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FIC: Whitelighter Parts1/

Whitelighter -- REVISED

by: Lieutenant Templeton Peck


Rating: NC-17 for slash (Face-Murdock), Con sex, main character death & recurring role. Language[swearing] Torture[Beating, binding] And revenge.

Summary: Face is captured by Douglas Kyle, tortured over a period of time before he dies, but is brought back as a Whitelighter. [A Whitelighter is a messenger of sorts, they are protectors and guides for good witches and future whitelighters. -The Team isn't cast as witches though- Whitelighters have the ability to heal, orb in and out of places- -in other words they can appear and disappear whenever they please. They also have the power to levitate, the power to give subliminal messages and erase memory.] Face is sent back to watch over the Team, but especially to keep Murdock safe. ('The Air That I Breathe' by the Hollies and 'Truly Madly Deeply' by Savage Garden is used several times throughout the fic. Other songs might be used as well..)

Warnings: Be prepared for slash, scenes of intense sexual situations, con sex, main character death & recurring role, language, torture, revenge, mushiness here and there. *Ubervillian Dougie Kyle makes an appearance.*

Disclaimers: Don't own the A-Team, no infringement intended to anyone.

No profit made on this story. Seriously...Who'd want to buy this?

Comments: Yeah.

(Oh yeah, this is my first attempt at slash...)

<>-Denotes emphasis

[ ]-Denotes thought




Part One: Bound By Love


Face and Murdock sat on the warm, white sandy beach not too far from a house that Face had 'procured' for a few days. To say that he'd procured the two-story, five bedroom house was a slight understatement. Face had conned the house from a rich old couple who said they were leaving the states for a few months and needed someone to look after it. So, Face flashed his best smile and promised that he and his friends would take good care of the house. Now, he, Murdock, Hannibal and B.A. were living there, enjoying what downtime they had from being chased all over L.A. by Decker and his goons.


On this night, the air was warm and the moon full shining down on the two figures. Murdock turned to look at Face who was watching the waves crash onto shore, a peaceful look on his angelic looking, handsome features. Face turned those gorgeous ocean-blue eyes and gazed upon his lovers face. "What?" He asked, just a hint of subtle seduction in his warm tenor voice.


Murdock met blue eyes with his own dark brown ones, grinned and scooted over towards him, grunting when sand crawled up his shorts into places he didn't know he had. "Nothing, gimme kiss." He grinned that familiar grin Face knew all to well and reached for the conman to pull him closer.


Face smiled and leaned up, tenderly kissing Murdock on his lips, breathing in the unique scent that was the pilot. Murdock blinked, "You call that a kiss? I know you can do so much better than that Facey."


Face grinned that 'hundred seventy-five watt, halogen conman's smile; "Of course." and pulled Murdock closer, sliding his lean arms around his lover's waist, firmly locking his lips against the pilot's, slipping his tongue inside Murdock's mouth slowly running the tip of his tongue against the roof of Murdock's warm mouth. Murdock gasped then moaned softly against Face's lips, returning the embrace. Hands moved over places they knew well, moans of pleasure erupting from both men, their sounds lost in the crashing surf.





Face slowly broke the embrace, hands moving along Murdock's inner thighs, gazing into his eyes. "Wanna go inside where no sand can crawl up our shorts and where we can ah...lie on silk sheets?" He asked, lightly stroking Murdock's thighs with just his fingertips.


Murdock blinked, then nodded, getting distracted by Face's feather light touch, then broke out into that grin again. "You gotta catch me first." Laughing and jumping up, starting to run along the sand glancing back at Face. Face chuckled quietly, shook his head and got up, quickly brushing sand from his tight jean shorts, taking after Murdock.


Hannibal stood out on the balcony of the house, watching his Lieutenant and Captain run along the beach, moonlight racing to catch up with the fleeting figures. He grinned around the cigar he was smoking slowly, that's what he liked to see: Two people in love, not one single care in the world during that blissful moment no matter the situation.


Yet, something was nagging at the back of Hannibal's mind and he couldn't exactly place the feeling, which he didn't like one bit.


B.A. walked into the large living room from the equally sized kitchen, both of which were upstairs instead of down, glass of milk in hand, plate of chocolate chip cookies in the other, glancing at his C.O. "Whatcha lookin' at Hann'bal?" he asked sitting down in front of the big-screen TV.


Hannibal turned slightly to glance at his Sergeant; "Face and Murdock are down on the beach, I'm keeping an eye on them." B.A. nodded, turning on the TV searching for a football game to watch. Hannibal returned his sapphire blue eyes back towards the beach, not voicing the feeling he had, catching a glimpse of Murdock as he ran into the ocean.


Murdock ran into the surf looking to Face. "I double dare you to come and get me." he said, Texas drawl showing in his taunt.


Face raised a brow slowly, "Oh yeah? You're on." Murdock backed up as Face dived into the water and tackled the pilot, taking him down as he went underwater. The surprised yelp from Murdock had been cut off when they both went under, and he felt Face's warm mouth locked with his. The yelp turned into a soft moan as both of them came up, Murdock's arms wrapped around the conman's slender waist to keep him close, and he could smell the combination of saltwater and Face's warm musk cologne, a combination that caused him to become lightheaded. Face slowly ran on hand down over the front of Murdock's shorts instantly feeling him become hard from the contact, smiling. Murdock's breathing increased slightly at this, moaning, eyes closing halfway. "Looks like I've won. Now, we both need a shower. You up for it or have I ah...Exhausted you too much?"


Face didn't wait for a response from his lover and began nibbling on Murdock's right ear, slowly running his tongue along the edge and behind to that little soft spot where his ear connects to his head. Murdock shivered at this, tilting his head to one side, mouth opening slightly. "You like that hmm?" Face said, voice husky.


Murdock nodded, unable to speak, moaning when he felt Face's hand slide inside his shorts and rub his thumb gently over the tip of Murdock's shaft, stroking the slit lightly. Murdock let out a groan and leaned into Face, it was that easy. The pilot gave into the charm that poured from every fiber the conman had because Face knew exactly how much of that charm and even sexuality to apply to get his way. "Hnn...sure Tem.." Murdock said between quiet moans which escaped him each time Face's hand gently stroked along the length of his shaft.


Face smiled and pulled back slowly, taking both of Murdock's hands in his. "Follow me my handsome pilot."





Face and Murdock passed Hannibal on their way inside the beach house, hands clasped together, a sign that said to anyone the two were together, bound by love body and soul. Hannibal grinned around the cigar he was still smoking. "Nice night huh guys?"


Face turned his head, sticking out his tongue; "Oh in more ways than one."


Murdock laughed and pulled Face closer. "The shower awaits us lover boy.." licking his neck slowly, purring to make his tongue vibrate.


Face let out a quiet moan and dragged Murdock towards the hallway and down towards the master bath. Murdock willingly followed behind Face who opened the door, pulled him inside and pushed him up against the sink counter. "Need you. Now." A hunger flashing in his eyes that mirrored the ocean so perfectly. He tugged down Murdock's shorts and cupped his hand around Murdock's shaft, pumping him slowly. Murdock moaned and leaned back against the counter, thrusting his hardening member into Face's hand each time it moved up his length.


Face leaned in close, slowly pumping Murdock's shaft as it became hard in his hand, capturing his lips with a hungry, needy kiss. "Please H.M..." he whispered against his lovers mouth, "Take me..."


Murdock mumbled a response against Face's lips and nodded, reaching down to unbutton and unzip the jean shorts he was wearing, tugging the wet denim past the conman's knees taking his member gently. That was all it took. Face hardened and groaned, arching himself into Murdock's warm hand. He pumped him slowly in the same rhythm Face pumped him as Face backed up towards the shower. He reached behind his back and turned on the water, stepping in first and taking Murdock with him beneath the torrent of warm water.


After a moment Face let go of Murdock and the pilot whimpered from the lost contact. "Tem...please..." Face leaned in, kissing Murdock warmly as he thrust his member against Murdock's, pushing the head into the sensitive hollow between the head and top of Murdock's fully hardened shaft, thrusting slowly. Murdock groaned against Face's mouth, leaned into him and gripped his waist tightly. "Nnn...don't...don't stop..." He mumbled.


Face grunted and thrust into Murdock harder, arching his back slightly with each forward thrust. Murdock moaned loudly and reached under Face to take his sac into his hand, rolling it gently. Face cried out, "Ahh...Murdock.."


Murdock continued to roll Face's sac gently in time with each of Face's thrusts, guiding one hand down to his own sac. Face complied and did the same to Murdock's sac, being gentle, but he wanted to please his lover in another way. "Turn around.." gazing into Murdock's dark brown eyes that reminded him of chocolate.


Murdock nodded and with effort backed up then turned around, leaning up against the shower wall. Face stood behind him now, running his hands along the pilot's back down towards his strong backside, slowly running one finger along Murdock's warm opening earning a soft moan from his lover. He smiled and pushed the digit in, pumping it slowly to prepare him. Murdock whimpered and writhed under Face's ministrations. "Tem!" his tone pleading.


Face moved closer to Murdock, taking his finger out and replacing it with his now throbbing member, thrusting forward in one swift motion. Murdock cried out and pushed back against Face's shaft squeezing his muscles around him. Face grunted and pushed forward, holding onto Murdock's waist with one hand. They found a steady rhythm while Face reached around to gently cup his other hand around Murdock's hardened member, slowly pumping him. Murdock cried out again, his breathing and heartbeat increasing from the intensity of their lovemaking.





Face bit back a groan as he felt Murdock's muscles tighten around his shaft again. "Hnn... Murdock... don't stop..." voice husky. He pushed forward as Murdock pushed back, squeezing his muscles a third time around Face's shaft. Face grunted in the back of his throat and began pumping Murdock faster as he picked up the pace inside his lover. Murdock moaned loudly, feeling his shaft throbbing each time Face's hand moved along it's hardened length. He pushed back faster trying to keep up with the rhythm.


"Tem...I...I can't hold back any longer...I'm gonna come..." voice thick with lust.


Face leaned forward to gently kiss Murdock on the shoulder, whispering in his ear; "Together..." Murdock swallowed and nodded, pushing back as Face pushed forward, still pumping him, gently pushing one finger into the slit. Murdock's hips jerked at feeling this trying to hold back the best he could, squeezing his inner muscles around Face's shaft. Face cried out, feeling his own muscles beginning to tighten, knowing he couldn't keep this up much longer. "Murdock...when...whenever you are..."


That was all that was needed. Murdock let loose a feral cry and let go, his whole body jerking as an intense release left the head of his member, covering Face's hand. Face bit into Murdock's shoulder at feeling the intensity of his lover's orgasm quickly following suit as his shaft throbbed inside Murdock, emptying volley after volley of his hot seed into the pilot.


Both men stood under the water for several moments after they'd made love, gentle but warm kisses passing between them. Murdock sighed as he rubbed Face's back slowly. "Wonderful..."


"Agree..." Face answered, kissing Murdock deeply and wrapping his arms around the pilot's lanky frame.


Murdock leaned into the conman, smiling as a song by 'The Hollies' came to mind. He breathed against Face's ear, voice soft; "If I could make a wish I think I'd pass... Can't think of anything I need, no cigarettes, no sleep, no light, no sound, nothing to eat no books to read..."


Face pulled back slightly and gazed into Murdock's eyes recognizing the tune. "The Air That I Breathe, by the Hollies?" he asked softly.


The pilot nodded, "Know the rest?" Face smiled softly and turned off the water, pulling Murdock with him out of the shower grabbing a large white fluffy towel to wrap around their bodies. He kissed him lightly on the lips and sang the second stanza; "Making love with you has left me peaceful, warm and tired. What more could I ask, there's nothing left to be desired... Peace came upon me and it leaves me weak, so sleep, silent angel, go to sleep..."


Murdock smiled at hearing Face's tenor voice singing the song, returning the light kiss. Face led Murdock out of the bathroom and down the hall to the bedroom they shared, gently pushing him inside and placing feather light kisses along his chest. Murdock sighed and wrapped his arms around Face's waist. Didn't Face know his kisses were addictive? The thought quickly left Murdock's mind as Face led him towards their bed and pushed him down onto black silk sheets, the towel sliding off of their bodies.


Face curled up around Murdock's body, resting his head on his chest, reaching up to caress the side of the pilot's strong jaw, singing again. "Sometimes...all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you... All I need is the air that I breathe, yes to love you... Peace came upon me and it leaves me weak, so sleep, silent angel, go to sleep..." Murdock let out a soft sigh and fell asleep by Face's singing, soon fast asleep. Face smiled to himself and pulled the covers up around their bodies, falling asleep to the sound of Murdock's slowing heartbeat.





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