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The Daredevil Tarantula  "The Daredevil Tarantula"
 by Theresa "Captain Marina" Thomas

Another Challenge: Had to include:  A highlighter, wire coat hanger, a tarantula, a paperback book, nutmeg and a unsual way to get BA
on an airplane.

Less then 500 words


"Murdock will you please put down that highlighter. We need to get moving if we are going to get you back to the VA before lights out,"
Hannibal said as he watched Murdock coloring a piece of cardboard with a fluorescent pink highlighter.

"Aww, Colonel, I need to finish coloring the cannon for Insectus -its part of his act."


"Yeah- see its my tarantula," Murdock said as he thrust the eight-legged hairy creature at Hannibal so he could get a closer look. "I bought
him today at ‘Pets-R-Us,’ along with this paperback book about how to train them to perform in the circus-Yessiree, Insectus and I are
going to be world famous."

"Ahh, that’s nice Murdock, but we need to get BA ready for night-night. Go tell Face to get the Sodium pentothal ready. We have to be on
the plane and back to California before Decker catches up with us."

"Sure thing, Muchacho. Oh! do you have a wire coat hanger I can borrow?"

"Wire coat hanger?" Hannibal asked, puzzled.

"I want to straighten it out to make a tight rope for Insectus to walk across. I can see the head lines now Colonel-‘Insectus the Great’ the
world’s only daredevil tarantula-watch him defy the odds as he walks a harrowing 12 inches off the ground without a net. It will be great, I'll
tell you."

"Ah, Murdock, put Insectus away and go find Face-we have more important things to attend to," Hannibal commanded.

"Yes, Sir," Murdock said dejectedly.

"Sorry little guy, but your circus training will have to wait till another day." Murdock patted Insectus on the head and placed him back the
box that had once contained the fresh nutmeg, BA had bought for his mother. Murdock had emptied the nutmeg into a little plastic jar and
borrowed the box to make a house for his new pet.

He left the box sitting on the table and ran off to find Face.

"Hey man, where is that box? I know its around somewhere," BA said out loud as he entered the empty room. "Its gotta be here-oh there it
is." BA picked up the box containing Insectus. "Mama is gonna love this Nutmeg-MMMMMMmmmm I can taste her homemade pumpkin pie
and that eggnog. Man!! Mama sure can cook." BA lifted the lid of the box to get a whiff of the nutmeg and instead was greeted by an
unexpected surprise.



The rest of the team came running in from outside to see what the commotion was. On the floor completely unconscious was a 230 pound
man with a 4 inch tarantula perched precariously on his forehead.

"Uh-oh- I don’t think he is gonna be happy when he wakes up!" Face moaned.

"Yeah Face, but just think of the money we'll save-no more sodium pentothal." Hannibal grinned and lit up a cigar.

They carried BA out to the plane and off they went.

The Daredevil Tarantula by Cap'n Marina