have to spend a longer time in here…"

"Can I see him?"

"Yes, I think that is possible.  But do not disturb him, he needs a lot of sleep.  I'll bring you there."

I got up and followed the doc with Murdock and BA.


I finally sat down with them next to Templeton's bed.

He looked terrible. 

Some machines were attached to him and he wore many bandages.


"Hannibal, what happened?  You passed out in the chopper, so you'll have to tell us now.  Who did that to him and how did you meet him?"

I began to tell my friends the whole story and everything I knew about the kid.

"Boy, he is awful young for a lieutenant."

"I know, Murdock.  I was wondering, too.  I am getting very curious, also about this thing in the camp.  What information did they want?  I will try to get his file.  I'll see what I can find out."

My friends agreed and we sat for a long while next to Peck's bed.

Wondering about all the questions and hoping that he could recover from the torture.  Not only physically, but also mentally…


The next day I wanted to get a hold of Peck's file.

I had heard who his superior was and I knew the guy. 

He was a Colonel and was known to yell at his men a lot. 

He liked to pick on them and give them tasks they hardly ever could meet what made the soldiers feel bad. 

I am not a big fan of this method.  Discipline, yes, but not like this. 

I walked over to his office and felt uncomfortable. 

I didn't like talking to the man and he knew it. 

He didn't like me much and I would have bet a million on the fact that he would not give me Templeton's file.  That was for sure. 

Nevertheless I had to try it. 


I knocked on the door and entered the room after I had heard the harsh "Com'in!"

I smelled cigarettes. 

Another thing why I didn't like him. 

Cigars are alright. 

But cigarettes.  No.

Colonel Cheeves sat behind his desk and worked on some paperwork till he finally looked up.


"Smith!  How is it going?  I heard you got lost in the jungle?" he made a huge grin.

'Stay calm, Hannibal.  It won't help if you beat him up right now' I thought to myself.  'But it would feel damn good…!"

"Good afternoon Cheeves.  I feel perfectly fine, thanks."

Cheeves waited for the second part of my speech, the interesting part about my odyssey in the jungle, but I didn't do him this favor.

He waited and smiled at me.  I smiled, too.

After a while he gave up.

"Alright, Smith.  What do you want?"

"It's about Lieutenant Peck."

"Hey, Colonel, that is not of your business.  I can do with my officers what I want, got that?"

I was confused.  He obviously had done something he knew I wouldn't like.

He noticed my confusion and I bet he kicked himself for telling me.

"What was the mission about?"

"What mission?  What do you want, Smith?"

"The mission the five men were in the village for, about two weeks ago.  Among them Sergeant Willingston and Lieutenant Peck.  You know which one."

Cheeves jumped up from his office chair, his face red as a lobster and sweat running down from both sides of his head.

"I tell you one more time, Smith.  Keep your damn nose out of my business.  Believe me, it is better for you.  I won't tell you a second time."

I leaned forward. 

"Listen, Cheeves.  It is my damn business.  I got one of your boys out of that jungle.  He is in a critical condition and all four of his teammates were killed before his eyes.  You are going to tell me what the hell that was all about."


Cheeves slowly sat down on his chair, but kept staring at me.

"You know I won't tell you.  Why should I?"

He was right.  I knew he wouldn't tell me.

I had to leave this part resting and find out about it later.


I tried to get a hold of Peck's file now and was surprised when he answered.

"I don't have his file anymore.  It's over at the other office.  He's not on my team anymore.  We don't need no damn losers.  I kicked him out.  Why do you want him on your team?  One more idiot?  Haha!"

I was mad, but didn't answer. 

That would lead me to nothing.


I walked over to the main office and there it was easy. 

After some time the young officer handed me a thick file.


I brought it to our quarters and sat down on the Spartan table.

Peck was still unconscious, and the doc had told us that we couldn't do anything for him there.  She would call us when she had news.

I opened the file and began to read.


Soon BA and Murdock entered.

"Hey, Hannibal, I checked the engine on that truck.  I thought you told that fool to shut up?!  He is talking all the time and ain't doing nothing!"

"Oh, my dearest friend BA, I gave you mental support with your hard work and…"

"Mental support from a nut?!  No, thanks!  Hannibal, do something!  Shut him up or I'll kill him one day!"

"Children, behave!  You kill my nerves!  I have Peck's file right here."

"Oh, what does it say?"

BA and Murdock sat down with me at the table. 

"I will tell you, don't worry, Murdock.  You won't believe it, he's been a supply officer on several operations."

"Are you serious, Hannibal?  We need one!  Maybe he can be transferred to our team when he's feelin' better!"

"Hmmm.  He told me he's known for disregarding orders.  He sure is.  There are more complaints about him and his behavior than on all ours together!"

"Uuuuuh, not good."

"What do you mean, Murdock?" I look at him seriously.

"Mon Colonel, when he has a bad behavior he could mess up our missions…"

"But on the other side it will be not too hard to get him transferred then.  And you can't tell me that you guys are easy to handle…"
"Hey man…"

"It's o.k., BA.  I am sorry."

This second the phone rang.  I walked over and lifted the receiver to my ear.


When I returned to the table, my friends looked at me worriedly.

"Hey, Hannibal, was the call because of the kid?"

"Yes, he woke up and asked for us.  Let's go!" 

I smiled and grabbed my jacket.  The team could have a new member very soon.  I just had to ask the kid very carefully. I was optimistic, the team seemed to like him already.


When we entered the room and walked over to Peck's bed, the young doctor came over to us.

"Hello gentlemen!  Your friend seems to improve.  He woke up about half an hour ago and already started flirting with me!"

Her cheeks were red while she said that and I guessed that she had appreciated it.


Together we approached the bed and found Templeton Peck with a huge grin, blue, clear eyes and he looked a lot better.

"Hi guys!"  He welcomed us.

I smiled.

"Hello kid!  How is it going?"

"I feel good!"

I did not quite believe him, but didn't say it.

"Hey, Temp, this is my team and my friends BA Baracus and Murdock.  You did not quite have the chance to meet them in the chopper…"

Kid looked a little embarrassed as I said that. 

Murdock stepped forward and stretched his hand out.

"Hi!  I am H.M. Murdock."

The guys shook hands and said hi to each other and started a little small talk.

I noticed that Murdock and Peck seemed to develop a friendship and even BA who was known for sometimes being rude and mistrusting to strangers seemed to like him.


I didn't want to ask the kid about his age or anything like that.  I didn't want to embarrass him or make him feel uncomfortable. 

So I just didn't mention those topics.


The kid was smiling the whole time and you could hardly tell except from his injuries that he had survived a Vietcong camp and a hard rescue.  Poor kid.  I hoped so much for him that he would be alright.


We left in the evening and promised Templeton to come back the next day.


When we got to there the next morning the young female doctor approached us.  She looked a little worried. 

"Good morning, sirs."

"Hello doc, any news?"

"Well, your friend had some bad dreams last night.  He was tossing and turning and we just couldn't wake him up!  He was screaming and obviously he was very scared.  We gave him an injection to calm down.  He is doing better this morning."

I sighed. 

He would have to live with those memories and dreams.  He was still so young.

We, the only people he seemed to know, would help him and do all our best to make him feel better.


The doctor left and BA, Murdock and we walked over to Peck's bed.

We were surprised when we found him.


He had a huge breakfast on a tray in front of him on the blanket.  It had a big omelet, sausage, toast, jam, coffee and orange juice.  And a red rose in a little vase. 

I know how hospital food looks like and that was definitely not how.

Peck grinned when he saw us.

"Hi!" he greeted us with a mouthful of omelet.

"Hello, my friend, how're you doing?"  Murdock smiled.

"Oh, better, a lot better…"
"I would, too with that breakfast…!"  I had to laugh.

"Yeah, well, see, Hannibal, there is this really cute nurse and …"

"He scammed himself a nice breakfast!" 

We all laughed.  The kid was not bad!

"Hey, guys, Lieutenant still needs a name and I think I have an idea…" Murdock waved his hands.


Templeton was confused. 

"What do you mean, a name?  Templeton Peck…"

"Oh, Templeton, come on!" BA shook his head

"What's wrong with that name?"

"Nothing.  The boys are just saying that you need a nickname.  Like Hannibal, BA, or H.M. or something." I explained.

"Yes, and I know the perfect one!"  Murdock was excited.

"Come on fool, what?"


"Faceman?"  I was irritated.  What kind of a name was that?

"I mean, he smiles all the time, flirts around in two days more than I do in two years…"
"Yeah, fool, because there are not many girls in nuthouses that are stupid enough to flirt with you!"

"BA, that was mean!"

"Stop it, boys!  And the Lieutenant does some good scamming job…", I completed Murdock's explanation.


"What do you think, BA?"

"If it wasn't Murdock's idea I would like it…"

"Alright, the nickname of Faceman for Lieutenant Templeton Peck is hereby accepted!"  I said in a solemn tone.

"He…, he, don't you want to ask me, too???"  Poor kid looked a little confused.

"Oh, Faceman, it is not your decision!"

"Ah…"  Face shook his head.

We laughed.


Now that he had a name I decided it was the right time to try and ask him about joining the team.

"Face, I read that you had been a supply officer on several missions, right?"

"Why did you get my file?"  Face shot back.

He was careful.

"Just collecting information.  See, we need a supply officer in our team and…"

"Why would you want me?  I guess, if you have my file you have seen the complaints, too."

Very careful.

I didn't really know what to answer.  I couldn't tell him that I had been impressed by his will to get through the last days and his strength.  He was very special and that is exactly what it takes to get on our team.  I just wanted him on it and I knew that the rest of the team liked him, too.

Murdock helped me out.

"Hey, Faceman, come on!  Join the team!  We have a lot of fun together and it is really great!  And you wouldn't have to work for Cheeves anymore…!"

"So you already know that Colonel Cheeves is my superior?"  Face looked at me.

"WAS your superior.  WAS.  He fired you from his unit."  I brought him the news.


"Oh, great… Well, I guess then I accept the new job offer and join your team, huh?"

"Awesome man, now we're four!"  BA said.

"Great, welcome on the A-Team, Face!"  I welcomed our newest member.

"Whoohoo, Face my muchacho!  You won't regret that decision, it is really awesome, well, only when BA has a good day, but…"
"Grrrrrrr. Watch out, Murdock, fool…!"


I smiled and reached into my pocket. 

I got out one of my fine cigars and lit it. 

This second a nurse entered, saw my cigar and was about to throw us out of the room.  Before she could do that I said

"I love it when a plan comes together!"







Now We Are Four by Aero



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